Jaden - GHOST ft. Christian Rich (Official Video)

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natcha teesee
natcha teesee - 10 hours ago
Xeney - 14 hours ago
Best MV
KitTac05 - 19 hours ago
Y’all sleeping on Jaden
truth and equilibrium
truth and equilibrium - 19 hours ago
He was molested as a kid.
Is now initiated amd defiled hence the fame amd character shift.
Been a while since he was a child kissed by his nasty ass murderer dad
Maladar - Day ago
This is very very clever. I dislike mumble rap with a passion but this shit here is the real deal. Way to go lil bro! Big Will should be proud!
Νικολαος Γιακουμάκης
Monopoly money?
Trippin Moon
Trippin Moon - Day ago
2:07 they are walking backward XD
Rodrigo LC
Rodrigo LC - Day ago
Esta cancion pasa
andrés amaya
andrés amaya - Day ago
Esto está rico
decebal 55–60 106 dacia 85-106
everything is fake todays
Kid Dynamite
Kid Dynamite - Day ago
Love the beginning
Pit SkilZz
Pit SkilZz - Day ago
alin omar
alin omar - 2 days ago
nigga i am ghost....
Lenni Drescher
Lenni Drescher - 2 days ago
Any jacket like that anywhere?
Knox Is King
Knox Is King - 2 days ago
I love everyone knows jaden is rich as fuck so he just flexes with monopoly money
Swïïft - 2 days ago
It's the best song ever ?
Orange Panther
Orange Panther - 2 days ago
R u in Bangkok because u have a doctors mask
l e i l a n i
l e i l a n i - Day ago
lmao this is tokyo, bangkok looks nothing like that plus tokyo is in the east of asia and bangkok is in the south east 💀💀
Omar Anthony Toledo Luna
nigga i'm ghost
Степан Джаграев
Карате-пацан уже не тот(
Cyn c
Cyn c - 3 days ago
More of this pls love this tune one of my fav .....spoke to Elon last week told him I went to fast ..... trying to make sure I leave a good works for my niece .... beat sick ur vibe on this flows fast and slow ... when I wanna grow I listen to hov .... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💎💎💎💎💎💎💎⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
brystal - 3 days ago
fu ra donis yle xar Jaden neta gesmodes qartuli
Grandpa Yoongi
Grandpa Yoongi - 4 days ago
This song is lit, just thought I should keep that in mind 😴
LC Beats
LC Beats - 4 days ago
Sophia Shakira
Sophia Shakira - 4 days ago
I Love him!!! MAD Talented the fire honestly only LOVE for the SMITH FAMILY. #energy
Oli Malki
Oli Malki - 4 days ago
guy at 1:19 dancing in background lol
Raising Louisa
Raising Louisa - 4 days ago
Wtf? Thats a play money bro
Big Apple is XB
Big Apple is XB - 4 days ago
Atlas Complex
Atlas Complex - Hour ago
Lol me too
Zach Trapper
Zach Trapper - 5 hours ago
Made in China
nicknj08 - Day ago
Lmao forreal
23 gang
23 gang - 4 days ago
It’s me or he have Monopoly money 💰 😂
Deryk Quah
Deryk Quah - 4 days ago
Yooo this sh*t goes hard
lucio TCK
lucio TCK - 4 days ago
Mane Garth
Mane Garth - 5 days ago
Best rapper ever
alfiexhrn - 5 days ago
Put the playback speed to 1.25x, this sounds even better :) ❤️
Jimmy Ago
Jimmy Ago - 5 days ago
Daii De Lima
Daii De Lima - 5 days ago
mal video >:(
Daii De Lima
Daii De Lima - 5 days ago
mal video >:(
Frankenstein X5
Frankenstein X5 - 5 days ago
1.46 why he's dancing like that man
Lil You
Lil You - 5 days ago
fuck mountainp:)(:
Cj Curry
Cj Curry - 5 days ago
The face mask it’s necessary and lit.
Jwalanda Pariyar
Jwalanda Pariyar - 6 days ago
Jaden Smith
I just ran hunnid yard dash
You spent too much cash
Screw your Goyard bags
I knew that you wouldn't last (no way)
I'm in physics class
I knew that you wouldn't ask
She got too much (shh, what?)
Wonder finna do with all that
Talked to Elon last week, told him my whip too fast
Hunnid 20 on the dash (shit)
I hope that I never crash (no)
MSFTS on the map (yup)
Drop hits that's that (hits)
¿Teo? hit me with the pass, swish
Niggas wish I never rapped (never)
Play this shit in the club for me, for me, for me (for me)
'Cause if you in there, then I'll be the one you never see
Like jeez
Let me go put on my cleats
The way that I get up and run through the streets (streets!)
Paris like bon appetit
They saw us and went to go call the police, yeah, damn
Just put a hydrogen whip on a lease, yeah
Tryna make sure that I leave a good world for my niece
Hey that's just me (that's just me!)
We don't need you on the team, we pay too many fees
They told me travel light, we ain't going overseas (whoo, whoo)
It's just one night I'ma bring the whole fleet with me
Play this shit in the club for me, for me, for me (for me)
If you in there, I'll be the one you never see
I'm ghost
Illin' the most (illin' the most)
I've been behind the scenes, I've been watching the ropes
(I'm on the ropes)
She put her hand on my neck, she on the slopes, ice (ice)
Why you put so much space in the flow?
(Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go)
When I wanna grow I listen to Hov, take notes
Look at the case, close it
Open the doors, look at my neck, look at my wrist frozen
Look at my pants dripping swag, know that you stole it
Play this shit in the club for me—eh
If you in there—uh
Nigga, I'm ghost
TA NA - 2 days ago
Chum Billal
Chum Billal - 6 days ago
Them :How much Monopoly money dyu need?
*Jayden*; YES.
Jonenzy TV
Jonenzy TV - 6 days ago
Bondi - 6 days ago
i thought that at the begining its 21 savage lol
leonardo dicaprisun
leonardo dicaprisun - 6 days ago
this dude really makes the best mvs
Big Apple is XB
Big Apple is XB - 6 days ago
thats why im subscribed with notifications ON
Kendall - 6 days ago
ok but that necklace jaden is wearing is yes.
Droner - 6 days ago
Nobody Dies A Virgin...Life Fucks Us All 0:38 JEEZ
ur mom penguim
ur mom penguim - 6 days ago
*new comethazine in 2040*
Novacane - 7 days ago
lost in japan
Mic Kash Jr
Mic Kash Jr - 7 days ago
Mic Kash Jr
Mic Kash Jr - 7 days ago
are all of his songs look like they were recorded in same day or is it just me
Emcs Pruu
Emcs Pruu - 7 days ago
Bixo doido
Alucard - 7 days ago
Amazingggg s0ngggg Jaden
domco 333
domco 333 - 7 days ago
1:19 behind Jaden :D
Noral Lane
Noral Lane - 7 days ago
Am I the only who notices how clean the roads are???
gxbson mgxbe
gxbson mgxbe - 7 days ago
0:36 it took me 9 months to notice the word fuck on the stairs😶
Yash Khanka
Yash Khanka - 7 days ago
How much that denim
dany boy cunha conde
dany boy cunha conde - 7 days ago
The god's him is the money
ILight SpeedW
ILight SpeedW - 7 days ago
Cash monopoly?
Lefteris Glantz
Lefteris Glantz - 7 days ago
Damn I think I saw my drunk self and my friend in this video clip
CrazySh*t - 7 days ago
Monopoly money weird flex but ok
Lean-in Manual Dab
Lean-in Manual Dab - 7 days ago
I still have no idea who Christian Rich is
xxa1d4nxx - 7 days ago
is this part of Erys?
Ilra Ugaf
Ilra Ugaf - 8 days ago
He is very underrated in my opinion
I'M ALL EYES ALL EYES - 8 days ago
Lancer____ Dog
Lancer____ Dog - 8 days ago
Gen Z garbage
William Martindale
William Martindale - 8 days ago
"She got too much A$$ . what'm finna do with all that?" Pfft. That line fucking killed me. Idk why
Jaylen Teasley
Jaylen Teasley - 8 days ago
I'm not trying to throw hate but did u meet rice gum over there
5StarFilmz - 8 days ago
Jaden gonna be one of the greatest
Lavelakalife - 8 days ago
"when I wanna grow I listen to hov" 💯💪🔥
Alan Soares
Alan Soares - 9 days ago
loco demais
ProtagKam - 9 days ago
Smilovert - 9 days ago
2019 , April anyone?
Boi Z
Boi Z - 9 days ago
Smilovert me
Gaspar Lobos Olguín
Gaspar Lobos Olguín - 10 days ago
Monopoly dollars in 0:38😂😆
XAM YTB - 10 days ago
Ronaldo Santos
Ronaldo Santos - 10 days ago
Is magnífic song
Anarchy Yumiko
Anarchy Yumiko - 10 days ago
mdr les billet de monopolie
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez - 10 days ago
if you on there I'm be the one you'll never see like gezzz
Anipanini - 10 days ago
Came here after watching Karate Kid like wow what a grow up and a glow up
Officer Frank Tenpenny
Officer Frank Tenpenny - 10 days ago
Hello my favourite karate kid in 2010 your name was dre parker now its *Jaden Smith*
Ako Ideal Media
Ako Ideal Media - 10 days ago
NegroManco - 11 days ago
1:19 Señor de atras
Logan Jackson
Logan Jackson - 11 days ago
Iller than most I been behind the scenes I been watching the ropes
Гуля Абдрахманова
Коток баш
Гуля Абдрахманова
G2S_Bluez - 11 days ago
Eloy Bëyøndër
Eloy Bëyøndër - 11 days ago
2019 This song will never go away for me while the car brakes itself as I press the prepay button.
B U B B L E S P O P - 12 days ago
When u depressed
bad idea
bad idea - 12 days ago
1:20 the guy in the back
D4RK_L3GEND YT - 12 days ago
Is that Monopoly money
Auron Replay
Auron Replay - 12 days ago
*y donde carajos esta el de karate kid?*
Damaris Adinge
Damaris Adinge - 13 days ago
Super lit lit
PurpleDice Plays
PurpleDice Plays - 14 days ago
0:24 thaught this was just a style but then realised everyone was wearin em lol😅
joaquin maetinez
joaquin maetinez - 14 days ago
binstarAdv MEOW
binstarAdv MEOW - 14 days ago
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Abel Ramirez
Abel Ramirez - 15 days ago
Charles Manson
Charles Manson - 15 days ago
this is so senseless it hurts
Ultra max21
Ultra max21 - 15 days ago
Jaden not to disrespect u but that is Monopoly money like why i’m sure you make plenty of money why don’t u flex
Bla - 16 days ago
Big Mama
Big Mama - 16 days ago
I like the part of Christian
JassQueen - 16 days ago
Fire 🔥
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