Trump Threatens Military Action in Venezuela: A Closer Look

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Leonard Weisfeld
Leonard Weisfeld - 5 days ago
10:01 It's a "Red-Commie" map. They had to cut off California cuz they had also painted it red. 😂
Tomas García
Tomas García - 7 days ago
I'm a venezuelan, and I'm NOT pro-invasion... but, what Seth fails to see here, is that Mexico's and Uruguay's governments recognise Maduro, so their proposals are words in the wind. Also, this is not the first time there's a dialogue between Maduro & the opposition, there has been other dialogues (2014, 2016, 2017) with no positive changes. The only thing we are asking is transparent elections, which Maduro wont allow.
Henry L
Henry L - 16 days ago
A bunch of mad men in the White House.
jorge a rolon
jorge a rolon - 19 days ago
You are as ignorant as Trump. Maduro is not a dictator, he was elected with a 68% of the votes and no only that your ex president, Carter, was a witness of this elections and said that was a clean and fair election. That means that as you people describe "DEMOCRACY", Venezuela complied with the requirement of "DEMOCRACY". And another thing, the situation Venezuelan's has is because your government, your abuser, fascist,and criminal government. Do you know how many kids had dies because of the block aid, they can"t received the treatment needed? The block aid is killing HUMANS BEEN. This is not Maduro's fault, this is your government fault. The greediness of your government and the transnationals are killing a NATION and blame Maduro for it. SHAME ON ALL YOU IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS CAUSING ALL THIS STRUGGLE TO THE VENEZUELAN'S JUST BECAUSE THEY WANT THERE OIL. And finally LATIN AMERICA IS NOT THE US B A C K Y A R D. Lillian
Roxy Raccoon
Roxy Raccoon - 21 day ago
The "O" word you can't say. "Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man" by John Perkins
ANDerek112. - 24 days ago
It must be fun to have a show were you can say whatever you want about policy, here in venezuela they took everything like that from us, all our rights they throw it into the garbage. Stop being so ungrateful about what you have i wish i could made fun of my president like that
SrtJunkie - 28 days ago
It sucks these shitty late night hosts ruined late night tv.
Wesley Sandel
Wesley Sandel - 28 days ago
There's the legally elected democratic government of Venezuela and there's the guy who never ran for public office in his life, is on the CIA payroll and represents 10% of Venezuelans - the rich and white.
Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick - 29 days ago
Not our country, *not our oil*!!!!
urwutuis - Month ago
Oh Seth, I just lost all respect for you. You sold out to the establishment narrative on Venezuela. The economic situation in V was CAUSED by the US and started when Chavez was elected. We have the Saudis overproducing to keep oil prices down and have sanctions crippling the country. US SOP for anyone with resources. Tell me, what dictator allows the opposition to hold rallies at the capitol? Rigged election? You might want to ask Jimmy Carter's election watch about that.
Yorelis Pinto
Yorelis Pinto - Month ago
Again. Why are we even talking about invading Venezuela?
Maria Cupo
Maria Cupo - 27 days ago
We want their oil.
Jay-Dee Forrester
Jay-Dee Forrester - Month ago
Lord Saturnyne
Lord Saturnyne - Month ago
Isis stands for ISLAMIC STATE IN SYRIA.... WTF!!
Flying Dog
Flying Dog - Month ago
samuel fitzpatrick
samuel fitzpatrick - Month ago
Venezuela's financial crisis is because of sanctions. They are mad because Hugo Chavez kicked out those big oil companies.
Joshua King
Joshua King - Month ago
Just putting this out there that it's not common knowledge that doves and pigeons are the same thing. So y'all need to stop tripping over Birds and a joke involving them.
cushrinada - Month ago
Guaido hasn't won any election. He literally has as much right to be called president as Nancy Pelosi calling herself president.
Yesaul19 - Month ago
Crimea isn't red!
PLF - Month ago
Its a map. Its not meant to be accurate to the actual color.
Phoenix Sky
Phoenix Sky - Month ago
Why are you lying Seth. I thought you were better. 😔
Joshua King
Joshua King - Month ago
Lying about what?
Gabriele K Stamp
Gabriele K Stamp - Month ago
Trump and his goons do not care about people any people anywhere.
Phil Gawthrop
Phil Gawthrop - Month ago
You said Maduro won a "rigged" election in May, you sound like Bolton! Seth, just making money off of trump!
norma armstrong
norma armstrong - Month ago
ZOSO900 - Month ago
I get the joke, but pigeons *are* doves. The zoology nerd in me just had to say that.
Maria Cupo
Maria Cupo - 27 days ago
Hey you're right. I forgot about that. It's ok to be a zoology nerd. 💕
deepblue64 - Month ago
The usa like wars.
Fernando Banuelos
Fernando Banuelos - Month ago
He is going to go all dork Vader on them with space force LMFAO
Marijana Djoric
Marijana Djoric - Month ago
I hoppe eaf U S military Gosp to Venezuela that his twoo stupid suns go also.
2ΩIMFJ CD5 - Month ago
I'm willing will trade my 180,000 Iraqi Dinar for $80,000 US dollars.
Carlo Jones
Carlo Jones - Month ago
Seth Meyers did not do Venezuela justice. Lies about the economy for western propaganda.
This is political satires, not info for comedy.
we wont take you seriously with fake news in your monologue, your taken seriously enough.
J C - Month ago
Guaido is a cia plant who was put in power via a fake election. After the election, he had to go into hiding. Seth is spreading government propaganda, as usual.
russell campbell
russell campbell - Month ago
Mike inspire a rebellion? He couldn't inspire pigs to get dirty.
Phoenix Risen
Phoenix Risen - Month ago
I am a Dove with Claws. Johnny Cash described himself that way. We are peaceful, until there is a legit reason to bring out the claws. Keep rocking wherever you are, Johnny. Be thankful you aren't around for Spanky45...
Michele Kett
Michele Kett - Month ago
We in Australia call for regime change in the USA. Your dictator is alarming us and hope that you will do something, anything to get rid of him. Thank you.
Nash Mahmut
Nash Mahmut - Month ago
You're the minority, majority of Australians are right behind this bell end.
Peace? - Month ago
You're wrong about your characterization of Venezuela. It was not a rigged election, it was verified with international observers and their elections are actually much fairer than in the US. Not only does the government of the US lie but why does the MSM also have to lie? Et tu Brute? Seth you are not supposed to be a dick
Christjan b'Staard
Christjan b'Staard - Month ago
War against Venezuela is a war against Russia & China to name a few. Here comes, "Red Dawn," for real.
Alison McMahon
Alison McMahon - Month ago
This admin and its veiled truths now admits to conning Venezuelans (y Ustedes en general) while pretending to speak Spanish.
Annette youtube
Annette youtube - Month ago
Bolton held his notepad intentionally so that it *could* be seen in order to send info to "other side" about the crazy sh!t going on.
Boyd - Month ago
Bolton is going to pull out his mustache hair when Putin does not let him invade.
Tim Evans
Tim Evans - Month ago
Someone take his batteries out and put him away in a toybox.
dick castle
dick castle - Month ago
Venezuela is being purposefully destabilized so they're oil can be stolen. Same old story
Rusty A
Rusty A - Month ago
Donald Trump was born mildly retarded! Every counselor I know agrees. Why are we not talking about that? They elected MEAN FORREST GUMP!!!! #SIMPLEDONNY
Île-de- France
Île-de- France - Month ago
In a video clip aired by Israeli television, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu *boasted that Israel was responsible for US President Donald Trump’s decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal.*
*“We convinced the US president to exit the deal and I had to stand up against the whole world and come out against this agreement,” Netanyahu says in the video.* *“And we didn’t give up.”*
Revealed: *Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal*
*Israeli agency told to find incriminating material on Obama diplomats who negotiated deal with Tehran*
Sources said that officials linked to Trump’s team contacted investigators days after Trump visited Tel Aviv a year ago, his first foreign tour as US president. *Trump promised Netanyahu that Iran would never have nuclear weapons and suggested that the Iranians thought they could “do what they want” since negotiating the nuclear deal in 2015.* A source with details of the “dirty tricks campaign” said: *“The idea was that people acting for Trump would discredit those who were pivotal in selling the deal, making it easier to pull out of it.”*

Watch *"US Vice President Pence urges EU to withdraw from Iran nuclear dea* | DW News" on YouTube

Watch "🇺🇸 🇮🇷 Middle East conference: *Pence urges EU to quit Iran nuclear deal* l Al Jazeera English" on YouTube

Watch *"VP Pence accuses EU countries of breaking U.S. sanctions against Iran"* on YouTube
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - Month ago
Take a moment to look at Trump and his children.What do you think about how his behavior has a cause and effect of what his outcome will become his future? He doesn’t show symptoms of remorse to his involvement in this Russian interference. He still places blame on on our involvement of a whitewash because he doesn’t take accountability. His employees are immigrants without any authentic ID and I read an article that at the lamargo in Florida he brings business to them at 640.00 a night in which our government covers for our staff . The article read that the staff have to punch out at six pm and continue working without pay to have that Florida place ready for the next day. They live in fear of being fired unless they do what they are being told. The people who told have already been fired.
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - Month ago
Trump is a puppet for Putin who is the dictator of 🇷🇺 He is broken from overspending his money which he inherited from his father.
Every subject... All options are on the table. He literally has no other answer. He turns any question into a statement about whatever he wants. Talking to his is worthless.
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh - Month ago
Yeah but there's a big difference between Donald Trump and a pigeon we've had pigeons serve in the military and not avoid it with bone spurs that don't exist
MARKIECURLUE Malma - Month ago
How come weak men like Bolton Trump Lindsey Graham have the power to make decisions that have many people killed that's amazingly insane.
the last of the lemmings
Even Donald trump's staffers have "gold" on their notebooks!
the last of the lemmings
There's a Caterpillar ghost on that guy's face
Tommy Vasec
Tommy Vasec - Month ago
Trump, The Commander in Thief, will wage a war against the Law and the Congress.
Grant Wallace
Grant Wallace - Month ago
Trumpy Baby.... Hahahahahahaha
The Original Captain Trips
A Closer Crook
keiron wright
keiron wright - Month ago
small point, doves and pigeons ae the same thing, pigeons are also called rock doves.
GOOD MAN - Month ago
How will you keep another sovereign country Oil. That's day light robbery..
D.L.R. - Month ago
The rationale that keeping the oil somehow prevents ISIS as well... that's a laugh. So the message is what? Try to avoid conflict, but... if we find ourselves incidentally in combat, then plunder while the taking is good because doing that will impoverish and therefore cripple nascent opposition fighters? Yeah, right...
Titina's Trails
Titina's Trails - Month ago
I am Venezuelan, form a city call Coro, how can I say this to Americans to understand ???
Trump is like Hugo Chavez and Maduro, it's all talk with a mushroom dick.
Juan Guiado is like a Young Obama, hard working, with a loving family, a strong intelligent fashion icon wife.
Please send help, We gave you Arepas!! Now it is time to pay back the favor.
Titina's Trails
Titina's Trails - Month ago
Viva Guido!!!
Rory Schweinfurter
Rory Schweinfurter - Month ago
New Yorkers have a word to describe Trump
JAMOKE which I have finally deciphered
Pam Timmins
Pam Timmins - Month ago
The three stooges, Trump will use war to get other countries oil. Venezuela is a nightmare. I feel sorry for those people living under a Dictator who hasn't missed many meals but will starve his people. Russia is there now and Trump thinks they are there to help out by keeping Maduro in power. If we don't remove Trump from office his buddy Putin will be here next since Trump sees himself as a Dictator funny Seth. Looking forward to your announcement that the evil orange turd is no longer stinking up the White House, he has been removed by force.
Iyaya Ekita
Iyaya Ekita - Month ago
Set Meyers for President
nathan nomad
nathan nomad - Month ago
usually love your show, but you missed it bigly on what's happening in Venezuela, the destabilization has been caused by the CIA for the big oil companies! If you want to catch up on the truth, watch Abby Martin's (Empire Files) on Venezuela. And Noam Chomsky covers it as well. Don't perpetuate the bullshit, lives are at stake!
TheTechiemoses - Month ago
Blah blah blah blah blah, America is currently sanctioning them into crisis.
Matt Erbst
Matt Erbst - Month ago
No more wars for oil!
Tom Underwood
Tom Underwood - Month ago
He's q fuckimg lunatic
Herb Nichols
Herb Nichols - Month ago
Tell your writers to do a little more research Seth!! 😂😂😂 A pigeon.... aka rock "dove"
Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney - Month ago
What Mr. Meyers fails to mention is it is US sanctions that's behind Venezuela's economic problems. This is an age-old tactic: create a problem, impose the solution. The solution in this case being the installation of a government that will allow the US to exploit their oil resources.
Maduro (who was democratically elected despite the lies promulgated by those in the US media serving as the propaganda wing of the government) has done a great deal for the poor of Venezuela. But the US government's view (and that of the other Western imperialist powers) is that resources should always be used for the further enrichment of the rich. Not for uplifting the native people who need a hand up.
Titina's Trails
Titina's Trails - Month ago
@Patrick Delaney Thanks you for your good wishes, they are very touching. I have read about the Irak war and it is not fair. What might haven't been reported to the media is that at this very moment Russia, China, Iran, The ELN, and FAN, are making a massacre to stole the same oil, gold, natural gas, uranium and more of our resources. I don't like Trump policies, but this are desperate times and if that Orange gorilla can help Guaido (The rightful elected president) to take Maduro out of power. That would give me hope.
Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney - Month ago
@Titina's Trails I certainly respect your opinion. But please be aware that the makings of the problems in Venezuela have a great deal to do with forces outside of Venezuela who care nothing for the people of Venezuela. They only care about Venezuela's oil. It's been reported recently in the US media that Trump said to a cabinet official 'You know who we should be at war with is Venezuela. They've got all that oil down there, and they're right in our back yard.' In other words, he's suggesting the US military should kill Venezuelans until the government allows us to exploit the oil. Everything the US is doing that would make it seem like the Trump administration is interested in easing the suffering of the people of Venezuela is simply a smoke screen. And if you examine the history of the US, you'll see these moves are from a very old playbook. The Iraq war provides a good illustration. Many of the same things that are being said about Maduro (and that were also said about Chavez) were said about Hussein. And after the allied forces killed over 1 million Iraqi non-combatants and installed "their man", it is no coincidence that Halliburton (the then Vice President's former company) was issued a huge oil contract by the new government. May God bless Venezuela and my beautiful brothers and sisters there.
Titina's Trails
Titina's Trails - Month ago Maybe She can Explain it better than me. :)
Titina's Trails
Titina's Trails - Month ago
I mean no disrespect, but I am Venezuelan born and race, and you are so deeply mistaken. Maduro is a cruel dictator that the people eating rocks. Cocaine is easier to find than chicken, and 15% of the population left the country. If don't like trump that's ok (I don't like him either) but I prefer him over Maduro any day of my life. What you might not know is that Maduro declare our National Assembly (democratically elected) Iligal because He didn't like the result, if that would happen in the US, would you be as angry as are we Venezuelans are?? Please look on RUvideos Protestas Urbe Maracaibo 2014, I have never vote for Maduro or Chavez because they will always be against the people.
Henny Ho
Henny Ho - Month ago
So this is the new colonization by DT.
Emma Goldman
Emma Goldman - Month ago
"in a rigged election..."
Chris McKimie
Chris McKimie - Month ago
A dove will chase out a invader and will keep chasing them till they kill them as where a Hawk will only chase the invader off but will stop after a few miles ! Wolves are the same way where they will run it off but wont kill it!
THE IRBY SHOW - Month ago
isn't it weird that Maduro won the election and Russia backs them and now we have a rigged election and Russia is friends with our leader🤔🤔
Sunny Lunasoul
Sunny Lunasoul - Month ago
Trump speeches, totally disgusting,pence another monster..
dlee t
dlee t - Month ago
He is trump's pigeon.
TrickyOdell - Month ago
So now Mr bone spurs threatens to send other people’s kids to fight a war because that’s what he wants. WTF
AwesomeMom1234 - Month ago
How can so many stupid things come out of one man's mouth? Impeach!
Rita Marie Kelley
Rita Marie Kelley - Month ago
The U.S. is at it again, toppling a government, installing a puppet, stealing oil,causing even more unrest in the world.  Remember the term Ugly Americans?  I hate what our government does...
Dawood Ashrati
Dawood Ashrati - Month ago
Actually what a world
We are living at US harm those countries and no buddy do anything about it.
Tom Underwood
Tom Underwood - Month ago
He's a Putin lacky he was flipped over 25yrs ago he's already tried separating us from NATO & wanted to start a joint cyber security unit with Russia after thru attacked US that's like Bush setting up a flight school for Binladen after 911 this is insane
T Slap
T Slap - Month ago
Rob their oil. This coming from the guy that thinks he was the only one against going into Iraq in the first place. Thief!
phil delprose
phil delprose - Month ago
Why is this the new normal? So countries should submit to whatever US wants ????
anthony ramos
anthony ramos - Month ago
False information, I hate trump but this info is false, the reason Venezuela is doing so bad is because United States imposed so many sanctions they can't hold up anymore... Venezuelans voted for maduro and can vote him out as well but they don't want to. The USA wants the oil and it's nothing new
Louis Brugnoni
Louis Brugnoni - Month ago
Trump is a child who’s never been denied! Kinda like a talented athlete who’s never dealt with repercussions for committing a criminal act. They say you can read someone through their eyes. Well Trump has the dead eyes of a shark!
craigster mcCraig
craigster mcCraig - Month ago
sanctions because of the USA, good luck americans economic problems are coming soon.. get ready
humble servant
humble servant - Month ago
Look at vise news venesuel ranten🕊💝 meet💘🕊
Alexandra De Leon
Alexandra De Leon - Month ago
The fucking gas is going up over here I know is summer but is going up like when we were in trouble ugh
Alexandra De Leon
Alexandra De Leon - Month ago
I really 😭😭😭😭😭😭 really really really dislike this Clown traitor trump is so embarrasing..
Daan Fann
Daan Fann - Month ago
Iraq was crying over their oil now it's Venezuela when will we ever learn
Barbara Meadows
Barbara Meadows - Month ago
Pencil neck pence!!!
Barbara Meadows
Barbara Meadows - Month ago
Does he have to decorate with gold??? Tacky is as tacky does!!!
Barbara Meadows
Barbara Meadows - Month ago
He is the pigeon asshole!!!
Tanner Denny
Tanner Denny - Month ago
Of course he said "Hola" and try to struggle through other pleasantries. *Cringicus Maximus*
Johny Gunn
Johny Gunn - Month ago
Mike Pence is a robot.
Christina Moore
Christina Moore - Month ago
Why is this television news commedian the only news personality reporting on Venezuela?
Larry Goodwill
Larry Goodwill - Month ago
Juan Guaido is the traitor Venezuela and he is the American dog licks the ass and legs of the American Empire for money!
SeniorRouge - Month ago
you are 100% wrong about Venezuela, if you aren't going to speak truth about it, stay out of it. Usa is attacking them with sanctions and blaming Meduro, who was democratically elected. Don't be part of the propaganda.
SeniorRouge - Month ago
@Dalsy Mercado YOU are the one spreading misinformation. It is ALL about the OIL
Dalsy Mercado
Dalsy Mercado - Month ago
Venezuela has been in crisis for years way before the sanctions!! Don't spread misinformation!
Matt Erbst
Matt Erbst - Month ago
Make love, not war!
ansahs ansah
ansahs ansah - Month ago
😂😂😂 a pigeon
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous - 2 months ago
Of all things, I don't think we should pick on Trump for criticizing the Iraq war.
Frerot Saint Jour
Frerot Saint Jour - 2 months ago
Trump need to send his son Trump Jr in front line.
Tulio Cortés
Tulio Cortés - 2 months ago
So Venezuela's people don't have meds and food and these assholes put more sanctions on them, and force other countries to not negotiate with them. The only thing that's achieving is to enforce Venezuelas dependency torwards Rusia and China, and also to kill more venezuelans. Is Trump a russian puppet?
Antony Stark
Antony Stark - 2 months ago
They have oil ?
Time for some democracy !
The Exception
The Exception - 2 months ago
This guy might be funny but he's really clueless when it comes to politics.
Laura Sparks
Laura Sparks - 3 months ago
every time I have ever eaten anything from Chipotle, I have felt sick or thrown up - true story!
Laura Sparks
Laura Sparks - 3 months ago
sadly, Pence is the scariest of all - when I see and hear him, I grit my teeth to put up with the current POTUS just a little bit longer .............
Laura Sparks
Laura Sparks - 3 months ago
don't even get me started on all that day-drinking on morning television ....
Laura Sparks
Laura Sparks - 3 months ago
MrUnseen - 3 months ago
"we destablized the middle East" is a surprisingly intelligent notion of Trump
barry rudge
barry rudge - 3 months ago
He wants to steal their oil using US military and no doubt the oil dollars for his own profit
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