Brother & Sister: The Future

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James Charles
James Charles - Year ago
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The Emo Rat
The Emo Rat - 25 days ago
voted :)
Arrowa Swiftwolfe
Arrowa Swiftwolfe - 3 months ago
Not good
Jordan Harrison
Jordan Harrison - 3 months ago
Entering the fast and the furious to drive some Nissans
DailyWWE - 3 months ago
Please act like a boy
Figgy 100%
Figgy 100% - 4 months ago
Nette WILLIAMSON - 9 hours ago
This is how many times james charles said OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDD!
Phoenix Griffin
Phoenix Griffin - 10 hours ago
So I'm late but the amount of times James said OH MY GOD was like, insanity.
Mackenzie P
Mackenzie P - 15 hours ago
Lol! See, James’ channel is very educational! I learned about dolly the sheep in school AFTER watching this video!👏
Madonna 890
Madonna 890 - 18 hours ago
Wait but in England you can already get your groceries delivered to you.
You go on the Tesco(or any food shop’s page) website click all the stuff you want and the next morning the delivery man/woman is there with your order!
Shannon Graham
Shannon Graham - Day ago
literally loved this
Tynisa Huntington
Tynisa Huntington - 2 days ago
The amount of editing in this😟😭🤣🤣
Mukemmel Hayat
Mukemmel Hayat - 2 days ago
You sistem and brother ??
A day in the life of solei
Can we count how many times james says oh my god. Like 5mmmmm
HeyItsDanny - 3 days ago
Have you heard of the song called Gunga Ginga
Lucy Gill
Lucy Gill - 3 days ago
ok the drones are already being worked on in saudi arabia
Rebecca Singer
Rebecca Singer - 3 days ago
James: wut I’m making my music.
Me: lol 😂🤣😅
Buttface Meje
Buttface Meje - 3 days ago
Are you you sure it would be called a iPod
If it in the air and it’s a pod
air + pod =
Lila Lino
Lila Lino - 3 days ago
3:37-3:39 I’m still wandering what Ian was gonna say
Perisaur - 3 days ago
Wow it’s been exactly one year and I’m just happening to be watching this. Spoopy
emma’s elephant ears
emma’s elephant ears - 4 days ago
ian is so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 😍
Norelis Rodriguez
Norelis Rodriguez - 5 days ago
I need more episodes omg
raistlin0031 - 6 days ago
Wait...Elon Musk did make flying cars...
Hi Wise
Hi Wise - 6 days ago
James: [yells] OMG!!!
Me: RIP headphone users
DAFUQ Q - 6 days ago
8:54 HAHAHA i can’t😂
Pusheen Provolon
Pusheen Provolon - 7 days ago
Lol I feel like this is going to be a history vid in The future
Ella Bobbie
Ella Bobbie - 7 days ago
Imagine this...
in 2060 people will watch this
firixx - 8 days ago
they actually predicted uber air. they are actually making it
Sandy Rainclover
Sandy Rainclover - 8 days ago
James they have flying cars now lol and they r Uber air
Emma 33352
Emma 33352 - 8 days ago
Why is his real name sister and brother when you guys are both brothers
Frederick Etchison
Frederick Etchison - 9 days ago
Is anyone here after the uber copter
Itz Miss London
Itz Miss London - 12 days ago
Honestly Ian should write a book 😂
idk nigga
idk nigga - 12 days ago
Leif chan
Leif chan - 13 days ago
2:34 It looks like the thing goku was sent to eath in uwu
Debora martinez
Debora martinez - 13 days ago
Hello sister you are my inspiration
goat lax 667
goat lax 667 - 13 days ago
Can u add one to the season
Logan Bluestone
Logan Bluestone - 14 days ago
What if one says sister and brother and the other says brother and sister
Nicklepickle 1
Nicklepickle 1 - 14 days ago
If u really think about it would is not be like polition and like really dirty and stuff because it’s starting to get there and like omg I wish all the things u said were true but I don’t think that I think dirty really old run down and stuff like that and ya ☹️ LOVE U ❤️
Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez - 15 days ago
I'll be dead in 40 years so I will just be thinking about tomorrow cause tomorrow is my future and today is my past
Timothée Capot
Timothée Capot - 15 days ago
colab with pablo vittar please
Pywapin Hearted
Pywapin Hearted - 15 days ago
Time travel is actually real. There are tiny tiny rips in space that allow you to go a few seconds in the future
BlueShadow Boss
BlueShadow Boss - 15 days ago
If we don’t walk we’re become fat lol and lazy
Alex Levine
Alex Levine - 16 days ago
Editor is a god
LlamaLibby76 - 17 days ago
The iPhone 60 will have 60 cameras
Danica Perez
Danica Perez - 19 days ago
Editor: around how much editing do you want in this video?
James: *YES*
Guest YouTube
Guest YouTube - 20 days ago
1:04 .. dont touch me
Michelle Gould
Michelle Gould - 20 days ago
I’m a sister and I have a older sister ps love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I love makeup ps u should start doing TikTok
Claudine Taylor
Claudine Taylor - 20 days ago
No not my food I will kill them I love my food no way in hell
nicole johnson
nicole johnson - 21 day ago
Omg I live for the editing!!
John M. Spencer
John M. Spencer - 22 days ago
Are a boy or a girl I just want to know in fact this is my first time watching you and you should be on a tv show
idk nigga
idk nigga - 12 days ago
Fatima Z
Fatima Z - 22 days ago
8:43 James- Get down on two knees and figure it out that way🤣🤣🤣LMAO
Denisse Conejos
Denisse Conejos - 24 days ago
Ian is so handsome
MaddyRose917 - 24 days ago
12:24 was I the only one that saw the faded version of the rainbow flag?
Miss Dogacorn
Miss Dogacorn - 24 days ago
We should have..... REAL HOVER-BOARDS
Ella Lincoln
Ella Lincoln - 25 days ago
We will be wearing gas masks in 2060
It’s Adriana
It’s Adriana - 25 days ago
Your band name should be row bro sis
MARY SIBURT - 26 days ago
Ian is born...
Doctor: it's a b-
James: Sister!
5000 subs with no Vids
5000 subs with no Vids - 26 days ago
I loved the editing in this one god when Ian came in amd flew in the ship next to james i died
I cry tears of lemonade
I cry tears of lemonade - 26 days ago
Well with world war three we don’t know what will happen ....America has one of the biggest explosives so if we going to war with let’s say China we are all doomed it’s gunna be the Stone Age in this b*
Emma p
Emma p - 27 days ago
In the year 2060 i will be 51 years old
cali 4nia
cali 4nia - 29 days ago
I enjoy watching you two together. Great duo. Like Batman and Catwoman. Lol
midnightmurder UwU
midnightmurder UwU - Month ago
4:40 time travel isn’t a thing yet because if you were to get teleported you would half to use a machine and a computer to hold your info like if you teleport to 5050 and that computer ran out of power you would be lost in time and continuam
Edona Perjuci
Edona Perjuci - Month ago
im soooo late
Alexis Kwan
Alexis Kwan - Month ago
there is already a self driving car
Tamar Tabatadze
Tamar Tabatadze - Month ago
I cant stop laughing 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
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