The Powerpuff Girls: What Went Wrong?

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Ravioli Senpai
Ravioli Senpai - Month ago
Put a F in the chat to pay respects for Bunny y'all 😔👊
Edit: oh jeez Rick there's a lotta likes
Tamatoaisglam - 2 days ago
Mira:P - 7 days ago
•Mr. Witherd•
•Mr. Witherd• - Month ago
Jimmy The Cat
Jimmy The Cat - Month ago
titoplayzzz - 3 hours ago
Hollowxol - 4 hours ago
Ryan George
Ryan George - 5 hours ago
And I like mojo pointed ears better than the round ears
Ryan George
Ryan George - 5 hours ago
I think it's funny.
Rufina72 - 6 hours ago
To be honest, all I know of the Powerpuff Girls is their names and Mojo Jojo - who I really found awesome the first time I saw him :D and this later making me often call our cat named Joey, "Mojo Jojo" or just "Jojo" xP
MrKing70000 - 8 hours ago
Cow n Chicken next pls!!!
Fritz Kato
Fritz Kato - 9 hours ago
Mercy is for the weak!
Kida Tash
Kida Tash - 10 hours ago
You shall be missed
Kirstin - 17 hours ago
I thought Him was an ode to Prince at least.
Edu Henrique de Almeida
Edu Henrique de Almeida - 17 hours ago
i think i'm the only one who loves seasons 5 and 6
Pentagram’s Envy
Pentagram’s Envy - 19 hours ago
When I saw the new version my eyes and ears hurt
MsVoidFloof - 19 hours ago
I decided to do a funny comment instead of a serious one.
And chicken flavoring.
These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect ramen noodles, but professer Utonium accidently added an extra ingredient to the concauction.... Dank Memes....
Melon Sans
Melon Sans - 19 hours ago
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez - 23 hours ago
i really don’t like the new series or reboot or remake.
I just feel like it’s not for us the fans from the first one.
Nebulas Nova
Nebulas Nova - 23 hours ago
DankNobody - Day ago
Finest Hops
Finest Hops - Day ago
True fans pretend nothing after season 4 exists.
Koruo Shouji
Koruo Shouji - Day ago
You forgot the most important ability...
Talking squirrel
SyxToes - Day ago
In our reality *HIM* has won, and turned mental disorders into "perfectly fine" and created a retarded army calling themselves LBTGFKU
falene 1
falene 1 - Day ago
The Woop Ass girls. XD
Zander Tube
Zander Tube - Day ago
You're not the only one who gets bothered by Professor Utonium's pupils from Seasons 5&6.
Leo Matos
Leo Matos - Day ago
Dauntless Warrior
Dauntless Warrior - Day ago
You pronounced Anime, wrong..😫
Neek Stokes
Neek Stokes - Day ago
I think it was an episode or maybe a TV movie but I loved the Boogie Nights episode that was all dark and they pull a star wars type move to defeat the monsters
scooby25611 - Day ago
I personally think creators today should not reboot good TV shows from the 90s and early 2000s. Very few reboots are ever good.. Teen Titans Go! was a far cry from the original series, and pretty much the same as the Powerpuff Girls reboot where it was basically just taking the original characters, kinda having them have the same personalities, and then making them do "weird and wacky" stuff while shoving outdated internet memes into the mix. Same with the latest Scooby Doo reboot, which was horrible and looked like it was drawn by the same people who drew Family Guy, while giving the characters about the same level of intelligence as the characters on Family Guy. I truly have not seen a reboot that was good come from either Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.. It always seems that good shows can never be recreated, and especially now because there are so many shows that follow the same marketing scheme. Make the characters unoriginal, or ridiculously stupid in intelligence, make them go on wacky adventures without any actual plot significance, and then pump it full of outdated memes.
There are only a handful of shows that have been good coming from the big creators that are Cartoon Network, Disney, and Nickelodeon. My personal favorite cartoon that's fairly recent is Gravity Falls, and Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is also really good, although it started pretty slow with a lot of wackiness that didn't seem to fit anywhere.. but towards the end of the first season, you start to actually see plot significance to everything, which is nice.. and I haven't watched it myself, but I've been told Steven Universe is really good. These three shows all have really unique concepts, and tell a deeper story than just "oh look at me! I'm doing some weird crazy stuff because random xD!" Those are the types of shows I personally like most, either that, or the ones where they are single episode plot things (aka don't have a larger plot) but have creative plots for each episode, like the original Powerpuff Girls or Dexter's Lab or Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends or Kids Next Door (though I'm not sure if KND had a bigger plot.. I don't remember, but I do know it was a great show.)
And this is coming from someone who is pretty simple when it comes to cartoons and movies and tv shows, I like a lot of things that super fans will say sucked, such as the Suicide Squad movie. I'm easy to please, but when you're watching a show and it looks the same as the 5 other shows running at the same time, it's easy to become disenchanted. Clarence was one of those shows I saw and was like "that looks super dumb." Besides the fact that I hated the drawing style.. that's often a big reason why I won't watch shows. I think Sanjay and Craig also had an art style that made me not want to watch it, along with the commercials not really doing it for me.
Klinton Neves
Klinton Neves - Day ago
Him is a gay icon
AshyZaedy - Day ago
"Him" reminds me of Krampus,,,,I don't know why.
Carlos Portillo
Carlos Portillo - Day ago
welp new trend happend powerpuff girls twerking is now avalable
Player One
Player One - Day ago
I like the original series more but the one thing I like about the new series is Bliss, gotta give credit to her
MothmanGhost - Day ago
Anyone else bothered by the new show taking no effort to have the old style mix with the kind of bland, new cartoon Network style? The girls stand out like a sore thumb with the other kids.
Jhonny. Z
Jhonny. Z - 2 days ago
Powerpuff girls were basically the one punch man from Cartoon Network
pok3sl4yer - 2 days ago
That's blood michael,
Thats blood.
NayShine _
NayShine _ - 2 days ago
the fact that some kids won’t get to experience using buttercup to kick ass in fusion fall hurts
Killer Toxic76
Killer Toxic76 - 2 days ago
Jêññý Aņïmåťĕš
Omg I remember mime for a change and knock it off. my fav episodes
Jeremy Applegate
Jeremy Applegate - 2 days ago
Bubbles is HARDCORE! That was my fav episode. Give PPGZ a chance.. the story differs slightly but is still great in my opinion.
Sporedude135 - 2 days ago
HIM is just Satan's gay cousin that he never wants to talk about.
Kyler Wulff
Kyler Wulff - 2 days ago
The Powerpuff Girls was my favorite show ever as a preschooler and kindergartner. I loved it so much my parents threw me a Powerpuff Girls-themed party for my 5th or 6th birthday.
Maxine Smith
Maxine Smith - 3 days ago
Him was probably one of the characters that Deadpool was based off of.
The Misunderstood Assassin
I started watching this video at 2:39 P.M. and stopped at the 20:47 mark 21 minutes later. I then resumed the video at 5:21 P.M. and finished it now. Thanks to my family's Wi-Fi, it took me *32* minutes to watch.
Evo The Hero
Evo The Hero - 3 days ago
I thought whoop ass was a great name XDR
Bruh Gimmi those antianxiety meds
Im pretty sure him was a mix of a gay man and the devil, not too surprising for the time that that show came out. It still kinda sucks tho
Risser - 3 days ago
Never really got much into PPG when i was a kid but enjoyed what i saw of it on YTV. ReBoot is another show that let itself be dragged away from what made it great in the beginning... and that ReBoot: reboot is just awful
Sunshine - 3 days ago
My mom used to call them the powder puff girls and it irritated me so much. lol I loved the PPG, though. Great show.
theWIIISEguy - 3 days ago
The first 27 seconds is one of the moment I remember seeing as a kid and laughing super hard. Good times. Good toon.
Potatoly - 3 days ago
Don't forget the ANIMMEEEEEEE.
Pusheenosarous 328
Pusheenosarous 328 - 3 days ago
The 2016 version ruined the show
Tanner Brown
Tanner Brown - 3 days ago
BLACKjacket1 - 3 days ago
Is no one gonna mention the zombie magician episode??? That shit terrified me
Tal Tamir
Tal Tamir - 3 days ago
Fun fact, repeating a meme is not actually a joke. All too many shows and indie games confuse "humor" with "memes" even though the two are nothing alike.
X - 3 days ago
Please review Samurai Jack, especially Season 5.
irl87 - 3 days ago
4:04 Captain insano shows no mercy
The Peeper
The Peeper - 4 days ago
The third fase is not the power puff girls I remember
Hellbound Iscariot
Hellbound Iscariot - 4 days ago
Didn't Craig McCracken not come back to work on the new season of PPG?
Branden Drew
Branden Drew - 4 days ago
i remember them but i did not know why they when off the air but now i do
Dark Sound Pasta
Dark Sound Pasta - 4 days ago
Pleasure_Is_Yours - 4 days ago
The original series was fantastic, i remember watching it when i was a kid, great times
Shaggity Swiggity
Shaggity Swiggity - 4 days ago
11:16 hmmm

*dials 911
Zook Light
Zook Light - 4 days ago
kght222 - 4 days ago
meme queen
meme queen - 4 days ago
"Love is in the air...cant you smell it. "
Zora Allen-Hayter
Zora Allen-Hayter - 4 days ago
I LIKE MY LITTLE PONY!!!!!!!😡😡!!!!!!!!!

No hate i like yur channel
Zora Allen-Hayter
Zora Allen-Hayter - Day ago
Carmeops - 4 days ago
he didn't even mention the special my little pony crossover episode with the powerpuff girls!
Eu jogo video game
Eu jogo video game - 4 days ago
king shaw
king shaw - 4 days ago
ㄚ卂丂爪丨几 - 4 days ago
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee - 5 days ago
Now let's see the actual video lmao
the power puff girls danced pantsed was boring and in Chile they promoted it like it was going to be a serie, not a single chapter
the power puff z and the 1-4 original seasos are my favorites
the powerpuff girls 2016 its made for little kids, so it isn't that funny anymore... but i like the way they use the eyes to expres things, and the art style
Pranav Shukla
Pranav Shukla - 5 days ago
22:25 Three explanation marks!!!
Richard Justin
Richard Justin - 5 days ago
so are you grown adult who spends time commenting on a child's cartoon? Like this show's first iteration aired when I was appropriately aged and I am almost 40 now.
Kevin Lytvak
Kevin Lytvak - 5 days ago
And yet... here you are, an adult, 40-year-old man who spends time commenting on a video commenting on a child's cartoon. Imagine being this bitter.
AnnaLee - 5 days ago
Gish I miss the old cartoon network I remember HIM always creeping me out he just made me feel uneasy
AuraBreaker - 5 days ago
4:43 I have a rug in my room with that image on it.
Anthony Freemon
Anthony Freemon - 5 days ago
Orleez Px
Orleez Px - 5 days ago
M&M_RatPack - 5 days ago
The Professor’s “friend” really deserves that name and that brutal end
Cal IsSoCool
Cal IsSoCool - 5 days ago
8:27 Dick looks like Dexter's dad
Ikarim - 5 days ago
fdmy - 5 days ago
F for bunny 😔
madcarrots75 - 5 days ago
F for Bunny
Jarek Janner Veldre
Jarek Janner Veldre - 5 days ago
Evie Jav
Evie Jav - 5 days ago
9:36 Absolutely common and beautiful surname xD
Tarz - 5 days ago
That video was great quality, i was ebtertained the whole time
Ikhwanul Hafizi bin Musa
I love the PETA episode. Really funny
KankeyDong - 5 days ago
Alright alright. I'll watch this FFS. Just let me be.
Edit: Holy fuck, the nostalgia train hitting hard on this one
Gustavo Wadas Lopes
Gustavo Wadas Lopes - 5 days ago
Gust van den broeck
Gust van den broeck - 6 days ago
when you think you have seen it all and then you hear there is a freaking anime of it 52 episodes long even with the fact that i am a boy and being 20 years i am still going to watch that anime
Chopper -chan
Chopper -chan - 6 days ago
ppgz is good, if you ignore the fact that it's powerpuff girls, and think of it as a slightly sifi magical girl anime.
Chopper -chan
Chopper -chan - 6 days ago
I didn't know all of this when I first watched, all I knew was, my favourite episodes were in the first four seasons, and there was this one boy at school who actually stood up for me when I said I liked the show (in 2014). he was one of the more poular boys so he got a few funny looks for being nice to the second least popular girl in class, and agreeing with her choice of tv. but still, NO ONE BELIEVED US WHEN WE SAID IT WAS A GOOD SHOW, AND WASN'T BABYISH AND GIRLY, OR THAT IN THE INTRO, SOME GUY (him) GETS A TOOTH NOCKED OUT WITH BLOOD! and then the show went downhill when the made the remake two years later and even the me from then who would watch ANYTHING on cartoon network, coz I had a younger brother who loved cartoon network from 2016, refused to watch it after the first five episodes.
uh - 6 days ago
F boi
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - 6 days ago
Brad F
Brad F - 6 days ago
SWJ destroys everything
Bruwer van Vrede
Bruwer van Vrede - 6 days ago
Kévin Le yautja
Kévin Le yautja - 6 days ago
Pretty agree with you there
ChronicDreamer1st - 6 days ago
We live in Clown World now 🤡
Don’t expect any good cartoons for a looooong while . . . . *honk honk*
jacplac97 - 6 days ago
I just realized one thing. The title of that episode, "Twisted Sister" most likely refers to the band, of the same name.
Sawr Kasmm
Sawr Kasmm - 6 days ago
8:03 W.T.A.F...
Castuh - 6 days ago
CopperNugget - 6 days ago
Gosh dang... I remember when I started watching PPG in '98 and I was in first grade! I love feeling old lol
Kleithsune Tails25
Kleithsune Tails25 - 6 days ago
I mean, if they were running out of weird episode ideas they could just look through the internet 😂
Ideas: How bout a "the thing" style of villain/experiment that got away...minus the people getting killed, they could just be knocked out and hidden by a shapeshifter (cause its a kids show), and said shapeshifter does crime.. Have they ever done a time loop episode? Skeletons bursting out of the ground? Heck, maybe even Professor genderbending into a woman, I dunno lol
David McConville
David McConville - 6 days ago
27:48 - Hypocrisy, society's greatest virtue.
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