Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

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TheOdd1sOut - Day ago
Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:
DailyVideos - 14 hours ago
I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!
Ruby Love
Ruby Love - Day ago
TheOdd1sOut rules
James Plays
James Plays - Day ago
Never forget
Jessica Sempai
Jessica Sempai - Day ago
I got your card game and book I LOVE THEM
Hélène Giraud
Hélène Giraud - Day ago
Great job
PurpleNinjaPikachu - 5 hours ago
Hi TheOdd1sout! I heard your voice in Meta Runner.
Crosby Cox
Crosby Cox - 5 hours ago
Literally nothing:

Subtitles: Time to give su abuela (your grandma) a proper burial.
Seamore [GD]
Seamore [GD] - 5 hours ago
2:54 Kid: *grabs money out of his balls *
Title: “How to Keep Your Money Safe DIY Tutorial”
7:42 turn captions on and it’s gonna be “time to give *su abuela* a proper burial
Aneta Petrov
Aneta Petrov - 5 hours ago
2:48 saids he doesn't care as long as you pay, but in another vid, you said you saw people take stuff without paying lol
Panda Bicycle
Panda Bicycle - 5 hours ago
Legend has it
The sandwich is still their to this day..
Castle Cat
Castle Cat - 5 hours ago
What if some obsessed fan dug up your sandwich and ate it?
Anon archist
Anon archist - 5 hours ago
actually, if you said "yes, floof is a service dog." the only thing he could legally ask is "what's he trained to do?" but you'd still be a terrible person for trying to pass off your mundane doggo as a working goodboy.
h a i l e y
h a i l e y - 5 hours ago
Aya Srahin
Aya Srahin - 5 hours ago
The six inch grows into a foot long
Johncesar Durano
Johncesar Durano - 5 hours ago
9:33 lol
Keenan Liss
Keenan Liss - 5 hours ago
Who wants to help me find the buried sandwitch
R4mezG - 5 hours ago
Claudia Sit
Claudia Sit - 5 hours ago
I am sooooo sad 😞 goodbye sooubway❤️
Kiby biby
Kiby biby - 5 hours ago
Happy 13M
Dr Emmett Brown
Dr Emmett Brown - 5 hours ago
I can't belive this videos is in tendencies on you tube 🙄
The Unarmed Fence
The Unarmed Fence - 5 hours ago
-James 2019
KHANH PHAM - 5 hours ago
Great videos! My daughter loves watching these videos, remember all the characters names and has learnt so much from them. We are also building awareness and trying to foster green citizens for the future through our cartoon series about environmental problems and simple actions for green living – aimed at kids aged 3-8 years old. We fund this channel ourselves. Please visit the brand new channel here, we are making more 2D animation videos. Hopefully we can contribute to the community more helpful, fun videos for kids like you guys do. A big thank you 🙂
Bartolo Colon
Bartolo Colon - 5 hours ago
It’s only been 2-3 years since the last one
BlueNation - 5 hours ago
Riley Hughes
Riley Hughes - 5 hours ago
It's actually against the law to ask people if their animal is a service animal. Like, complaints can be made about it and people can be fired for asking.
xpeppax -
xpeppax - - 5 hours ago
Anyone gonna talk about how sad this is 😔
BlueNation - 5 hours ago
darkipoo 678
darkipoo 678 - 5 hours ago
He did it he fudging did it 1# on trending James
UwU Gaming
UwU Gaming - 5 hours ago
Was the subway in your old Town next to bashes in Tucson Arizona
Uchiha Gaming
Uchiha Gaming - 5 hours ago
No.1 trending
Felix Ontiveros
Felix Ontiveros - 5 hours ago
Adventure Sky Queen
Adventure Sky Queen - 5 hours ago
I was craving soobway this morning 😪 RIP man
FriendlyM8s P!zza T!me
FriendlyM8s P!zza T!me - 5 hours ago
This is so sad can we hit 98k likes
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson - 5 hours ago
Can you at least show the damn place, you gosh darn liar; this way we can post our selfies on Instagram for free likes
Trey Watts
Trey Watts - 5 hours ago
I legit almost cried
ComiBro 04
ComiBro 04 - 5 hours ago
Acting skills 100
Editing skills 99.99
Tactical Gamer.
Tactical Gamer. - 5 hours ago
My friend drawed a sketch of you.
Madden Lytten
Madden Lytten - 5 hours ago
He’s number one on trending
Magla Akter
Magla Akter - 5 hours ago
Wow #1 on trending
Konnor Noël
Konnor Noël - 5 hours ago
This makes me happy swear
feebee20423 - 5 hours ago
A fourth 😱😱😱 Does that mean we'll get a 5th in future years!!!!
MR. NOOB - 5 hours ago
Remember the sand which and store...
Mushroom Draws LPS
Mushroom Draws LPS - 5 hours ago
Your number one on trending right now
Matchbam - 5 hours ago
I need to start talking about sandwiches. How is this on Trending?
sammysealplayz - 5 hours ago
#1 on trending with 10k dislikes noice
erwin dipalac
erwin dipalac - 5 hours ago
RIP subway I MEAN SOOBWAY :( such a great place like everytime i go to soobway at WALLMART i will ask my dad for popcorn or chis of lays
WALN Zell - 5 hours ago
My local KFC and Taco Bell shut down. Just when my grandmother discovered her love for fried chicken.
Hailey Morgan
Hailey Morgan - 5 hours ago
Yaaaaas!!! #1 on trending!!!!
QuagHower - 5 hours ago
RH MEDIA - 5 hours ago
Ok Chip.
Nathaniel Proctor
Nathaniel Proctor - 5 hours ago
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Shoot another Sooubway video
BlockBreaker - 5 hours ago
Anyone else notice how his footsteps kind of went with the beat?
Thenerfguy !
Thenerfguy ! - 5 hours ago
Ok the odd1sout talked about his game but did not talk about his book I have it and recommend it!
LadBooboo - 5 hours ago
OMG sooubway continuation, thanks James. Have been waiting for years lol
The Quiet Creator
The Quiet Creator - 5 hours ago
James: *Buries a perfectly good sandwich and wastes it*
Me: WhY yOU wAsTiN A pErFeCtLy gOoD SaNdwiCh 😥
El'sSalty Supernatural
El'sSalty Supernatural - 5 hours ago
Legend has it that if you say the artist's name three times you'll get pinned. Lets try!
Reynaldo Espinal Vlogs
Reynaldo Espinal Vlogs - 5 hours ago
ayyy its number 1 on trending ayyyyyy
Gacha Rose
Gacha Rose - 5 hours ago
Reynaldo Espinal Vlogs OMG YEI
I_dont_ _even_know
I_dont_ _even_know - 5 hours ago
I- James no the poor sandwich
no eat bacon piggy
no eat bacon piggy - 5 hours ago
Congrats on 13 mil
Elvia Gonzalez
Elvia Gonzalez - 5 hours ago
Sooubway was a good place
I never went there because my parents are really Méxican
and takes me to Mexican restaurant however my parents are like
You must eat healthy and look like a famous girl
I was really mad well I only was allowed to go burger restaurant or
Taco Bell, jake in box, and Del taco I hate my family they got me only
Jollibee I was like your making me eat a rip off Philippines Like I can eat pollo loco or KFC.
Sorry if it was long
Well R.I.P sooubway
Zombiツ - 5 hours ago
I went to subway and the workers didnt ask for a toasted bread
SoCohamp00 - 5 hours ago
This shits fake and gay
erwin dipalac
erwin dipalac - 5 hours ago
sub I MEAN SOOBWAY it had change a bit 2012 i think tro 2019
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