The "Real Life" of a Flight Attendant | Vlog 99 | WHAT FLIGHT ATTENDANTS REALLY DO AT WORK!

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giselle joseph
giselle joseph - Day ago
Wow love that red scarf around neck. I want to be a flight attendent
Andrea Stover
Andrea Stover - 20 days ago
Idk why but one of my favorite parts of your vlogs in always when you give us a tour of your hotel room. I guess because whenever I’m traveling it’s a fun time. 🙂
BusyBeeRika - 24 days ago
Edgeboy Eee
Edgeboy Eee - 2 months ago
Those eye brows tho 😬
Adrienne Whiten
Adrienne Whiten - 2 months ago
I love your videos, but really wish people wouldn’t focus/ praise straight hair so much. Changing it up is fun, but really......why so much praise for straight hair.... natural is also beautiful!!!!!
waves xo
waves xo - 2 months ago
Your uniform has changed. Beautiful
50s Early...
50s Early... - 2 months ago
Hey Ashley
I am new to your channel and I have been watching your vids back to back ;Boston is one of my favorite places to visit.
A few years ago I went to a restaurant called Saus. I don't know if it is still there but it is in the N.End and it is nice😊
Big Kahuna Burger
Big Kahuna Burger - 2 months ago
4 hour flight delays, cancelled flights... Are you sure you don’t work for Spirit? 😂
Lila Thoraval
Lila Thoraval - 3 months ago
Hi I dream of being a stewardess since I was 4 years old and I am 11 years old
.I love your videos ❤️❤️✈️👩‍✈️
Crackedupcrew - 3 months ago
isnt shelfish shrimp?
Q Talent
Q Talent - 3 months ago
Nice vlog girl you make being a flight attendant look easy and fun.
Kalayah’s World
Kalayah’s World - 3 months ago
U in Chicago Illinois sameeere
foosheezoo - 3 months ago
Last week I took my first plane ride ever and it clicked in my head coming back home that this is a career that I wanted to do. I am a DACA recipient so I am only allowed to fly within the US but this is something I want to do. Any tips?!? How do we start applying?! ♥️ bless you!
Mary Buschbacher
Mary Buschbacher - 3 months ago
Do you pay for your rooms ?
IamAri - 3 months ago
But I looovvveee your videos❤️❤️Keep it up
IamAri - 3 months ago
Playing my girl Megan
Peace and LOVE
Peace and LOVE - 3 months ago
RoLouise_ - 3 months ago
I really loved your hair in that ponytail. Your growth has been amazing since your first vlog.
Morgano G
Morgano G - 3 months ago
OMG you’re literally the funniest I support you sm

Y’all should support me 2
Dirty Chief
Dirty Chief - 3 months ago
A Flight attendant escort i ever had
CGermanB - 3 months ago
You said you're allergic to shell fish, the next sentence you say you want to eat some shrimp. Shrimp is a shell fish, so which one is it? 8:00
Koke Fran
Koke Fran - 3 months ago
To be honest , I will find it hard if my wife is a flight attendant, she will never be at home, I will miss her so much :( lmao at not remembering the announcement after 2 weeks...This is one difficult job
Yolanda Lee
Yolanda Lee - 3 months ago
Do you have to pay for the hotel stays out ur own pocket?
Kitten Globe
Kitten Globe - 3 months ago
No matter what you always look amazing!
EwwWolf - 3 months ago
Would also love to see a vid about a b and c flight attendents
EwwWolf - 3 months ago
Do you work for Delta Airlines?
Alexi Reibman
Alexi Reibman - 3 months ago
Puppy Paw Prints
Puppy Paw Prints - 3 months ago
Hey Ashley,
I've been on many planes but I am still scared of them. I am going on one and I wanted to know how scary it is.
SunKissNicole - 3 months ago
19:40 you should of went down there!!!!!! They were fine 😍😍
Msmi Beauty
Msmi Beauty - 3 months ago
what is report time? what do yoy get nervous since you have to report all the time?
Sherry Blaylock
Sherry Blaylock - 4 months ago
Girl go say hello!
Sherry Blaylock
Sherry Blaylock - 4 months ago
I’ve eaten at the legal test kitchen. Food is pretty good.
Sherry Blaylock
Sherry Blaylock - 4 months ago
Hey Ashley. Your hair is always so pretty and so are your eyebrows. Follow my daughter on Instagram. @browedandboujee
Anika Williams
Anika Williams - 4 months ago
Hi Ashley you are the best flight attendants I pray for God for you everyday on your flight and get back home safe thank you so much for sharing with us and we love you
Bella Bella
Bella Bella - 4 months ago
I’m 10 and when I grow up I really want to be a flight attendant
Jack Powell!
Jack Powell! - 4 months ago
Now does the company pay for the hotels or do you have too?
Grace Devos
Grace Devos - 4 months ago
Love this video - a true day in the life! I’m also a flight attendant & a smaller YouTuber for those who want to connect! :)
jj S
jj S - 4 months ago
The salad was funny
MaiKeia Davenport
MaiKeia Davenport - 4 months ago
You look like Ashanti !
Gwendolyn Withrow
Gwendolyn Withrow - 4 months ago
I hope your neighbor is ok ♥️♥️
Justin Whittington
Justin Whittington - 4 months ago
LOL! DO you also put a mark over 1ABC on your drink order pad so you don't accidently write them in the wrong spot?
Seoulless Mochi
Seoulless Mochi - 4 months ago
Hai I will start applying for jobs in a while and i have a question you might be able to help me with. I have a couple of scars across my arms would that be a problem while applying? Thanks for your time
endlessgaming X
endlessgaming X - 4 months ago
Hey Ashley, When and how often do you fly internationally??
Haru Yuki
Haru Yuki - 4 months ago
I am good in bed lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Garth Tretheway
Garth Tretheway - 4 months ago
I have a question can you eat the food that is on the flight or do you have to pay for it?
cman ultra
cman ultra - 4 months ago
OMG there are soooo many seafood options in the seaport. Boston is my hometown!
Next time go to the barking crab!
It has amazing food!
Liyah Petty
Liyah Petty - 4 months ago
wait how she allergic to shellfish but can still eat it ?! if I eat it , im gone die lmaooo
Becket Cudmore
Becket Cudmore - 4 months ago
When she said "hey Siri what's the weather," my HomePod told me the weather of Irvine lol 😂
Aye Stilinsxki
Aye Stilinsxki - 4 months ago
I used to love watching your videos and just found back your channel! Have you ever had to travel to trinidad and tobago for a flight?
painandmorepaininside - 4 months ago
Omggggg almost VLOG #100
Naomi Hardin
Naomi Hardin - 4 months ago
I would love to see a video describing the different responsibilities for A, B, and C flight attendants!
foosheezoo - 3 months ago
Pam S. Wow thank you! This was helpful!
Smith S.
Smith S. - 4 months ago
A position is the lead and makes sure they have all drinks snacks etc for the flight. They greet the pax & makes sure the Ca/FO has what they need. B does the briefing for the exit row and the count of the aircraft. C makes announcements in the back I.e be seated bags in overhead etc. the D position is only on 737-800
Nicholas Weinert
Nicholas Weinert - 4 months ago
Hi there your beautiful
Carlo Menegazzi
Carlo Menegazzi - 4 months ago
Please Ashley, don't forget to tell us the details of your legs when you work more than one flight per day! Ciao, from Milano!!!!!
Baltimore’s Finest
Baltimore’s Finest - 4 months ago
If you ever come to Maryland my mother can clear your skin with her products she does facials and spot remover
Babiblu1211 - 4 months ago
PLZ new intro song....
lutzcrazy01 - 4 months ago
I hate hot dogs with a passion, but I'll take a "hot dog on a stick" anytime.
Icy bitch
Icy bitch - 4 months ago
What airline??
Bekir Badem
Bekir Badem - 4 months ago
I'm so proud of you. Your doing a stressful job and also a YouTube channel 👌🏻 I like you very much ^^
Telma Lukenia
Telma Lukenia - 4 months ago
Kiran R
Kiran R - 4 months ago
Thank you for choosing to fly Northeast Airlines!
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