5 Scams Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 3 months ago
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Marvin McMurray
Marvin McMurray - 13 hours ago
@brianbirc 🤣🤣😂😂😂.. Epic!
Myke Johnson
Myke Johnson - 27 days ago
@Sue San Now that you mentioned it, i have a friend whose sister had a 83-84 Ford Escort 2 dr. base model back in the early nineties and it had the triple line pinstripe red, grey, white or blue it was something like that.
Sue San
Sue San - 27 days ago
@Myke Johnson Ye, my family's 1984 Ford Escort had a "dealer installed" pin stripe. I think it was either $80, $125 or $250. My Older brother was a diy guy, so he never took it to the dealer, for Pin Stripe Tune up 😉😂😎
Myke Johnson
Myke Johnson - 28 days ago
@Sue San Really i didn't know they were that expensive, but yeah i know what a pin stripe is it's just i never had them much on any car that i've owned except a 1991.5 Honda Accord Ex 4 dr. sedan, but i remember my uncles and Grandparents cars of the 70-80's had them on it, i did thought it was sort of a cool thing.
Criss C
Criss C - 28 days ago
I have a 2009 jku I changed the radiator over and everything is going well so I took it to this other name Tire place told me that the hoses are collapse and the system isn't flowing. I know he's wrong. What do you think about this
Mustang Boss
Mustang Boss - 3 hours ago
Rich people's cars .... the bank still owns it and they know nothing about the car....
My 1999 Tiburons shocks are knocking and the bearing are rattling.... bounces around the corners and drifts all over the road around corners if I go fast lol.... no cash or time to buy new parts lol....thanks BEE😂
Robert Messner
Robert Messner - 3 hours ago
I’ll be honest the first time I heard this guy I was like hey buckshot slow down your gonna give me an aneurism!!! But the more and more I watch your videos the more I can appreciate your years and years of experience and honesty! To me honesty is the best way to get and keep friendship, business, relationships that you want to keep! So even though I’m a very quiet type but if someone is sincere, decent, reasonable, fair, and all those type of qualities well talk till your blue! It’s people that are the opposite of those that really drive me nuts! It’s not the talk it the honesty or dishonesty that makes the difference! I’ve grown to love this wild man’s videos! Good guys are getting harder and harder to come by!!
Muffy - 7 hours ago
In Norway and Sweden almost every man between the age 18-25 with an old Volvo are blackmarket mechanics xD. As in they haven't gone any mechanic school or anything but perform perfect work on peoples cars for 1/10th of the price offical mechanics do.
Popeye and Strauss MX
Popeye and Strauss MX - 10 hours ago
A timing belt isn’t even that hard to replace I don’t get why they’d charge that much to do it anyways. Timing chains are usually hard than timing belts
hcwbw3 - 10 hours ago
1000% spot on, there are many unscrupulous people who call themselves mechanics but they are not! they are THIEVES... when you find an individual who knows mechanic and is honest stick with them, they are worth its weight in gold. The Chinese golden rule is "do not do onto others what you do not want done on to you." in addition Confusions really did say.... You want to have a good society you must have "rectification of names" your name is father be, act like a father, son be a son etc, mechanic be a mechanic not a F-----g thief. And before some smartazz say it, "what if your name is thief?" then people who's names are cops and judges and jailers will do their jobs and put their azz away and or at least spread the word to friends and family about crooked thieving mechanics so the freeeeken starve.
RexyFan - 12 hours ago
If we were living in the Matrix, I’d pay good money to download your knowledge of the auto industry.
xclusivekid123 - 12 hours ago
Lmao it’s funny I ran into this video and Honda tried to have me “Cut my rotors” because they had a “Lip” from the brakes digging into them.. I never did it and they never asked again.. They were charging me 550$ to do this job and I just came up with the excuse that I didn’t have the money and they just stopped telling me to do so.. Now all of a sudden my rotors fixed themselves..
heebz - 12 hours ago
you are the definition of a man
Jeremy Gruver
Jeremy Gruver - 12 hours ago
Mr Tire in MD near Linganore told me that if I didn't replace a wheel bearing MY WHEEL WOULD FALL OFF - CROOKS.
Marvin McMurray
Marvin McMurray - 13 hours ago
Did you ppl ever stop to think that he is playing on an age old belief... That mechanics are Crooks and thieves..... In order to get money?
Don't you ppl know how this works?
Marvin McMurray
Marvin McMurray - 14 hours ago
Shame on you you pompous arse. 😠
byteme9718 - 15 hours ago
FFS will this guy ever get that poor Toyota running?
Ryan Paragados
Ryan Paragados - 16 hours ago
Love it
Gavin Culmer
Gavin Culmer - 17 hours ago
I just check what the manufacturer states and ignore the service engine light that's been on for 3 years. Get the oil changed and spark plugs when needed etc...the simple stuff. It has no problems at all and it's 18 yrs old french car with a Toyota engine
peter virnuls
peter virnuls - 17 hours ago
I can’t believe it - I’ve sat and watched videos for the last hour, and I haven’t seen one thing that you have said that is incorrect. Brilliant channel.
Infinit 0
Infinit 0 - 21 hour ago
Scotty this is why I'm glad I took auto mechanics in high school. Now I'm no grease monkey, but I did learn enough that if I had to do some minor work I could if push came to shove, like my brakes, or cooling system.
rere439 - 22 hours ago
Guess who dislike this vids.. The scam mechanics!!!
Don ellis
Don ellis - 23 hours ago
Scotty Kilmer for president, now who all would vote for him?
nikki isntdum
nikki isntdum - 6 hours ago
Ken Drake
Ken Drake - 23 hours ago
Hey I just paid a 2 hour job quote but it only took an hour labour... What should I do?
peter pan
peter pan - 23 hours ago
''Timing Belt'' is the biggest scam in modern cars, in most of them the timing belt is actually a timing chain and is located inside the car and does not need to be replaced. What they change is the serpentine belt. But they love to call it timing belt so they can charge you 100's of dollars, tell them to replace the serpentine belt and they wont like it because the cost wont be more than $100.
Music Islife
Music Islife - Day ago
Hey Scotty, clean up your shed!
Eric Hines
Eric Hines - Day ago
My wife bought a new car and it came with 2 years of free oil changes. On her last oil change I came with her and the service supervisor said that she needed to have her brake fluid flushed, I checked and it was clear and clean. The car was parked out front and had not been looked at. I told him to just change the oil and not to touch anything else. Later I got an email survey for the dealership and I called them out on the spurious diagnosis. They wanted me to come in and talk. I passed, and now we take it to a local shop I trust.
Karim Miah
Karim Miah - Day ago
Take it he didn't make enough money on 28 weeks later....
jordan mcintosh
jordan mcintosh - Day ago
the world needs more mechanics like scotty he is 100% honest and true.
mike kovach
mike kovach - Day ago
Scotty you are awesome !!
Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh - Day ago
Hey scotty should so do i need to do replace all my timing belt and transmission oil and hoses on my 2018 dodge charger r/t because its got 51000 miles on it nowthe book says to do all that at 50,000 miles but i dnt think i need to..what do u say? Thanks
sharpshooter188 - Day ago
You sir are the whacky waving inflatable arm tube man of mechanics. lol. But your videos always help me out. Keep doing what what you do, sir. :)
{{{{KÉ SiNGS}}}}
{{{{KÉ SiNGS}}}} - Day ago
LOVE this man.
Indigo - Day ago
Scott, do you happen to know a good honest BMW master technician in the DC / MD / VA area?
Greatest Timeline
Greatest Timeline - Day ago
People in Hawaii are failing safety checks due to dashboard warning lights. Its crazy here.
blakespower - Day ago
how do I find honest auto mechanics? I never have good luck
mlnwrl - Day ago
So we have a check engine light in and advance auto gave us the code for it saying it was a sensor and we took the car to the garage and gave them the code that advance told us. They said they still had to hook it up to their computer because toyota camrys have two sensors and the code they needed to see which sensor it was. The light came back on in just a couple of days. My son was worried so he took it to another garage who told us those lights can be weird sometimes and they didn’t charge him anything and told him it was nothing to worry about.
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle - Day ago
You must remember we live in a fallen world. Mechanics are people and most people lie. Find you a mechanic who's a True Christian. Born Again, Bible Reading, Holy Spirit Endowed, Christian. Hallelujah
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle - Day ago
Check their reputation and ask questions. You can judge a tree by the fruit that it bears. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit and a good tree cannot bear bad fruit.
blakespower - Day ago
how do you find out if they are christian though?
MrDaveaccord - Day ago
This guy is one funny bastard.
We need to clone this guy.
Terrence Ragnor Wallace
This guy is on fire.
And the Audio levels are so stable between each shot it is Oscar worthy.
UchihaDasuke - 2 days ago
I love your energy and enthusiasm Scotty; keep it up!
Frazzle Face
Frazzle Face - 2 days ago
Change the synthetic oil about every 10 -12,000 miles. New tires when they're worn and brakes when they squeak or grind. Anything else, don't replace it until it's obviously broken or defective. Don't get sucked into the nonsense of flushes etc. These are just money makers for the dealership.
Michael M.
Michael M. - 2 days ago
Makes me hate cars! Too bad I won’t be around when man can teleport.
Jeff Grant
Jeff Grant - 2 days ago
I wish I could move to TX just to hire you as my service advisor!!
Adam Riga
Adam Riga - 2 days ago
Sasha Odette
Sasha Odette - 2 days ago
That is exactly what happened to me at Hyundai dealership!!! I was pissed! I told them: Recall and nothing else!! All of a sudden my timing belt was never on the engine? Huh!!!!! How the heck did I drive it in the establishment.. smh.. Shame on them
outdoor exploration
outdoor exploration - 2 days ago
Me: in 40 year old truck
On hiway
Huh I can pass this car
Steps on gas
Engine : .......
Throws rod into the atmosphere
H Ce
H Ce - 2 days ago
Chrysler will take ur $$$$ and ur 🥜
Bogusz Delbowski
Bogusz Delbowski - 2 days ago
You're f. Great! !!!
charl - 2 days ago
LF Zhu
LF Zhu - 2 days ago
My mechanic friend told that most of fuel injection clean service aren’t necessary
rickyoct - 2 days ago
Where is he located?
Nella Yema
Nella Yema - 2 days ago
I had a 1980 Chevrolet Chevette that had a bad cam that was subject to a recall. While doing the repair under warranty, the dealer called and said that the timing belt was getting worn and that they would change it for some exorbitant amount of money. I said "You have to take it off and put it back to replace the camshaft anyway, so why the high cost?" They replied, as Scotty says, "That's what the book says to charge." I told him to put the old one and that I would buy the part somewhere else and replace it myself. Stupid guy could have at least made the $$ on the belt, but he chose to lose out altogether. I never took it there for anything else and told everyone that I knew about the scam.
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