29 864
2 915
hotel hideaway weirdos
hotel hideaway weirdos - 2 часа назад
7:20 did that in 3rd grade
jaynemarie2002 - 2 часа назад
You forgot the honey you saw it people
Toni Besnier
Toni Besnier - 3 часа назад
Robbie you added too much food coloring
theany uk
theany uk - 3 часа назад
I know that trick I learned that in elementary school
Panda Flowers
Panda Flowers - 3 часа назад
At 1:15 he wasn't supposed to mix it lol
Sonia Chermaneanu
Sonia Chermaneanu - 4 часа назад
How’s the 1st one a “life” hack?
Simran Singh
Simran Singh - 5 часов назад
Anyone noticed nail paint in his nails 😂
Khaza Shahabuddin
Khaza Shahabuddin - 5 часов назад
Why do you Polish your neal are you a gorl are you mad
Khaza Shahabuddin
Khaza Shahabuddin - 5 часов назад
Good work buddy
manthos armyras
manthos armyras - 5 часов назад
Why your nails is red?
MyDog AndMeh
MyDog AndMeh - 6 часов назад
Your stupid the water was going faster not slow like normal people strow the water of u actually got me in the nerves but it was kinda funny
Mømä Bëãř Gáćhä
Mømä Bëãř Gáćhä - 6 часов назад
For the bottle hack Robby it's just supposed to go out faster that's it.
Sporty Craft
Sporty Craft - 7 часов назад
6:10 it doesn’t make it swirling it makes the water come out of the bottle faster
Shebba Silveira
Shebba Silveira - 8 часов назад
Actually that bottle hack (in the basin) worked for me 😑😑😑
Robby it didn’t work cause you added the wrong ingredients...
Skylar Miklas
Skylar Miklas - 12 часов назад
You needed the apaprin that dissolves in water and fizzes
Yuan Lao
Yuan Lao - 14 часов назад
Robby you should start the aspirin before the coloring
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee - 16 часов назад
Robby: where'd all the water go?

*Inserts SpongeBob with a rainbow* Evaporation
Critical Gamer 520
Critical Gamer 520 - 17 часов назад
3:35 xD
Linda Hunt
Linda Hunt - 18 часов назад
Thin you shake the bottle I said why are you gonna do it up slide 📥📥📥📩📩📩⬇⬇⬇⤵⤵⤵☟☟☟⏬⏬⏬👇👇👇🖓🖓🖓
Linda Hunt
Linda Hunt - 18 часов назад
My brother did that to me 😂😂😂
Jayden Fitton
Jayden Fitton - 19 часов назад
6:36 bich It makes it dump faster 😑
Ana Flores
Ana Flores - 19 часов назад
This is how old I am
Subrahmanya Sarma
Subrahmanya Sarma - 20 часов назад
6:26 it did work robby watch the vid and see the difference
X_RECON46 -YT - 20 часов назад
Is Rob gay
Arielley Rodriguez
Arielley Rodriguez - 20 часов назад
You were supposed to make slime clear slime
hooked up girl
hooked up girl - 21 час назад
Ahh it got everywhere
Kim Truong
Kim Truong - 22 часа назад
I thought the thumbnail was a breast thing
Kim Truong
Kim Truong - 22 часа назад
Peyton Perea
Peyton Perea - 22 часа назад
Can you shout out me please
sunny Quintanilla
sunny Quintanilla - 23 часа назад
You forgot HONEY
Pika Chu
Pika Chu - День назад
|x x|
Jansen Licop
Jansen Licop - День назад
I got the merch of robby its so awesome
BubbleLyrics - День назад
Exploding puppy Pasoquin
Exploding puppy Pasoquin - День назад
You did not mixed the food die
Bone Crusher
Bone Crusher - День назад
Don't you know your states of matter is evaporated and plus I'm and I'm only in second grade and I'm 8 years old
Alliah Papilla
Alliah Papilla - День назад
U dont put honey 0:40
Shelly Covey
Shelly Covey - День назад
Why are robots nails pink
Arik Cullen
Arik Cullen - День назад
I really like my milk to 😍😘🤪😛😜😝😋🤓🤗
Who Am I?
Who Am I? - День назад
Bug saying soumd
Michelle Trimeloni
Michelle Trimeloni - 2 дня назад
At 6:44
Kaiyah Andrews
Kaiyah Andrews - 2 дня назад
You did it wrong your supost to put the water in first and then put the aspirin and it bubbles
Theslayah 123
Theslayah 123 - 2 дня назад
3:38 add explosion meme
Shadow Dog76
Shadow Dog76 - 2 дня назад
You got the wrong type of aspirin
Shadow Dog76
Shadow Dog76 - 2 дня назад
And the water twirl is just to get the water out more easily
ii_hazel's adeventures
ii_hazel's adeventures - 2 дня назад
4:55 *robbie* I dumped the whole jar in
*me:* robbie what about the one on the side....
XL 7
XL 7 - 2 дня назад
Bill nye the science guy
Robert Tulloch
Robert Tulloch - 2 дня назад
the first hack has seperation angsiaty
Ghost Rider Gamer
Ghost Rider Gamer - 2 дня назад
the seperation thing on the water worked only the camera saw it
Justice Vone
Justice Vone - 2 дня назад
It’s Not aspirin
Lashay Igus
Lashay Igus - 2 дня назад
i like your v🕶️🕶️🤝
Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández - 2 дня назад
I like your nails
Sierra Breton
Sierra Breton - 2 дня назад
But the first hack did work it separated from each other
Jessica Miranda
Jessica Miranda - 2 дня назад
U did it wrong
Saray Real
Saray Real - 2 дня назад
The water and penny is called surface tension
Maliah Coker
Maliah Coker - 2 дня назад
6:00 his sink is so dirty😂🤣
Sinat Mov
Sinat Mov - 2 дня назад
Jennifer Segreaves
Jennifer Segreaves - 3 дня назад
Valeria Young
Valeria Young - 3 дня назад
It’s supposed to be faster
Asra Sultana
Asra Sultana - 3 дня назад
Mix it
Jim House
Jim House - 3 дня назад
Your finger nails have red from nail polish
Homanzi - 3 дня назад
6:49 it actually works water goes down faster
ItzYaGirlTaylor XOXO
ItzYaGirlTaylor XOXO - 3 дня назад
3:38 And that’s why things have safety caps, kids!
Grayson Foster
Grayson Foster - 3 дня назад
It’s called one pens not penny but you can call it penny but that’s a weird way to pronouns pens I’m English and I call it pens
Kelly Barter
Kelly Barter - 3 дня назад
Your house is dirty but your a good you tuber
Cate#DragonGirl# Awesome
Cate#DragonGirl# Awesome - 3 дня назад
To: Robby
From: me.

You mest up with the honey
Ana Nozadze
Ana Nozadze - 3 дня назад
Dude you're supposed to add it slowly and you never even added honey
Pink Cat
Pink Cat - 3 дня назад
ya messed up again
gacha hina
gacha hina - 3 дня назад
Hey Robby can ya draw anime?
Ryan Harrow
Ryan Harrow - 3 дня назад
You did it wrong the1
Vincent Corrado
Vincent Corrado - 3 дня назад
You feel cheated because u need alcazelzer
TooningInWithSweetiepie Love You guys
You were supposed to add honey..
Mireya Zazueta
Mireya Zazueta - 3 дня назад
I the first was wrong because the honey😄
阿部はると - 3 дня назад
4:47 LIES he has one on the piece of paper.
Real Fire_Runner
Real Fire_Runner - 3 дня назад
Its not aspirin pills it's the tablets
Real Fire_Runner
Real Fire_Runner - 3 дня назад
It wasn't the right asprin
Mr. Luqmeow
Mr. Luqmeow - 3 дня назад
It make it faster fck
The Savage Wolf H8ter
The Savage Wolf H8ter - 3 дня назад
nails on fleek!
Toby Kuhn
Toby Kuhn - 3 дня назад
My name is toby 😂
Robby everybody knows you have different clothes you just wear those for your videos
Lylah and Kristen
Lylah and Kristen - 3 дня назад
Robby:Well five minute crafts has never let me down before!
Me:but didn’t the last two crafts before not work? XD
Melissa Hudson
Melissa Hudson - 3 дня назад
Crystal R
Crystal R - 3 дня назад
Not. The. Rite. Pill. Tipe
Lonely Kat
Lonely Kat - 3 дня назад
You should try 123 GO! its another hack channel that actually works
Uriah Bush
Uriah Bush - 3 дня назад
Your merch is crap
Unicorn Glitter Poops
Unicorn Glitter Poops - 3 дня назад
You needed to mix the first one and the third one went faster dummy
Sophie Langston
Sophie Langston - 3 дня назад
Why r ur fingernails colored
Grace Hetesi Cheeseman
Grace Hetesi Cheeseman - 3 дня назад
it is water THEN baby oil.
outdoor sky
outdoor sky - 4 дня назад
The nail though
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 4 дня назад
The water evaporated SCIENCE
Sarah Pozniak
Sarah Pozniak - 4 дня назад
I had to do honey first 😱😱😱😱😱😱
xXSniperDustXx - 4 дня назад
You should call Toby the tennisball, Triple T 😂
Macy Stockton-Beesley
Macy Stockton-Beesley - 4 дня назад
COOL 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
Macy Stockton-Beesley
Macy Stockton-Beesley - 4 дня назад
Your nails are painted
Emily Gray
Emily Gray - 4 дня назад
( • - •)
√. \. 1 like helps him know da way
Annette Green
Annette Green - 4 дня назад
I had pizza today
Clare Cridland
Clare Cridland - 4 дня назад
Why do you have red nails?😂😂😎❓
Mike Stiles
Mike Stiles - 4 дня назад
U missed the honey
Ema Livesey
Ema Livesey - 4 дня назад
Robby I was watching u and I was eating pizza OMG
Eurich Playz
Eurich Playz - 4 дня назад
Are you gay cause you have painted your nails.
Samantha Hurst
Samantha Hurst - 4 дня назад
For a gay guy you sure do have a disgusting bathroom 🤢🤢
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