Biancaloyola Loyola
Y love you
Kaylonni Banks
Kaylonni Banks - 9 days ago
Little Mix resebles what the Spice girls brought in music Girl power# Fact
lora yates
lora yates - 15 days ago
murderer: you have 3:29 minutes to live
me: *watches this* welp
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - 19 days ago
Jesy is so pretty😍. Jade is so cute😍Perrie looks amazing with short hair😍and💖Leigh-Anne's hair😍. They are so talented🔥.
Henrique Cardozo
Henrique Cardozo - 20 days ago
Elas são muito fofas 😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏
Daniel Hamadeh
Daniel Hamadeh - 20 days ago
I've been a mixer for almost 2 years now and this is my first time watching's Crazy...I LUV IT!
Melissa Mussida
Melissa Mussida - 29 days ago
Why have LM got a beautiful voice without autotune!?!?!? Love them so much
Wanrap Kharumnuid
Wanrap Kharumnuid - Month ago
Everything is perfect bout lil mix..but if only Leigh Anne cud be replaced by a much more talented blonde girl.. well I wish
Horror Unboxing
Horror Unboxing - Month ago
Jesy look so beautiful😍💘
Minion Girl
Minion Girl - Month ago
Falling in Love 😍
Santosh Vishwakarma
Santosh Vishwakarma - Month ago
How can someone be so talented. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cynthia Sanchez
Cynthia Sanchez - Month ago
Perrie looks SO whipped for Jade in the thumbnail 😂 QUEENS SLAYED AS ALWAYS ❤️❤️
Fred Zeynalov
Fred Zeynalov - Month ago
perrie is cool.I love you,Perriee❤.I loveeee little mixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(never stop)
Fred Zeynalov
Fred Zeynalov - Month ago
Miraculous Tikaani
Miraculous Tikaani - Month ago
3:16 the way Leigh looks at the camera, she’s so perfect!
Cristina Correia
Cristina Correia - Month ago
Haters go away
Kim Hidru
Kim Hidru - 2 months ago
Farzana Aragão
Farzana Aragão - 2 months ago
edrian castillo
edrian castillo - 2 months ago
When you thought you've already seen all Little Mix videos.
Emily - 2 months ago
They are all soo gorgeous!!😍👑❤
Amore Weasley
Amore Weasley - 2 months ago
Perrie's hair and Jade's note at the end killed me!
Lisa NB
Lisa NB - 2 months ago
Jesy 😍
Monica Nath
Monica Nath - 3 months ago
let's talk about jesy 😊😊😊
Mariana Ordinola
Mariana Ordinola - 3 months ago
Monica Nath
Monica Nath - 3 months ago
Four Queens
milano 25
milano 25 - 3 months ago
Incredible voice by them😍
Stephanie Liew
Stephanie Liew - 3 months ago
Jesy is looking soooooo gooooood
Iqbal Qosim
Iqbal Qosim - 3 months ago
Their harmonization, 2019?
luchy Edwards
luchy Edwards - 3 months ago
sido s
sido s - 4 months ago
so sweet
Hla Balhas
Hla Balhas - 4 months ago
This video was made on my birthday!
John Rean Dela Cruz
John Rean Dela Cruz - 4 months ago
Jesy's voice is so unique
Angelica Victoria Murillo Rodriguez
I love music
Disney Princess
Disney Princess - 4 months ago
How is it every member of little mix can all be so amazing, at everything literally,
Hair: short hair long hair curly hair straight hair any color hair these girls just rock it
Vocals: seriously flawless
Alterations of the Plan: Even when they "mess up" or get too emotional to sing it's still amazing because it means so much to them
Confidence: So well earned,
You guys are amazing!!
Love you!!
Anagha Srinivasan
Anagha Srinivasan - 4 months ago
In the end when Jade sings "Magic..." It's so beautiful. I can listen to her sing all day long. 😭💕
Sushmita Lakra
Sushmita Lakra - 4 months ago
Leigh’s voice 😍😍😍
Anwesha Das
Anwesha Das - 4 months ago
Perrie's hair looks like Hannah's from 13 Reasons Why
#Eryn Anum
#Eryn Anum - 4 months ago
I loveeeee you guys 😍😍😍💞💞
Waily Bailey
Waily Bailey - 5 months ago
dude why haven’t I seen this til now and Perrie needs to go back to wavy short hair omg 😍😍
Amelie Jary
Amelie Jary - 5 months ago
I love them sooo much they are so talented.😍😘
Yomna Mostafa
Yomna Mostafa - 5 months ago
Nadya Demadevina
Nadya Demadevina - 5 months ago
Cameraman seems to like jesy so much. But who doesnt?
jonathan aguirre trejo
jonathan aguirre trejo - 5 months ago
beautiful music greetings from ecuador
Aleksia Spiro
Aleksia Spiro - 5 months ago
All are very beautiful ❤❤❤love them
Ytauany Tyally
Ytauany Tyally - 6 months ago
Earl Galo Pontillas
Earl Galo Pontillas - 6 months ago
I like Perries hair here😍😍
Adriana Drica
Adriana Drica - 6 months ago
Você è bonita
Lenny Singh
Lenny Singh - 6 months ago
Little mix rocks
Trisha Paytas Memes
Trisha Paytas Memes - 6 months ago
Aww I love jesy sm
karafaye1979 - 6 months ago
Leigh 🐻
Eloa Lorena
Eloa Lorena - 6 months ago
Shahed Sajid
Shahed Sajid - 6 months ago
You girls can never be perfect because the perfect wants to be you!
Lip Lee Valentine
Lip Lee Valentine - 6 months ago
fave part 2:58
hamad alhay
hamad alhay - 6 months ago
Black Magic 🖤🔮
Lorenzo Serafim
Lorenzo Serafim - 6 months ago
Naz pubhiang
Naz pubhiang - 6 months ago
Perrie 😍😍😍😍😍😍...she is love
RATRI KHAMPHAN - 6 months ago
You know all the time that I did not choose this guy.You know that everything is not right.I try to do everything to be happy and You know I say goodbye to everyone in the house, this is what I said in that house that I did not choose him.You know he chose me and he wanted me back, I did not choose him I did not want
RATRI KHAMPHAN - 6 months ago
ที่รักอย่าทรมาร ตีร ที่รัก ตีรอยากไป ตีรคิดถึงคุณ คุณ รู้ว่าฉันไม่เลือก เลคิชิป
Alana Carla Oliveira
Alana Carla Oliveira - 6 months ago
Bianca Carletti
Bianca Carletti - 6 months ago
Perrie ❤️
AitchAy Bee
AitchAy Bee - 6 months ago
1:12 i think its looks like playback
Elaine Santos
Elaine Santos - 6 months ago
Amo essa música 🌼🌼
norjan ariana
norjan ariana - 6 months ago
830LB - 6 months ago
HEy! you girls are amazing! Mai veivy vroder laiks iour musyq! Ji ys kreicy!!!!
Hà Trang Đỗ
Hà Trang Đỗ - 7 months ago
Kadaree cheyenne
Kadaree cheyenne - 7 months ago
Carmen Fuentealba
Carmen Fuentealba - 7 months ago
Like si you y like litle mix
Carmen Fuentealba
Carmen Fuentealba - 7 months ago
Y love litle mix
Tati Ric
Tati Ric - 7 months ago
I don't know why but this song made my arm hairs stand on end🤣🤣
ISA SANTOS - 7 months ago
Beautiful jade
sofia arreola
sofia arreola - 7 months ago
I Love blak mágic :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
Kamcia love
Kamcia love - 7 months ago
Love 😍😘
Xianny Montes de oca
Xianny Montes de oca - 7 months ago
Roblox lol
Roblox lol - 7 months ago
Megan sparkles
Megan sparkles - 7 months ago
Am you bigest fan
Esmeralda Manzanares
Esmeralda Manzanares - 7 months ago
😘😘Me encanta esa canción😘😘
enjoynet - 7 months ago
2:27- 2:33 Jade
Amore Van Rooyen
Amore Van Rooyen - 7 months ago
Jou gays hafe the best voyses in the world 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😉😘😘😘😘😘😘😇😇😇😇😇😉😙😉😊
Chakib Aouidy
Chakib Aouidy - 7 months ago
Im a harmonizer but little mix im in love but leigh anne is so amazing her style her voice she looks so beatiful i love her so much
Giang Trần
Giang Trần - 7 months ago
Farah Nujaidi
Farah Nujaidi - 7 months ago
يالببى الاصواتتت
Kei Andrada
Kei Andrada - 7 months ago
I LOVE THIS SONG OH MY GOD😭😍why am i crying?😁
Jermiah Parungao
Jermiah Parungao - 7 months ago
Jermiah Parungao
Jermiah Parungao - 7 months ago
Oh my gosh !!! Jade and Perrie are so beautiful !
Isabella Melendez
Isabella Melendez - 8 months ago
Que divertido ece video me encanta y depaso me encanta el inglehs
Leo Leo
Leo Leo - 8 months ago
This killing how good this is❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bella jullya
Bella jullya - 8 months ago
fix i lov little mix💓💖
- Jhxn Cxetanø -
- Jhxn Cxetanø - - 8 months ago
Thzhzhxhnzhxguxyeg Che ei já heridrmdm RJ te ou ek de rhtdd Oi
Chay Jdk
Smiltė Simanavičiūtė
Smiltė Simanavičiūtė - 8 months ago
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Sarah Álvares
Sarah Álvares - 8 months ago
Perrie 😍
Jade 😘
Leigh 😉
Dorothy Cabili
Dorothy Cabili - 8 months ago
Jade 2:22 to 2:24 so cute😍
اميرة نفسها
اميرة نفسها - 8 months ago
Erika brook hernamdez
Erika brook hernamdez - 8 months ago
Parry 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜my life little mix ❤️💓❤️
nasho nashin nashoso:v
nasho nashin nashoso:v - 8 months ago
Son fabulosas
Bangtan Mixer
Bangtan Mixer - 8 months ago
I have no fovourite! because all together are the best❤❤❤❤
أميره الا حزان
manualidades facil Solis
manualidades facil Solis - 8 months ago
Las amo porque su voz es original
Bavita Singh
Bavita Singh - 8 months ago
Who thinks Disney should have cast Jade as Belle in the new Beauty and beast film? 😍❤️😔
Nicolly Amaral
Nicolly Amaral - 8 months ago
Quem gosta curte
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