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Jasmin Jasso
Jasmin Jasso - 2 minutes ago
9:28 it is slime
Samantha Ramirez
Samantha Ramirez - 2 hours ago
Wrong aspirin
Samantha Ramirez
Samantha Ramirez - 2 hours ago
At 3:39 or 3:40 the baby oil explodes 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 and then I just burst into laughter
Milo Quarless
Milo Quarless - 2 hours ago
U didnt add honey on the first one
Sabrina Lewis
Sabrina Lewis - 2 hours ago
His humor cures my anexity and depression毋
Jacqueline Lewis
Jacqueline Lewis - 3 hours ago
Robby your doing it all wrong
Jacqueline Lewis
Jacqueline Lewis - 3 hours ago
You still messed up for the 1 one
Mya - 4 hours ago
for the water bottle one where you swirled it. It makes the water comes out faster than the normal way
Nancy Santibanez
Nancy Santibanez - 11 hours ago
the one with the shaving cream works I did that in kindergarten
Alexkusgamer56 roblox
Alexkusgamer56 roblox - 13 hours ago
Do you mean 1p I'm form the UK
Corey Jones Jr
Corey Jones Jr - 14 hours ago
It did not work because you used baby oil you need clocking oil
Mik Jo25
Mik Jo25 - 15 hours ago
I am eating pizza right now in Bangalore India come in India I like your videos I love your videos 3 million times I watch it and I like it so much
skydfly 67
skydfly 67 - 16 hours ago
Aren't you supposed to mix it for it to work?(the one with the water,baby oil,aspirin, food dye)
Car Insanity
Car Insanity - 17 hours ago
We love Toby
Mrs Gryner
Mrs Gryner - 18 hours ago
That is my nickname yes
Saoirse Kidd
Saoirse Kidd - 19 hours ago
why do you have nail polish on
Vikepelie Suohu
Vikepelie Suohu - 19 hours ago
You messed up!!!! ♀
ASF Inc - 23 hours ago
The knife has to be cold
ASF Inc - 23 hours ago
When you pour the water in you have tilt the bottle so it doesnt mix I did it at school it worked
Sarahwitha Baby
Sarahwitha Baby - Day ago
Why are your nails a pink
Molly McGaghey
Molly McGaghey - Day ago
You definitely put way too much water okay Robbie don't do that ever again but maybe try it again with a little bit less water
Ranel Duet
Ranel Duet - Day ago
At 1:05 you also messed up because it is not the alcohol you drink it is the alcohol you put on a cut
Ranel Duet
Ranel Duet - Day ago
At 0:43 seconds you messed up on the first hack because you did not at honey before the tide
Claire Walker
Claire Walker - Day ago
In the first one you forgot honey
ND1SAST3R 3187
ND1SAST3R 3187 - Day ago
You took the wrong kind of aspirine!!!!
GOD ROBLOX - Day ago
4:59 you make it wrong
Epic Games & Vlogs
Epic Games & Vlogs - Day ago
Guys stop bad mouthing Robby hes just trying to have fun
Gracie Esparza
Gracie Esparza - Day ago
Drops aspirin in the jug
Moment of silence
Whats gonna happen
kristian tatar
kristian tatar - Day ago
It explodedd hahahah 3:37
Jalisa Cooley
Jalisa Cooley - Day ago
The first few seconds it worked
Patience Williams
Patience Williams - Day ago
The swirly water hack works
Patience Williams
Patience Williams - Day ago
3:37 when Robby gets excited
- her friend
Patience Williams
Patience Williams - Day ago
Robby: I won't mess up again
Also Robby: messes up and forgot the oil first丹lol
Omar Mota
Omar Mota - 2 days ago
You added to much food coloring
Shawn Nystrom
Shawn Nystrom - 2 days ago
It looked like two different colers
squishy kookie
squishy kookie - 2 days ago
you missed the honey on the first hack!
Brittany Orozco
Brittany Orozco - 2 days ago
They pput asprin on 2 one
hello honey
hello honey - 2 days ago
U put to much food coulor in the one with aspren
liam campling
liam campling - 2 days ago
The first hack did work
EDGAR UZUMAKI - 2 days ago
No it dose dummy!in the frist one!!!
fire TV
fire TV - 2 days ago
omg whit the bottle poring whater u dont understand
when u sworl it araund the whater gows aut faster
its ok ill still like the vid
NisexDane - 2 days ago
What wattage is your microwave? Mine is 700 watts and they bubble knife hack worked for me.
NisexDane - 2 days ago
4:57 who noticed the spirin on the side and he said he put a whole bottle of aspirin in there XD
Dustin Baker
Dustin Baker - 2 days ago
This is how many time Robby says bad boy

I  art
I art - 2 days ago
Shea - 3 days ago
Fuck you fuck just fucking idit
Addie Wasil
Addie Wasil - 3 days ago
I think for the first one u had to do it in the same oder as in the video
El蘋na Raude
El蘋na Raude - 3 days ago
3:38 its so funny
Andrew Trujillo
Andrew Trujillo - 3 days ago
You are fat as well is magical For YouTube
Andrew Trujillo
Andrew Trujillo - 3 days ago
Never mind AI think you got trolled sorry
Andrew Trujillo
Andrew Trujillo - 3 days ago
Sorry do at the last part by add the whole bottle
Andrew Trujillo
Andrew Trujillo - 3 days ago
If you start over with the bubble you sing my d*** whatever I have to say I just explain myself
Mike Wiersum
Mike Wiersum - 3 days ago
You did it wrong if you tilted the glass when you did the water/oil/baby oil it would have worked
XxSavTheMegxX - 3 days ago
The first one did worl
stejk afro polski
stejk afro polski - 3 days ago
5:55 u must use dystylized water
Im from poland and my english is not perfect
Mexican-american Mapping
Fucking over edited videos!!!!
Kandiceplays Roblox
Kandiceplays Roblox - 3 days ago
bro stop using aspirin you need Alka-Seltzer Alka seltzers that's what they're using please stop doing dumb stuff like actually pay attention to the video and then you can like honestly get it right cuz that does that small thing was like what they put in their know they useAlka-Seltzer not aspirin Alka-Seltzer not aspirin so if you use a spring you're dumb cuz that's not Alka-Seltzer that's what bubbling in the making it like do that crazy stuff do not use aspirin use Alka-Seltzer thank you
Clive Stratton
Clive Stratton - 3 days ago
The coin was a 2p not a penny
Wild Donster
Wild Donster - 3 days ago
The water one was working
Rezana Fernandini
Rezana Fernandini - 3 days ago
You just mess up the first oneh
Bianca Schenk
Bianca Schenk - 3 days ago
The bottle twirly thing does work by the way i love you vids
Stella And Jolo
Stella And Jolo - 4 days ago
Wrong aspirin sorry bruh
Stella And Jolo
Stella And Jolo - 4 days ago
Already you forgot something
Claudio Teodores
Claudio Teodores - 4 days ago
I saw them
Claudio Teodores
Claudio Teodores - 4 days ago
Your nails are still painted
Jennifer Pena
Jennifer Pena - 4 days ago
A D - 4 days ago
I love Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to
_Lil _maducis_ Xoxo
_Lil _maducis_ Xoxo - 4 days ago
The first that works you just didnt do it correctly IDIOT!!!!!丹賤儭
Silly Lilly Cat :3
Silly Lilly Cat :3 - 4 days ago
Maybe have to let the glue dry then it will "probably" work
Sonia Lin
Sonia Lin - 4 days ago
For the soda bottle trick, it's supposed to go faster.
Katie Hodge
Katie Hodge - 4 days ago
It was alkasalzer not aspirin no offense
Addison Cats
Addison Cats - 4 days ago
You did the first hack wrong its honey then detergent but I guess its okay
Mystic Club
Mystic Club - 4 days ago
You forgot the honey
# IISloydII
# IISloydII - 4 days ago
1:37 but it workesd
Sidandlizzywobble - 4 days ago
Anya Helpme
Anya Helpme - 4 days ago
You forgot the honey on the first hack
Christine Gibson
Christine Gibson - 4 days ago
Robby I bot 1 of your shirts
ricardo marquez
ricardo marquez - 5 days ago
I did this in science
Syed Rashid
Syed Rashid - 5 days ago
Leave a like if you saw his nail polish from the other video
Vue Kids
Vue Kids - 5 days ago
Why does he have nail polish
Elizabeth Puppy
Elizabeth Puppy - 5 days ago
The first one you had to put honey
brookie cookie
brookie cookie - 5 days ago
To much color to much baby oil
Mama Mc David
Mama Mc David - 5 days ago
robby you did it wrong even toby knows you did it wrong [ robby] yes i did oh wait shit i did not put in honey and the other stuff
Zaria XD
Zaria XD - 5 days ago
The one where you swirl and dump the water out its just supposed to be faster then normal not for it to be a vortex in it
DailyCake - 5 days ago
Me:it evaporated ever learned about evaporate?
DailyCake - 5 days ago
Why does Robby look like hes squishing clear slime at the title XD and also I see that Robbys left hand has red nail polish ;-;
Madysin Stuck
Madysin Stuck - 5 days ago
You didn't put cuz you didn't add gauze
Kylahusler - 5 days ago
You guys are awsome plz shout out me and in 4 days is my bday I'm. Going to be ten
HCG_Dominator 28
HCG_Dominator 28 - 5 days ago
Robby is wearing nail polish
gacha movies
gacha movies - 5 days ago
Robby. It. Wasn't. Ment. To. Look. Swirlly. It came out faster, that water came out faster
toni jay
toni jay - 5 days ago
Robby you forgot the honey the first hack
CRAZYMiki - 5 days ago
4:45 just adds is the whole bottle
Kitty_girl_lover !
Kitty_girl_lover ! - 5 days ago
You better change your hat dude
izabela webley
izabela webley - 6 days ago
the water one dose work you just need a bigger bottle
Alise and Maddy vlogs
Alise and Maddy vlogs - 6 days ago
6:50 it works because the water came out faster
Earth worm Sally
Earth worm Sally - 6 days ago
The frist saving cream one looks like pirod blood
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray - 6 days ago
Nice nails
ODYSSEY R - 6 days ago
you messed up real bad on the first one
Isabella. Green
Isabella. Green - 6 days ago
You are supposed to freeze it after every layer
Nancy Robinson
Nancy Robinson - 6 days ago
Toby is my tomato plant 歹歹
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