5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 6 months ago
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FilmPA1986 - 9 days ago
Scotty you're the best.
Martin - 21 day ago
I like your ST202 ;)
Nathaniel Rosario
Nathaniel Rosario - Month ago
Hello I have a 2012 Hyundai Accent and I was on the highway going about 70mph and I was about to get off and it only went wanted to go 50mph, I got off the highway and my car didnt want to go past 20mph. A mechanic told me it's the catalytic converter. I just want to know opinion before bringing it in
Thank you Scotty . I,am from Morocco & I appreciate that you share with us your skill ...
Mohd. Syahfiq Al-arby
Mohd. Syahfiq Al-arby - 2 months ago
No Half Sends
No Half Sends - 4 hours ago
if you live in texas this doesn’t happen. more southern than northern. people are very honest in the car industry here. honest 80% of the time.
J D - 6 hours ago
They say that a high forehead is a sign of intelligence... this guy must be a genius.
Thanks for the info.
David Fleming
David Fleming - 6 hours ago
As a mechanic myself, I will say that there are plenty of dishonest shops out there, so please get to know your car and do research first. Having said that, there are MANY honest shops (dealers and aftermarket). One of the best telltales of a good, honest mechanic is if they are willing to bring you to the car, and explain what they are recommending and why. Also remember that it is a service advisor that talks to the customer, not the mechanic. The mechanic may have a very valid reason for what they are recommending, but the advisor may not be able to effectively communicate that. Please do not let videos like this make you think that all shops/mechanics are scammers, because we are not. There are plenty of them out there, but most of us are honest. Sometimes it can be difficult properly explaining what and why we are recommending something just because of the complexity of it.
sandra valani
sandra valani - 12 hours ago
Scotty my mechanic is honest like you and it is so very refreshing to know that you care about Humanity's pocket book and don't try to screw people over!!!  Plz continue to make your awesome videos for uS mechanic wanna bess!!!  Plz ignore any thumbs downs to your videos as these people are most likely the people who fleece people!!!  Have a great week bro!!!
Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin - 14 hours ago
I went to Firestone to get new tires, they called me out saying cvt cover and oil covers pan was leaking and needed to be replaced.
I told him why it look like someone splashed oil over the entire pan? Plus I had a front swing arm break a week ago so I had it replaced along with the pans...he went huh? I said ya they all brand new
British-mechanic - 22 hours ago
Great video this.
Butch Davis
Butch Davis - Day ago
You dont know anyone on Compton Blvd...
NDN KEN - Day ago
How do I find an honest mechanic
J J - Day ago
Service intervals are designed to keep your car running at peak performance. Not to diagnose or repair. Sure you could go 200k without a coolant flush but what other damage could be caused? Simple flush or replace water pump because corrosion destroys it from old coolant. Brake master at 4 years? I could understand. They have rubber seals that deteriorate. Maybe nothing is wrong. That's why it's a recommendation for peak performance.
Canada Guy
Canada Guy - Day ago
The 2.3K dislikes are dishonest mechanics
Brett Presser
Brett Presser - Day ago
Hmmm look at his garage nothing but cheap tools piled up. How is he gonna fix anything if you can't find you out tools. He must work in his driveway with that much garbage in there. How is he fixing all these new cars
Franklin A.
Franklin A. - Day ago
Thats why i decline everytime the mechanic says i need to replace this and that.
ThePlotDevice - Day ago
If I was a street mechanic, I would tell everyone to stay away from the dealers too because the more they come to me, the more work I’ll have. Especially if they have new cars that I don’t know anything about.
Richard Dickson
Richard Dickson - Day ago
This literally started playing in my pocket I was like wtf then watched the whole thing
Justin White
Justin White - Day ago
It also doesn't take 45 minutes for a tire shop to rotate and get new tires. I went to pick up a car part in Houston from Corpus Christi. Tire went out, went to a tire shop Discount Tire and they were doing a whole lot of nothing.... a lot. A lot of nothing.
Zach Whyte
Zach Whyte - Day ago
Couple of good mechanics in the alma mi area are Steve's discount auto shop, only charges what he pays for parts and a little bit of labor, and 1st street automotive in shepherd mi.
Zach Whyte
Zach Whyte - Day ago
Anybody in roscommon Michigan should steer clear of w&w, they've been doing nothing but screwing my in laws over and my in laws believe everything these people say because they are mechanics at a shop, but dont always believe everything I tell them. They shop was trying to tell them they needed new valve cover gaskets because they are leaking(and charge $500 to do so). No leaky valve cover gaskets, it a plug in the side of the cylinder head on an oil flow way that's leaking, I told them that. They took it to a different mechanic this ones trying to tell them that the oil is coming out of the passenger side head gasket but its smoking on the drivers side. Again I told them it's not the head gasket, it's that plug. Now they are trying to get rid of the truck because they dont believe me, and buy a vehicle from second scumbag mechanic. The truck has absolutely no loss of power that usually accompanies a bad head gasket, and no oil mixing with coolant. W&w also charged them to fix brakes that were getting bad, however they didn't actually fix the problem, just said they did.
Zach Whyte
Zach Whyte - Day ago
At this moment I wish we lived closer to scotty so he could tell them what's up.
Raymond McCallum
Raymond McCallum - Day ago
Yes he has good true points but God damn he is annoying
Sebastian Schick
Sebastian Schick - Day ago
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus - Day ago
You are the dodgy mechanic
EN1GMA 7V - 2 days ago
I need a mechanic like you sir where you at?
1jeffr - 2 days ago
2200 dishonest mechanics disliked this video.
CF N - 2 days ago
The so-called honest Les Schwab the guys that do things the right way try to sell me extra calipers when I didn't really need them SMH
CF N - 2 days ago
Damn everyone is hilarious in the comments. So many comedians
Just Me
Just Me - 2 days ago
the dislikes to this post are probably from mechanics or auto shops, Since none of the info that was given is wrong.
em1o smurf
em1o smurf - 2 days ago
want the easiest way to tell if a garage is crooked? check if there's a manufacturer dealership sign out front. plenty of YT vids on scams they've tried--tire rotation, sparkplugs, alignment, coolant change, etc., based on made-up milage/age charts. a few years ago the dodge shop tried that show with me. i asked the guy if he had internet, he did, and told him to search for "dealership scams" on YT. the look on his face when he did was priceless; there are hundreds if not thousands of vids. ALWAYS GET A (independent) 2ND OPINION!!
Dan Can
Dan Can - 2 days ago
A lot happened to you last week.
Leon - 2 days ago
Right i hate those mechanics who try to take advantage of people thats no honest those ppl should be fine for not give the right service
Muppet Welds
Muppet Welds - 2 days ago
But I seee it alll the timmmee
Baller Simpson
Baller Simpson - 2 days ago
This is the doc from back to futures brother
Tasos Myl
Tasos Myl - 2 days ago
These videos must be used for educational purposes during car mechanic's training. Mr Kilmer is a role model for any mechanic
Milton Brown
Milton Brown - 3 days ago
Toyota's waterpumps won't last 7 years
bullabl - 3 days ago
As a mechanic I acknowledge that there are a lot of dishonest techs out that. But telling people to basically ignore the service intervals is not a smart idea. That can void warranties and end up costing way more money. Crazy man but I appreciate the video.
disagree Dinero
disagree Dinero - 3 days ago
oh I wish you were my mechanic. I have gone to Toyota for oil change, they did service recall work, took apart my seats for a belt issue, and then I had problems because it was not put back together right. Another time they rotated my tires and when I left 2 of my hub caps flew off. I mean every time I go there, rent a car for the day, it ends up with me trying to figure out what they did not do right and going back a second day. Therefore...now, I am looking for a car actually this weekend... guess what it won't be a Toyota !!!
Diesel Baldwin
Diesel Baldwin - 3 days ago
Where are you located so you can fix my car?
Steven Forbus
Steven Forbus - 3 days ago
Trying to upsale an item isn’t ripping someone off. Just throwing that out there
kurtis Carr
kurtis Carr - 3 days ago
Great very informative
Gareth Price
Gareth Price - 3 days ago
There he goes again with his hand he should be a Weather man
Fahad Faisal
Fahad Faisal - 3 days ago
You're awesome! Thank you.
jay benjamin
jay benjamin - 3 days ago
Where can I get a key replacement with fob for a Audi A4 2005 Cabriolet without paying 400 bucks?
Brandon Grandstaff
Brandon Grandstaff - 3 days ago
Dealerships do make $$ on recalls.
krishnasai koneru
krishnasai koneru - 3 days ago
Mine is a Honda Accord they are telling me to change intermediate shaft. Do i really need to do that
Yungxdagger 999
Yungxdagger 999 - 3 days ago
An “honest mechanic “ is a dying breed
Terence Wilson
Terence Wilson - 3 days ago
I had my sump, rear main and front seal done on my ls1 for 1800 best price I could find, I really should of spent another 1 and a half for a full rebuild but anyways a mechanic won't tell you that your nearly paying for a rebuilt engine when your only getting a couple of gaskets done... any ways I told them to put a oil filter on since were replacing all the old oil and most the gaskets and when I came back they tried to charge me 200 dollars for a 20 dollar filter I didn't pay a cent for it in the end because they tried to say that they had to dump and replace the oil for the oil filter when I already paid for that in the quote. The tried to convince me that it was a minor service just for them screwing on a new filter even though I already paid for the oil to be dumped and replaced they tried to charge twice and claimed it was an extra charge because they serviced the car when all they did was the gasket and the oil filter for the job I already paid for. So I refused and then they said unhappily that they will honor the quote even though they replace the filter. And then went on to say next time they will charge for a service I said that's fine if next time I actually am getting the car serviced.
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 4 days ago
Some knucklehead try to repair my horn by putting the wire back on he couldn't reach it because of the angles of the interior so he was going to take off my entire front end to get to my horn to put the wire back on he was going to charge me no less than $300 and it was going to take no less than 3 hours and they had customers ahead of me I made a tool and then we install the wire within about 3 minutes I am a real mechanic and they did not know that. THEY KNOW NOW
Nicholas Daugherty
Nicholas Daugherty - 4 days ago
I’ve worked as a technician at three dealers across the country and have yet to meet a tech actively trying to rip people off
Zach Whyte
Zach Whyte - Day ago
Not usually the tech, it's almost always the counter person.
Busted Knuckles
Busted Knuckles - 4 days ago
That’s why when I recommend lower control arms, tires and valve cover gaskets on a car only in for a recall because it’s pissing on the exhaust manifold, the body moves a extra foot after the wheel stops and they are running drag slicks on a van with kids I get the finger
Martin Lopez
Martin Lopez - 4 days ago
Scotty, how does one re-set that "Service Light" (get it to turn off). (I know about covering it with electrical tape sports fans.)
jorgengeerts - Day ago
you can find it online it by pressing buttons in a certain order
Zach Whyte
Zach Whyte - Day ago
Most likely need a scan tool, however some vehicles have ways to do by pushing buttons in a certain order. There should be a how to guide online somewhere.
GalesofNovember - 4 days ago
you're a scam
ol' man
ol' man - 4 days ago
Marc-Antoine Couillard
Marc-Antoine Couillard - 5 days ago
Thats wrong! Dealerships make money on recalls, they claim back labor and parts according to each recalls
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker - 5 days ago
2.2k dishonest mechanics disliked this video 😂
bik pannu
bik pannu - 5 days ago
Im gonna say just one thing WTFFFFFFF did i just watched seriously aye bro give me my 11:36 min back of my life bro
Kristen Hodges
Kristen Hodges - 5 days ago
Where are you located? I need to have you as a mechanic!! I'm near Ft Worth!
Adil Bunty
Adil Bunty - 5 days ago
I took my Toyota Corolla that had 150000 miles on it to Toyota dealership to check my cvt transmission fluid but they said we dont recommend changing your transmission fluid until you got a problem in your transmission then i took it to a local mechanic when he took out the oil from the transmission it was black and had a burning smell and i got saved from all that transmission change cost once it broke down
Klark Griswold
Klark Griswold - 5 days ago
The 2,200 people who disliked this video are the mechanics he’s talking about. Cunts is another word for them.
Paris Winterburn
Paris Winterburn - 5 days ago
“Don’t worry about that little service light that comes on”
Just sludge up your engine and void your warranty instead
gator 8
gator 8 - 6 days ago
I picked up a guy last week who was hitch hiking(rare to see these days) and we chatted a bit and he said 'hey man,weren't you scared to pick me up,I could be a mass murderer?
I replied "what do you think the odds of two mass murderers being in the same car at the same time are?"He looked similar to Scotty but w a wandering eye, was hard to tell if he was looking at me or the dome lite.
dolofonos - 6 days ago
As a businessman, this is always refreshing to see. I am constantly turning customers away because they either don't need what I have or because a competitor is offering something more suitable. Often, they'll insist on buying something just out of gratitude, and I again have to turn them down. I make plenty of money from willing customers who hopefully know what they need. But if they come to me for help, they get it, free of charge.
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