Can You Ace The Jace Norman Superfan Quiz? | #KnowYourNick

Nickelodeon - 4 months ago
ESSAY QUESTION: Why do you love Jace Norman? ♥️
Silly Sponge Bob
Silly Sponge Bob - Month ago
One he is hot and two he is funny
Dalilah Maxcy
Dalilah Maxcy - Month ago
I like jace Norman because he plays in Henry danger and he is so funny
Keren B
Keren B - Month ago
Coz he's cute oh and funny but mostly cute
Unicorn Heart
Unicorn Heart - Month ago
I love jace cause he is sooo cute kind sweet funny and he's a cool guy lime if u agree 💙💚💙💚💙
Ijeoma Attai
Ijeoma Attai - Month ago
He has awesome hair and he is always funny while acting
Leah Playz
Leah Playz - 15 days ago
Cause he’s cool
Carina Ritchie
Carina Ritchie - 27 days ago
Because he is the best actor and speaks how he feels
Isioma Deborah Joan
Isioma Deborah Joan - 28 days ago
I love Jace Norman I think he is very cute and I wish I could see you live
Megan Thompson
Megan Thompson - 28 days ago
I like jace because he's hot
BEST Dalia
BEST Dalia - Month ago
I love you Jace. I want to see you live and not just on TV
Sarah Mcguinness
Sarah Mcguinness - Month ago
I Love Jace he's so hot I am the biggest fan ever and he's so funny I just love him
100% Hema
100% Hema - Month ago
I love Jace Norman because he is super hot. He is 1 of Nick's best actors. He has stared in so many movies and Henry Danger. He is an amazing role model and i think everyone who looks up to him also has a secret crush on him but who can blame them. Jace has been with Nickelodeon for many years and over time he has had so many successful moment's. Jace is 8 years older than me but i love him and i love Nick.
Eavie Kelly
Eavie Kelly - Month ago
I like him because: Hes hot, Hes a great actor, He makes me happy AND he shows respect to evryone!! I love u JACE!!!
Silly Sponge Bob
Silly Sponge Bob - Month ago
I got all of them right even the bonus
Ellie Sykes
Ellie Sykes - Month ago
I love jace because i love his movies and his shows
Keren B
Keren B - Month ago
I love him coz he's cute oh and funny but mostly cute
Karen Garcia
Karen Garcia - Month ago
Nickelodeon: Why do you love Jace Norman?❤️
Me: it’s the charming, the hottest that he is, all his self, that’s why I’m in love with him
Like if you’re agree
beatrice muriithi
beatrice muriithi - Month ago
Jace I like him because he is kind
nganga mwangi
nganga mwangi - Month ago
jace has an ultimate acting career and he is tots funny and has the best-looking hair ...........#jacesquad
Melissa Stephan
Melissa Stephan - Month ago
Forgot Henry danger that’s a A TV show that he’s been in
Kariuki Wonder
Kariuki Wonder - Month ago
I love u jace
Kariuki Wonder
Kariuki Wonder - Month ago
I love jace Norman because he is hot.he is so cool and funny😎😂.it is Janet downs happy Easter jace
Zeenat Khan
Zeenat Khan - Month ago
I got every question correct
Nthambi Gitonga
Nthambi Gitonga - Month ago
Why I love Jace Norman , cause he's hot and funny ,even though he's 9 years older than me ,I wish to move to USA ,LA and meet my nick crush
Janaisa Gutierrez
Janaisa Gutierrez - Month ago
The reason I like Jace because he is funny. I like him because he is talented. He plays my favourite movie and TV series in Nickelodeon (Blurt and Henry danger) thats all. (WAIT HE HAS 6 MOVIES IN NICK YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE "DETECTIVE Mc. POOPY PANTS")
Vianca Miranda Diaz
Vianca Miranda Diaz - Month ago
Que guapo es jace norman lo amo y todas sus películas 😍❤
Makanaka Chimanzi
Makanaka Chimanzi - Month ago
Because he is not
Charlie Warfel
Charlie Warfel - Month ago
He is on my favorite TV show Henry danger
Charlie Warfel
Charlie Warfel - Month ago
He has also been in the thundermans
Edward Chidiebere
Edward Chidiebere - Month ago
He is awesome
Elizabeta Brumen
Elizabeta Brumen - Month ago
Yyyeeessss I love Jace because he is funny in shovs❤️He is one of Nick stars. Nick is my favorite Tv chanell
dorotka's life
dorotka's life - Month ago
I have the same dog like Jojo Siwa
Sériamente c :
Sériamente c : - Month ago
0:08 são dois Jaces?! Ele tem um irmão gêmeo ?! Qual é o nome?
Carlota Miguel
Carlota Miguel - Month ago
I got all of them right and I love him because he is so handsome, caring, intelligent and creative !💜 I really love him!
Costy Ionel
Costy Ionel - Month ago
He was in Henry danger
xoxCuteNoorxox MSP
xoxCuteNoorxox MSP - Month ago
The reaosn i love jace is nothing
Sheeraz aniul Dragon
Sheeraz aniul Dragon - Month ago
He looks hot
Officially. Gianna m.
Officially. Gianna m. - Month ago
I love Jace Norman because he is HOT and he makes me smile every time I see him on Henry Danger. HE IS AN INSPIRATION 😘😘🥰🥰😍😍. HE HAS AN AWESOME PERSONALITY. THIS IS WHY I LOVE JACE NORMAN🤗🤗🤗❣️😇❣️
PrettyGirl 123
PrettyGirl 123 - Month ago
I love Jace because he's cool
Khalia Racheal
Khalia Racheal - Month ago
I like jace norman because hes very caring and hes a great actor and he has a dog henry !! 😃😄
Dineisha Ramsaran
Dineisha Ramsaran - Month ago
I love jace because he is nice
Nelson Mwalaghe
Nelson Mwalaghe - Month ago
He is handsome
Rotimi Olajitan
Rotimi Olajitan - Month ago
Because I love his face and his hair
ZOE DIEZ DUANY - Month ago
I love jace because he is so talented and even thought he is dyslexic he can do everything anyone else can and he can move on from problems quickly he can also manage to be a tv star all around the world and be a normal teen at the same time
Wisseme Belmesk
Wisseme Belmesk - Month ago
Trista Harris
Trista Harris - Month ago
He has the most perfect acting for any part to play
Sayuri’s Vlog
Sayuri’s Vlog - Month ago
Cause he hot and fine I’m not righting a essay he’s just hot and fine
Krysta Piraino
Krysta Piraino - Month ago
I love Jace Norman because 1, he is sooooo cute 2, he's really funny, 3, we have so much in common, 4 he is an amazing actor, and 5, he has an amazing personality! I LOVE YOU JACE!! ❤😘💋❤
braafheid rachel
braafheid rachel - Month ago
I love jace cause he is funny and cute
Chloe Mroczynski
Chloe Mroczynski - Month ago
I love jace Norman because of how well he plays his parts such as Henry hart aka Kid danger and he’s really HOT 🔥🔥🔥
Silly Sponge Bob
Silly Sponge Bob - Month ago
All of them right and I love him bc he is cute funny nice
Oreoluwa Favour
Oreoluwa Favour - Month ago
He's my hero and he's sooo cute
Dance Mom
Dance Mom - 2 months ago
because Jace is hot
Angelina Orlando
Angelina Orlando - 2 months ago
Well the reason I love Jace is that he's super funny and kind, I've basically been a fan of him ever since season 1 of Henry Danger came out, but that doesn't matter I just love how energetic he is he makes me laugh all the time, i literally just watched bixler high private eye for the first time yesterday and I had just realized it was jace's birthday too, but I love him so much and I would do anything to meet him he's an amazing person inside and out, and also an amazing actor, but I love him so much hope to meet him one day. ❤️❤️
Lillian P
Lillian P - 2 months ago
I got them all right because I love Jace so much
Queen Jay
Queen Jay - 2 months ago
Because he's cute
Kaitlyn Gooch
Kaitlyn Gooch - 2 months ago
cause he's hot and also I'm his biggest fan and I could name the name of every episode of Henry danger
Maxine Evans
Maxine Evans - 2 months ago
I love Made Norman , 'cause he cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Keviana Ford
Keviana Ford - 2 months ago
I love him because he is😎😎🤩🤩🤘🏽😍
Princess Alexa
Princess Alexa - 2 months ago
I love him 'cause he is hot,kind, caring and loves to make people laugh I personally even laugh I don't care if Jace is 18 and I am 9 I still love Jace Norman💜💙💖
chad and vy fan
chad and vy fan - 2 months ago
I Love Him bickas his so cute wen his 18ers Old
mckenna swain
mckenna swain - 2 months ago
I love jace norman because I love all his movies and especially henry danger that's like one of the best shows ever and also he's super cute love u jace
Thazin Wine
Thazin Wine - 2 months ago
but does Jace have 6 movies because with henry danger
Thazin Wine
Thazin Wine - 2 months ago
see I am his superfan
Thazin Wine
Thazin Wine - 2 months ago
I can answer all of the question
Thazin Wine
Thazin Wine - 2 months ago
i love Jace because he is funny and I love his movie too
Mladen Boskoski
Mladen Boskoski - 2 months ago
Becous he is a fantastic actor
The Reader
The Reader - 3 months ago
The main reason we love jace❤ Norman is because he is hot And cute
Teresa Prior
Teresa Prior - 3 months ago
Because I love all the movies and shows
The sister Cousins
The sister Cousins - 3 months ago
Jamil Ali
Jamil Ali - 3 months ago
I love have Norman because he is cute
Callie Eckert
Callie Eckert - 3 months ago
I am a huge Jace Norman fan, because I look up to him. And he is so cute. Also he is in Henry Danger, and his character goes though life, and I can relate to his character, and the way he plays his character. Also he is a great actor. Love Jace Norman
Jean Roxy
Jean Roxy - 3 months ago
Because he loves him fans and I think he loves going wild.And he is so unique in his own style though everyone is unique but him he is amazingly wonderful.. Love you Jace and continue doing that fantastic work 💞💟💖💗👌💋
Sina Temnewo
Sina Temnewo - 3 months ago
Latrice Cole
Latrice Cole - 3 months ago
I like jace norman because he is so so so so cute and handsom also funny
Leah Gilstrap
Leah Gilstrap - 3 months ago
I like him cause he’s hawtttt 🔥😂❤️
Sofia Ralph
Sofia Ralph - 3 months ago
Of course you can Nick
Nofeesah Adedoyin
Nofeesah Adedoyin - 3 months ago
How about Henry Danger
super bffs
super bffs - 3 months ago
I like Jace because he looks sweet and i am a big fan
ali tullah
ali tullah - 4 months ago
αиιмє мσσи
αиιмє мσσи - 4 months ago
I'm from Latvia 🇱🇻 and seeing that question about us is fantastic and made me feel like we're not invisible cuz usually big companys or really famous people don't notice our country and lavakar no Latvijas
royal lamberdy
royal lamberdy - 4 months ago
He has lots of movies and guest star in a lot of cartoons
Kaylee Sack
Kaylee Sack - 4 months ago
I like Jace Norman because he is talent cute and funny
Emily Plane
Emily Plane - 4 months ago
And Jace makes me laugh all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Plane
Emily Plane - 4 months ago
I remembered all of them in the same order for the movies i got all the questions right yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elena Rashkovska
Elena Rashkovska - 4 months ago
You forgot to say ,,Henry Danger''
Iba Abdullah
Iba Abdullah - 4 months ago
His crazy like me
Abby McDonald
Abby McDonald - 4 months ago
I got them all right I love if because his amazing
CandyKirbyTV - 4 months ago
The reason I love him is because he is a talented actor and he is funny 😁❤👍👱😂🎬🎥🎦🎭
Sister Swag 22
Sister Swag 22 - 4 months ago
I srsly ❤ Jace b/c he is soooo cool and is the 🌟of one of my fav tv shows. (I also have a secret crush on him)
Gingy Bread
Gingy Bread - 4 months ago
I like jace because he’s so talented
lisa mcloughlin
lisa mcloughlin - 4 months ago
Glonifael Cueto González
Glonifael Cueto González - 4 months ago
Deniz Fejzulla
Deniz Fejzulla - 4 months ago
Brent oesterle
Brent oesterle - 4 months ago
Jace norman he hot hot to me
Chloe Norris
Chloe Norris - 4 months ago
hem is cute
Fotsing Sighano
Fotsing Sighano - 4 months ago
I love his hair and he is really cool and i love his acting exp
TxddyRB - 4 months ago
kayykayy laelae
kayykayy laelae - 4 months ago
i love Jace because he is cute
Bernard VEX Clark Drummer
Bernard VEX Clark Drummer - 4 months ago
He's cute
purpal cheetha
purpal cheetha - 4 months ago
I got all the questions correct i am a jace SUPER fan
Stefan Roels
Stefan Roels - 4 months ago
Nadine Jonathan
Nadine Jonathan - 4 months ago
Everything right 💋😏😁😘😘😍😍
Felicia Biniza
Felicia Biniza - 4 months ago
Thats way i love jace norman ❤️😊
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