David Dobrik's Blind Date With a Superfan | Celeb Blind Date

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Seventeen - 14 days ago
Would you take a canoe ride in the ocean with David Dobrik?
beautybekky - Day ago
I would take a ride on david’s canoe
Grahams Off Grid Gold
Grahams Off Grid Gold - 4 days ago
sure why not yolo
Nathania Flores
Nathania Flores - 5 days ago
imagine putting the canoe in the back of a truck or inside of a car and being in it. (i'd be down for that)
Mariana Rodriguez
Mariana Rodriguez - 5 days ago
yes yes yes and yes!!!!
mak rose
mak rose - 5 hours ago
everything she said sounded so scripted, i didn’t really think they were compatible at all
Jessica T
Jessica T - 6 hours ago
David’s so fuqin awkward I love it
Lauren A
Lauren A - 9 hours ago
I’m actually curious if they went on a second date
Karolina Wilk
Karolina Wilk - 16 hours ago
I think they made out later
Unusual Chemical
Unusual Chemical - 20 hours ago
I like steve
Irma Lopez
Irma Lopez - 22 hours ago
David is just so hot 😍😍🔥🔥
laila - 22 hours ago
She made me rlly uncomfortable
Julia Severo
Julia Severo - Day ago
I feel like halfway through David just started using the situation to bring himself down so she would compliment him ahahahah don’t know if it was unconscious or not
Riley - Day ago
Ximena Martinez
Ximena Martinez - Day ago
When David said “I’m Steve”
I lost it😂💀
Mikal - Day ago
nooo bro why didnt you pick my name
Tarah blahblahblah
Tarah blahblahblah - Day ago
This girl stands no chance... I stan Natalie & David ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Diána Taróczy
Diána Taróczy - Day ago
I can't 😂😂
Senpai Artz
Senpai Artz - Day ago
He is just so precious Lol. He looks so nervous.
what up doe
what up doe - 2 days ago
I like David on his own but I hate his videos and this video was beyond cringy I had to just skip to them seeing each other
Elijah Ogletree
Elijah Ogletree - 2 days ago
Jesus she's so annoying
angie navarrete
angie navarrete - 2 days ago
she doesn’t seem like a super fan, i’d SCREAMMMMM
Kamots - 2 days ago
He pissed on himself in front of Natalie..
Michaela Suorsa
Michaela Suorsa - 2 days ago
That was weird
Michaela Suorsa
Michaela Suorsa - 2 days ago
How can she not tell that it’s David??
Ashley’s Journey !
Ashley’s Journey ! - 2 days ago
needs to have a sense of humor , laugh at everything I say even though it’s not funny....
VARUN DIVIT - 2 days ago
David was pulling out all the accents in the beginning, Irish, Scottish,welsh u name it😂
Michaela Popiel
Michaela Popiel - 2 days ago
“What do you look for in a girl?”
David: “ *liza* “
JamesBC524 - 2 days ago
Dog frrr if David gets Chris Pratt in his videos it’d be the O’s
Jassilys Perez
Jassilys Perez - 2 days ago
I would instantly know it's him lol
Mary Busan
Mary Busan - 2 days ago
Loved this!
Wolf King
Wolf King - 2 days ago
I cringed so damn hard at the accent 😂😂
Daphne Pangilinan
Daphne Pangilinan - 2 days ago
I wish I could be Anna T.T
Daphne Pangilinan
Daphne Pangilinan - 2 days ago
Medi Quitoriano
Medi Quitoriano - 2 days ago
Chris pratt 👌👌👌
Enerel Tamir
Enerel Tamir - 2 days ago
Literally found out about David Dobrik 2 days ago finished all his vlogs (both channels) now i'm just here watching videos of Dobrik. Great vibe this guy !
snazz. yee
snazz. yee - 2 days ago
Vhybe - 3 days ago
Her: Ive seen all the vlogs from the past six months
Me: I've seen all the vlogs, interviews, etc.
Evil Wabbit
Evil Wabbit - 3 days ago
7:43 , right on
Zivin - 3 days ago
Plot twist, they're actually dating now
susannah olsonday
susannah olsonday - 3 days ago
3:57 you can see when she realizes it's him
himynameiscyn - 3 days ago
David is so cute and he's gonna age like fine wine!
Roxanne Watlington
Roxanne Watlington - 3 days ago
Go to her profile 😂😂😂 sooo funny
Mila 03
Mila 03 - 3 days ago
“I’m StEve” I WHEEZED 😂
tom - 3 days ago
The saddest thing is that he’s basically describing Liza
AustralianAlly - 3 days ago
big oof, that was the wrong explosion
Cha Malixi
Cha Malixi - 3 days ago
Only a hundred? Ure not a super fan hahaha i am. I watched all of the videos hahahahaha
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez - 3 days ago
Liza has left chat!!
Chucky Penero
Chucky Penero - 3 days ago
Liza!! check this gal!!
Angel Wise
Angel Wise - 3 days ago
I wish I was on this date I would of killed it 😭😂
Elias Martinez
Elias Martinez - 4 days ago
11:57 you're welcome
StormPxmp - 4 days ago
Abigail Vitali
Abigail Vitali - 4 days ago
okay but she’s beautiful and like i wouldn’t mind if they actually dated
cicirunner - 4 days ago
"I have a short attention span." What a catch
Stephanie Perri
Stephanie Perri - 4 days ago
If David called me babe I would pass out
Andal27 - 4 days ago
she seems sooo sweet and really pretty
Donovan Brady
Donovan Brady - 4 days ago
David went from his accent to his regular voice to his accent again
McKenzie Oliphant
McKenzie Oliphant - 4 days ago
I ship it.
Official oJ_Wayne
Official oJ_Wayne - 4 days ago
She watches the vlog on a treadmill

alan thunder
alan thunder - 4 days ago
when she does it shes a 'superfan' but when i guy does this to a girl, he is a 'stalker'
silviarambles - 4 days ago
This was kinda cringy but I liked it
D4ddy Mags
D4ddy Mags - 4 days ago
Lowkey natilie watches this like once a day and starts the day salty with David because of this video.
deathh70 - 4 days ago
Wait so did they actually go on another date?
Ash Nick
Ash Nick - 4 days ago
omg why can’t i date david :(
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