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Allegra Levy
Allegra Levy - 19 дней назад
jaclyn u looked so beautiful and full of life like this !! you are still beautiful but please stop doing things to your face like cosmetic wise ... i love you more natural x
Danielle Roberts
Danielle Roberts - 2 месяца назад
Have you got the video for this make up look??
nicole - 2 месяца назад
Please 🙏 do an updated verson on this i would love to know! Much love 😍❤
Skyler Nicole
Skyler Nicole - 3 месяца назад
Please do an updated tag!!
Candice Cronkhite
Candice Cronkhite - 4 месяца назад
Can we get a 2018 version??
Sibylle White
Sibylle White - 4 месяца назад
Lipliner, kajal, eyeliner?
Sarah lynn
Sarah lynn - 5 месяцев назад
We need an updated fall favs tag Jaclyn
6 MUSKETEERS!! - 6 месяцев назад
Brow product???
Alexis Hise
Alexis Hise - 6 месяцев назад
Hey Jaclyn, I recently discovered your channel and have been watching it nonstop. I absolutely love you and found you at a time I really needed too. I have two request I really hope you will do. The first will you please do a updated ride or die. I have not seen you use most of these products recently so I would love to see a new list and my second request is a glam yet professional look with your palette. I public speak a lot and attend a ton of meetings so I really need a glam professional look in my life.
CLAUDIA LOPEZ - 6 месяцев назад
Love the lipstick, can you share the color name?
mjespinosa4452 - 6 месяцев назад
The ultra hd stick doesn't have the lasting power I need. It breaks up and wears off within 4 hrs.
Cecilie K meltveit
Cecilie K meltveit - 6 месяцев назад
My ride or die parfume is escada sorbetto rosso eyeshadowpallete(tarte mermaid pallete)fondation(L’Oréal true match)concealer(tarte shape tape)higligt(sleek)setting spray (Mac prep prime original)
Giuliano Lanzilli
Giuliano Lanzilli - 7 месяцев назад
It bothers me so much how she says "desert island" when it should ne DESERTED island
Wendy Caldwell
Wendy Caldwell - 7 месяцев назад
love it
Dakota Beayrd
Dakota Beayrd - 7 месяцев назад
For sure my ride or die perfume is Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck! 😱😱😍😍😍😍 so good
kylee nixon
kylee nixon - 7 месяцев назад
Anyone watching in 2018?
💋K.O_BeaUty💄 - 8 месяцев назад
Who makes champagne pop?!? What brand is it?!?
Hannah McKale
Hannah McKale - 9 месяцев назад
Bekky Washbourne
Bekky Washbourne - 9 месяцев назад
1:06 “this is my favourite foundation” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kellie Barnes
Kellie Barnes - 9 месяцев назад
U forgot brow products
Debra Choi
Debra Choi - 9 месяцев назад
Do you have any favorite lip liners? I notice you don't use them in your tutorials. Just curious. XOXO
Amy Port-Ram
Amy Port-Ram - 9 месяцев назад
Can jaclyn update this video with her new ride or dies??
anirudh nair
anirudh nair - 10 месяцев назад
i came to you from pink sparkles and then you are my 2 fav YouTubers
1 .pink sparkles
2 . you
3 . merrel twins
Karen_LizAnn - 10 месяцев назад
Try “Le vie est belle.” - Lancôme. It’s such a beautiful scent.
misslust69 - 11 месяцев назад
matt lipstick same one as u the kvd, gloss fenty gloss lipstick maybeline Matt sparingly nude, brows Anastasia pomade, bronzer pp butter bronzer and lorac tanalizer ,butter blush mac coppertone ,foundation loreal infallible and my dear moose ,primer loreal infallible ,n7 primer also all my brushes, palettes morphe same as yours all Matt's,semi choc bar juvias place the Nubian ,my chi chi pallet and my boxom one mini ..deoderant dove dry spray invisible 48 hour Crystal touch and clear finish, my flat iron and gel and hairspray my perfume would be Versace yellow diamond Perry Ellis eternity Mac Air of style and turquatic and sexy Amber by Michael Kors on my Burberry one also I would carry my fittness loose powder my Mac loose powder also moisturizer for the face on soap & Glory lotion for my skin , vitamins also and My Philosophy almonds and cream my Victoria's Secret blush spray and my Victoria's Secret heavenly body mist toothpaste and toothbrush oh yeah almost forgot and facial wipes love you Jaclyn Hill you're a big inspiration
Ava Maybelle
Ava Maybelle - 11 месяцев назад
Do ride or die drugstore version
Sarah Dell'Eva
Sarah Dell'Eva - 11 месяцев назад
Fave scent - dolce and Gabbana Light blue , it’s the only scent I wear .. I like clean smelling and no floral ❄️❤️
michelle vaughan
michelle vaughan - 11 месяцев назад
U look stunning Jaclyn wooowww I love u xxx
Brittany lee
Brittany lee - 11 месяцев назад
Love the look! Girl i love your eyeshadow looks always bc your eyes are so beautiful. Proud of you
Coconut & Leafy Odenbach
Coconut & Leafy Odenbach - Год назад
What are your updated ride or die products???? Updated vid please!!!
Ava Maybelle
Ava Maybelle - Год назад
Can you please do a 2018 Ride or die
Ava Maybelle
Ava Maybelle - Год назад
What about tarte shape tape
Heather Anne
Heather Anne - 5 месяцев назад
Wasnt invented yet
Esha Khalil
Esha Khalil - Год назад
UPDATED RIDE OR DIE!!! Love you Jaclyn❤️
Jasmine Calderon
Jasmine Calderon - Год назад
Can you PUH-LEASE do a tutorial on this look?!?!
I saw you wore a similar look in a video with manny and i'm DYING to know your secrets D;
I am a new subscriber (idk how it took me so long) but if y'all other subs have the link for this look, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME. Gracias :)
Rebekah Morales
Rebekah Morales - Год назад
Oh girl, this is going to be so much fun about difficult. I have so many to list especially in eye makeup and lip colors.
1- moisturizer would be the IT Confidence in a Cream. So lightweight and smells beautiful.
1- primer would be the Maybelline Master Prime. It blurs and smoothes out the lines on my
1- foundation is the IT Compact Hydrating Fluid Foudation. I might be showing my age but I'm 42 and LOVE make-up I love wearing it and applying it. But over the past few years my skin has been changing. So.......IT has saved my skin.
1- concealer would be born this way by two face
1- setting powder would be the NYX mineral set it and don't fret it. I have used others but it makes my under eye look very dry.
1- loose powder would have to be the Maybelline Fit me. I only use this, I love it.
1- eye palette would have to be the two face chocolate bar. Omg I have used ever color in this packet. But!!!! I am looking forward to getting your eye palette. I absolutely love the colors in it. This past December Ulta had it advertised in their brochure and when I went to get it, they told me that the Waterford Store is the one that was chosen not to carry it, I'm jot going to lie, I had tears in my eyes. Moving on.
1- eyelashes the Ardell whispies love them. So natural looking.
1- mascara guaranteed the Maybelline Voluminous mascara hands down the best!!!!
1- lipstick.......ugh......this is the hard part.....Loreal liyas collection in the shade Liyas Nude. So pretty so creamy absolute love it.
1- lip gloss would have to be Victoria Secret lip shine the color tag has worn out but it's a pretty nude color, sorry.
1- liquid lipstick, Jaclyn you got me on this one from one of your tutorials, the Anastasias Beverly Hills in the shade Sephia. Giiiiirl!!! Not only does it lock on the lips, but the color is GORGEOUS!!!! I will be going to get more shades in Anastasias collection.
1- setting spray would be NYX MATTE FINISH.
Thank you so much Jaclyn for all your inspirations and keeping the love for makeup alive. Your hands down the best!! Oh forgot my ride to die perfume is 5th Avenue from Elizabeth Arden. But......i only use it on very special I also wear Juicy Couture.
Lilly - Год назад
Clare Smith
Clare Smith - Год назад
Craig Hart
Craig Hart - Год назад
How... i dont... what? How is your tongue that adorable purple color hahaha
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee - Год назад
Ride or die in the comment section, because wtfn?
Foundation: Clinique Beyond Perfecting
Concealer: KVD Lock It
Setting powder: Mac prep & prime translucent
Contour: NYX blush, shade taupe
Blush: Tarte shade Paaarty
Highlight: Mac extra dimension skin finish in Show Gold
Lipstick: Mac Hug Me
Liquid Lip: Huda Beauty, shade Wifey
Lip Gloss: Marc Jacobs shade Sugar Sugar
Eyeshadow Palette: Too Faced Chocolate Bar
Mascara: Estée Lauder Sumptuous
Eyeliner: Mac brushstroke
Brows: ABH brow pomade & Maybelline Brow Precise. You can’t make me choose just one.
Perfume: YSL Black Opium
DeeDeeBost - Год назад
You should do an updated one or just a video of your all time favorite for each makeup product
Brooke Slays and more
Brooke Slays and more - Год назад
You wearing that lipstick reminds me of Safiya Nygard
Virginia Owensby
Virginia Owensby - Год назад
Jaclyn I’m so glad I found you through Wayne Goss. I will tell you my ride or die, but I’m still finding makeup that I have not tried yet. So bare that in mind. And I am dry.
Ok for primer I don’t know yet but I use monistat complete care chafing gel
For foundation Clinique even better in linen.
Blush Bobbi Brown
Mascara Trish Mcenvoy for booster Lancôme
Eye shadow Bobbi Brown
Eyeliner Bobbi Brown Gel
For tight line Trish Mcenvoy black
Eyebrows Bobbi Brown looks no wear brow gel
Blush Bobbi Brown
Bronzer Trish Mcenvoy liquid face color in shade 1
Highlighter Clinique highlighter stick and Trish Mcenvoy (don’t know the color, but I am fair)
Concealer I use several and am still testing but Lancôme and Bobbi Brown
Cc cream IT ( I use sometimes). I also use Trish Mcenvoy which I would probably take on an island
I love Trish Mcenvoy eye base but I have found I am allergic to anything with pink or red on my eyelids.
Lip liner pink mauve Bobbi Brown
Lip stick Trish Mcenvoy Antique Rose
Oil Trish Mcenvoy
Eye repair cream Bobbi Brown
Eye Serum Clinique roller
Face Mositurizer Clinique moisture surge and Clinique smart night
Under eye powder Laura Mercia
Face powder Lancôme Absolute
Boy that was difficult.
Anna Rose Myrick
Anna Rose Myrick - Год назад
We’re the Slayla lashes limited edition??
Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup - Год назад
I have never EVER....seen such beautiful teeth
Lauren Kelly
Lauren Kelly - Год назад
she didn’t put eyebrows or lip liner... and can she do a updated version
love horse
love horse - Год назад
My favorite I shadow palette is yours
Maizie White
Maizie White - Год назад
Kylie Jenner vibes
Hasina Yusuf
Hasina Yusuf - Год назад
Who is watching this after her best of beauty of 2017? I do and i want updated version of ride or die makeup... who wants them, please raise ur hand 🙋🏻‍♀️
Izzy Davey
Izzy Davey - Год назад
Just want to throw out there the awful experience I had with the urban decay naked skin concealer so I got matched the wrong colour so I looked orange af then they were super rude when I went to return or exchange it and dismissed me before I could even ask for a refund when it wasn’t my fault I got the wrong colour it was the consultant
Autumn Jean
Autumn Jean - Год назад
Can you do an updated version?? :)
larson k
larson k - Год назад
what about eyebrows?!?!?!
Anessa Skinner
Anessa Skinner - Год назад
Its funny I'm watching this for the first time in 2018... and my all time ride or die eyeshadow palette is hands down the Jaclyn Hill palette. 😂 get it bitch 😍
kelsey morris
kelsey morris - Год назад
Your fav makeup look video
elizabeth lotte
elizabeth lotte - Год назад
you didn't do a brow product did you?
Amy Nagorcka
Amy Nagorcka - Год назад
Hi Jaclyn
Can you please do an updated version of this? Xx
Neala Nichole
Neala Nichole - Год назад
can we get a full face using only the Jaclyn hill palette?
Viviana Jaimes
Viviana Jaimes - Год назад
You forgot eyebrow product 😔😔😔
Miranda Kagebein
Miranda Kagebein - Год назад
i love all your different hair colors:)
Shruti Srivastava
Shruti Srivastava - Год назад
Shane Doyle
Shane Doyle - Год назад
she is so dumb trying to act like no one did setting the under eye technique before her lol they've been doing that in stage makeup for years
Shelby Collier
Shelby Collier - Год назад
What about eyebrows?!?
Waaauitt Waaahht
Waaauitt Waaahht - Год назад
Primer: Becca primer(purple one. Lol so professional.) Foundation: koh Jen Do Aqua foundation. Concealer: tarte shape tape daaammmnnnnn. Powder: RCMA. Brow: Anastasia Brow wiz. Glossier Brow gel. Eyeshadow: Tarte tartelette in bloom. YASSS. Eyeliner: Kat Von D and NYX eye pencil. Mascara: Benefit roller lash.( if anyone has a cheaper alternative pleeaaase tell me thank you) Bronzer: benefit hoola. Blush: skin food 06.( Korean brand and it’s gorgeous and it’s like 2 bucks) highlight: essence pure nude. Lip: Armani 200. ❤️💃💃💃Oh my god the most gorgeous color EVER
talia813 - Год назад
This was a fun idea. Will you do one to talk about the products we loved but are no longer with us (rip)?
Gina Bune
Gina Bune - Год назад
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera - Год назад
OMG the hair yesssssss
Shawnese Duran
Shawnese Duran - Год назад
i love your videos, just wondering where in canada i can purchase your shadow palette. I was searching and amazon was very expensive. ( i am not good at online shopping at all) Plz help!
Ezi and Abi x
Ezi and Abi x - Год назад
“So whadda you do? Put on a wig - make it werk!” 💀😂💜
Amira Gilford
Amira Gilford - Год назад
Yessss wig
Sandra Maldonado
Sandra Maldonado - Год назад
Do this again this year!!
deadbloom - Год назад
You forgot the brow product
katyocean - Год назад
you didn't say eyebrows. literally watched this to find a good eyebrow pomade or pencil lmao. but i love you and this video
Actual Trash
Actual Trash - Год назад
Primer: elf mineral primer
Foundation: bareMinerals BarePro Liquid Foundation
Concealer: Covergirl clean invisible concealer
Powder: Coty Airspun & bareMinerals Mineral Veil
Bronzer/Contour: bareMinerals BareSkin sheer sun serum bronzer
Highlight: Powder Highlight in the UD shapeshifter palette
Blush: NARS Orgasm
Mascara: UD Perversion
Eye Primer: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in The One
Eyeshadow Palette: Colourpop Yes Please or Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette
Lip Balm: L.A. Colors GEO in Vanilla
Lip Liner: bareMinerals Lip Pencil in Freestyle
Liquid Lipstick: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Frick n Frack
Lipstick: Maybelline Lipstick in Clay Crush
Lipgloss: NYX Pump it Up Lip Plumper in Piu 08
Setting spray: UD All Nighter
Lital Oren
Lital Oren - Год назад
Can you please do an updated tag? Love it so much it's gonna be so helpful
Lindsey King
Lindsey King - Год назад
Emily Callori
Emily Callori - Год назад
Would love to see an updated version!
Juliette Rivas
Juliette Rivas - Год назад
Where is your Ride or Die Eye Liner?!
Shelly Pollock
Shelly Pollock - Год назад
Could you please do a drug store version of this, not everyone can afford the top dollar products named. Ty
Alissa Faralli
Alissa Faralli - Год назад
Ride or die drugstore
Jay C
Jay C - Год назад
Jaclyn I can’t believe you forgot to ADD LIQUID EYELINER!?!?
Gabbie Conlon
Gabbie Conlon - Год назад
Please can you re do this video, so we can see new holy grail makeup! Even if some things are the same! :)) xxx
Angelyn Rosario
Angelyn Rosario - Год назад
My Ride or Die
Primer: Smashbox photofinish iconic primer
Foundation : L'oreal true match lumi
Concealer : NYX HD concealer wand
Powder - Pressed: MAC careblend powder
Blush: MAC Sunbasque
Eyebrow: ABH brow wiz
Mascara : Too faced better than sex
Eyeshadow palette : Lorac pro 1
Bronzer: NARS casino bronzer
Lip balm: Carmex original
Lip liner: NYX lip pencil Nude truffle
Lipstick / Liquid lipstick MAC velvet teddy & NYX soft matte lip cream Abu Dhabi
Lipgloss : NYX butter gloss Praline
Setting spray : Urban decay all nighter
Jiya X
Jiya X - Год назад
You forgot brow products 😂🤔x
Zaynab Mahmood Chaudhry
Zaynab Mahmood Chaudhry - Год назад
She forgot brows!?😱
margaret m
margaret m - Год назад
Arlen Loving Life
Arlen Loving Life - Год назад
I will try most of the product she recommended . OMG what an awesome idea. The only items I dont know if they will work for me are the foundation and powder since I have oily skin. the rest of the product sound very appealing to me.
laurenashen - Год назад
If she did do a ride or die brow product for the video, I would assume that it'd probably would be the Anastasia Brow Definer pencil obvi Either that or the brow wiz. Lets be realllll
laurenashen - Год назад
I wish she did a ride or die brow product for this video!!!!!!
Katelyn C
Katelyn C - Год назад
Why you didn’t make the video 20 minutes baffles me
Via rose Baslin
Via rose Baslin - Год назад
u forgot brows
Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez - Год назад
Are these still your ride or dies?
M14th _M
M14th _M - Год назад
What about a brow product!!
Emily Smith
Emily Smith - Год назад
Hey all! I am a newer beauty youtuber, and would greatly appreciate it if you checked out my channel! :) I'm going to be doing a giveaway soon!
Taylor Michelle
Taylor Michelle - Год назад
I just need to know what lip color she is wearing
Gina Bune
Gina Bune - Год назад
Taylor Michelle same!! I dont know but it looks alot like urban decay 1993 which is my all time fave
Sam's network
Sam's network - Год назад
A too faced look
Eileen Barrios
Eileen Barrios - Год назад
loving the hair in this video
Hanna Yo ho
Hanna Yo ho - Год назад
She didn't do brows
Amelia S
Amelia S - Год назад
Primer: pore fesh
Foundation: maybelline dewy and smooth
Concealer: collection last perfection
Powder: Rimmel stay Matt
Under eye powder: RCMA
Bronzer: Tanya burr bronzer
Blush: milani luminoso
Highlight: champagne pop
Eyeshadow pallet: naked 3
Eyeliner: Rimmel exaggerate liner
Mascara: maybelline lash sensational
Gloss: too faced lip gloss
Lip stick: Rommel Kate moss 45

Most is drugstore coz I'm broke👍
Scarlett Albertson
Scarlett Albertson - Год назад
Foundation: tarte rainforest of the sea
Concealer: NARS creamy radiant
Powder: rimmel stay matte
Bronzer: tf sweat tea bronzer
Blush: tf sweetheart blush
Highlighter: ud afterglow
Eye palette: naked 1
Mascara: tf better than sex
Lipstick: mac kinda sexy
Gloss: milani clear lip gloss
No one probably cares but it felt nesscary🍦
Emma B
Emma B - Год назад
My ride or dies:
Primer: Tarte drink of h2o cream (it's a moisturizer but I love using it as a primer)
Foundation: tarte rainforest of the sea
Concealer: lise waiter portfolio (it's a brand in Canada)
Powder: Laura mercier transluscent under the eyes and hourglass ambient lighting palette one the rest of the face
Bronzer: nars Laguna
Blush: becca hyacinth
Highlight: huda beauty 3D highlight in pink sands
Brows: benefit ka-brow
Eyeshadow: tarte tartelette in bloom palette
Mascara: Marc jacobs velvet noir
Lips: boxum lipgloss in White Russian
Hallie Alcantar
Hallie Alcantar - Год назад
can u do a updated version on this?
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