My Hero Academia - 2x10 Shoto Todoroki: Origin - Group Reaction

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Serious J
Serious J - 10 minutes ago
Serious J
Serious J - 11 minutes ago
Why are you cutting out some of the best scenes? And why are you hiding the video while you are talking?
Wingzero5555 - 3 days ago
13:10 r.i.p headphone users
Drakath - 7 days ago
Shoto Todoroki, Midnight and Cementos wins*
jolly- nerd-peach
jolly- nerd-peach - 7 days ago
I cry every time I hear his backstory
Møchi Kûn
Møchi Kûn - 9 days ago
I'm screaming
Jujo suzuya
Jujo suzuya - 10 days ago
13:08 hard troller and nomus
anime videos
anime videos - 11 days ago
Wow shes dead gorgeous
yair T.O.P
yair T.O.P - 13 days ago
Its better in japanese :v
Austin Love
Austin Love - 13 days ago
dan - 13 days ago
Tyamon Cotton
Tyamon Cotton - 13 days ago
I feel for y'all in this moment
Akicat1_Art - 13 days ago
White hair....
She is a Targaryen...
And I'm dead because of laughing so hard...
Silver Light
Silver Light - 14 days ago
degenerate, just put the remote down dumbass
rohit kala
rohit kala - 14 days ago
i hate micky to this day now, he deserves to eaten by zombies,
lee minhoo
lee minhoo - 15 days ago
Watch with eng sub And japanese voice
rafaelsolano200 - 15 days ago
Muhammad Rozy Faisal Rahman
HAHAHAHA OMG, this is so fun to watch. Thx for make my day, my last fasting day. Happy eid mubarak ❤️❤️❤️
Jair Navas
Jair Navas - 16 days ago
My hero in Dub 🤦‍♂️
Manomi Madoka
Manomi Madoka - 16 days ago
I like that Neko Little Todoroki pillow. I want one.
xxxshadowANIME Davis
xxxshadowANIME Davis - 17 days ago
Jordy Pedro
Jordy Pedro - 17 days ago
He was just obsessed with the number 1 spot, not defending him, but he just didn't realise all the shit he was doing for All mights spot, and how easy you can fall from it... I Hope we get his redemption arc on season 4 though. Endeavour is a really good written character!
TheUltimatum10 - 17 days ago
You are stupid?
Kiritio Emando
Kiritio Emando - 18 days ago
13:30 i died laughing XD
Lolz & Lolz
Lolz & Lolz - 19 days ago
The best high five of the season 😂♥️😭
Jada - 20 days ago
The most epic high-5 in all of anime history occurred in this episode
Shubham Sonsurkar
Shubham Sonsurkar - 21 day ago
The editing is really bad 4/10
John Doe
John Doe - 21 day ago
stop fucking shouting so much!!
LadyVenom Way
LadyVenom Way - 21 day ago
lmao Micky in the intro XD
silversonic99 - 21 day ago
If deku can handle smashing with a broken finger, he can handle rapid fire smashes with his 5 fingers. No way todoroki would have been able to stop that.
TheGoldenCherio 15
TheGoldenCherio 15 - 22 days ago
13:10 I know how it feels man 😭
Marcello Reyes
Marcello Reyes - 22 days ago
Todoroki's mom was abused physically and mentally. Endeavor hits her and the only reason he even married her was just for her Quirk, basically making her nothing more than a baby factory to make the perfect hero. This made her slightly unhinged at that moment to injure the focus of her fear and rage endeavor which Todoroki's left side looked like.
Griffin McCabe
Griffin McCabe - 22 days ago
The most tragic Hype-Cuck’s of all time. RIP
Weeb gamer
Weeb gamer - 22 days ago
Damn it Micky
WR 407
WR 407 - 23 days ago
Let Mickey talk
MelchVagquest - 23 days ago
I have so many problems with this video and I just want to express them because of reasons. First off, we've got a distracted viewer on her phone when the episode starts. After that, we have people talking over Deku's line of, "It's yours! Your Quirk, not his!" And then lastly, the remote. This is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series, so much so that I've rewatched it more times than any other episode. I had been waiting so long to finally watch you guys react to it, and I got one of the worst videos out of it. This was the first video of yours that actually made me second guess why I continue to watch you guys. Thank you, rant over.
dustin - 23 days ago
I honestly prefer the dub.
Taiya Langinlur
Taiya Langinlur - 23 days ago
Best timing ever to drop the remote
Episode was the fucking bomb
Reactions were the better fucking bomb
*Semi Spoiler Below*

Can't wait for them to see Full Cowl.
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer - 23 days ago
That beanie guy is such a stupid guy, why is he holding the remote??? and he is still holding the remote even after he dropped it.. ugghh!! he just killed the mood!!
CouchPotatoCNPB - 23 days ago
7:14 I love the dub for this show, but I really liked the original line here. Todoroki is glancing over at his dad in the middle of fighting Deku and Deku says "Where are you looking right now?" which leads to his later point of Todoroki being too hung up on his dad to be worthy of beating everyone whose sole focus is on being the best they can
Nicolas S4
Nicolas S4 - 23 days ago
alex rodriguez
alex rodriguez - 23 days ago
Boy will you get blown away once you realize this was literally child’s play😂
Aaron X
Aaron X - 23 days ago
Wait the video was uploaded 6 days ago but there are messages a momth ago nani
091696g - 24 days ago
Izuku = spiderman
Bakugo = vegeta
Todoroki = zuko
Yuvandon - 24 days ago
This is part of the reason why I usually don’t like dubs, slight changes to the Dialogue makes a huge difference to the interpretation of a character. In the sub Endeavor says “Have you finally accepted yourself?” Instead of “Have you finally accepted your purpose?”. That is a huge gap in meanings.
Erick Mao
Erick Mao - 25 days ago
15:29 LMAO
Matt Wings
Matt Wings - 25 days ago
Deku : 2 seasons trainning
Shoto: ONE FUCKIN LIFE training
Faizal Hira
Faizal Hira - 25 days ago
I would like to see their opinion when Season 5 aired, ENDEAVOR HYPETRAIIIIINNN
The One and Only
The One and Only - 26 days ago
Bakugou: Howitzer Impact!!!!💥
インサマパ - 26 days ago
Cortas todo hijo de tu puta madre y gritan como pendejas por nada valen verga putos gringos jotos
Free Play
Free Play - 26 days ago
That remote drop made me want to watch more of your reaction 😂
LightyGab - 26 days ago
I'm just here to say: what a funny reaction with Mickey and his fail xD!! Also, let me quote Rana: "He just came" that should be a tshirt. Rana ily :D
Grey Cryoclasm
Grey Cryoclasm - 27 days ago
Todoroki would have won no matter what. Deku was too far away to actually hit him before the explosion would have knocked him out of the ring.
zαck - 27 days ago
suraj's face at 13:11 had me dying
Monmon - 27 days ago
It's 3 AM and I freaking woke my grandma up because of my laughter gdi I'm dying HAHAHAHAHAHA
Vanessa White
Vanessa White - 27 days ago
Dude on the left getting so triggered by Rana actually getting to talk before him for once.
theGeekOut Girl
theGeekOut Girl - 27 days ago
13:09 damn youuuu micckkeeeyyyy hahahahahaha
Rolf John Navea
Rolf John Navea - 27 days ago
reactor: "he's got he's feet"
Tristan Neal
Tristan Neal - 27 days ago
カルネパティ - 27 days ago
too bad
Genbu - 27 days ago
just what's with the remote? he can just put it on table from start to finish..
Naughty Bottom
Naughty Bottom - 27 days ago
Episode reaction 2:06
Shoto Todoroki unleashed 12:59
Shoto Todoroki unleashed take 2 14:41
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 27 days ago
"shut up you were spamming .... A hole" comment of the year.
Bottom line is, if Deku used his full power regardless of the potential self injury that might be incurred by it, he would have wasted Todoroki with the first punch he landed. Todoroki might have literally died, but Deku had to hold his power back.
TheUltimatum10 - 27 days ago
That's because Todoroki does control his power, for that reason, if Todoroki wanted to kill Midoriya he could have done it too.
Eschenbach - 28 days ago
hrit roy
hrit roy - 28 days ago
they settled the age old debate of sub vs dub
they went sub+dub
Ciela Vee
Ciela Vee - 28 days ago
Oooo just wait until season 3, they all about to cry
Percy-Sexual Chocolate
Percy-Sexual Chocolate - 28 days ago
First video I’ve seen of yalls. Instant sub
goggledeath - 28 days ago
So many fucking cuts even the best part. What a shitty edit.
nick Ronin King
nick Ronin King - 28 days ago
idk if they read comments but todoroki mama burned him not his father he didnt hurt the mom he just sent her to a mental hospital id do the same too she was actually starting to go crazy tho
Eduardo D
Eduardo D - 28 days ago
Why the fuck are you watching it in English
gsd - 28 days ago
if their hits had really connected deku would’ve been done for 😭 if you pause it right when their moves hit the walls it’s clear that todoroki’s fire would’ve had a much greater impact. but i loved this reaction man , i waited so long for it!!!
Prop - 28 days ago
Get the SALT out lmao
Andy Leo
Andy Leo - 28 days ago
man i did not just wait this long for a reaction on this for that to happen 😪
Jamila Ali
Jamila Ali - 28 days ago
I’m crying because I have to wait for this; I can’t afford Patreon
Viro Veteruscy
Viro Veteruscy - 28 days ago
This is why you put the remote down and away from you >_>
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez - 28 days ago
People who hate on the dub of the anime have never actually watched the show
Tempttaetion ;-;
Tempttaetion ;-; - 28 days ago
It'S yOuRs ! YoUr qUiRk nOt hIs !!
Austin Love
Austin Love - 28 days ago
4:29-4:32 been waiting
No.1 Spidey-Fan
No.1 Spidey-Fan - 28 days ago
Bruh we ALL KNOW if deku used full power those times he actually hit todoroki, todoroki wouldve been out COLD
TheUltimatum10 - 27 days ago
We all know that if Todoroki had wanted to kill Midoriya he would have done it too, but Todoroki has control over his quirk.
Reginald pogue
Reginald pogue - 28 days ago
Damn you really lost that 20 tho
ғɪʟᴛʜʏ ᴛʀᴀsʜ
Leisure - 28 days ago
Ruined the best moment in the whole series. Way to go Micky.
Sellavin Atoms
Sellavin Atoms - 28 days ago
One of them is wearing an all that shirt , another one said why I feel like that's a kenan and Kel moment from Nickelodeon.
Eternally Kiwi
Eternally Kiwi - 28 days ago
I love that Todoroki pillow in the back
TrojanMagician - 28 days ago
“Oh my god he’s gonna clap his cheeks”
Dude what? 😂😂😂
IceHeartVI - 28 days ago
I legit thought they were going to kill Mickey when he dropped the remote the fear was real
Random Potato
Random Potato - 28 days ago
u guys mean he cannot beat todoroki without killing him, just imagine if he wasn't able to control that punch on his stomach todoroki would've exploded
Young Neeko
Young Neeko - 28 days ago
I cant fucking wait for season 3
Bernardo Paiva
Bernardo Paiva - 28 days ago
Rana flipping the bird at 7:25 is the realest reaction.
tharushi Ashcharya
tharushi Ashcharya - 28 days ago
@Bernardo Paiva ;)
Bernardo Paiva
Bernardo Paiva - 28 days ago
@tharushi Ashcharya Fixed :/
tharushi Ashcharya
tharushi Ashcharya - 28 days ago
That's Rana 😅
renji90998 - 28 days ago
I still wonder how the hell did no one in the audience got hit by debris after that explosion?
ced12 - 28 days ago
If you pay attention to the moment of the clash. You can see that todorokis attack had a bigger explosion so he won before they even showed it. Just noticed it.
TheUltimatum10 - 27 days ago
The whole explosion was generated by Todoroki, Midoriya was the only thing he did was play for Todoroki, that gust of wind that he sent was cold air that when he connected with the hot Todoroki air, the explosion occurred.
2nd legend
2nd legend - 28 days ago
Endeavor is basically an older undeveloped Bakugo.

Key word: Undeveloped
Statically Alacritous
Statically Alacritous - 26 days ago
I also feel like Bakugou still has that spark haha The undaunted, tenacious, ambitious (albeit somewhat selfish and naive) quality that comes with youth Unlike Endeavor who decides to settle for no. 2 and create Todoroki as a way to knock off the no. 1, Bakugou has that won't-settle-for-less, absolute victory ideology with him. ! SPOILER ! Even though there was that low moment in the Deku & Bakugou vs All Might Fight, Bakugou gets his sht together real quick and goes right back at it. One of the main reasons I respect the guy so much tbh :)
Faye Soriano
Faye Soriano - 29 days ago
this is the best reaction so far hahahahahaha
CJ Smith
CJ Smith - 29 days ago
I really hope you guys watch the movie I really want to hear your responses to the animation
Chris Pole
Chris Pole - 29 days ago
Rana will cut you if you mess with her boi Todoroki 17:44 Never forget
s f
s f - 29 days ago
treymtz - 29 days ago
Shoto's mom did lost her mind and poured the water on purpose in a crazed state. Endeavor did put her in a mental institution and did nothing else outside of that. Just to clear things up.
Omarismyname - 29 days ago
"I dont think the mom ever did anything bad to him tho, its hard to believe"

The mom literally 1 minute later: *pours boiling water to his face*
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen - 29 days ago
12:40 Totally missed the best line. "It's yours!""It's your quirk not his!"
Alexander Inoa
Alexander Inoa - 29 days ago
Somebody once told me
Noelio Espino
Noelio Espino - 29 days ago
To be honest with you i liked the fight but what dosent make sense is that the cement dude intervened at the last minute wich means he stoped the fight meaning nobody won so its a tie and the other thing is that when the cement guy put up the wall that stoped midoryas attack also couased his loss becuase his attack was going straight for todoroki meanwhile todorokis attact could disperse so the explosion and the air midorya created with his attack pushed him back and he was in the air so he couldn't stop taking him out of bounds
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