Celebrity Impersonations Compilation - Studio C

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Studio C
Studio C - Month ago
Tell us your *favorite* celebrity impersonation on Studio C 🤩
Jessie D
Jessie D - 6 days ago
Having a hard time choosing: Dr. Who, Jason's (Obama, Batman, Snape). Y'all too good to choose.
TizzyRose - 21 day ago
Studio C did Matt do an impression?? Er... just, any impression Matt did
Do you know The way, My bruddah
Hey Studio C, why in every thumbnail Mal is in, her face is always in pain, discomfort, confusion, or serious?
Harper Riddle
Harper Riddle - 29 days ago
the lexi impersonation, she’s my favorite celebrity
Hilarious History
Hilarious History - Month ago
Nathan Griffith
Nathan Griffith - 11 hours ago
if youve read the origami yoda books you know that "star wars" and "FunTime" dp really go together
amazing_fudge :P
amazing_fudge :P - 2 days ago
12:49 no sorry Hitler's dad made his niece have baby Hitler so no
goku uchiha
goku uchiha - 3 days ago
I get that "The Lord Of The Rings." When he says give it to Tolkien. I'm currently reading the Lord of the rings.
My Voice
My Voice - 6 days ago
Omg the first one tho!!! Lmaooooo
Jessie D
Jessie D - 6 days ago
"I think it's Arabic." Lol
Addilynn Bri
Addilynn Bri - 7 days ago
cell phone bit was so f-ing funny
Pink and Fave
Pink and Fave - 8 days ago
Celebrity Impersonations Compilation - Studio C *pftttttttttt* more like Jason Compilation
randomBLONDE Vlogs
randomBLONDE Vlogs - 8 days ago
Lol love this
Lord Corvid
Lord Corvid - 9 days ago
Sid realizing he wants people to hate him is hilarious.
Samantha Pentz
Samantha Pentz - 11 days ago
"I'm almost positive this thing took Will."
JJ - 12 days ago
Jason should have kept the Kermit voice
Ella Knopp
Ella Knopp - 13 days ago
my favorite was the "teddy's story joint" ha ha
Yeet Potato
Yeet Potato - 14 days ago
As a South African “I am dying” (7:55)about the Mandela
zact lee
zact lee - 14 days ago
Can you make a compilation of james sketch?
Sherine Ibrahim
Sherine Ibrahim - 14 days ago
The first sketch WHy the oof the intro wow they put stranger things intro I don't know
Kecia Dube
Kecia Dube - 14 days ago
No one Lexi be singing like an angel
Emma Lilly
Emma Lilly - 17 days ago
First Comment
Beckett Socha
Beckett Socha - 17 days ago
First comment!
Littlefungirl 2000
Littlefungirl 2000 - 17 days ago
21:27 Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers
Littlefungirl 2000
Littlefungirl 2000 - 17 days ago
Masked Number Gaming
Masked Number Gaming - 18 days ago
First Comment
Wendi Watson
Wendi Watson - 19 days ago
Scott Whatever
Scott Whatever - 20 days ago
Darth Sidious dishing out Your Momma is a riot!
Scott Whatever
Scott Whatever - 20 days ago
I love his version of Gollum!
Scott Whatever
Scott Whatever - 20 days ago
I would still date the library lady any day of the week if she was younger! I love nerdy women!
Ian MacCallum
Ian MacCallum - 20 days ago
Studio C Suks
Jessic Legrand
Jessic Legrand - 20 days ago
I loved it ❤️
Ratna Mathews
Ratna Mathews - 20 days ago
Wow who was the child who sang Amazing Grace??she was absolutely fantastic..my gosh her vocal range!!
Claire F.
Claire F. - 19 days ago
Lexi Walker I believe.
jamilane helbert
jamilane helbert - 21 day ago
Mandella could not even count!!
Rudyolf Schiermeister
Rudyolf Schiermeister - 22 days ago
Imagine fetus got talent I wonder how she would do
Kian smith
Kian smith - 22 days ago
Ride coment
Alan Brammer
Alan Brammer - 22 days ago
She's really good!
elizabeth Rogers
elizabeth Rogers - 23 days ago
Jason does great impressions of movie characters
Elly Mcmillan
Elly Mcmillan - 23 days ago
At the end of the time travel skit

Yes yes yes where are those hoverboards 😂😂😂
Gal3xyStar Official #ACS
Gal3xyStar Official #ACS - 23 days ago
51:33 My 2nd persona being faced with reality
Caroline Boye
Caroline Boye - 24 days ago
Natalie is SO pregnant!
James Anthony
James Anthony - 24 days ago
George Lucas: "This is the worst mistake I have ever made."
No, you sold it to Di$ney. =(
Aubrey Summers
Aubrey Summers - 24 days ago
Bill and Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best worst best movie ever!!!😂
Sam Welch
Sam Welch - 25 days ago
You make me happy when I'm sad😆
Jordan Rockey
Jordan Rockey - 25 days ago
Matt broke character so many times in the dark side sketch. Lol
Dad's Girl
Dad's Girl - 25 days ago
31:11 my mom
clarkb2697 - 25 days ago
Wow this is very racist
Well you are reading from the YouTube community
Cone Head
Cone Head - 25 days ago
*celebrity impersonation compilation.*
2nd video : presidential debate
the state of america huh, politician is considered "celebrity"
Jake Hanlon
Jake Hanlon - 26 days ago
who actually looked up o holy night to see if it was by celine dion
Jake Hanlon
Jake Hanlon - 26 days ago
what does this say
mal:gender roles
adam:i think its arabic
Elena js
Elena js - 26 days ago
Mals Winona Ryder was actually AMAZING
Aggie Kopp
Aggie Kopp - 26 days ago
It is so funny. I was making a voice mail message recently and I was exactly the same. I tried the Golem one, didn't work out. So for people who aren't my fam and friends they get, "You've reached-- [insert name]. It seems she isn't available. She is either away, at work, asleep, or dead. Thank you, God bless." Say it in a Siri voice. So funny.
your local mouthbreather
your local mouthbreather - 27 days ago
Alina Star
Alina Star - 27 days ago
Let's go watch some Space Adventures Fun Time.
Classified user
Classified user - 25 days ago
I hope they do a parody about the new one. That'd be so cool.
Rey lavin
Rey lavin - 27 days ago
So true, Seasonal Thing
Rae Ratliffe
Rae Ratliffe - 27 days ago
Maria Polanco
Maria Polanco - 27 days ago
I thought this was almost done but im only 3 minites in
Violet Moore
Violet Moore - 27 days ago
Omgosh I love it when Jason impersonates people
Theater Nerds
Theater Nerds - 27 days ago
Stan lee on the wall!!
Theater Nerds
Theater Nerds - 27 days ago
Or 37:19
Almond Milk
Almond Milk - 27 days ago
no one talking about how good the set is?? well okay then.
Karem - 28 days ago
I love Jason!! Keeping doing awesome stuff guys!
ZazDaFraz - 28 days ago
That gru impersonation is amazing
Em Mazan
Em Mazan - 28 days ago
this is greeeaaattt
Christopher Holets
Christopher Holets - 28 days ago
"Suffering cats!!"
Imma use that XD
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