I Tried Crossing The Ocean In A Bounce House - Challenge (Sharks & Thunder Storm)

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“With the anchor in my hand running like a skeleton On the bottom of the ocean like pirates of the Caribbean” 😂😂😂
Repulse Gaming
Repulse Gaming - Day ago
Mandy Henderson your dumb
Owen’s videos
Owen’s videos - 3 days ago
Make a island out of blowup houses
Utterly YT
Utterly YT - 4 days ago
Andy Xu
Andy Xu - 7 days ago
Wow I’m surprised
Ilha Amina
Ilha Amina - 6 hours ago
Ilha Amina
Ilha Amina - 6 hours ago
Who do you think you are
Bigbob Hot rod
Bigbob Hot rod - 7 hours ago
Hey dude so cool . No way man we’re so cool man. Let’s bum each other all night long.
Garilyn Desjarlais
Garilyn Desjarlais - 8 hours ago
I heard if you say pin you will get pined
Garilyn Desjarlais
Garilyn Desjarlais - 8 hours ago
Try that and it will work
Seth Kolev
Seth Kolev - 9 hours ago
16:00 Smirnoff=good times
Danna Zambrano
Danna Zambrano - 16 hours ago
Feed sharks
Tammy Mostyn
Tammy Mostyn - 16 hours ago
Can you do a party 2
John Trogadis
John Trogadis - 17 hours ago
I saw a whale in the back if you saw it make this blue
Robb C-Kid Digital
Robb C-Kid Digital - 17 hours ago
This sounds pretty dangerous you might get caught by sharks 🔥🔥🔥😭middle of the ocean is far🙏🙏lol
Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough - 18 hours ago
Dig up your house and make it like a boat house and send it across the ocean
M K - 21 hour ago
Overnight in a huge dark forest, without a tent, only food and water. Or spending the night in an abandoned huge building.
Tara S
Tara S - 21 hour ago
why did this pop up in my recommendations ??? stupid and cringy AF.
Ilze steenkamp
Ilze steenkamp - 22 hours ago
Jump off a plane with no parashute and swim to africa
Domiciano Zaldivar
Domiciano Zaldivar - Day ago
Die is the next vid
Nexass Nex
Nexass Nex - Day ago
The best thing you should do is going in north pole there s cruise going there i think
maddi b
maddi b - Day ago
not even gunna lie the amount of ads in yalls videos has probably held yall back on so many subscribers
Mary Gautreaux
Mary Gautreaux - Day ago
the bank out
Jodie Moore
Jodie Moore - Day ago
You should do s last to leave the ocean challenge😮
Andrea Ehmke
Andrea Ehmke - Day ago
Jump of a mountain next
ibrudiiv - Day ago
the whole video: the coast is easily in view ...
Doris Hatcher
Doris Hatcher - Day ago
Or else big foot will kiss ur mothers 😂😂😂😂
Swimmer Missy Franklin
I have nothing to say😂
Erin Daniel
Erin Daniel - Day ago
You guys are the crazy’s people on YouTube
Transpecies Grolar Bear
That swimming pool looks pretty seaworthy. I think I might invest in one.
CachMeNukkels #Legends
CachMeNukkels #Legends - 2 days ago
Last to leave the trunk of your car for 72 hours
Luke Gonzales
Luke Gonzales - 2 days ago
this is like the movie life of pi
Cute unknown Potato
Cute unknown Potato - 2 days ago
Just a quick question if we can’t see air does that mean...fish can’t see water🤔
Olivia Allison
Olivia Allison - 2 days ago
You should go in a tiger cage and tie some meat on your self and yell and I oop and I opp 20 times..........
AnonaMousetookmaname - 2 days ago
Defusing unexploded munitions, next.
PS. While drunk.
Mia Magic
Mia Magic - 2 days ago
My cousin lives in clearwater😗✌️
Rocco JC
Rocco JC - 2 days ago
Wow crossing the ocean?

Seems soooo real
terry bowen
terry bowen - 2 days ago
I have a big peen lol
ImmortalTwins - 2 days ago
Last to eat
Lexie’s life
Lexie’s life - 2 days ago
i think u should spend 24 hours on the roof of a skyscraper
Ryhab Whit
Ryhab Whit - 2 days ago
Ocean? lol
Dalidy Dutchgirl
Dalidy Dutchgirl - 2 days ago
Why have i never seen these guys... awsome
lilla mezei-horvati
lilla mezei-horvati - 2 days ago
you guys should spend 48 hours in the amazon forest
Leah x
Leah x - 2 days ago
You should do last to leave an abandoned house
Yellow bell Gaming
Yellow bell Gaming - 2 days ago
Last to stop pranking each other
Kate Tucker
Kate Tucker - 2 days ago
24 hour woods challenge but with no tent
lauren beys
lauren beys - 3 days ago
living in a room filled with spiders for 24 hours
Miro - 3 days ago
This guy lookes like that fortnite dude what was his name true or tuf or smth like that
Owen’s videos
Owen’s videos - 3 days ago
Make a island out of blowup houses
Owen’s videos
Owen’s videos - 3 days ago
Make a island out of blowup houses
Emelia Suares
Emelia Suares - 3 days ago
Rachel Moir
Rachel Moir - 3 days ago
The guy-your mum hot
The other guy -stop dreaming
Laura McCourt
Laura McCourt - 3 days ago
Danika Playz
Danika Playz - 3 days ago
I just like how he brought his phone
Lalo Lopez
Lalo Lopez - 3 days ago
Drink or dare
Lalo Lopez
Lalo Lopez - 3 days ago
Hi I like the video and subscribe
Emma Bird
Emma Bird - 3 days ago
U guys should go in the middle of the ocean and put out shark bait rub it on u and then go skinny dipping lol dangerous
Tammy Koenig
Tammy Koenig - 3 days ago
make a 100 feet lego titanic
Engnjte - 3 days ago
24 hours in the pool challange
It’s play Time
It’s play Time - 3 days ago
i got extra anxiety
Lisa Sharkey
Lisa Sharkey - 3 days ago
Go coco for 24 hours
That girl Poelma
That girl Poelma - 3 days ago
Do fbi at house jake Paul did
Kangaroo Gamer
Kangaroo Gamer - 3 days ago
thats stupid why would you do that
Isabella Avila
Isabella Avila - 3 days ago
I want u guys to go to somewhere in a wood plank
sydney and seth
sydney and seth - 3 days ago
you are insane
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