Locolbew Productions
Locolbew Productions - 3 months ago
You just had to jynx it rob
EmpireAppDesignz - 3 months ago
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C Will
C Will - 3 months ago
It's Brady 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Vangelis Chatziantoniou
Vangelis Chatziantoniou - 3 months ago
Why does this episode has so many unlikes?I doubt the fact thats because of Rob's quotes,i think that people are still butthurt about Kevin Hart's comments.Grow up ya all.
Ninjachickenfingers - 3 months ago
Shannon at 23:42 😂😂
Matt Pascal
Matt Pascal - 4 months ago
You guys need Kevin on the show more😂
Kenshin Nolan
Kenshin Nolan - 4 months ago
Julian Edelman 40 time: 4.52.
Chris Hogan 40 time: 4.5. Skip needs to stop insulting Tom Brady’s receivers to make Tom Brady look good, there’s no need.
Eric B
Eric B - 4 months ago
Sage Park
Sage Park - 4 months ago
Shannon..You want the Rams to put out the umbrellas??PLZ have some integrity to respect Mr B who passed away. Can't you see the Saints have Mr B badge on their jerseys in his honor. If any Rams are crazy enough to listen to Shannon Sharpe and do just that. It's going to be real personal and ugly in the dome.
Lannce - 4 months ago
Kevin Hart is the GOAT
Lannce - 4 months ago
Rob Parker points out Patiots loses were to all non playoff teams, but somehow forgot to point out that Brady beat every Playoff team they played
NbaNinja _
NbaNinja _ - 4 months ago
Rob parker said in 2012 Brady was in the downside of his career and would never get to another superbowl let alone win one 🤨. He's just a hater to the max.
Joel Castro
Joel Castro - 4 months ago
Skip hates but he also says things other would not dare to say
STJ - 4 months ago
What, no Cowboys today? Skip must be absolutely fiending like a crackhead
Patrick Fay
Patrick Fay - 4 months ago
Monday he will have a 30 minute segment on their OC getting fired.
babajide joshua
babajide joshua - 4 months ago
Skip is a hating bofoon
shamel2014 - 4 months ago
Rob barker needs to be fired
KyleTheOtaku - 4 months ago
Patriots win easy 114-3
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall - 4 months ago
shannon is such a brady hater its embarassing
Johnthetechguy - 4 months ago
what’s football?
STJ - 4 months ago
What's embarrassing is Skip's constant excuses, bias and the mental gymnastics that he constantly performs to excuse Brady of anything, whilst deriding Bill B any chance he gets. He needs to take Brady's knob outta his mouth. And yes, Brady is the GOAT but Skip is outrageously embarrassing
Yomama Bin Fartin
Yomama Bin Fartin - 4 months ago
Titho Tsilefy Ramaheri
Titho Tsilefy Ramaheri - 4 months ago
Real talk haha back in Fourth huh'.
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