How Hong Kong Changed Countries

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Wendover Productions
Wendover Productions - 3 months ago
Hey all, in case you don't know already, the numbers in the bottom, left corner of the video correspond to the sources of information at the bottom of the description. Many of those are good further reading on the topic.
Also, I just want to acknowledge one small narration slip-up. At 7:14 I say, "What was known was that the event would be centered around midnight on the night of July 30th, 1997." That should be *June* 30th, 1997.
Amidat - 2 months ago
+UFCMania155 Yes - but my point was they didn't even put up much of a fight to defend them because they didn't really care that much.
Chillypuwn - 2 months ago
This video just earned you my follow ;)
Axei mash
Axei mash - 2 months ago
Please get better at making your videos and writing scripts for them. Im not saying there was anything wrong with this video but just in general you need to get better. I really do enjoy watching your videos and learning from them but i just can watch them because of that.
Karthik Sarode
Karthik Sarode - 2 months ago
What happend to the wikipedia list
G&G Travel World
G&G Travel World - 2 days ago
beautiful place. see also this video:
Communism is great, Capitalism is evil
people in hong kong live in cages, capitalism is evil
张克然 - 3 days ago
Patson Lim
Patson Lim - 3 days ago
The territory of Hong Kong was ceased to 449 in perpetuity why did Britian not want to keep Hong Kong only kowloon was on the 99 year deal. confusing
LORDE 2729
LORDE 2729 - 3 days ago
imagine a world where chinas influence is so great that most countries follow china and become authoritative . a Orwellian nightmare is a chinese communists wet dream. china must be blocked and contained at all cost or else the freedom of humanity is at stake .
Tudor - 3 days ago
You should do a similar video with Macau
Dylan Peace
Dylan Peace - 3 days ago
Jennyoy - 4 days ago
Under the strong Chinese officials influence on its government and the Chief Executive, Hong Kong is no longer a democratic city.
Michael Boylan
Michael Boylan - 4 days ago
Your title is misleading,,,as you must know, If by Hong Kong you mean the people of Hong Kong,,because an inert entity such as a territory cannot change anything,,,then Hong Kong did NOT change countries, Her Majestys Govt, transferred sovereignty to China,The Hong Kong people had no vote on this or on independence, Guarantees have been broken, GB betrayed Hong Kong, That is a GB tradition
Mr N
Mr N - 4 days ago
The handover was inevitable sooner or later. The later the UK left the negotiating, the less they would have been able to negotiate on behalf of its citizens. I very much doubt the China of today would have agreed to half of what was agreed to back then.
akx - 4 days ago
It was not a day when HK was handed over to China. It was a day when rule of law and freedom of speech of 6 million people were handed over to an authoritarian regime.
Chris Chan
Chris Chan - 4 days ago
I’m from Hong Kong... I’m defo dipping after high school, can’t live the commie way. My uncle lives in Toronto, and I can confirm parts of it is basically Hong Kong when I visited him a while back.
Augusto Pinochet
Augusto Pinochet - 5 days ago
british colonialism will always be better than chinese colonialism
Abdullah Hamad
Abdullah Hamad - 5 days ago
I did a paper on the Opium Wars in high school. I also played Drug Wars on my TI Calculator in Calculus class. It seems drug dealing in Hong Kong was very widespread and popular, and the British wanted a cut of the pie. Britain took over the drug markets, monopolized goods, and seized shipments and sold them at a profit to the people of Hong Kong. They didn't know what they were doing, just trying to make money and break the local population, so a lot of people got overdosed and addicted and put out of work because of prices. Eventually, the queen stepped in to pardon British pirates, and take control of the affected areas that had been economically destroyed and victims of spiraling costs and inflation and market instability.
Archie Ames
Archie Ames - 6 days ago
Instead of bowing to SJWs they get to bow to authoritarian Beijing gangsters.
Gary_Boldwater - 7 days ago
I’ll take a layover in Hong Kong over Shanghai any day.
Gary_Boldwater - 7 days ago
I like your airport too. I was saying it is much nicer to have a layover in hk than Shanghai . Hk has a great airport.
Laura - 7 days ago
as a citizen of hk, why? (i like our airport, i could understand that much)
iateaplumandifeelweird - 7 days ago
Just watching since I'm gonna visit the country.
(brace yourselves for the 50 cent army).
Jakob Patrick
Jakob Patrick - 7 days ago
Brittian should have just given it to Taiwan lmao
Konstantinos Nikolakakis
That would've pissed China off, but I don't think they would go to war over it.
DeviouS - 7 days ago
Accidental find but great video none the less!
Mohammad Shamma
Mohammad Shamma - 7 days ago
They called the process "Hand over" because it rhymes with Wendover. 🤚🏼 🎤
Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il - 7 days ago
But that small island is still uk
vtkinmobile - 7 days ago
Britain could just hand over Hong Kong to the Qing Dynasty, in hatred of the communist system.
Ethereal | 翰˜~
Ethereal | 翰˜~ - 7 days ago
No use, the UK was recognizing the PRC as China and they couldn't have returned Hong Kong to anybody else
Vasili Leung
Vasili Leung - 7 days ago
Should have just given back New Territory and kept Hong Kong and Kowloon.
Balkanse Cookenburg
Balkanse Cookenburg - 8 days ago
For now
Difan - 8 days ago
Never forget national humiliation and what the Brits did to China!
sidharth cs
sidharth cs - 8 days ago
Sees union Jack lowered
*Laughs in indian*
Alexandru Popescu
Alexandru Popescu - 8 days ago
You don't need Dashlane because KeePass.
ss l
ss l - 8 days ago
No, it wasn't because the UK thought they might as well keep the territory together and hand it all over to China, it's because HK was dependent on water from China and could no longer survive on its own.
lass1234 - 10 days ago
Lesson learned. Never hand over a capitalist city back to any communist country.
Andrew Mcgarrigle
Andrew Mcgarrigle - 11 days ago
When I become prime minister of UK we will make Hong kong British again!!!
Joe Dower
Joe Dower - 8 days ago
TrueSonic45 - 11 days ago
The transfer of Hong Kong was literally the end of the Empire. God save the Queen. And I hope for Hong Kong's future during their time of uncertainty and unrest as the 50 year deal comes ever closer. You never left our hearts, Hong Kong. Britain will never forget you.
David Barry
David Barry - 13 days ago
So, the British took a tiny island from the Chinese, turned it into a gold mine and then gave it back to the Chinese!? I don't think the Chinese are capable of making anything successful! The British go to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore make them into modern cities/nations and the Chinese flee their own shit hole country and flood the colonies like rabbits!
Anders Yu
Anders Yu - 13 days ago
Population of Hong Kong Island:
1842: 7,450
2011: 1,270,876
kvt - 13 days ago
For me honestly the Hong Kong handover would be one of the most interesting events I've seen... and I also wonder .. what if the new territories were annexed instead of leased? ... perhaps it would be different.
T-Junction 744
T-Junction 744 - 14 days ago
The day the city lost its soul forever

Please. if you need an idea for a video. talk about the slow degradation and integration of Hong Kong and its laws into the communist regime.
Philip Michael
Philip Michael - 14 days ago
Hong Kong changes to an unhappy city after 1997...
daxian huang
daxian huang - 15 days ago
I don’t know what to worry about.
Slants L
Slants L - 15 days ago
Drinkin game every time he says Hong Kong drink
Cranzky !
Cranzky ! - 16 days ago
Damm the uk did Hong Kong dirty
cloud person
cloud person - 18 days ago
did you know that miami has the same latitude as saudi arabia? see more facts like that on you gotta check it out
humphrey707 - 20 days ago
You get like 30 password storeres for password stores and have one simple password that has the password to another storer
fridericvs - 20 days ago
UNITED KINGDOM, not Great Britain
Millie Fletcher
Millie Fletcher - 20 days ago
Hi love your videos! Just a small point, the Union flag is only known as the 'Union Jack' when it's on a boat!!
ahadicow - 20 days ago
those who thinks a place should be governed by a foreigner literally half a globe away have a very screwed sense of both reality and justice.
those who thinks being colonized by GB is a luck has barely traveled or read.
Basti EiseNKrafT
Basti EiseNKrafT - 22 days ago
And what about Bruce Lee's relative Chin defeating the herd of fuckin' ugly reds?
Luke Hulse
Luke Hulse - 22 days ago
HK = 🇬🇧
Yao Fang
Yao Fang - 20 days ago
Luke Hulse wake up!
Trevor - 23 days ago
Brings a tear to my eye. Such a vibrant and colourful place that is being assimilated and crushed, piece by piece, by the Chinese dictatorship. We were fools to think we could trust such a government to honour its word about keeping its politics sperate for fifty years. Barbarians at the gates.
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball - 19 days ago
Calling people babarians is an excuse for romans to invade and take what didnt belong to them. Like how christians called others pagans.
作孽的妖 - 20 days ago
Trevor 记住了,你们在英国的统治下是二等公民,还没有选举权,你要觉得中国不好可以随时移民,没人拦着你们!
Boi Boi
Boi Boi - 24 days ago
I can see why Taiwan says "no thanks" to China
Teelo - 24 days ago
One little nitpick: britain isn't 100% gone, they still have influence in their supreme court - HK hires judges from other british common law territories to sit on the bench.
Jason - 25 days ago
Glory to the people's republic of China
Ki Pa Ta
Ki Pa Ta - 25 days ago
Google "The Death of Hong Kong"
Intescy Avenger
Intescy Avenger - 25 days ago
Everytime Britian loses a colony.
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - 25 days ago
Freedom will return. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Jonathan Vera
Jonathan Vera - 25 days ago
For good? Fuck off
Thurston Kuriata
Thurston Kuriata - 25 days ago
A truly sad day.
No one understands me
No one understands me - 26 days ago
And now its a colony of China, and things are bad there with Chinese invasion
car7glass - 27 days ago
The only thing sad is in Hong Kong all of our smart people will go into finance or economics, we have no smart people in politics.
Tow Hee
Tow Hee - 24 days ago
That is a problem in every single country on this planet.
superchan7 - 28 days ago
Thanks for the quick summary on such a historical moment unprecedented in the modern world.
Duff Houston
Duff Houston - 28 days ago
I miss the British Empire with all my heart
Jakob Lust
Jakob Lust - 28 days ago
Good thing Hong Kong and China get along so we... Oh wait
Harrison Simmons
Harrison Simmons - 28 days ago
It’d help if the Union Flag wasn’t upside down in the frame
Kieran | TMS
Kieran | TMS - 27 days ago
Harrison Simmons a sign of distress
Dislike Bot
Dislike Bot - 29 days ago
The year 1997 has arrived.
A herd of fuckin' ugly reds.
are rushing from the
Crime rate skyrockeded!
Hongkong is ruined!
Therefore, The Hongkong
government called Bruce Lee's
relative "Chin"
for the massacre of the reds.
Chin is a killer machine.
Wipe out all 1.2 billion of
the red communists!
However, in mainland China
there was a project
in progress! A project to
transform the deceased Tong
Shau Ping into an ultimate
rakantion - 29 days ago
hope the US does that with Iraq and Afghanistan
woodensurfer - 29 days ago
The sadness was the forcibly imported opium that had enervated China for over a century-- the permanent ceding of the island of Hong Kong and the Kowloon Peninsula to the drug traffickers called the Brits.
woodensurfer - 29 days ago
Invite as a noun with north American accent is a bit strange.
Its not a city
Julia Huynh
Julia Huynh - Month ago
1:52 note to self: Research the different agreements and wording
Herbert Kwoon
Herbert Kwoon - Month ago
The Kowloon Peninsular was not under lease; the current BNO passport looks exactly same as the British Citizen passport except without the words of “European Union” on the cover.
Yumin Gui
Yumin Gui - Month ago
It's a fair episode. Just the facts and no opinions. I hope people would not ignore the fact that Hong Kong was a colony, just like the North America, and nobody of Hong Kong had a vote in UK parliament. Did the North America colony people have any vote in UK parliament ?
vhtriyok - Month ago
Fun Fact: Thatcher tried to persuade allies for a military take over in case China did not want to "extend" the lease. They collectively said to her: Give up already.
BoraCM 39
BoraCM 39 - Month ago
Back then, the qing government was in charge. It's a different China now, so maybe we don't have to give it back. We could give it toTaiwan, which is technically a china. The treaty never said which China to give the territory back to, because Taiwan and the mainland were ruled by the same dynasty. We could have given it to Taiwan.
sheeple - Month ago
What if the 99 year term was longer, maybe forever? Hong Kong couldve then maybe have gotten independence and be like Singapore (while probably staying in the Commonwealth)
But thats just theorizing and alternate history, we dont know what wouldve happened if that 99 year term was longer/forever...
Hoops And loops
Hoops And loops - Month ago
Ohhh that’s why there’s so many asians in Brisbane 🤔
Sarina Freeman
Sarina Freeman - Month ago
the commie used terrorists to occupied our land
f u google no real name
Go over Britain!
黑騎士say - Month ago
Hahaha, Army
Severn Severn
Severn Severn - Month ago
7:20 - 30 June 1997
Xin Jin
Xin Jin - Month ago
The handover is just the minor dignity Britain has left. Thatcher was trying to keep Hong Kong, all give the sovereignty to PRC, but keep the power of administration over HK. But Deng threatened her with a war. Thatcher knew the UK cannot won a war at the doorstep of China, if they were kicked out, there would be a humiliation for the UK. Thatcher even fell down when she got back to London. She had to keep the last piece of dignity of the empire. For Chinese people, this event also means a lot to China, they are slowly taking back what was lost in hundred years humiliation, and heading to the rejuvenation.
shingshongshamalama - Month ago
China's problem is that human beings seem to simply be naturally inclined to lean more socially progressive and liberal the more information they have about how reality really works.
It's almost like social conservatism is counter-reality.
Cheddwardo - Month ago
9:19 should have shot it down when we had the chance
Stone IP
Stone IP - Month ago
One mistake. The BNO is in Red.
Totally Acauntis
Totally Acauntis - Month ago
How come you and Half As Interesting have the same voices?
Bowden Nthani
Bowden Nthani - Month ago
It's the same person; he has two channels
Garry Chen
Garry Chen - Month ago
By the agreement in the beginning then HK should be returned to nobody since empire of China ceased to exists.
Or give it to ROC since they have the original copy of the treaty.
beavertown2006 - Month ago
Sad day.
Benjamin Lau
Benjamin Lau - Month ago
I love how you use the satellite image from 1997 in order to accurately reflect what had happened
Fros ty
Fros ty - Month ago
“All of Britain was gone forever.”
What about the boat? It’s still there
Barsat Karki
Barsat Karki - Month ago
Top ten anime endings
Al Patus
Al Patus - Month ago
The U.K. government should remember this when they handle the brexit stuff.
Ethan Cooper
Ethan Cooper - Month ago
I honestly can not tell what is a HAI or a Wendover video
Yan Li
Yan Li - Month ago
We win, and we will keep winning
Chimney - Month ago
That’s why Hong Kong people hate to be called Chinese. They are just different.
A. Hakan Ozcan
A. Hakan Ozcan - Month ago
Make Bahrein British territory and look similar like Hong Kong in the region and never give to Bahreini citizens back by governing as baptist British territory for eternity.
Ben Hu
Ben Hu - Month ago
For whatever reason I feel truly said to watch this. The clip itself was well made though.
Kazu DV
Kazu DV - Month ago
Damn i love the 90's
Just4Kixs - Month ago
I miss HK.
Kinson Studio
Kinson Studio - Month ago
Thank you for your detailed information on the history of Hong Kong! I am from Hong Kong and I really like and enjoy watching your informative videos!
CraftyMet - Month ago
Hong Kong: I changed countries!
Me: Weird flex but okay
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