How Hong Kong Changed Countries

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Wendover Productions
Wendover Productions - 29 дней назад
Hey all, in case you don't know already, the numbers in the bottom, left corner of the video correspond to the sources of information at the bottom of the description. Many of those are good further reading on the topic.
Also, I just want to acknowledge one small narration slip-up. At 7:14 I say, "What was known was that the event would be centered around midnight on the night of July 30th, 1997." That should be *June* 30th, 1997.
Amidat - 5 дней назад
+UFCMania155 Yes - but my point was they didn't even put up much of a fight to defend them because they didn't really care that much.
Chillypuwn - 8 дней назад
This video just earned you my follow ;)
Axei mash
Axei mash - 16 дней назад
Please get better at making your videos and writing scripts for them. Im not saying there was anything wrong with this video but just in general you need to get better. I really do enjoy watching your videos and learning from them but i just can watch them because of that.
Karthik Sarode
Karthik Sarode - 23 дня назад
What happend to the wikipedia list
commander31able - День назад
see you in 2047, I guess.
Julwiez de Ghorz
Julwiez de Ghorz - 2 дня назад
For good.... Such a sad histotic event.
ErrantChordier - 2 дня назад
It's "Bay-JING", Wendover, like "Jingle Bells". Keep that "J" nice and snappy. It's NOT "Bay-ZHING" Say it with me: Bay-JING.
Shahnewaz - 3 дня назад
So.. Brexit for Hong Kong.
Darklife66 - 3 дня назад
How About letting hong kongers decide themselves for their own fate ?
Mainland Chinese
Mainland Chinese - 4 дня назад
Hong Kong is white worshipping and Chinese hating for the most part.
孟晉為 - 6 дней назад
Lewis Skinner
Lewis Skinner - 6 дней назад
6:54. Painted green, but still with the crown and "ER" (no, not 'Er in the Palace, but Elizabeth Regina)
BlazingFire_07 - 6 дней назад
Who thought that 99 years is “as good as forever”? Could’ve bought the whole territory for good
Malaysian support Israel
Malaysian support Israel - 6 дней назад
Once a noble leader said something in Hong Kong.
'Do you think China will make Hong Kong different with other provinces by the year of 2047?'
I would like to say 'Not too long, Hong Kong will become similar to the other provinces in China.'
Agree or not, the truth is you can't change it, this is why the western countries always underestimate determination of China.
Gautham Thampy
Gautham Thampy - 6 дней назад
misleading title.
中山Tony - 7 дней назад
Interestingly, according to some official Chinese deciphering content, the Chinese government did not know the lease time of Hong Kong. Instead, before the reunification, the British government’s diplomatic visit to China made the Chinese government know the lease term of Hong Kong.
Omar Delawer
Omar Delawer - 7 дней назад
People in Hong Kong, hows life now for you guys? Better or worse under Chinese rule?
储睿 - 6 дней назад
from controlled by London pre1997 to the same level of London in world city ranking 2018
邹凯 - 7 дней назад
ThePsychicFish - 7 дней назад
Haha yeah (I have no idea what any of that means)
Jay Koz
Jay Koz - 7 дней назад
I thought Hong Kong was still British. I think I’m dumb
Karman Bassi
Karman Bassi - 7 дней назад
should have never given that capitalist diamond to those dirty communists
储睿 - 6 дней назад
Karman Bassi lol. Why british need hongkong? they want to build a city for Chinese person in hongkong? they are so mercy? British rob tons of money which is tax should belong to Chinese from hongkong in this 99 years. If hongkong still belong to uk, its still a clony area, but in China, its a world top class financial center which is same as London, you said Chinese did nothing? Hongkong people hate China? maybe. If UK give North Ireland vote rights, then China may consider give hongkong vote rights. But besides, If hongkong cant get zero tax from mainland China, you still think hongkong will be a top class financial center? In hongkong financial structure nowadays, more than half are mainland products duty free out sellings, if hongkong is out of China, shenzhen next to hongkong will do this job
Karman Bassi
Karman Bassi - 6 дней назад
+储睿 Hong Kong was NOTHING until the British came and built into one of the most successful cities on earth, China didn't do anything yet they are inheriting it, they don't deserve it, Honk Kong people hate China. The British should have demolished it and gave it back the way it came.
储睿 - 6 дней назад
Karman Bassi demolish? hongkong pre 1997 was controlled by London and in 2018 world city ranking is the same level of London on level S. You call this demolish? If give back, just prove that caplism is unlegal, cuz legally hongkong should belong to China after 99 years.
Karman Bassi
Karman Bassi - 6 дней назад
+储睿 should have given it back after demolishing everything
储睿 - 6 дней назад
you got a choice. Be legal to give back to China or be an unlegal thief
jwm0z - 7 дней назад
I would hate to see this happen to Taiwan.
reeser - 7 дней назад
Thank you Mr. Wendover
Inconspicuous Jerry
Inconspicuous Jerry - 8 дней назад
+China Numba 1
Marco Enrico
Marco Enrico - 8 дней назад
My mom was a domestic worker in Hong Kong and was there to witness the handover. She brought home pictures of the parade and festivities from the streets of Kawloon. As a child I never really understood how significant how significant the event is but I'm glad I we got to keep a little piece of history in those pictures.
Aaron Chow
Aaron Chow - 8 дней назад
Thanks for the video! My family was part of that immigration wave from Hong Kong to Australia in the early 80s. The year I moved Madonna’s like a Virgin LP came out :)
Melinda Junata
Melinda Junata - 8 дней назад
this is so sad..
Nomad Girl
Nomad Girl - 9 дней назад
Historical moment! Re-claim the land that is supposed to be a part of China! Well done, CP
Pyrs - 7 дней назад
It should of been handed to the Republic of China (Taiwan) as that is the legitimate government of China and the territory that indefinitely belonged to Britain should've stayed British. The UK created Hong Kong as it is today, it was a barren island before them. The PRC certainly didnt deserve to get this city back.
Edward Yu
Edward Yu - 9 дней назад
We're awakened by the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from her majesty to the Chinese. We used to enjoy the freedom of speech, rule of law and so forth under her majesty. However, things changed enormously since the transfer. That's the first time we've got a glimpse of the suppression and oppression under a dictatorship and notably despair of being utterly colonised. To be honest, we trusted the Chinese more than once, but they betrayed us nevertheless; Hong Kong has been being eroded in every aspect. Our society has been in dismay and agony; Different means of invasion such as consistently hampering the functioning of the separation of powers and as a result, the reputation was torn down subsequently so does the trust from Hong Kongers. It is not hard to forecast what will befall Hong Kong by 2047. Notwithstanding, a lot of Hong Kongers plucked up the courage to strive for a better tomorrow by safeguarding our language, preserving our legacies, protesting against boondoggles and corruption of the colonial government(HK) even though it could incur prison sentences to them. WHY? Because of our love for our home Hong Kong. It took us approximately 20 years to realise the so-called 'One country, two systems' was merely a fatuous idea. We cannot have democracy, we cannot have universal suffrage, we cannot relieve the poor condition of accommodation and the abuse of our public welfare system by the Chinese colonisers, etc. not until the liberation of Hong Kong from the Chinese rule and the establishment of a true Hong Kong government that acts in our interests.
Apollo Channel
Apollo Channel - 9 дней назад
BNO passport also in Red cover , just without "EU" wordings...
Leo Z
Leo Z - 9 дней назад
Hong Kong is better British? Lmao. Open your eyes and take a look at UK, the whole country is falling. Its glorious time has gone! Hong Kong should have been worst if it is still British. Shanghai is the new center in east Asia now. Hong Kong is dead, but not because of Chinese government, it’s all by its own people.
Alex Kwan
Alex Kwan - 9 дней назад
Qing Empire is different from China.
clrd4t0 - 10 дней назад
As a Hong Konger, I feel like crying while watching this video. I know some say that the UK was not a lot better than China in terms of ruling Hong Kong, but at least our rights were protected, we had the freedom to speak up, without having to fear that we will be silenced by the government. This video is straight up depressing to a Hong Konger.
kang brave24
kang brave24 - 6 дней назад
you can go to the UK.........
IRavendon - 10 дней назад
Hongkong is better controlled by Britain. Hong Kong cannot be chinese
kang brave24
kang brave24 - 6 дней назад
but they really chinese...
Chaz Baz
Chaz Baz - 10 дней назад
Hong Kong should become a city state like Singapore, another former British colony.
Rai Sakar
Rai Sakar - 11 дней назад
this must be reversed or i call bruce lee's relative chin to massacre the 1.4 billion red communists
SD78 - 11 дней назад
"99 years? We'll be dead by then anyway, LOL!"
tth Adrian
tth Adrian - 11 дней назад
I hope you can make a video about what happens to Hong Kong after the handover, from the economy to the politics, to let more people outside of Hong Kong know about its situation.
Hong Kong is falling apart already and over 90% of the people aren't happy with the government.
Politics are entirely controlled by Beijing as most of the legislative councilors support the Communist Party and will vote for anything the Government proposed even when the plans are poor.
However citizens don't get to have a say on who to become legislative councilors or the chief executive. Every policy in Hong Kong is now implemented in favour of China and completely disregard the opinions of the people.
Economy is terrible as well as Hong Kong has the most expensive housing market in the world and property market are dominated by large companies.
Level of happiness is seriously low and the government have done literally nothing to fix that.
Lo C
Lo C - 4 дня назад
90%? Where'd you pull that number from? Joshua Wong's blog? Why don't you describe what life was like under the British?
Morphing Reality
Morphing Reality - 11 дней назад
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow - 11 дней назад
Some of these countries make kids seem mature😓😂
Sister C
Sister C - 12 дней назад
As an 8th generation Hong Konger, I'm grateful for your efforts in making this video.
Legendary Rebel
Legendary Rebel - 12 дней назад
The British influence should have never been there. The English didn't need some Asian 3rd world island because of the monarchy and the wanting to rule over the world part. Most of all, the majority of countries heavily occupied under the empire during the many years were 3rd world countries that were used for resources and colonial slaves.
Valentin Islas
Valentin Islas - 12 дней назад
Didn't this happen years ago, why are you making videos with OLD OLD OLD info? who DIDN"T know this?
Will 'n Co
Will 'n Co - 12 дней назад
fucking anyone not from hongkong you moron
trumanhw - 13 дней назад
You SO should have talked about how people feel about it after - the accuracy of predictions, the effects it has on geo-politics to this day, and the percent of people who're happy -- who live in HK. No matter... thank you again, for an excellent episode within your excellent series. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's curious as to whether you [write] your scripts yourself..
Jerry Fitness
Jerry Fitness - 13 дней назад
The UK should’ve never handed HongKong back to China, even with the treaty. If China really wants it, they should invade and see what the UK will do 🇬🇧 💪
Cat Face Poetry
Cat Face Poetry - 13 дней назад
If they were smarter, they would had made the BNO passport the same any UK passport. Now they are left with other other immigrants that replace the British value. The sun sets on the empire, just as atheism lives and the birthrate dives. Nothing is permanent. They could have absorbed the most productive from their richest colony, utilising the weakness that normal people flee from a communist state, and no, they didn't. They were empire builder, but whatever they build, can only be as old as they are young. I was living in Hong Kong, I know just enough of what the British did there. It is supposed to be good, but I don't see it that way. When Hong Kong was running low on water source, and water rationing was a daily reality, they rejected mainland China's offer to supply water until the 1960s. Before the boom of Hong Kong's Economy, Britain let Chinese from mainland China entered Hong Kong illegally between the 60s and the late 70s, and there was no real solutions on housing and other social aspect. Such practice resulted in all sort of social problems, from crime to lack of infrastructure that plagued on the living standard at the time. And what effected my own life the most was how the education system divide young kids into 5 ranks by raw talent and cognitive privilege. A cast system of intellect that they enforced on kids, that will have the kid to continue such mind set into their adulthood. Kids were also made to study most subjects in English except for the Chinese subject, without the language environment at home. Whatever the British did with education, they did it to disable local culture. To this date, a common Hong Konger whom is born and bred there would go by an English name at work and among friends. He or she also finds it difficult to express him-self or her-self in the Chinese language, and it speaks in chinese sentence that involves more than one English words with heavy local accent. Thank you Britain, thank you for everything, at least you tried to fight back the Japanese when they invaded in World War II , that was admirable. The colonial power was cool. And Hong Kong city is not cool, it's highly competitive and it's housing price is the highest in the world, yet its income level is far from being the highest. That is the legacy Britain left behind, Hong Kong has the most millionaires per capital in the world, but that is on the Chinese race, not on the British Empire. Just as Singapore is doing well due to it being pre-predominately a country of Han Chinese people by culture.
Wildboy789789 - 13 дней назад
As a socialist american democrat who supports free countries even if they vote for communism, I HATE dictatorships and china is the biggest shithole behind russia... I see edgy leftists supporting china all the time, dont, be a proud american/european and a leftist, be proud of democracy... I hope china rots
Random guy
Random guy - 13 дней назад
So the British abandon their boat at the Hong Kong port?
C brtdgh
C brtdgh - 13 дней назад
Prince Charles comments on the handover: "Every moment seemed precious, to be held as a lifelong memory of what it used to be like and how incredibly well Britain could be represented - and marketed - overseas. Everybody on board felt this and there was a kind of exasperated sadness experienced by all and sundry."

"All the locals were being outwardly, thoroughly optimistic about the immediate future but in the background was the sneaking worry about creeping corruption and the gradual undermining of Hong Kong's greatest strength - the rule of law. "

"After my speech the President detached himself from the group of appalling old waxworks who accompanied him and took his place at the lectern.

”He then gave a kind of "propaganda" speech, which was loudly cheered by the bussed in party faithful at the suitable moment in the text. At the end of this awful Soviet-style display we had to watch the Chinese soldiers goose step on to the stage and haul down the Union Jack and raised the Chinese flag. The ultimate horror was the artificial wind which made the flags flutter enticingly. “

“Whatever may be thought about colonisation nowadays, Hong Kong was a pretty remarkable example of how to do it well. Thanks to Chris Patten, we left with affection and gratitude ringing in our ears.”
C brtdgh
C brtdgh - 13 дней назад
I liked Hong Kong a lot but it seems to be becoming just another Chinese city and its economic importance is diminishing relative to the Chinese cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai. I visited Singapore and it seemed way more international, in terms of both its demographics and the fact that English was the lingua franca used everywhere. I was quite shocked by the lack of English in HK, to me the most obvious relic of the British days were the plug outlets and driving on the left...
C brtdgh
C brtdgh - 13 дней назад
I'm a British citizen and our consular assistance sucks. The consulates basically do nothing. I have to go back to the UK for most things, including getting a new passport if I lose it abroad (which I almost did in Beijing). These days I feel like the Chinese government would try to be far more helpful for HK citizens abroad.
White Lion
White Lion - 14 дней назад
How King Kong changed countries ?

Oh wait...
Dan van Leeuwen
Dan van Leeuwen - 14 дней назад
man fuck the queen
Yu Hysan
Yu Hysan - 15 дней назад
In 1:05, the Hong Kong International Airport is not there yet, it displays wrongly on the map as it is built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The airport is also colloquially known as Chek Lap Kok Airport. The airport has been in commercial operation since 1998, replacing Kai Tak Airport
karel W
karel W - 15 дней назад
Brave HongKong heros died under british gun
HongKongers lives untill now
Some HKers hate those who give them supplies and super national treatment.
Some HKers love intruders who kill their ancestors and treat them like slaves.
How ironic this is!
karel W
karel W - 14 дней назад
+Angus W Yes, i know
Angus W
Angus W - 15 дней назад
Most of the Hongkongers you speak of who live in HK nowadays fled from the Communist ruled Mainland China, including my parents and grandparents to move to Hong Kong, a city which was one of the best in Asia thanks to British rule
Estroncio - 15 дней назад
Wow! this was way more interesting that i expected
Jon Rubino
Jon Rubino - 15 дней назад
Macau please :)
35 Clayton
35 Clayton - 16 дней назад
the amount of pub quizzes I have won thanks to this guy
GLOBIK - 16 дней назад
A sad day 😢
aegian48 - 16 дней назад
To hand back a city such as Hong Kong is truly the most British thing ever, and the fact we managed to save them from total Communist rule for 50 years is probably the most noble. Rule Britannia 🇬🇧
aegian48 - 8 дней назад
invock It’s simple. So long as the majority of Northern Irish people’s wish to remain a part of the UK then Northern Ireland will remain British.
invock - 8 дней назад
Hear, hear! *cough* Let's talk about Northern Ireland and Brexit now.
Juwangsang - 16 дней назад
The day hong kong beacame chine was a sad day for uss all
Super Cando
Super Cando - 17 дней назад
No mention of "one country, two systems"? Your video can give an incorrect conclusion that HK is simply another part of mainland China. There is no mention of HK having separate custom, immigration, laws and monetary bills. No mention of HK having their own police force? Come on.
Skytrooper82d - 17 дней назад
Another dark day in the decline of the UK..
TheWingedPotato - 17 дней назад
How Long Dong Changed Cuntries
yoga嘉嘉 - 17 дней назад
Hongkong: A city with British systems and Chinese culture, just go to Hongkong and take a look
Omar Wave
Omar Wave - 17 дней назад
- Nobody likes communism.
Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant - 17 дней назад
Can u do a video on the logistics of how a premier league team or any other pro sports team is run and how they make money other than ticket sales ofc?
Homosauce - 17 дней назад
Make more twl
H S - 17 дней назад
Ahmed Faraaz
Ahmed Faraaz - 18 дней назад
The process of the transition and the end of British Hong Kong made me tear up and I'm not even from Hong Kong, I'm Indian?
The Lazy Gamer
The Lazy Gamer - 18 дней назад
This hit me hard as a hong konger
Will Sen
Will Sen - 18 дней назад
Uk helped chinese economic reform by leasing hk for ages
Wesley417 - 18 дней назад
Impressive info in 10mins, keep up the good work
Icy Bear
Icy Bear - 18 дней назад
guess China is one of the few if the not only country that was able to get back smth from British colonisation/war. sadly, India, countries of Africa, etc were not that successful in that. Britain refused to return historical artifact that belong to the people of these countries (golden crowns, jewellery, etc), but China got the land back. good job
Sam S
Sam S - 17 дней назад
India and all British territories in Africa were given sovereignty. Along with many other former British territories. Are you stupid?
inund8 - 18 дней назад
How did/does citizenship work for people born in Hong Kong pre 1997? Were their rights as citizens different from those born in the UK? And aside from being able to renew their special passports, what are their rights under UK citizenship law now?
floling - 18 дней назад
fun fact. all the maps have 2 airports.. historically totally acurate :-P
Peepee Train
Peepee Train - 19 дней назад
Me mate who is half Hong Kong half Aussie. (Aussie citizen living here all his life). Family comes from Hong knows. His cousins, uncle’s, aunties, grandparents and so on. But they are just going to move to Macao because one of the uncles owns something there.
Sexy XxMa0ZeDONGxX
Sexy XxMa0ZeDONGxX - 19 дней назад
I hate how China still maintains the portrait of a mass murderer in every public space. They should have done a thing similar to the Desestalinization in the USSR
blue lobster
blue lobster - 19 дней назад
How can i distinguish between hongkonger sirname and chinese sirname lol
RaymondHng - 15 дней назад
There is no way to determine the nationality of surname by simply looking at it. My family surname is 湯. I'm not a Hong Kong, PRC, or even a Taiwan citizen. I'm American.
jane doe
jane doe - 19 дней назад
Except if you lose your computer, someone could hack the program on your computer and then have everything.
Owen Tompson
Owen Tompson - 19 дней назад
Saddest day in UK history - forsaken those poor people to Chinese rule
Fraser Higginson
Fraser Higginson - 19 дней назад
we will be back hong kong, hold tight brothers
agung padmeshwara
agung padmeshwara - 20 дней назад
Hey wendover, could you make a video about macau handover?
meatball hero
meatball hero - 20 дней назад
you should do a video on potential EU members .
Alex fnbr
Alex fnbr - 20 дней назад
Man, this sounds like that one guy from half as interesting
Rixce - 20 дней назад
A lease is a lease. Hong Kongers, you can only complain, but you can’t deny the inevitable truth. The island was always suppose to belong to China, but the Brits took over of course. It’s been a century, and it is time.
Gaming Warfare
Gaming Warfare - 20 дней назад
At least they still have until 2047
zebracherub - 19 дней назад
They don't, China has absolutely no intention to wait until 2047 and the recent events shows us China is already taking over HK
Cheng YE
Cheng YE - 20 дней назад
SolarMoth - 20 дней назад
this is pretty wild shit
Shiro Kitsune - Senpai
Shiro Kitsune - Senpai - 20 дней назад
Great work Britain! Your ancestors were fighting for that land and you just gave it to them... And to who? To the red plague that wants to make humans stupid, poor slaves, while their elite becomes more fat... Now they want Taiwan, a ton of land on their Southern border, naval bases around everywhere and "be treated like superpower"... What next? They will want you to hail their comrade """"President"""", go to jail because you broke their socialism values, get publicly offended if you are 30 y/o unmarried woman and applause on death sentences to those who speak against their rule?..
Gavin Gray
Gavin Gray - 20 дней назад
Sounds like Brexit
champan250 - 20 дней назад
Missing two signature events: Margaret Thatcher fell on the steps in Beijing while negotiating for HK, and it was torrential down pouring on that night on June 30th 1997
Emerstar Fundamental Investing
Emerstar Fundamental Investing - 20 дней назад
Britan has left the chat...
bin yu
bin yu - 21 день назад
Grassy Villain
Grassy Villain - 21 день назад
I am Chinese and I feel sad for the people get into this mess but happy for my great countries.
亢国辉 - 21 день назад
还有这么多白皮猪在做香港的梦 真可笑!!小心你的大本营以后也会成为我们中国的殖民地!! 垃圾白皮猪!
Jon Bill
Jon Bill - 21 день назад
1000000 view
Dautto Crecet damnedPurifier
Dautto Crecet damnedPurifier - 21 день назад
Hong-Kong needs to be independent. Maybe give like a very small portion of the land to china for the group who want to be in China, and the rest can go live in the country of Hong-Kong
Bruce Cheung
Bruce Cheung - 21 день назад
Thanks, Wendover! I’m really glad that our history can be known by people around the world, what you have been doing is amazing!
iamthinking2202 _
iamthinking2202 _ - 22 дня назад
Any more detail about the stage facing north? The citation seems blocked - or rather, needs a unikey or something that is for those attending the University of Sydney?
Chinglish - 22 дня назад
British crown colony Hong Kong >>special administrative region of china and a former British colony >> Hong Kong as a Chinese city in the greater bay area or a mainland Hong Kong. a transition in the history. The end of the Hong Kong story. It has fallen.
Good bye HK . will miss you forever.
Lo C
Lo C - 4 дня назад
I'm British. Shut up and scrub my shoes, you chinaman. Also, give me your sister and your mother.
lemma - 22 дня назад
Bizarre that they would paint over the red mailboxes. I for one associate HK quite strongly with red; I mean, Hong (red) is right there in the name...
lemma - 15 дней назад
Oh, thanks for setting me straight
RaymondHng - 15 дней назад
The 香 in 香港 ( _Hong_ in Hong Kong) does not translate to _red_ . 香 means _fragrant_ . 紅 is the color red. The pronunciations of 香 and 紅 are not the name.
Prayank Lalan
Prayank Lalan - 22 дня назад
A small little complaint if I may raise one. It pertains to the title. For some reason, I was under the impression when I clicked on this video that it describe some sort of an impact that HK has had on other countries throughout its history. As it turns out, it was about HK switching nations(or countries?).

A better choice of words to remove this ambiguity would have been better.
Chad TheFratBoi
Chad TheFratBoi - 22 дня назад
Typical Asian mentality, y'all love to be ruled by us white men haha! Dont worry it won't be long, we will come back and rule Hong Kong again:) So you Asian women can suck big white cocks
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