Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Sweden) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final

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Mara J
Mara J - 15 minutes ago
And Heroes keep on being the last great song to win Eurovision...👌👍
Jamila Mahmudzade
Jamila Mahmudzade - 54 minutes ago
A A - 6 hours ago
Still the best one❤️!
Kaviraj Nosib
Kaviraj Nosib - 8 hours ago
I personally think is the best Eurovision song for the time I've been alive. So creative and fun in a way.
Pavel 2002
Pavel 2002 - 8 hours ago
The best.
Maria Masłowska
Maria Masłowska - 8 hours ago
I don't know why but I love the arena in Austria 2015 for ESC
Alfalfa - 8 hours ago
El único concursante que ha merecido ganar de todas las ediciones hechas
ayyla xo
ayyla xo - 9 hours ago
this will forever be my favorite Performance and song from the Eurovision song contest. so creative and such a good song
Heleen Bussé
Heleen Bussé - 10 hours ago
This was so Good but Loïc was better.
Lauren Hurley
Lauren Hurley - 11 hours ago
Not sure why but the first few seconds gave me Avicii vibes
Rain Nim
Rain Nim - 12 hours ago
Still the best performance ❤️
Miss Marvel
Miss Marvel - 12 hours ago
I want a performance like that every year! 😭
Speedcup - 12 hours ago
Who is here after duncan won?
C4rolin - 13 hours ago
Best Song for ever
jaagup vahtras
jaagup vahtras - 13 hours ago
i mean 2019 euro is over but i still love this song so much like if agree
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith - 14 hours ago
Best Eurovision song ever no tea just facts
Calum Wattie
Calum Wattie - 14 hours ago
so this is so much better than that fool conchita wurst on saturday night mans sings it so well
Pasha 999
Pasha 999 - 15 hours ago
Самая незаслуженная победа на конкурсе, песня совсем банальная и неитересная, и сам он весь такой фейковый и неприятный, особенно мне не нравится его ехидная улыбка... бррр
Μαρια Κοκκινου
no country will never have this song! The best Eurovision song ever !!!
Cláudia Silva
Cláudia Silva - 15 hours ago
Lovers on the sun - David guetta.
ivo pilic
ivo pilic - 15 hours ago
I am still listenning this masterpiece, and it is 2019,five years later
S 3&4G2
S 3&4G2 - 16 hours ago
Lena Meyer-Landrut, Alexander Rybak and Måns Zelmerlöw❤️ last real winner
НубиК - 16 hours ago
The best on the world history!(its I'm think)
MKGIRL24 - 18 hours ago
Eurovision 2019 is over and I’m still coming back to this. I want him to do more stuff on UK tv. Like when he did our You Decide show to pick our song. Love him so much
Anna Tkachenko
Anna Tkachenko - 18 hours ago
Best of the all Eurovision i see
xColdFir3 - 20 hours ago
Still the best ESC Song
Нико Кико
Нико Кико - Day ago
Кто после Евровидения 2019?
paz lojo
paz lojo - Day ago
Y sorry. Please Perdoname
Y love italiano Alexandre mamood. Me gusta mucho. Casarme y tener hijos con el. Estoy muy enamorada. Cuore mio❤️❤️❤️
Kissis. Adiós
Loz - Day ago
He's gorgeous
Leontine Ketting
Leontine Ketting - Day ago
i love this song and he has a right to be a winner because i loved this song a few years ago, and i still do :)
:D :)
:D :) - Day ago
Gosh he's handsome
NEAndrey - Day ago
BigBadMojoJojo - Day ago
Is still playing on Polish radio :):):):)
Anna Martell
Anna Martell - Day ago
3 years later I noticed videographer’s arm at 2:33 lol
PoggoTheDoggo - Day ago
This is one of the best performances in years.
Lilly Ott
Lilly Ott - Day ago
Geiler song 👍
Lilly Ott
Lilly Ott - Day ago
Gut und was geht bei dir 😂
Jurgen Herrenkind
Jurgen Herrenkind - Day ago
1 Deutscher Kommentar😂den ich finde...Hi was geht so?
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel - Day ago
One of the greatest Eurovision performances ever!
Лиджинкей - Day ago
До сих пор обожаю выступление Монса, и тогда за него болел... Смотришь на "шведов" на евровидении в 2019 и на этого, плакать хочется. Сами понимаете. Швеция в этом году ужас чёрный.
Daria Ellis
Daria Ellis - Day ago
Кто после Евровидения 2019?
Sara Gunnarsen
Sara Gunnarsen - Day ago
He is beautiful
Tatiana - Day ago
Yes 😍
kautilya21 - Day ago
my favorite eurovision performance, together with Conchita's and Serduchka's.
The Ramones Pistols
like: Mans Zelmerlov
comment: Loréen
bo - Day ago
i swear since 2015 there hasnt been a eurovision winning song as good as this
francesca minguzzi
francesca minguzzi - Day ago
This or 2019?
I think this but...
Kovas Mikutis
Kovas Mikutis - Day ago
2015 Eurovision was one of the best in my opinion.
xxkingaxx - Day ago
Legendary. We will be showing Mans' performance to our grandsons
Dimitrios Lampros
Dimitrios Lampros - Day ago
12 from Greece not the fake 12 the real!!!
Sue Hajar
Sue Hajar - Day ago
Put “Whooowooooow” in your song and you will win.
iMacourey - Day ago
I bet his spunk tastes amazing. Thumbs up if you agree.
Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile - Day ago
He's not going to shag you, pipe it
Red Rose
Red Rose - Day ago
he's so good looking what the hell
firrerman - Day ago
Whos here when The Netherlands won?
firrerman - 17 hours ago
+Leontine Ketting lol lol
Leontine Ketting
Leontine Ketting - 17 hours ago
Me😂😂😂 I was so glad the netherlands won because i yelled in happiness but i scared the sh!t out of my best friend😂😂😂! She was like: AAAAAAAH WHAT HAPPEND HERE lol😂😂😂
kakakrz Youtube
kakakrz Youtube - Day ago
This is the Best EuroVision Song!!!🔥😎
A V G 4
A V G 4 - Day ago
The last normal person who win Eurovision
Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile - Day ago
Duncan is normal though
Fey91 - Day ago
worst winning song ever
Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile - Day ago
x.kixrsxtin.x - Day ago
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Sofia M. Messina
Sofia M. Messina - Day ago
Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile - Day ago
How did they, winning song got more points in both jury and public vote
Supreme Meme
Supreme Meme - Day ago
Anyone May 2019?
Taja Devi
Taja Devi - Day ago
yes!! awesome
Fine Lina
Fine Lina - Day ago
He was the best😭💖💗
paparouna anuorapap
His girlfriend must be proud
Hellen Bach
Hellen Bach - Day ago
This performance still gives me fucking goosebumps, HAS to be one of the best in the competitions history, polished as hell & such a tune!
D C - Day ago
Oh boy can we go back in time and see this for the first time?
Jakob Karlizek
Jakob Karlizek - Day ago
is it just me or does he just wear leather trousers because so many gays are watchin lol
Jakob Karlizek
Jakob Karlizek - Day ago
just lookin cause he looks handsome - music bullshit
Andrea Tonetti
Andrea Tonetti - Day ago
Great song but Italy deserved ti win, you have to admit
Nelia Romero
Nelia Romero - Day ago
Loreen and Mans the best
Oswaldo Dominguez
Oswaldo Dominguez - Day ago
He just copied Lovers on the Sun from David Guetta
Karina Martens
Karina Martens - Day ago
I will never get over this performance u.u
Alenushka Felizova
Alenushka Felizova - Day ago
The best.
KingRoayal V.
KingRoayal V. - Day ago
Best eurovision performance. Loved it!
Александр Кириченко
Уверен, что над Швецией открылась большая озоновая дыра, если за 4 года они так загорели, если не верите, поглядите Евровидение 2019 года.
It's Ledi g
It's Ledi g - Day ago
Don't tell the gods I left a mess
I can't undo what has been done
Let's run for cover
What if I'm the only hero left
You better fire off your gun, once and forever
He said go dry your eyes and live your life like there is no tomorrow, son
And tell the others to go sing it like a hummingbird
The greatest anthem ever heard
[Chorus 1]
We are the heroes of our time
But we're dancing with the demons in our minds
We are the heroes of our time
Hero-oh-o-o-oes. o-uh-o-o-oh
We're dancing with the demons in our minds
We are the heroes of our time
Hero-oh-o-o-oes, o-uh-o-o-oh
We're dancing with the demons in our minds
Hero-oh-o-o-oes, o-uh-o-o-oh
[Verse 2]
The crickets sing a song for you
Don't say a word, don't make a sound
It's life's creation
I make worms turn into butterflies
Wake up and turn this world around in appreciation
He said I never left your side
When you were lost I followed right behind
Was your foundation
Now go sing it like a hummingbird
The greatest anthem ever heard
Leonie K
Leonie K - Day ago
Definlty the most hot singer in the Eurovision
tibėt bucan
tibėt bucan - Day ago
2:34 Hero Cameraman trying his best
TheBananaBoater - Day ago
Hugh Jackman?
Lily Rose
Lily Rose - Day ago
I still can't believe this was 2015
LAWZ YT - Day ago
Who watch this after the Winner of Eurovision 2019?
Ben Howard
Ben Howard - Day ago
Just watched 2019. This easily beats everything from this year. The standard to meet and beat.
ffmaggie - Day ago
One of my favs
Melissa Vusscher
Melissa Vusscher - Day ago
Julia Kljajic
Julia Kljajic - Day ago
Viktoria Wainex
Viktoria Wainex - Day ago
Есть ли здесь Россия?)
Angela Pintado González
Best winner of Eurovision in the Last decade 😍
Fran Parkinson
Fran Parkinson - Day ago
Still absolutely love this!
2jaki untill i die
2jaki untill i die - Day ago
Old but gold❤
Ruben Sanders
Ruben Sanders - Day ago
2:35 oh oh a arm
Kate Odonoghue
Kate Odonoghue - Day ago
not that great a voice but good pop song
Kaj Vos
Kaj Vos - Day ago
rip avicci ( he has maked this song)
AndyBoy GT
AndyBoy GT - Day ago
The Netherlands won 2019 Duncan was VERY good with his song: Arcade
Дарина Котова
Gothic Punk Bae
Gothic Punk Bae - Day ago
kenneth strand
kenneth strand - Day ago
This is the best song in Eurovision history i think! Unbelivble good.
rochey1010 - Day ago
This was a great winners song but having to perform that live must have been so daunting, especially considering he had to hit each beat perfect to match with what was going on, and could he see what he was responding to or was it just memory?
SH NILI - Day ago
best eurovision song ever!!!
TFEXY - Day ago
Who else back here after duncan won
Kamila Garipova
Kamila Garipova - Day ago
Joanna Cotsonopoulou
Grindz - 2 days ago
As a Dane this is one of the best performances in Eurovision of all time. I hope the Swedes can say the same about Emmelie de Forest - Only teardrops.
Flaa Q
Flaa Q - 2 days ago
Great winner and very handsome too!
Xulter - 2 days ago
Listen at the top 2019 songs and then listen to this. Best song/performance there will ever be
call Me KRAZY
call Me KRAZY - 10 hours ago
Xulter i was just thinking the same :)
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