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Rebecca Torres
Rebecca Torres - 6 hours ago
Nnnooooo y’all triplets
Benicio Feliciano
Benicio Feliciano - 7 hours ago
Belíssimo vídeo e lindíssima edição 🌾⚘🌷💜🌷⚘🌾
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Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee - 7 hours ago
I love it when you do videos with your family 💚
Nae P
Nae P - 7 hours ago
Are y’all sure y’all ain’t Triplets???! 🧐🧐🤔🤔
MARIA ISABEL Gonzalez - 7 hours ago
I want your jawlines
Ciara Wilcox
Ciara Wilcox - 7 hours ago
I thought you all were triplets
Jerseys Vlogs
Jerseys Vlogs - 7 hours ago
You guys could pass as triplets!
I'mAvaJames - 8 hours ago
Literally thought they were triplets
Liza Eames
Liza Eames - 8 hours ago
Legit thought the thumbnail was just one person edited twice.. 😂😂
Rebecca Crouse
Rebecca Crouse - 8 hours ago
I want the foundation pallet info 👀
Ashley a
Ashley a - 10 hours ago
you need to make a vid where yoou do your makeup to male then look more like you somehow f thats possible lol
kelly gal
kelly gal - 10 hours ago
I see 3 Tatis
makemeup313 - 10 hours ago
Seeing Tati and her siblings makes me wanna have more daughters, I have one already lol I promised myself no more. Btw anyone has an affordable recommendation for a dark spot remover that works fast?
Natalia Sabater-Anaya
Natalia Sabater-Anaya - 11 hours ago
Holy crap! I just commented that your twin sisters look like the girls from the x-files "Eve" episode right before you put the clip in! Were they actually the actresses for that episode??
Lizz C. Villanueva
Lizz C. Villanueva - 11 hours ago
Isä Flores
Isä Flores - 11 hours ago
Their cheek bones are so sharp wow
Kaivon Nix
Kaivon Nix - 11 hours ago
sabrina looks more like tati tho
Sarah Woolbright
Sarah Woolbright - 12 hours ago
I think you meant triplets
Sarah Woolbright
Sarah Woolbright - 12 hours ago
Have you ever looked up the spiritual sign for number 11?
Diana Marie
Diana Marie - 13 hours ago
This is weird
Itz Fem
Itz Fem - 13 hours ago
yall what are those colored bottles that tati always has in the background?
babykayla - 13 hours ago
even tati looks like them 😂
Sonia RoiMer
Sonia RoiMer - 13 hours ago
But how endured the makeups throw t'he day? We all would like to know for sure😔
Sarah Dunn
Sarah Dunn - 14 hours ago
Someone please dye their hair! So I can tell you apart!
Jennifer Mohler
Jennifer Mohler - 14 hours ago
Rhiannon Brinkman
Rhiannon Brinkman - 15 hours ago
One day I will work with you!
Henrietta Gillie
Henrietta Gillie - 15 hours ago
Bro u guys could be triplets
A - 15 hours ago
This is scary hahahaha
Kihi J
Kihi J - 15 hours ago
Triplets 💞😮
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz - 16 hours ago
You can not tell them apart!!
Raven Star
Raven Star - 16 hours ago
Elise Hermann
Elise Hermann - 17 hours ago
They even have the same hair cut and style! 😂
Jewel D
Jewel D - 17 hours ago
I absolutely LOVE this video!! 😊💖
Katie marchand
Katie marchand - 17 hours ago
oh my god yes
Katherine Zoeli Gonzalez Rodriguez
Is Tati the youngest or the oldest?
Maya Mejia
Maya Mejia - 18 hours ago
“9:15 your basically fancy” love how she said that
Beth Lilly
Beth Lilly - 18 hours ago
They really look scary identical! Love it! In the picture when they were children, I saw triplets, Tati looked so so similar.
Love these videos with her sisters/family, it’s so relaxed and just fun.
Someone needs to buy Sabrina (I’m pretty sure it was Sabrina) another Naked 2 palette, she mentioned it in the last video also.
Im Just Here
Im Just Here - 18 hours ago
The luxury side looks a little more glowy and the drug store side doesn't have as much shine and vibrance. That's the only difference I really see.
Im Just Here
Im Just Here - 18 hours ago
I 100% thought Tati had edited herself 3 times in the thumbnail. 🙈😂
Liz Garcia
Liz Garcia - 19 hours ago
You ladies may as well be triplets. So gorgeous !! 😍❤️
Kari Munoz
Kari Munoz - 19 hours ago
Holly crap y’all look like triplets!!!!! 😱😱
Nikol tserkezou
Nikol tserkezou - 20 hours ago
Why is no one commenting about how amazing their cheekbones and jawlines are ??
Mm_elissa - 22 hours ago
Even tho they’re the twins, Tati could definitely make it triplets you can tell they’re definitely sisters
Sarah Bryant
Sarah Bryant - 22 hours ago
Omg I love your sisters!
MartyL77 - 22 hours ago
This video was the best! I felt like I was hanging out with Tati and her sisters :)
Yenny Timms
Yenny Timms - 22 hours ago
This messed with my head big time! 😂😂😂
Safaa Lag
Safaa Lag - 22 hours ago
You have TWINS?!?!?
P.S. W
P.S. W - Day ago
God I would love Tati to do my makeup lol
Michael Gary Scott
Michael Gary Scott - Day ago
I thought Tati was younger
Nerilys Molina
Nerilys Molina - Day ago
Are you sure you’re not triplets lol
SamanthaXoxo Cassiliano
The crazy thing to me is that Tati looks the same too 😂
Elyse Janson
Elyse Janson - Day ago
The idea for this video should break the internet... so smart!
Elyse Janson
Elyse Janson - Day ago
You’re a genius for this one!
The Trendy Thread Boutique
You Ladies look like Triplets! ☺️
Aimee Bailey
Aimee Bailey - Day ago
Just wanted to say, omg I never realized your sisters were the eve twins from x-files that gave me nightmares for months!
MakeupByMeghan - Day ago
they have the most pERFECT skin, bone structure, everything and needless to say i’m *pissed*
Cassidy Cruz
Cassidy Cruz - Day ago
Cheekbones for DAYS
love buglively
love buglively - Day ago
Why did I honestly think that the twins were just a thumbnail of tati
JustJulie - Day ago
You all are adorable!!!
Celia Mb
Celia Mb - Day ago
Tati: omg you guys look the exact same
... little does she know
Kylee’s Adventure
6:02 that eye roll!!
MARCHELO - Day ago
i thought it was two of you but its three
jackie reinstedler
jackie reinstedler - Day ago
They are both so beautiful, as are you Tati! Holy Smokes!!
Awkward Squid
Awkward Squid - Day ago
Bruh my head hurts looking at you guys
Lupita Lopez
Lupita Lopez - Day ago
😂 I thought you photoshopped yourself 3times 😂
TheLifeandLena - Day ago
Do you have some german roots? Because all your names are typical german names. :-)
justjoanne - Day ago
Michelle Miessner
Michelle Miessner - Day ago
Loved this! I miss you listing the products used....
Kristen Kindoll
Kristen Kindoll - Day ago
This video is so cute with the three of you.
Remi Kahler
Remi Kahler - Day ago
Imagine all three of them walking into a store after this video, like I would be stunned
Alyssa Jennings
Alyssa Jennings - Day ago
this is the best idea i’ve ever seen wtf
Ella’s Stevens
Ella’s Stevens - Day ago
Wtf it’s like I typed command C the command v 3 times
Bear17 K
Bear17 K - Day ago
TRIPLETS??! OMGGG! AND how can you tell the difference??
ednaaxo - Day ago
Woah triplets af I thought it was photoshopped at first
Corena Garoutte
Corena Garoutte - Day ago
2:22 follows me around!
Tia Za
Tia Za - Day ago
you look like tripplets :D
Makynze Swick
Makynze Swick - Day ago
Ok but what is tati wearing shimmer wise on her eyes 😍
Hailee Alexis
Hailee Alexis - Day ago
I thought it was a split screen at first😂
Caitlin Elizabeth
Caitlin Elizabeth - Day ago
ur mom said "copy and paste"
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