Angel Rich Explains The History Of The Black Dollar, Financial Literacy, Black Tech + More

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thewood1001 - 59 minutes ago
Love her intellect and energy! Beautiful DMV representative.
universal force
universal force - 15 hours ago
Those that don't just doesn't want to know. They know our history more than we do. GREAT JOB.! this is a GREAT time to be alive! Our people are waking up left and right
Lay Austin TV
Lay Austin TV - 18 hours ago
This why I respect the breakfast club. They aren’t just running stories on gossip and stuff that doesn’t matter. They always bring people on to talk about important topics!
anthony jeter
anthony jeter - Day ago
This is the power of going to a enlightens you with the knowledge of self awareness.
Akyrah34 Vigier
Akyrah34 Vigier - Day ago
That’s not true those thieves know they just love to play fucking ignorant. Thieves will never admit they are thieves. They can. It obtain anything authentically so they cheat and steal.
Mar 21 7? Rocks
Mar 21 7? Rocks - Day ago
Tb Sweety
Tb Sweety - 2 days ago
I'm surprised they dont know this stuff?
suffolk6311 - 2 days ago
When learning has to be dumbed down to video games and infotainment because blacks have been made to think learning is boring and being an intellectual is nerdy.
suffolk6311 - Day ago
+Mar 21 7? Rocks Well if I give you the answers where's the fun in that.
Mar 21 7? Rocks
Mar 21 7? Rocks - Day ago
And you think this just happened or a lot of thought and effort went into gaining these results? And if so,who do you believe is orchestrating this?
Gary Fauntleroy
Gary Fauntleroy - 2 days ago
Listen to dane Callaway
Gary Fauntleroy
Gary Fauntleroy - 2 days ago
The problem is white people will invest and try to steal the company's from you
Gary Fauntleroy
Gary Fauntleroy - 2 days ago
You sound stupid how many houses you own on one block how cars you own in your garage how people put money up together its fucked up juice bar ok have to do more buy blocks like the white people
Nellie Hairston,RMA
Nellie Hairston,RMA - 3 days ago
This was great to read and listen to. And on knowning black history. We did not have in my TIME. I am 44 and my school didnt have THIS
David Canty
David Canty - 3 days ago
Please Family STOP THE FOOLISHNESS FAKE HAIR MAKES YOU FAKE!!!!! I Can't Support that●
Your Supporting OTHER PEOPLE'S PERCEPTION OF US !!! WE OUR A BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE● Promote natural, hair natural beauty●In the black community STOP THE support other RACES ,OUR race is more IMPORTANT
Jermainewilliams349i - 3 days ago
Harvard is only as educated as the professors would allow them to be they don't want to know about black first that's how you devalue their accomplishments
tralamont - 3 days ago
Three sister farming
They can’t come after you after 7 years because the loans have a “statute of limitation” depending on your state and “negotiating your loans” is always the best way to approach these lenders .. “make them an offer” and tell that’s all you can afford they have no choice but to settle for that offer..a lot of these debts get sold to other creditors so you always wanna make sure you “consolidate your loans”to keep up with them. I love her wisdom and courage to bring this out more ...
Plagius8 - 3 days ago
Yes. Learning about intetest is 🔑.
We have to get our ppl just to start monitoring thier credit.
Meeyahx - 4 days ago
Wow, what a great interview
WorldGirl Alvina
WorldGirl Alvina - 4 days ago
FaSho42 - 4 days ago
That was real good right there. From the area too!
Jaminla O.
Jaminla O. - 5 days ago
Wait so you telling me to not pay my salliemae for seven years and it will fall off cause I mean it’s private ? Too don’t play with me
Mary Dia
Mary Dia - 5 days ago
Wow preach 🙌 support black owned business
jujumen - 5 days ago
an elaboration of how the money was "just stolen" would be quite insightful.
Ms Boyce
Ms Boyce - 6 days ago
Ali Bozobozo
Ali Bozobozo - 7 days ago
Hope she don't end up with a white folk...
Sèbs - 7 days ago
Dope ! 🙌🏾
cdc88 - 7 days ago
Go Pirates!
Brown Beauty!!
Brown Beauty!! - 8 days ago
Luv it💕
Fahren Johnson
Fahren Johnson - 9 days ago
Calling Hampton Financial Aid as we speak.
KingCII - 9 days ago
I gotcha sis, ordering mines right now and downloading the game!
Gregory Hunter
Gregory Hunter - 9 days ago
Iverson Mall #DMV
Pimpishone - 10 days ago
She's definitely my type
SHERROD D. PIGEE - 10 days ago
Shila Iris
Shila Iris - 11 days ago
This really inspired me. I love Angel. I want to talk to her.
Elegra Jones
Elegra Jones - 11 days ago
Yes, I loved EVERYTHING about this interview. Black People, “Get into FORMATION!”
Ibilly Duncan
Ibilly Duncan - 11 days ago
She is ABSOLUTELY correct. Funds that is given to you as student, by this educational institution, and be can be declared to Feds by this institution. These are the tricks they do not want you to know.
Amber Ashli
Amber Ashli - 12 days ago
Yes for you!!
Train Violently
Train Violently - 12 days ago
Reparations is the only thing that can close the racial wealth gap #ADOS
Train Violently
Train Violently - 6 days ago
Enough know. The debt must be paid.
Eli Hamilton
Eli Hamilton - 6 days ago
So are you saying the majority of black people understand money? Not sure if you've been to different hoods across the country or know statistical data but what do you think?
Train Violently
Train Violently - 6 days ago
+Eli Hamilton u don't know who understands what.
Eli Hamilton
Eli Hamilton - 6 days ago
What good is reparations when ignorant people who know nothing about money receive it? Hence group economics
Brenden James Martel
Brenden James Martel - 12 days ago
I got 60% off of a credit card once.
augustus seward
augustus seward - 12 days ago
You guys need to play this back on everything
carmella brown
carmella brown - 13 days ago
These are the type of videos I'm looking to see more of on the Breakfast Club!
R Robinson
R Robinson - 14 days ago
Newark is definitely a place to invest in. Speak Charla! Gentrification is happening rn best time to get in!
Diamond Sheppard
Diamond Sheppard - 8 days ago
It definitely is
Marc Harris
Marc Harris - 14 days ago
This was so fire. I am on it.
Mia Steele
Mia Steele - 14 days ago
When she is speaking on student loans, please understand she was referring to private loans. This does not apply to fedloans.
Tyris Terrell McKnight
Tyris Terrell McKnight - 14 days ago
Black Sam his slave created the cotton gin Eli whitley just pattoned it.
xxTra ent.
xxTra ent. - 15 days ago
Why it gotta be called black tech yet she depends on whites to use app
xxTra ent.
xxTra ent. - 15 days ago
She got a donkey mouthh
DeShanna Jones
DeShanna Jones - 15 days ago
250 years?!?!!!!!...Geesh...#WeNeedToEvolve There's nothing 'We' can't do.
Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams - 15 days ago
I'm sry but bruh when she let her hair down......i melted ☠👀💯
Chaka Oliver
Chaka Oliver - 15 days ago
It's hard to trust radio info when the music is such garbage
Libardo Nicola
Libardo Nicola - 16 days ago
28:14 say no more.
Pharoah Monk
Pharoah Monk - 16 days ago
Beautiful girl, but she is incorrect. There is only one Real HU....Howard University. YOU KNOW!!!
D Foreman
D Foreman - 16 days ago
Newark is the next ghetto they gonna steal
D Foreman
D Foreman - 16 days ago
We need to have more connections. Where are the black banks??? Owning not renting, we need to get on the ball
D Foreman
D Foreman - 16 days ago
I would greatly appreciate inserting your guests links in the show if u are on social media places like youtube
Al Wine
Al Wine - 17 days ago
Her laugh tho...
TNQUEENDIVA 👑 - 17 days ago
Min $50k investment? You'll probably reach your goal faster with smaller amounts from the masses. Are we doubletalking here? Did I not hear you say Group Economics? Id rather have 1% of contribution efforts from 100 others than 100% from my own efforts. Please expound. Joe Biden raised $6.2 million from 60k+ online donors all donating below $200
Jina Komla
Jina Komla - 18 days ago
I went to a PWI, but I grew up with Black history every day. I remember we had Coretta Scott King coming to our university. I was so excited that she was coming and I spoke with my coach, who was also black, and she didn't understand why I was so excited. She said, "I'm sorry if I sound ignorant, but who is that?" I was like, "Really, you're being serious right now?!?" I then told her the significance of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, but she was just like, "Oh, I didn't know." And she was older than me!!!! She was probably around 30 years old around the time and I was 20.
jake black
jake black - 18 days ago
Any black person with common sense should be running from this video. The content was good, the focus on blackness was not. This primes you for affinity fraud. We saw that quite clearly with the Bernie Madoff disaster where Bernie specifically targeted other Jews. Sound financial advice is sound irrespective of race/gender/religion. If those things are tagged on, they are tagged on for a reason.
Josephine Bournes
Josephine Bournes - 17 days ago
I partially agree with you.
jaki smith
jaki smith - 18 days ago
Does this include PARENT PLUS LOANS?
Harvard OkoroNKWO
Harvard OkoroNKWO - 18 days ago
Ryan Drake
Ryan Drake - 19 days ago
Now she know damn well Hampton does NOT say U Knooooww! Frauding ass Hampton. BISON BABY #HOWARD1867 !!!!
Monica Yellock
Monica Yellock - 20 days ago
My younger kids and I recently visited the Frederick Douglass House it was a surreal experience!
Monica Yellock
Monica Yellock - 20 days ago
Hampton U could possibly send a 1099C for the write off amount and a person would have to include it as income.
Monica Yellock
Monica Yellock - 20 days ago
Anyone know the name of the game? I would have loved this as a kid!
Monica Yellock
Monica Yellock - 20 days ago
My daughter went to Hampton her freshman year thank God it was on a full academic/track scholarship. She is graduating next weekend from Western Carolina Univ. #frombeachtomountains
Rahiem Fulton
Rahiem Fulton - 20 days ago
I luv this interview some real stuff
Kofi Bonney
Kofi Bonney - 21 day ago
Shouts to Angel. I was in a small business DC Tech startup class with her. She had a great idea for the app, but also put that work in to get investments, and get her app built.
Arekkusu the humble
Arekkusu the humble - 21 day ago
She is so attractive. For many reasons.
Joe Silkwood
Joe Silkwood - 21 day ago
We like her hair style & she knows we do
Think Man
Think Man - 21 day ago
I like her she speaks boldly. But one thing Most white know, and are just being crackers.
Lady Jay
Lady Jay - 21 day ago
I agree with this lady. Dr. Claud Andersen talks about this for decades...powerenomic Read Black Labor, White wealth. Some Black folks are extras... they learn what they want.
CW - 23 days ago - This is what Angel is talking about. Get true wealth OWN a business! Financial Literacy is so 🔑
Illuminati Philosopher
Illuminati Philosopher - 23 days ago
It gets on my nerves when people say slavery was free labor. Slaves got paid, do your research. so much misinformation about slavery and black history in general, it gets on my nerves.
Tia Adams
Tia Adams - 24 days ago
I love this interview!
LifeasDestin - 24 days ago
Smart, well spoken woman gets all my support!
entreprenuer Jones
entreprenuer Jones - 26 days ago
Think and grow rich THE black choice. By Dr. Dennis Kimbo
Check it out
entreprenuer Jones
entreprenuer Jones - 26 days ago
Teaching my daughter at 2 years old about 💰. The future is far ahead.
Chandra C
Chandra C - 26 days ago
Love love love HER! Get it Angel Rich!
Chandra C
Chandra C - 26 days ago
Love love love HER! Get it Angel Rich!
Dragon Isley
Dragon Isley - 27 days ago
you have a direct line to Africa !
Dragon Isley
Dragon Isley - 27 days ago
where can i find her great jobs. we have to fund each other.
Dragon Isley
Dragon Isley - 27 days ago
this is good wow.
Ab O
Ab O - 27 days ago
Jigga should be investing in her
Jovan Brown
Jovan Brown - 28 days ago
Fire... This is great!
goodnfit1 - 28 days ago
Most important lesson: DON'T BORROW WHAT YOU CAN'T PAY BACK. I'm sure that Angel would agree that she accumulated $180K in debt because she bought things she wanted but couldn't afford. Fam, live within your means and be Rich and Regular instead of Broke and Fly.
Killersentra - 29 days ago
I'm proud for the sister she made it. I'm probably going to buy the book.... but a sister with money disgusts me.... really does....
Tiara Grayson
Tiara Grayson - Month ago
The best book to read on the history of America and black history is the book by Ibram X Kendi "Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America."
This book pretty much starts right before 1492
cubanjavonne - Month ago
We need y’all to put out more videos like this! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Marquis Brown
Marquis Brown - Month ago
Thank you Breakfast Club for educating us. We don’t learn about information like this in Public Schools. Please continue the good work. PS we need more interviews like this.
CTFO TV - Month ago
I wanted to teach a class on how to read a Rental Contract at the church.
I was inspired to do so after I witnessed a 13yr old French kid read (23 line items) of the back of Rental Contract out loud to his father in English which is his second language. I wonder how many people don't even know there's writing on the back.?
Jr Zaid
Jr Zaid - Month ago
Salaam bro may Allah
orama w
orama w - Month ago
piu bella è italiano.
orama w
orama w - Month ago
Is that why HBCUs are struggling? Paying back loans to HBCUs is group economics!
orama w
orama w - 17 days ago
+Josephine Bournes lol word
Josephine Bournes
Josephine Bournes - 17 days ago
+orama w Agreed, she's promoting outright theft! Take the money, sign on the dotted line, and then stiff Hampton University?
orama w
orama w - 17 days ago
+Josephine Bournes I don't get how she could be advocating for Black businesses on the one hand and ripping off HBCUs, which are Black private businesses, on the other hand. #Shortsightedness
Josephine Bournes
Josephine Bournes - 17 days ago
Well said. I not sure about embracing her solution to student loans.
Nic Elridge
Nic Elridge - Month ago
She’s too dope! #newculture #blktechmatters
Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown - Month ago
The 7-7.5 year mark she discussed for student loan debt being dropped on your credit report only applies to defaulted student loans. I just wanted to place that here so there isn't any confusion. If you have been paying your student loans I would not advise to stop and go into default. Also, loans just don't disappear. Someone has to pay for this in some way.
P. Hopper
P. Hopper - Month ago
Our freedom is in full bloom, and no one can stop it. Gotta love Angel Rich...her name fits her so well.
Mia Taylor
Mia Taylor - Month ago
The name of the game is Credit Stacker
Rod Shears
Rod Shears - Month ago
WHAT'S her Website again?
Trichina C
Trichina C - Month ago
I love how genuine her personality is in this interview. Definitely going to download the app and buy the book!
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - Month ago
Oh and by the way her app doesn’t even work.
Laila Kalyce Vlogs
Laila Kalyce Vlogs - Month ago
I knew she looked familiar!!! Onyx VII!!!!
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