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The one who sucks
The one who sucks - 13 hours ago
“I have two brains and you have one”
So why aren’t you using either?
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski - 19 hours ago
8:00 - Honestly, that's something I would do if I were my own boss
Saver755 - 21 hour ago
Jellyfish: I'm going to make the humans test this
jeremy wien
jeremy wien - Day ago
well yeah he threw up away
Greg Patno
Greg Patno - Day ago
If your kissed while you are home alone then your not home alone
348joey - Day ago
Really wish these channels would stop putting the same image/meme multiple times. Maybe downvoting will discourage it. Guess we'll see.
Anikinsgamer - 2 days ago
11:15 not a good science joke because it's actually science fiction. You can't make coal into a diamond because of their structures, but if you change the coals to 2 pencils then the joke will work.
TheDragonLord - 2 days ago
That's a hen, not a cock. Bet they had some chicken breasts though
Excree - 2 days ago
8:55 why’s he doing a aussie accent he knows top gear is British right? and on that bombshell it’s time to end this comment
Ishmael - 3 days ago
“Issac Newton died a virgin” he had a lifelong male roommate/companion that man was not s virgin just a homosexual
Farizio / Raphaeleck
Farizio / Raphaeleck - 3 days ago
Fun Fact Microsoft uses Linux Server instead of Windows Server as their operating System of choice on their Servers
Seth Wilkinson
Seth Wilkinson - 4 days ago
Mikiah Hungerford
Mikiah Hungerford - 5 days ago
What’s your accent 🧐 I like it :D also love the video
Floris Bos
Floris Bos - 5 days ago
Would you please change the music you use
Goddamn - 5 days ago
D3ATHBOI - 5 days ago
Well yeah this is technically true...

What i said is technically true...
Alex Julian
Alex Julian - 5 days ago
I dont get the ac/dc one
Turtlemilk - 5 days ago
5:38 that's not how you pronounce H
Paul Hernandez
Paul Hernandez - 6 days ago
3:21 actually that's just AC... Alternating current. DC is direct current meaning batteries
Bjørn Haukedal Rønning
Tomatoes are vegetable not fruit,
Maickel Hartlief
Maickel Hartlief - 6 days ago
i'd be dead in -430000 years...?
Vanna Wong
Vanna Wong - 6 days ago
friend: do you want to eat Chinese food
me, a chinese: *confused Pikachu face* it's just food..
Lawrence The great
Lawrence The great - 6 days ago
Is the title a JoJo reference?
PROF H3T - 7 days ago
The joker one isn't technically true. What if you had a parachute
Josue Dominguez
Josue Dominguez - 7 days ago
Saw the thumbnail, came here for some JoJo Part 2 memes.
Damien Ceballos
Damien Ceballos - 7 days ago
I went to Hooters with my dad once I saw this sign but instead with beer 6:18
epicblue 00
epicblue 00 - 7 days ago
Zoe Bailey
Zoe Bailey - 7 days ago
3:07 you good there bud?
Xavier Ross
Xavier Ross - 8 days ago
At time 2:30. No that's called a blender. Check your facts
Reddit With Owen
Reddit With Owen - 8 days ago
The dude in the thumbnail isn't listening to AC DC he's just listening to AC
Jahseh Onfroy
Jahseh Onfroy - 8 days ago
12:08 crossing streams
Preston Michaels
Preston Michaels - 8 days ago
Petition to make Damiens voice instead of Timmy's dad in Fairly Odd
Naj Renchelf
Naj Renchelf - 8 days ago
I love this subreddit
Kyras Bruce
Kyras Bruce - 8 days ago
2:27 fans don't all have flat blades.
Julian the Ivysaur
Julian the Ivysaur - 8 days ago
7:34 actually. That's a hen, not a cock.
Kat The Fox
Kat The Fox - 8 days ago
Yup, I’m pretty sure I’m the unplanned twin XD
Hanzo Player
Hanzo Player - 9 days ago
This is technically a comment
Sunny_seedS - 9 days ago
Lmfaoooo the idea baby’s are travel sizes XD
Trinity Oglesby
Trinity Oglesby - 9 days ago
Them: if you keep that up I'm blocking you
Me: don't worry if I had planned on keeping it I wouldn't have thrown it in the toilet
Al Monkeyboy
Al Monkeyboy - 9 days ago
1:04 PERRY!!!
Thunderstorm508 - 9 days ago
That's in Ipswich SD
Oliver Mørk
Oliver Mørk - 10 days ago
Hey i have astma and i can still breathe
benjamin elgy
benjamin elgy - 10 days ago
Throws up away
Madison Leonard
Madison Leonard - 10 days ago
elbuchacosk rapavy
elbuchacosk rapavy - 10 days ago
AT THE END: keep that up
me: throw that in trash bin pic inc.
Ben Winkelman
Ben Winkelman - 11 days ago
I’ve been watching too much of this channel, I’m starting to instinctively read fuck as frick
ikurauta - 11 days ago
You know that that listening to ac/dc does not work like that because when you take electricity out of plug you will get only ac.
goval gaming
goval gaming - 11 days ago
And then her partner reply:so you so stupid until you reach the point where you need to have 2 brain?
ItsMigu TV
ItsMigu TV - 12 days ago
XxGacha_TekniquexX - 12 days ago
"How can you have asthma? Just breathe"
Nerdy Valkyrie
Nerdy Valkyrie - 12 days ago
2:46 That's not flying, that's falling with style!
Sammy Sicari
Sammy Sicari - 12 days ago
I don't get the AC/DC one
Pichu Perez
Pichu Perez - 13 days ago
1:50 I've watched rabbids invasion and know your still correct either way
ArmadilloLover99 - 13 days ago
“Being kissed in your sleep is…like…the purest form of love”
Gen Dawg
Gen Dawg - 14 days ago
5:31 Although that’s a biiig rock
Gen Dawg
Gen Dawg - 14 days ago
2:53 “That’s not flying, it’s falling, with style. “
Crackers The Cow
Crackers The Cow - 14 days ago
1:01 but what if we have memes about god like “if you don’t sin, then Jesus died for nothing”
Logan B.
Logan B. - 15 days ago
You sound like you're drinkin' outta cups...
Deerspring OwO
Deerspring OwO - 15 days ago
Darth Noòx
Darth Noòx - 16 days ago
“I have two brains and you have one”
Well you’re not using either of them
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