Everything Wrong With Glass In 20 Minutes Or Less

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CultClassic/ DeadInside
CultClassic/ DeadInside - 16 hours ago
this movie has to have the dumbest death scene ever
Entity 302
Entity 302 - 2 days ago
Now this dude just has to do EndGame and he’ll get Subs For Life-
bah lip
bah lip - 2 days ago
It was a good movie. Lick my nuts
BTS ARMY - 3 days ago
Two things I need to say:
1: James McAvoy is like THE best actor like ever!
and 2: Hedwig is adorable!!
D Howard
D Howard - 3 days ago
This was a bad movie.
Sniff Heinkel
Sniff Heinkel - 3 days ago
You should have given the movie a sin for that secret society bitch emotionally manipulating Davids son into considering that he believes his dad has super powers because "dead mother" even though she knew the entire time that people with super powers existed.
DestroyerMariko - 4 days ago
I come to CinemaSins to confirm for myself that yeah, I made a good call deciding to skip this movie.
Jesse Garrett
Jesse Garrett - 4 days ago
Just watched the movie what an absolute disgrace terrible writers
Your Dad
Your Dad - 4 days ago
Fucking horrible movie
lil.koko_xo - 6 days ago
Kevin split because of his mother's horrific abuse - something that got worse when his father died and/or wasn't around to stop her. This is mentioned during one of Kevin's flashbacks in the movie, where she screams his full name while chasing him with an iron. He didn't split because of the train wreck.
The Luminary
The Luminary - 7 days ago
M. Night Shyamalan PLEASE NO MORE MOVIES!!!
Waseem Ahmed
Waseem Ahmed - 7 days ago
Kevin should have walked backwards that way he can avoid the lights, Daahhh!
sogerc1 - 8 days ago
19:25 whaaat? since when does the media verify if a story is true? it's sensational, that's the only thing that matters.
Anne Scholey
Anne Scholey - 8 days ago
Split 2
Maria Kelly
Maria Kelly - 8 days ago
10:00 And what exactly is wrong with Hello Kitty?
snap2snip - 9 days ago
Calling water ‘his weakness’ as if it were like kryptonite should get a sin—he has PTSD from nearly drowning when he was a child
Ash Deth
Ash Deth - 10 days ago
I'm a hello kitty perv
Maira Ahmed
Maira Ahmed - 10 days ago
4:18 i was thinking the exact thing watching the movie. was the principal just standing there waiting for casey to walk by
Wonderouz Jackson
Wonderouz Jackson - 12 days ago
The hangover trilogy PLEASE!
tay squad
tay squad - 12 days ago
imo the deaths were so lazy- they all died at once? W h a t ?
BarnacleBot - 12 days ago
This is my moms favorite movie so she would flip flop you to death
christopher tobin
christopher tobin - 13 days ago
sarah paulson has the most punchable face i have ever seen in my life
Xeo Domingo
Xeo Domingo - 13 days ago
17:15 Terrible "Bad-Guy" tattoo mark.
Zena Spiritdragon
Zena Spiritdragon - 14 days ago
The "school bus" is probably there as a patient transport vehicle, let's be real.
scarlett bazah
scarlett bazah - 14 days ago
McAvoy deserves a 100 sins off for his performance
he was the best thing about the movie
that puddle scene is a disgrace
Manuel Donis
Manuel Donis - 14 days ago
Sleepy now?
Sleepy now? - 14 days ago
I didn't know that they turned split into a superhero movie, wtf.
Salah Usufi
Salah Usufi - 14 days ago
James McAvoy deserves an Oscar for the portrayal of this character. Regardless of the bad writing.
Braden Kohler
Braden Kohler - 6 days ago
Salah Usufi What bad writing?
Joshua Thaddeus Lutz
Joshua Thaddeus Lutz - 14 days ago
“You don’t love anything Mr. Udall.”
Do “As good as it gets.”
Plain-toast22 - 15 days ago
Evrything wrong with with ass
Shadow Claw4762
Shadow Claw4762 - 16 days ago
I loved this movie 😍
Randy Trudeau
Randy Trudeau - 16 days ago
Everything wrong with glass?
The G and the L
Cuz this movie was straight ASS
Lorraine Fire
Lorraine Fire - 16 days ago
Literally thought Bruce was gonna kick some more ass through the movie after he broke down the door

Instead he dies in a puddle in the last scene. Wtf☹️
justis 83
justis 83 - 17 days ago
Shouldn't there be a sin when that cop tried to save The Green Guy (I don't remember what he's called) after another cop just drowned him?
Spencer North
Spencer North - 17 days ago
I died laughing at the "I used to hang with some shady types in my youth" @2:25 !! M. Night has to be trolling us. The decision is so dumb, it's MEME WORTHY!
Vali Bunneh
Vali Bunneh - 18 days ago
When he started the glass sin near 12: 00 I thought he was about to play the Kevin bacon game
samooskhka - 18 days ago
Everything wrong with it? What an absolute joy you must be to be around. Arsehole
Carlos Melo
Carlos Melo - 18 days ago
Could you do The Shining? Thanks.
YOUNG SKRT - 18 days ago
Touchy McMemory
adaptiveplexus - 18 days ago
this movie is the worst. boring and stupid
TheSociopathDiary - 19 days ago
James Mcavoy's awesome acting helped me through this movie. It was hard. But I could do it
Eber Hwang
Eber Hwang - 19 days ago
Im confused about quite a few different turns the plot had taken to completely make me want to turn off the movie I paid to watch. Atrocious.
NaTron - 19 days ago
Samuel l Jackson didn’t play mace windu in phantom menace
JLN 62
JLN 62 - 19 days ago
Samuel L Jackson as james Brown mugshot
gottfer - 19 days ago
mr glass is such a Genius he can upload footages from security camera monitors xD
gottfer - 19 days ago
honestly, I would give this crap a lot more sins for how stupid it was
Aaron Dotson
Aaron Dotson - 19 days ago
The best one I've seen in a while
SKippySounds - 20 days ago
I would have been more satisfied with the movie if they had actually killed off the characters in the Osaka Tower. They kept setting it up as a big deal for no reason just so Shyamalan could get his "ha, I got you!" moment. Not every movie needs to have a twist ending.
Stephen Siu
Stephen Siu - 20 days ago
What about the fact that the camcorder is flipped the other way? What's the point of that...
Thistle - 20 days ago
Bro the "ding" sound that accompanies each sin is too fucking loud
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