Angel Rich Explains The History Of The Black Dollar, Financial Literacy, Black Tech + More

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tamia hinton
tamia hinton - 6 days ago
More interviews like this please!!!
iCraver iTungū
iCraver iTungū - 18 days ago
Praises to the most high God🙏, the military paid for my school... I retired after 20yrs and with an MBA... no debt after service.👍 and a 750 credit score. 👌
Fdscssxc Ccsscsss
Fdscssxc Ccsscsss - 22 days ago
I can’t find the app. Help!
Jykira - 23 days ago
that dap was the best part ! thank you for bringing this queen to the forefront, this information was much needed and necessary.
Dwight Love
Dwight Love - Month ago
White ppl are the first thieves of planet Earth
J Flo
J Flo - Month ago
Is this app based on region? Apple store says my credit stacker isn’t available in my region.
Fashen Wilson
Fashen Wilson - Month ago
I can relate to this woman. Great interview.
Erica Graves
Erica Graves - Month ago
Watching this and other videos like this I’m realizing how little black history I was taught. My family never spoke of anyone other than MLK. Where’s a good place (articles, websites, books) to start learning about our history?
Joey Edgar
Joey Edgar - Month ago
This is one of the best/ most concise interviews I've seen on Breakfast Club. Envy really shined. And she is fascinating.
Rio Finance
Rio Finance - Month ago
The civil war was about economics... The South was fighting about tariffs and states rights. The north was fighting to keep southern states from seceding. The north did fight to prohibit the expansion of slavery only because they didn't want black people (free nor enslaved) to inhabit the newly acquired land period. They felt that allowing black people in these lands would foster too much competition for employment opportunities.
For the most part, slavery was merely a RESULT of the war that white northerners exploited to get credit for being noble anti-slavery abolitionist. Abraham Lincoln clearly stated in his inauguration speech that he WASN'T going to free slaves as president. In later speeches he also expressed the fact that he would do whatever it took to win the war which included allowing southerners to keep their slaves.
Question: if the civil war was about slavery why was there no solid plan for what to do with the millions of newly freed people that would be displaced post war?
Tasha Rose
Tasha Rose - Month ago
I loved the interview, thank you breakfast club for letting this beautiful woman share her knowledge.
Also Minister Farrakhan I think we have a treasurer. Watch the interview!!@ breakfast club with him
etaylor38 - Month ago
She’s Great ! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
africancrystalart - Month ago
Ivy Mangeli
Ivy Mangeli - Month ago
I need a copy of that book and am here for all the black academicians making a change.
Oscar Sanders
Oscar Sanders - Month ago
AK Guerrilla
AK Guerrilla - Month ago
It was actually Eli Whitney’s slave that created the Cotten Gin. It was created by a BLACK MAN. So sad that we have to discover our history....smdh
Copper Colored Queen
Copper Colored Queen - 2 months ago
Look into how we were misclassified from being indians to black, colored and negro. Copper Colored aborigines of this land. Blacks law book the term “black” has no standing in law.
Copper Colored Queen
Copper Colored Queen - 2 months ago
There was more melenated Indian slaves than African slaves. Research it & look into the 1866 treaty. Freedman doesn’t mean African slave.
daughterofthesun - 2 months ago
Very informative and inspiring! Thank you!
Michelle Love
Michelle Love - 2 months ago
This young girl is baaaaad to the bones!! I'm getting her books
ATHUGBRS - 2 months ago
Osholene Oshobugie
Osholene Oshobugie - 2 months ago
I don't understand why people say that we don't have or do group economics. We are the Kings and Queens of group economics. But once we come together, they bomb us and destroy us. So we are now scared. We should speak more on how to protect ourselves from these destructions while we come together instead of putting us down like we never know or didn't do nothing. We are the only ones on earth who inspite of our situations build million dollars community. So what is the point building what you know will be destroyed. At a point you stop trying especially when a whole system is set up to prevent BLACK unity. Building as individuals is no threat to them because it will not sustain. But coming together, as a community to put our group economics together is where the real wealth is. So while we are getting us all together, how can we work hard on a protection strategy?
Allen Alphonse
Allen Alphonse - 2 months ago
i love this interview. very informative good job ms rich
Life Lessons Forum
Life Lessons Forum - 2 months ago
I just bought her book History of black wealth after watching this interview.
NanTheGoldChild - 2 months ago
I'm so in awe of this young woman's brain and passion. Passing this on to my children who are of this generation.
JKrystal7 - 2 months ago
Name of the app: Credit Stacker.
Rebelle Nomad
Rebelle Nomad - 2 months ago
This discussion is a jewel👑
Ckrits Desir
Ckrits Desir - 2 months ago
We gotta work together
Dre Hardin
Dre Hardin - 2 months ago
Y'all need to be pushing this
This is the stuff we need ❣️
(any android options....?)
Laheaven Jones
Laheaven Jones - 2 months ago
I am a member of the WFG and Oxford club, im a certified economic development practitioner and cannabis practitioner, I have financial literacy to the 3rd power, and a financial plan that cuts the rule of 72 down by 2 to 3 years, and creates financial security, financial freedom and then wealth within 3-5 years and you can start with a regular job. Most financial advisors are out dated with their financial literacy plans or teaching
Laheaven Jones
Laheaven Jones - 2 months ago
And so if blacks were organized within our communities and had a black economic system then we as blacks entrepreneurs and financial advisors could assist the black banks in stepping up Administrative functions and also assist in expanding the access and locations
Laheaven Jones
Laheaven Jones - 2 months ago
The key to implementing black group economics is grassroots organizing within our communities, there shouldn't be a statistic that categorizes or separates the black male dollars from the black female dollar or accomplishments, also the black woman or black male shouldn't be separate when being compared to whites economically. Our black dollars should be calculated together ( black couples, families or whole communities) and then compared to other races!💯
Laheaven Jones
Laheaven Jones - 2 months ago
It wasn't just black wall street..central ave Los Angeles was the 2nd black thriving community in our economic mother was a single successful entrepreneur
Baybay Bouquet DarkMatterQ
Black tech is a serious need.
MissDonni ActingUP
MissDonni ActingUP - 2 months ago
History of the Black Dollar
on Amazon. Got it.
What was the app, though??
Wearingrose coloredGoggles
Credit Stacker
Fact 's Nothing but. The facts
She could not answer question wot fake shite bye
Last Call
Last Call - 2 months ago
Last Call
Last Call - 2 months ago
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile - 2 months ago
$23,000,000,000,000.00 TRILLION
$580,000,000,000.00 PER YEAR
Take 38 years to pay off capital debt
Will still be $23,000,000,000,000.00
Cause the principal will be the
Same....who's FOOLIN WHO...
richard spencer
richard spencer - 2 months ago
What's the name of her app?
DalHarpJr - 2 months ago
I'm mad that I didn't jump on those $1.00 Brownstones in Harlem, when David Dinkens and NYC allowed the $1.00 sale with a renovation plan...  We were young and dumb at the time, too busy chasing skirts and not thinking about our future!
DalHarpJr - 2 months ago
Ha! Iverson Mall...  Drive past it to and from work in DC
DalHarpJr - 2 months ago
@18 years old I bought a new 1990 Honda Accord LX financed @26.0%.  I had no credit whatsoever beforehand, and my car note was $401.22 (still remember) which was big money for an 18 year old.  Prior to the car, all I had was my phone and beeper bill.  Luckily I was still living at home.
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry - 2 months ago
How the hell do people not know the civil war was primarily about slavery 😒
Haki Ammi
Haki Ammi - 2 months ago
I have lots of copies available.
Haki Ammi
Haki Ammi - 2 months ago
Doing a book review on this.
Nj99 - 2 months ago
Did DJ Envy tell her to shut up?!? He is envious that a woman would have financial knowledge and that he isn't the only woman on the show that is financially savy
Chiyaba Alberto
Chiyaba Alberto - 2 months ago
Samuel Everett
Samuel Everett - 2 months ago
Good idea but black folks will never come together that's a dead issue we to busy fighting from Facebook he said she said killing each other were lost.
Bajan Zelly
Bajan Zelly - 3 months ago
Ghoul=gle is smelling around.
thewood1001 - 3 months ago
Love her intellect and energy! Beautiful DMV representative.
universal force
universal force - 3 months ago
Those that don't just doesn't want to know. They know our history more than we do. GREAT JOB.! this is a GREAT time to be alive! Our people are waking up left and right
Lay Austin TV
Lay Austin TV - 3 months ago
This why I respect the breakfast club. They aren’t just running stories on gossip and stuff that doesn’t matter. They always bring people on to talk about important topics!
anthony jeter
anthony jeter - 3 months ago
This is the power of going to a enlightens you with the knowledge of self awareness.
Akyrah34 Vigier
Akyrah34 Vigier - 3 months ago
That’s not true those thieves know they just love to play fucking ignorant. Thieves will never admit they are thieves. They can. It obtain anything authentically so they cheat and steal.
Mar 21 7? Rocks
Mar 21 7? Rocks - 3 months ago
Tb Sweety
Tb Sweety - 3 months ago
I'm surprised they dont know this stuff?
suffolk6311 - 3 months ago
When learning has to be dumbed down to video games and infotainment because blacks have been made to think learning is boring and being an intellectual is nerdy.
suffolk6311 - 3 months ago
@Mar 21 7? Rocks Well if I give you the answers where's the fun in that.
Mar 21 7? Rocks
Mar 21 7? Rocks - 3 months ago
And you think this just happened or a lot of thought and effort went into gaining these results? And if so,who do you believe is orchestrating this?
Gary Fauntleroy
Gary Fauntleroy - 3 months ago
Listen to dane Callaway
Gary Fauntleroy
Gary Fauntleroy - 3 months ago
The problem is white people will invest and try to steal the company's from you
Gary Fauntleroy
Gary Fauntleroy - 3 months ago
You sound stupid how many houses you own on one block how cars you own in your garage how people put money up together its fucked up juice bar ok have to do more buy blocks like the white people
Nellie Hairston,RMA
Nellie Hairston,RMA - 3 months ago
This was great to read and listen to. And on knowning black history. We did not have in my TIME. I am 44 and my school didnt have THIS
David Canty
David Canty - 3 months ago
Please Family STOP THE FOOLISHNESS FAKE HAIR MAKES YOU FAKE!!!!! I Can't Support that●
Your Supporting OTHER PEOPLE'S PERCEPTION OF US !!! WE OUR A BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE● Promote natural, hair natural beauty●In the black community STOP THE support other RACES ,OUR race is more IMPORTANT
Jermainewilliams349i - 3 months ago
Harvard is only as educated as the professors would allow them to be they don't want to know about black first that's how you devalue their accomplishments
tralamont - 3 months ago
Three sister farming
They can’t come after you after 7 years because the loans have a “statute of limitation” depending on your state and “negotiating your loans” is always the best way to approach these lenders .. “make them an offer” and tell that’s all you can afford they have no choice but to settle for that offer..a lot of these debts get sold to other creditors so you always wanna make sure you “consolidate your loans”to keep up with them. I love her wisdom and courage to bring this out more ...
Plagius8 - 3 months ago
Yes. Learning about intetest is 🔑.
We have to get our ppl just to start monitoring thier credit.
Meeyahx - 3 months ago
Wow, what a great interview
WorldGirl Alvina
WorldGirl Alvina - 3 months ago
FaSho42 - 3 months ago
That was real good right there. From the area too!
Jaminla O.
Jaminla O. - 3 months ago
Wait so you telling me to not pay my salliemae for seven years and it will fall off cause I mean it’s private ? Too don’t play with me
Mary Dia
Mary Dia - 3 months ago
Wow preach 🙌 support black owned business
jujumen - 3 months ago
an elaboration of how the money was "just stolen" would be quite insightful.
Ms Boyce
Ms Boyce - 3 months ago
Ali Bozobozo
Ali Bozobozo - 3 months ago
Hope she don't end up with a white folk...
Sèbs - 3 months ago
Dope ! 🙌🏾
cdc88 - 3 months ago
Go Pirates!
Brown Beauty!!
Brown Beauty!! - 3 months ago
Luv it💕
Fahren Johnson
Fahren Johnson - 3 months ago
Calling Hampton Financial Aid as we speak.
KingCII - 3 months ago
I gotcha sis, ordering mines right now and downloading the game!
Gregory Hunter
Gregory Hunter - 3 months ago
Iverson Mall #DMV
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