The Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailer (2019)

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GAMEOST - 3 months ago
00:01 War of the Spark Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering
02:55 Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019
06:23 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Opening Cinematic
09:24 Metro Exodus - Artyom's Nightmare
13:11 The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – Cinematic Announce Trailer
15:26 Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel - CGI Trailer (Ubisoft NA)
20:27 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 — Announcement Trailer
Gabriel Blais
Gabriel Blais - 20 days ago
Terms & Conditions mtg arena
Gabriel Blais
Gabriel Blais - 20 days ago
Joshua Arnett and a video game go check mtg arena
Mr Freeman
Mr Freeman - Month ago
Many unfamiliar trailers, thanks LoL and Metro the best
matthew jones
matthew jones - Month ago
@eric blood Wow! A homophobic git! Just come out already. God's, I hate self hating gays. They make the rest of feel so bad for them.
Gleamyor talkor
Gleamyor talkor - Month ago
@Jakub Kouřil it came to arena, plus I've already had a huge conversation in my previous comments
Thunder Take You
Thunder Take You - 14 hours ago
Im hyped for dying light 2
Arness2K - Day ago
Meh only Riot games is make the best cinematics
BlueBurn - Day ago
Sempre queria aprender a fazer animação como faz ??
TheLordDSK - Day ago
The best NEW, NEEEW, Game trailers.

- League of Legends.
GAMEOST - 8 hours ago
社会のダニ - 4 days ago
med jlassi
med jlassi - 4 days ago
league is Best Game Ever
Fried Alien
Fried Alien - 4 days ago
11:10 bruh! IT IS THAT SCREAM!
edmar disla
edmar disla - Day ago
Morphiuz - 4 days ago
1 st trailer was the biggest let down ever. THought it was gonna be an awesome game, turned out to be "Magic, the gathering" Wuuupdidoooo!!!!
Samuel - 6 days ago
16:23 The cg is so detailed that if i didn't know better i would thinkthis was a movie and a better one that most sci-fi fan made movies.
wilfredo antonio fernandez ruiz
0:12 Gremlins modo Dragon
sweet tooth
sweet tooth - 6 days ago
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Blue 343
Blue 343 - 6 days ago
19:56 i think i saw 3 for honor helmet, the warden's, kensei's and the viking guy
Csaba Pálfy
Csaba Pálfy - 6 days ago
that war of spark trailer was so shit, there is no words to describe :((( and someone was got money for that
Everything Battlefield
Everything Battlefield - 7 days ago
First one should be a video game... sad i dont have it in my arsenal
C'Rauz Da Great
C'Rauz Da Great - 6 days ago
Everything Battlefield Aaaand, nope. Sorry, Coast of Wizards special are cards, sorry buddy.
Everything Battlefield
Everything Battlefield - 6 days ago
@C'Rauz Da Great ?:o It needs to evolve from cards!
C'Rauz Da Great
C'Rauz Da Great - 6 days ago
proxyhuman - 8 days ago
So with the Resident Evil 2 game, is it just RE2 with better graphics or what?
Vasilije Pajic
Vasilije Pajic - 8 days ago
watch wotlk triller
Lubomír Hotový
Lubomír Hotový - 9 days ago
Satanáš stále otevíra svoji tlamu a straší...ale....Pán JEŽÍŠ KRISTUS -mu brzy tuto tlamu rozšlápne a bude tipec....amenus L....KLH
SOS Lakes
SOS Lakes - 9 days ago
Wat game dis?
Lavender Gloss
Lavender Gloss - 9 days ago
In the Magic: the gathering trailer , doesn't the Mc look like the younger female version of Mads Mikkelsen?
Fabiot - 9 days ago
0:59 I never had goosebumps because of a game trailer before ... what a wonderful version of this legendary Linkin Park song
Odeltor - 9 days ago
18:55, thats how a fight looks like if you never had a fist fight in real life
MrTenDollarMan - 9 days ago
wow 1st one. i didnt see that comming
Wolf Worrior
Wolf Worrior - 10 days ago
i Like Background Music SUPER AMAZING
obito - 10 days ago
Cinematic is awesome but gameplay is shit. They trap al customers to buy and buy ..till the day will come somewhen in 2050 when gameplay= cinematic trailer
Nolan Beatrolyn
Nolan Beatrolyn - 10 days ago
Hey magic, 2005 called, they want their graphics back.
durs117 - 10 days ago
Maybe i woke up with the wrong feet this morning, so today i hate cinematics ! Goergous animation but the gameplay is so lame if we compare the quality VS the cinematic. I just can't wait the day they make the gameplay graphic's quality as good as the cinematic. Am i the only one seeing this ? We should make a petition xD
Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos - 10 days ago
I wonder how many childs here have no idea on how fucking awesome the franchise Vampire The Masquerade is good and how this new title it's going to break the bank!
Danilo Oliveira
Danilo Oliveira - 12 days ago
the most fake toobecause they are nothing to do whit the game
Minh Master
Minh Master - 13 days ago
Best video games i have ever seen. 💗
Kerry Lane
Kerry Lane - 14 days ago
Who is performing the into music?
Zatch 101
Zatch 101 - 14 days ago
The first one was literally the dumbest thing ever
wolf man x
wolf man x - 14 days ago
Osam osam osaaamm i like des i love des i killing may silf for des vedyo i liket
MasterMonkey - MMan
MasterMonkey - MMan - 15 days ago
Thanos: **snaps**
**2 sec later** :
Julian dark
Julian dark - 15 days ago
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uno che gioca
uno che gioca - 15 days ago
Most of that are 2018 trailers not 2019
Jason Bridge
Jason Bridge - 16 days ago
I love rainbow six siege
SiberianDragon [MW]
SiberianDragon [MW] - 16 days ago
Isn't Sekiro's samurais looks the most badass, like literally
TOMAS Darbey
TOMAS Darbey - 17 days ago
2:46 thanos attacks again
Rize Falco
Rize Falco - 17 days ago
League trailer just makes me want to fight someone evil
Tacitus - 17 days ago
The AAA Game industry is dying.
Riva Mazerati
Riva Mazerati - 17 days ago
печально -2019 !!
Major San
Major San - 17 days ago
Please when video cinematic about Rainbow 6 Siège come out ? Answer please.
Not Realshit
Not Realshit - 18 days ago
dokkaebi looking thicc
Adrià Sanchis
Adrià Sanchis - 18 days ago
When you see this awesome trailer of mtg, which seems like a film trailer, and then you open the game and what you just see are cards.
Andrica Ion
Andrica Ion - 8 days ago
Ahhh..... true there are cards but you don t understand them.... no offense.
Metro Lync
Metro Lync - 19 days ago
6:01 Beautiful👌😂
Jason Montanye
Jason Montanye - 20 days ago
Lets just agree that Magic the Gathering is the best
S - 20 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 13:55 Khamira ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
jay son
jay son - 22 days ago
No thanks
Boris M.
Boris M. - 25 days ago
How to instantly breaks immersion ? Bring a contemporary song into a fantasy world. I don't even want to see what that game will breaks more.
Gabriel Blais
Gabriel Blais - 24 days ago
Which one?
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