Hard MYSTERY Riddles to Test your Eyes

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shw1zz - 14 minutes ago
HI Kassie I love you
LexiXPlays - 23 minutes ago
jay: “alabama?” wow i live there and i don’t date my family 😂
Alayna Gonzalez
Alayna Gonzalez - 2 hours ago
That dude sent meeee
Chiara Yuisa Martinez
Chiara Yuisa Martinez - 4 hours ago
Lol I love this video
The BANANA - 8 hours ago
stupid bois
stupid bois - 17 hours ago
13:45 I'm scared. My last name is Gonzalez and my dad's is Perry
victor diaz
victor diaz - Day ago
The dog’s a killer??!!
adalene alisa
adalene alisa - Day ago
A riddle is that you are looking at a computer searching question up
adalene alisa
adalene alisa - Day ago
What are you looking at
YouTube Family Gaming
YouTube Family Gaming - 2 days ago
This is how many people love you 👇🏻👆🏻
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia - 2 days ago
7:41 what
Epic BunnieGames20
Epic BunnieGames20 - 2 days ago
I found a dead pool!!!! Lol not actually it's just somebody dead by a pool
Jami Abdelhamid
Jami Abdelhamid - 3 days ago
He said can't he eat lipstick and whip it off.I THINK!!!!!!!
Zoe Janae DR
Zoe Janae DR - 3 days ago
hehe you guys missed it when it said she worked for 15 weeks
Lovelyone 1418
Lovelyone 1418 - 3 days ago
13:16 - 😂
Yassin Tarek Is crazy
Yassin Tarek Is crazy - 4 days ago
Jay why is your face sooooo red
Jack Ster
Jack Ster - 4 days ago
Made missed it 5 times
123shortkarma ___
123shortkarma ___ - 4 days ago
I'm amazed that I got 9 days work and 6 days missed
But they got it wrong XD and I'm just a random kid
Kyle Allie
Kyle Allie - 4 days ago
I love that juice I had one while I was watching this
Julian Diluca
Julian Diluca - 4 days ago
He lost his saxophone
Police come instantly
Someone’s robbing a bank with a gun
Waits while eating doughnuts outside of Aldi
Daily Kpop
Daily Kpop - 4 days ago
*Jay x Kassie*

latora jones
latora jones - 5 days ago
I h*ll NAW TO the NAW NAW naaw o h*ll to the naw
latora jones
latora jones - 5 days ago
It,a summmer!
Delta Star
Delta Star - 5 days ago
You did the math right, but you forgot that it was over the span of 15 weeks
Latoya Steward
Latoya Steward - 5 days ago
Happy Hazzie
Happy Hazzie - 5 days ago
lol I love these
Yarianna Santiago
Yarianna Santiago - 5 days ago
Hi can I get a shout-out
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller - 5 days ago
BABY SITTER she has a ruby necklace!!what is wrong with you!!
popcormnari 5132
popcormnari 5132 - 6 days ago
8:55 where
21pilotsTBV - 6 days ago
I paused at 16:18 and XD
Dylan Ballard
Dylan Ballard - 6 days ago
i got the FIRST riddle correct
MR.12 - 6 days ago
Do be do bah do be do dah mr.peeerrrrryyyyy like if you get the joke
Jazlin Sadler
Jazlin Sadler - 6 days ago
I honestly thought it was 4, too
Eftihia Spaulding
Eftihia Spaulding - 6 days ago
I said Lailla
Eftihia Spaulding
Eftihia Spaulding - 6 days ago
I new it
Naomi Johnson
Naomi Johnson - 6 days ago
Mr. Finn is a famous musician in school of rock
Mxybe - 6 days ago
My name is laila-
• gretaiskrazy •
• gretaiskrazy • - 6 days ago
*Jay: I think SHE'S lying*
*Cassie: I think SHE is too...*

*me:WHO'S SHE?!*
Jairo Gutierrez
Jairo Gutierrez - 6 days ago
These are fun
Stella Walker
Stella Walker - 6 days ago
Why does jar always wear the same thing lol no hate tho
Gail Malbouef
Gail Malbouef - 6 days ago
the lover is the beer at 9;15
Gail Malbouef
Gail Malbouef - 6 days ago
never mind
Gail Malbouef
Gail Malbouef - 6 days ago
jay the genius is here peeps
Raph's EveryDay
Raph's EveryDay - 6 days ago
8:55 wat
Gãçhâ_ ØwØ
Gãçhâ_ ØwØ - 7 days ago
IN THE first riddle the first lady siad she was married but had no ring
Sarah RobloxFan
Sarah RobloxFan - 7 days ago
8:38 but my grandma has one breast! She got surgery bec she got cancer! ( At least she is alive! )
kannachangachaandanimelover 369
3:15 I thought it was the poor girl cuz she's blushing
Raighne Kotrla
Raighne Kotrla - 7 days ago
Cuz she’s a live-in maid!! I’m locked in!!
Mermar HOBDODMAN - 7 days ago
Mr Finn is lying because they said that he called in the morning
Marya Ashique
Marya Ashique - 7 days ago
8:01, hope you didn't choke on your coconut juice there Jay!
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