6 706
# tiana win dasig
# tiana win dasig - Day ago
weh got 31
madison Boysen
madison Boysen - 3 days ago
40 of them
robox gamer 7005
robox gamer 7005 - 4 days ago
Joey Slay Em: Blue mama Crayfish been eating her babys
(Doesn't move the babys till about an hour later)
Us: see a dead baby crayfish
Monster Hunter For Smash
This is why I hate this get *black thumb*
Steffani Nicole
Steffani Nicole - 5 days ago
I came to figure out how to properly use my suction cleaner, that was a couple hours ago 🤣 I’ve been watching Crayola’s videos since. Got yourself a new sub!
Combat Wombat
Combat Wombat - 5 days ago
The babies will also start eating each other
Lola Arts
Lola Arts - 6 days ago
Dcf :You eat your babies we take your babies
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee - 6 days ago
I counted 999,999 babies 😀
judith alers
judith alers - 7 days ago
I think i know why she is eating the babys because she is hungry or she just dosent love them but i am not a professional about baby crawl fish i might be wrong
Dorothy Rodriguez
Dorothy Rodriguez - 9 days ago
Crawfish child services lol
Millennium Jade
Millennium Jade - 10 days ago
This is safer then the goldfish rollercoaster
Chubbs Place
Chubbs Place - 12 days ago
This is the “fish rollercoasters” I am fine with. Other people don’t do for transport or do it for fun.
Jansen Jacinto
Jansen Jacinto - 13 days ago
I want one thats so cool
SherryGaming - 13 days ago
“You eat your babies, we take your babies”
#1 rule of parenting
KiraKira - 14 days ago
4:20 got me dead 💀😂
Success Team
Success Team - 16 days ago
No it’s 1,302
Rosie Gonzalez
Rosie Gonzalez - 18 days ago
I think 99 or 90
Mya Garcia
Mya Garcia - 19 days ago
Maybe 250
Bonnie Stull
Bonnie Stull - 19 days ago
What kinda fish is Ninga
Abdul basit
Abdul basit - 20 days ago
I am gonna get a crawl fish and it's blue
Thekeirasho !
Thekeirasho ! - 20 days ago
The amount of likes this comment gets is how many times he said babies
Rebekah kissel
Rebekah kissel - 21 day ago
Makes me wanna fill up my tank again and pick out some cool ones bblue crawfish is a beauty
anahi leanos
anahi leanos - 21 day ago
*You eat your baby’s we take your baby’s *

micah noel
micah noel - 22 days ago
i think there is 52 of them in the net
SONIA JAUREGUI - 22 days ago
Sunlight Moon Dash
Sunlight Moon Dash - 23 days ago
*counts babies* 1 2 3 99 500 999 1091 10000
Sunlight Moon Dash
Sunlight Moon Dash - 23 days ago
Crayola is eating them cause theres too many
Anthea Divine
Anthea Divine - 23 days ago
“You eat your babies, and we take them away from you”🤣🤣🤣
Anthea Divine
Anthea Divine - 23 days ago
Could I buy a blue crawfish from you?😂
Savage Keypers of life
Savage Keypers of life - 25 days ago
May I have a baby crawfish to accompany my 6 tetras 1 angelfish and one pleco
Chase Steinbruegge
Chase Steinbruegge - 25 days ago
7,893,871 babbys
Sniperx_1512 - 25 days ago
Foxygirl 0664
Foxygirl 0664 - 27 days ago
Crayola is cray cray
M Peachy
M Peachy - 28 days ago
Youre supposed to remove the mother from the tank 2 days after the eggs hatch
Naquib’s Slendy Channel
Cat Person
Cat Person - 28 days ago
Apparently he doesn't know JUST how many a MILLION is..but awesome share just the same!!!
Bart Hollinger
Bart Hollinger - 28 days ago
He is living lavish
Rachel Stipek
Rachel Stipek - 29 days ago
1,0000 craw fish
???????????? - Month ago
Paige Marya'
Paige Marya' - Month ago
I hope you realize, youd have alot more subs if you did shit the right way Joey. Why even try at all, if you're not gonna do it right?
Akira Ren
Akira Ren - Month ago
When the mama looses parts of herself, then she gotta get some of her portions back to her.
Beasty 90
Beasty 90 - Month ago
....ever thought of giving them some form of grass for them to chill in if they are in their permanent tank? Cause in truth, grass does feel nice on the skin just curious is all XD
Hussein Wayzani
Hussein Wayzani - Month ago
Add a girl friend for ninga so they can mait
Donna Rose
Donna Rose - Month ago
I want enemy tank is emty😢😢😢
Ziggy Simmio
Ziggy Simmio - Month ago
👅😼👺🤒🤑🤢🤧👍🏽💀🤧🧐😟😢🤮🤢🤮🤕🤑👹👿🤠. Brah
Alina Noje
Alina Noje - Month ago
Hiram Abiff
Hiram Abiff - Month ago
I hate how youtube channels have all become so fuckin' weak. I cannot seem to stop watching, literally shit that i can do myself, but without shit commentary. YOUTUUUUUBEEE LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE YOOO
Isabel Ortiz De la Vega
There is 4476
Shyam Chowdary
Shyam Chowdary - Month ago
Are you mad bro they are not millions
asdallday - Month ago
Can I get you to send me a few?
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