Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

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TheOdd1sOut - 2 days ago
Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:
DailyVideos - Day ago
I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!
Ruby Love
Ruby Love - 2 days ago
TheOdd1sOut rules
James Plays
James Plays - 2 days ago
Never forget
Jessica Sempai
Jessica Sempai - 2 days ago
I got your card game and book I LOVE THEM
Hélène Giraud
Hélène Giraud - 2 days ago
Great job
Kavey original Long nails
wow! great video guy
IYC LCSI - 9 hours ago
12 million people watched this in 24 hours wow
Sushi Clan Sprayer
Sushi Clan Sprayer - 9 hours ago
Yes another soooubway video
Nick Vitoros
Nick Vitoros - 9 hours ago
I’m crying
Daisy Maihi
Daisy Maihi - 9 hours ago
Just me or does he look a bit like Bryce Walker from 13 reasons why 🤷🏽‍♀️
Leumaz Dnazor
Leumaz Dnazor - 9 hours ago
Bigger than shrek 5
Lazni Profil
Lazni Profil - 9 hours ago
You just know someone will recognize the place where he buried it , dig it up and sell it on ebay....
Beef Boi ツ
Beef Boi ツ - 9 hours ago
"Mother, I would be most grateful of you if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates."
That killed me xD
GHOUL GAMER - 9 hours ago
lol he dig it with a kids shovel
genius kid
genius kid - 9 hours ago
YouTube : hmm who might win the streamys for animation this year ?
Me : Okay ...
Catastrophic Gamer
Catastrophic Gamer - 9 hours ago
Sad life man...
Anna Doodles
Anna Doodles - 9 hours ago
One day this will become the monument known as the sandwich buried out of sorrow and views
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 9 hours ago
I have never clicked so fast on a video in my entire life. Thank you for this, James.
Lucy Maclennan 01
Lucy Maclennan 01 - 9 hours ago
#2 on trending. Bruh
Sara M
Sara M - 9 hours ago
Did JaidenAnimations play the piano part?
Md Atabur
Md Atabur - 9 hours ago
Cocanut144 - 9 hours ago
Flo Van
Flo Van - 9 hours ago
Now, sooubway is at a better place... ❤️😭
We all loved you. He was always there, when I didn't made my homework... Always there when I needed him. ❤️❤️❤️😭
John Hawod
John Hawod - 9 hours ago
#1Trending keepitup talking baymax
Lucy Everest
Lucy Everest - 9 hours ago
RIP Soopway
Deadreckoning 74
Deadreckoning 74 - 9 hours ago
I bought your new book 📚
Ruki King
Ruki King - 9 hours ago
2:00 pringles man
joe da bro kreg
joe da bro kreg - 9 hours ago
That ending tho lol
little bimble
little bimble - 9 hours ago
James i really like your videos, they are so entertaining and family friendly
Mev Cilbox
Mev Cilbox - 9 hours ago
Nice pun in the description odd1sout :)
ДЕН ДЕНЧИК - 9 hours ago
im from Kazaksten
Random Potato
Random Potato - 9 hours ago
Congrats James on number 1 trending
Space Banana
Space Banana - 9 hours ago
_100,000 years later......_
*Kid trips on the stick and the sandwich gets exposed*

*_Mmmmm Yummy!_*
Samina Chowdhury
Samina Chowdhury - 9 hours ago
8:50 The neighbor burying his daughter (2019 Colourized)
Jazmin Acuna
Jazmin Acuna - 9 hours ago
With that old subway they might look for that WiFi pass and hangout there
Slayer Kid
Slayer Kid - 9 hours ago
Then james went to Dr.phil
To get over sooubway
Briana Gradie
Briana Gradie - 9 hours ago
One day I will find that sandwich buried down some where and once I do, I will legendarily eat it...
Squicx - 9 hours ago
We gotta find that sandwich. Whatever the cost...
solyane - 9 hours ago
you didn’t say to wear out seatbelts :( just say you hate us and go 😔👊
Random Potato
Random Potato - 9 hours ago
Congrats on trending 1 James!
Arct1cL10N_ 101
Arct1cL10N_ 101 - 9 hours ago
He littered at the end
Herohammer Studios
Herohammer Studios - 9 hours ago
Man, I don't know what technique you used, but the animation from 7:38 onwards looks really good
SolarRex gaming
SolarRex gaming - 9 hours ago
This is so sad...

And i want a sandwich cuz I'm hungry
Alexander Danag
Alexander Danag - 9 hours ago
Maybe i digital cant catch harry would be fun because effects and animation could be amazing
Tall boi ÙᗯÚ
Tall boi ÙᗯÚ - 10 hours ago
Munchkins and Dona Adventures
Soo sad
Bendy Man
Bendy Man - 10 hours ago
4:54 You didn’t say if it was true or not... wait a second.
LaDarren Robinson
LaDarren Robinson - 10 hours ago
You have got to see this👀
THË GÄMÏÑG RÄBBÎT - 10 hours ago
Alster Dhamari
Alster Dhamari - 10 hours ago
2:36 cracks me up
Super Clone 117
Super Clone 117 - 10 hours ago
I was here before this was trending (puts on shades). I'm a cool boy.
Nate The Pope
Nate The Pope - 10 hours ago
I've never eaten at Subway
Yes I have no friends
Duha Ambar
Duha Ambar - 10 hours ago
When you know James is taking so long he's going to give a good video
Boys toys And gaming
Boys toys And gaming - 10 hours ago
Ca1eb - 10 hours ago
This is still 1 on trending, wow he got a streak
IceCremBob Snr
IceCremBob Snr - 10 hours ago
Oh cool he got #1 trending
Fizzpig - 10 hours ago
James buried his two best friends: Harry the fly and the soooubway he used to work at
Bendy Man
Bendy Man - 10 hours ago
Was that Jared from South Park?
Janx the hedgehog
Janx the hedgehog - 10 hours ago
Well oof
Kent Meme
Kent Meme - 10 hours ago
Your actually joji but a animator
SH00KETH. - 10 hours ago
Billie Eilish : bury a friend
Theodd1sout : BURY A SANDWICH
Frosty - 10 hours ago
TopHatJack - 10 hours ago
no shoes, no shirt, no dice
shubh sethi
shubh sethi - 10 hours ago
"Mommy why is that man burying a cookie and crying"
"He's probably a youtuber honey, don't make eye contact"
Brett Ballman
Brett Ballman - 9 hours ago
shubh sethi you literally stole this from another person and changed sandwich to cookie idiot
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