Live from Brooklyn shooting scene

Marcus W
Marcus W - Month ago
Kick down ur doors and smack ya chick just to show u Monica not having it.
Purple Sword 5
Purple Sword 5 - Month ago
No wiggers involved in this shooting..
Green Eyes Chavis
Green Eyes Chavis - Month ago
Life means nothing anymore. We will all destroy each other and the world eventually. We abuse everything everyday
Domepeace_ltd productions
kick in the door wavin the 4 4
Серж Шуляченко
Підтримувані Туреччиною бойовики вбили у Сирії цивільних, серед них жінка-політик — Guardian
Greg Hartwick
Greg Hartwick - Month ago
News reporting: long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of violence.
Andrew Schlagler
Andrew Schlagler - Month ago
Black mass-shooter. Why isn't this a national story?!?
McCoy watz up Tuesday 4realradio
Because it's not a black mass shooting, i can bet it's either a attempted robbery or some kind of problems these assholes had.
Fix News
Fix News - Month ago
Embarrassing white guy. You are a national story.
Jai Norman
Jai Norman - Month ago
Lol 🤣😂 😂
Frank Boguszewski
Frank Boguszewski - Month ago
It's awful in the US.Immigrants,asylum seekers,stay out for your own safety.
Logical Conservative
Logical Conservative - Month ago
media cockroaches.
chopsddy3 - Month ago
Saturday in Brooklyn. What else is new? Economic distress breeds trouble.
j an ne r b
j an ne r b - Month ago
freedom to NY,everyday
Kumar Broadway
Kumar Broadway - Month ago
Four men were killed and at least three people wounded in a shooting at an illegal gambling club in Brooklyn, New York police Chief of Detectives Dermot F. Shea said Saturday morning at a news conference.
reving19 - Month ago
Felise Sefo
Felise Sefo - Month ago
@David Sisneroz n
Felise Sefo
Felise Sefo - Month ago
@David Sisneroz b
David Sisneroz
David Sisneroz - Month ago
Bruce John Shourt
Bruce John Shourt - Month ago
It starts at 16:30.
Alberta Vila
Alberta Vila - Month ago
Enough is enough! When will it be time to discuss common sense gun legislation?
Alberta Vila
Alberta Vila - Month ago
@Fred Ragers TM I'm not talking about "going door to door confiscating" guns ... I'm talking about common sense gun laws at the Federal level.
Fred Ragers TM
Fred Ragers TM - Month ago
This wouldn't have been prevented by gun control laws, they're criminals. If you take my gun how does that stop them? You'd just be keeping me from protecting myself from them. The guns already exist and aren't going to disappear with gun control legislation. You'd need a time machine to disarm the American public. Government forces going door to door confiscating law abiding citizens guns would end in a civil war bloodbath that know one wins.
Tatoke kokipa
Tatoke kokipa - Month ago
Christians and athiest of all colors need to unite... there is a enemy back from the past, this enemy is not bound by race or nation... unite.
Tatoke kokipa
Tatoke kokipa - Month ago
@Councilman Les Wynan Yea u dont like to talk about it, and u dont want us to talk about.. you want to keep us stupid. Your comment does not add any significant value to this conversation. these Genocides allong the centuries are not controlled from earth.. that is why u ppl dont like the bible.
Councilman Les Wynan
Councilman Les Wynan - Month ago
Humans have always been violent. There is nothing new under the sun.
Andrew Karver
Andrew Karver - Month ago
a lot of good those new york gun laws did
Debbie Joseph
Debbie Joseph - Month ago
What does gun laws have to do with their illegal weapons???
Edward Cranium
Edward Cranium - Month ago
I know, right? Turn in your guns!
Ali Activ Plus - Tongkat Ali
Gun shooting spree targeting civilians is trending nowadays! What could be the reasons? 🌸🌹🌺💐
Kiran Setty
Kiran Setty - Month ago
A falling empire
This The Breaks
This The Breaks - Month ago
This was a robbery of the poker game
Boss Ladiee
Boss Ladiee - Month ago
Thank you
Apryl’s Page
Apryl’s Page - Month ago
They could’ve been playing spades
Gravertrain Graveytrain
Can't answer most obvious question,,, you don't deserve my attention.
Eugene Cody
Eugene Cody - Month ago
Someone shot Trump, while he was at his Girlfriend's house!!
Maria Helena Tietjen
Maria Helena Tietjen - Month ago
Eugene Cody , too good to be true !!!
Emmy Boeijink
Emmy Boeijink - Month ago
Hurray for the USA the so called greatest country on earth. One shooting after the other. So sad.
Mulder & Scully
Mulder & Scully - Month ago
Just another day in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸
LarrySVT - Month ago
Shena Nigans
Shena Nigans - Month ago
A heartbreaking tragedy. Deepest condolences to the families of the victims.
don't subscribe to me I don't need you
Only In America
Diogenes Iohannes
Diogenes Iohannes - Month ago
Purple Rane
Purple Rane - Month ago
Just looking at reported don't Kno any info on shooting. REALLY?
Mz Lee
Mz Lee - Month ago
Begins @16:30
I hear Voices
I hear Voices - Month ago
Lexy Ortiz
Lexy Ortiz - Month ago
Dol l
Dol l - Month ago
Sirene 74
Sirene 74 - Month ago
Thank you
It’s me Vanessa
It’s me Vanessa - Month ago
Killing murdered is normal in every Democrats cities and States.
Maya Monserrat
Maya Monserrat - Month ago
Not breaking news, just habitual information about the killings that go on around USA, regularly.
Councilman Les Wynan
Councilman Les Wynan - Month ago
Maya Monserrat Freedom has its price.
sundevil 22
sundevil 22 - Month ago
@linus726 what Sally means is the people who do commit crimes get off Scott free. Look at all the Antifa Nazis who attack people and get arrested. They end up getting off with no charges because they are doing their fascist leaders work.
Aschi - Month ago
@Sally Willow thats a very stupid thing to say... U stupid?
Sunil M.
Sunil M. - Month ago
@Sally Willow You can't arrest someone who doesn't have a prior criminal record
Aqeel Ahmed
Aqeel Ahmed - Month ago
Mr. Donald Trump in a latest statements regarding Mediation over Kashmir,
“I will do the best I can to mediate or do something”
We guess after Afghanistan USA wants its presence in sub -continental / head quarter at
Kashmir for its own interest and keep an eye on Middle East, Iran,Afghanistan, China, Russia,
Pakistan, India etc.
Kiran Setty
Kiran Setty - Month ago
And sabotage them
Mijemu mijemu
Mijemu mijemu - Month ago
Another wacko Republican goes off the cliff.
Sol Berg
Sol Berg - Month ago
This does look like another -.H.O.A.X.
Why do these actors look away from the camera? And we're supposed to take this as real? lol
solodiamante Forever
solodiamante Forever - 21 day ago
@Sol Berg, exactly, that is your point very subjective to reality.
Sol Berg
Sol Berg - 21 day ago
@solodiamante Forever , They were NOT killed. Nobody was killed - that's my point.
Kiran Setty
Kiran Setty - Month ago
Only the bodies die. The soul goes on. No biggie.
solodiamante Forever
solodiamante Forever - Month ago
How dare you to say such a senseless thing. People were killed and you called them actors? I hope it won't happen to you.
arjaygee - Month ago
You sound like another M.O.R.O.N. He's looking at the reporters around him.
Pookie an rayray killing people
Felise Sefo
Felise Sefo - Month ago
tokelau n
The Truth
The Truth - Month ago
4 souls fate is sealed for eternity.
Do you know where you will spend eternity upon your last breath?
The Truth
The Truth - Month ago
Ride TheCurve don’t go to hell. Mark 1:15 “And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.”
The Truth
The Truth - Month ago
Ride TheCurve trump’s the antichrist, he’s going straight to hell along with satan and Cardinal Raymond Burke!
The Truth
The Truth - Month ago
damien ducharme so you think, smh
Ride TheCurve
Ride TheCurve - Month ago
Hopefully somewhere Trump won't be. Oh, and yeah, he's Definitely going 'there'.
breakstuff2145 - Month ago
First and uhhhh can u make a vid about one world Trade Center
breakstuff2145 - Month ago
Nothing tragic happened
breakstuff2145 - Month ago
@Fed Dev I want them to rebuild the Twin Towers but in a different place in New York City by the Memorial so that everyone can be happy
Fed Dev
Fed Dev - Month ago
breakstuff2145 what happened there????
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