My Hero Academia - 2x10 Shoto Todoroki: Origin - Group Reaction

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Kessiopia - 2 days ago
God the poor pillows
Aaron Levi
Aaron Levi - 3 days ago
I think everyone can relate to a time when a friend made a similar mistake with a remote during an epic climatic moment in a show lol
Weed - 3 days ago
Bruh the remote is on your lap you never put the remote or drinks on you!
Weed - 3 days ago
“Shut up you were spamming” yeah Todoroki you fckin spammer 😂😂😂
Alex7911 Sama
Alex7911 Sama - 4 days ago
Future Deku talking to a villain: I'm gonna hit you so hard that you will be jealous of my conditions when I used this power the first times
AUZ - 5 days ago
*Midoriya jumps at Todoroki with full power in his palm*
"Oh my god, he's gonna clap his cheeks"
Best description of the scene, ever 😂😂😂
Subu Sensei
Subu Sensei - 9 days ago
“I hate you “ shocked me though !!!!😂😂😂🤐
Furious Forever
Furious Forever - 10 days ago
13:10 made me wheeze lmao 😂
Dylan Yeager
Dylan Yeager - 10 days ago
The biggest party foul ever
Taz Ngozi
Taz Ngozi - 18 days ago
They put cement in the way of midoriya so he didn't get to hit I'm at all
But deku took his attack
Mitchell Ulrich
Mitchell Ulrich - 20 days ago
6:38-7:35 If they're shocked about what Endeavour did to Shoto, just wait till they see what Endeavour did to his Eldest Son(Assuming if the Theory is Correct)
Luis Armando Nolasco
Luis Armando Nolasco - 21 day ago
That excision cap tho
Meka Doctor
Meka Doctor - 22 days ago
My ears ;-;
sanju15able - 22 days ago
What's thier insta ids ?
p4ulo h
p4ulo h - 26 days ago
13:09 hahaha
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler - 29 days ago
Ryan O’Keeffe
Ryan O’Keeffe - 29 days ago
Almost everyone reacting: Deku is gonna win this for sure
Todoroki: imma bout to end these guys hole career
Cypher - Month ago
16:20 the greatest high five ever.
Mghool4ever - Month ago
MAshallah they should say alhamdulillah allahm make us rich and make us marry who we want Inshallah better
Brother from another Mother
10:59 HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA i cant breatheeeee!!!!! hahahaha
Poke - Month ago
Fucking dubs, always giving me cancer. Please do make sure to put a sub/dub label in your video titles so people like me don't accidentally run into that garbage again.
Kade B
Kade B - Month ago
"you can't just use them non-stop"
Hagakure: Am I a joke to you?
Douglas Snyder
Douglas Snyder - Month ago
I applauded Deku for bringing out Todoroki's full-potential, regardless of Todoroki's hatred towards his father. I have no doubt that someday, Todoroki will follow Deku. Not to mention I think that both young men have great admiration for one another.
JHyde Gaming
JHyde Gaming - Month ago
don't let Micky have the remote again
Quad Tiggersson
Quad Tiggersson - Month ago
You should know, THIS episode made the creator of Boku no hero, cry because of how proud it makes him to see this scenes to be amazing animated
Barbara Baker
Barbara Baker - Month ago
"It's yours...not his!" - 😭😊
moses garcia
moses garcia - Month ago
You ruined the whole video green hat
Adriana Flores
Adriana Flores - Month ago
Lol Sydney is like me bc I LOVE Todoroki so much! >:3
頼恩 - Month ago
Vince Kihaa
Vince Kihaa - Month ago
The funniest thing is that in my Language, Swahili, Shoto means left 🤔
Dedser Pro
Dedser Pro - Month ago
Serious J
Serious J - 2 months ago
Serious J
Serious J - 2 months ago
Why are you cutting out some of the best scenes? And why are you hiding the video while you are talking?
Serious J
Serious J - Month ago
@KrypticSoul Sorry i was rude
KrypticSoul - Month ago
Fair use timer. You can only show 10 minutes otherwise the video can be taken off RUvideos for copyright infringement
Datboijutsu :0
Datboijutsu :0 - 2 months ago
“I tHoUgHt iT wAs tHe dEkU sHoW”
Wingzero5555 - 2 months ago
13:10 r.i.p headphone users
Drakath - 2 months ago
Shoto Todoroki, Midnight and Cementos wins*
jolly does random
jolly does random - 2 months ago
I cry every time I hear his backstory
Møchi Kûn
Møchi Kûn - 2 months ago
I'm screaming
Jujo suzuya
Jujo suzuya - 2 months ago
13:08 hard troller and nomus
anime videos
anime videos - 2 months ago
Wow shes dead gorgeous
yair T.O.P
yair T.O.P - 2 months ago
Its better in japanese :v
Austin Love
Austin Love - 2 months ago
dan - 2 months ago
Tyamon Cotton
Tyamon Cotton - 2 months ago
I feel for y'all in this moment
Akicat1_Art - 2 months ago
White hair....
She is a Targaryen...
And I'm dead because of laughing so hard...
Silver Light
Silver Light - 2 months ago
degenerate, just put the remote down dumbass
rohit kala
rohit kala - 2 months ago
i hate micky to this day now, he deserves to eaten by zombies,
lee minhoo
lee minhoo - 2 months ago
Watch with eng sub And japanese voice
rafaelsolano200 - 2 months ago
Muhammad Rozy Faisal Rahman
HAHAHAHA OMG, this is so fun to watch. Thx for make my day, my last fasting day. Happy eid mubarak ❤️❤️❤️
Jair Navas
Jair Navas - 2 months ago
My hero in Dub 🤦‍♂️
Manomi Madoka
Manomi Madoka - 2 months ago
I like that Neko Little Todoroki pillow. I want one.
xxxshadowANIME Davis
xxxshadowANIME Davis - 2 months ago
Jordy Pedro
Jordy Pedro - 2 months ago
He was just obsessed with the number 1 spot, not defending him, but he just didn't realise all the shit he was doing for All mights spot, and how easy you can fall from it... I Hope we get his redemption arc on season 4 though. Endeavour is a really good written character!
TheUltimatum10 - 2 months ago
You are stupid?
Kiritio Emando
Kiritio Emando - 2 months ago
13:30 i died laughing XD
Lolz & Lolz
Lolz & Lolz - 2 months ago
The best high five of the season 😂♥️😭
Jada - 2 months ago
The most epic high-5 in all of anime history occurred in this episode
Shubham Sonsurkar
Shubham Sonsurkar - 2 months ago
The editing is really bad 4/10
John Doe
John Doe - 2 months ago
stop fucking shouting so much!!
LadyVenom Way
LadyVenom Way - 2 months ago
lmao Micky in the intro XD
silversonic99 - 2 months ago
If deku can handle smashing with a broken finger, he can handle rapid fire smashes with his 5 fingers. No way todoroki would have been able to stop that.
TheGoldenCherio 15
TheGoldenCherio 15 - 2 months ago
13:10 I know how it feels man 😭
Marcello Reyes
Marcello Reyes - 2 months ago
Todoroki's mom was abused physically and mentally. Endeavor hits her and the only reason he even married her was just for her Quirk, basically making her nothing more than a baby factory to make the perfect hero. This made her slightly unhinged at that moment to injure the focus of her fear and rage endeavor which Todoroki's left side looked like.
Griffin McCabe
Griffin McCabe - 2 months ago
The most tragic Hype-Cuck’s of all time. RIP
Weeb gamer
Weeb gamer - 2 months ago
Damn it Micky
WR 407
WR 407 - 2 months ago
Let Mickey talk
MelchVagquest - 2 months ago
I have so many problems with this video and I just want to express them because of reasons. First off, we've got a distracted viewer on her phone when the episode starts. After that, we have people talking over Deku's line of, "It's yours! Your Quirk, not his!" And then lastly, the remote. This is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series, so much so that I've rewatched it more times than any other episode. I had been waiting so long to finally watch you guys react to it, and I got one of the worst videos out of it. This was the first video of yours that actually made me second guess why I continue to watch you guys. Thank you, rant over.
dustin - 2 months ago
I honestly prefer the dub.
Taiya Langinlur
Taiya Langinlur - 2 months ago
Best timing ever to drop the remote
Episode was the fucking bomb
Reactions were the better fucking bomb
*Semi Spoiler Below*

Can't wait for them to see Full Cowl.
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer - 2 months ago
That beanie guy is such a stupid guy, why is he holding the remote??? and he is still holding the remote even after he dropped it.. ugghh!! he just killed the mood!!
CouchPotatoCNPB - 2 months ago
7:14 I love the dub for this show, but I really liked the original line here. Todoroki is glancing over at his dad in the middle of fighting Deku and Deku says "Where are you looking right now?" which leads to his later point of Todoroki being too hung up on his dad to be worthy of beating everyone whose sole focus is on being the best they can
Nicolas S4
Nicolas S4 - 2 months ago
alex rodriguez
alex rodriguez - 2 months ago
Boy will you get blown away once you realize this was literally child’s play😂
Aaron X
Aaron X - 2 months ago
Wait the video was uploaded 6 days ago but there are messages a momth ago nani
091696g - 2 months ago
Izuku = spiderman
Bakugo = vegeta
Todoroki = zuko
Yuvandon - 2 months ago
This is part of the reason why I usually don’t like dubs, slight changes to the Dialogue makes a huge difference to the interpretation of a character. In the sub Endeavor says “Have you finally accepted yourself?” Instead of “Have you finally accepted your purpose?”. That is a huge gap in meanings.
Erick Mao
Erick Mao - 2 months ago
15:29 LMAO
Matt Wings
Matt Wings - 2 months ago
Deku : 2 seasons trainning
Shoto: ONE FUCKIN LIFE training
Faizal Hira
Faizal Hira - 2 months ago
I would like to see their opinion when Season 5 aired, ENDEAVOR HYPETRAIIIIINNN
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