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MoreJStu - Year ago
Thank you all for watching!! Get the game HERE - https://spons.org/morejstu We appreciate ALL the support and every download helps us support our families, once you download it, comment #diapersquad :D
Laura Racca
Laura Racca - 3 months ago
Tanner Crowley
Tanner Crowley - 3 months ago
Hi morejstu how are you getting in without getting caught? BTW I'm new and I subscribed and rang the bell
Candice Reed
Candice Reed - 4 months ago
MoreJStu diaper Squad
Messy Room Studios
Messy Room Studios - 4 months ago
MoreJStu how do you make An overnight challenge happen? How you convince the owners?
Lisa Ulriksen
Lisa Ulriksen - 4 months ago
I want to go in a theater 😭
Carson Coder
Carson Coder - 16 hours ago
Must have snacks
Carson Coder
Carson Coder - 16 hours ago
Must have snacks
Samuel Johnston
Samuel Johnston - Day ago
definition of heaven
Linda Yeet
Linda Yeet - Day ago
Emma Driscoll
Emma Driscoll - Day ago
Andrew who’s been walking on the walls
Me lmbo
Temp Jensen
Temp Jensen - 2 days ago
Are you brothers
Mansavage 101542
Mansavage 101542 - 2 days ago
At 1:50 did u here him fart
Ashby Mayo
Ashby Mayo - 2 days ago
You need to do a 100 hour challenge in Walmart
Fredy Calidoni
Fredy Calidoni - 2 days ago
#Diaper squad
Krishawn Kambel
Krishawn Kambel - 2 days ago
I would like to see you guys do twety four hours in a privit jet!
Linnea Clary
Linnea Clary - 3 days ago
#diper sq
Plazma Blitz
Plazma Blitz - 3 days ago
1st squad
Dylan Tasker
Dylan Tasker - 3 days ago
Did he just fart at 1:51
The Ryder Matz
The Ryder Matz - 4 days ago
Was that a fart at 1.45
Husky Light101
Husky Light101 - 4 days ago
ღ『MilkySwirl』ღ ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
Wendy Daniels
Wendy Daniels - 5 days ago
I am 10 years old and the game sis so fun although I am a girl my brothers and sister love the game
Wendy Daniels
Wendy Daniels - 5 days ago
Fraser Schad
Fraser Schad - 5 days ago
Diaper sqaud
bryan slatton
bryan slatton - 5 days ago
24 hours 1 s preston
bryan slatton
bryan slatton - 5 days ago
more jstu braxton 100000
RustyBoy - 6 days ago
2006 me at the zoo
2019: admiring a parking lot
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith - 6 days ago
Carol Schneider
Carol Schneider - 6 days ago
Ererererererrereeerereresssssssssssdsssssssssssssssssssssssßsßß a pop up
Carol Schneider
Carol Schneider - 6 days ago
Diaper 🤐 squad
Ziaulhaq Zia
Ziaulhaq Zia - 6 days ago
Ryan Sheppard
Ryan Sheppard - 6 days ago
Diaper squad
Gosia Piotrowska
Gosia Piotrowska - 6 days ago
Diaper sqaud
Robbie Brewer
Robbie Brewer - 7 days ago
How did they not got in trouble
غيوض بن محفوظ
لو فيه احد عربي يصف جمبي👇
Matthew Daugherty
Matthew Daugherty - 7 days ago
Can you do another movie theater fort
Kyle Xu
Kyle Xu - 8 days ago
Diaper Squad
Ashton Rogers
Ashton Rogers - 9 days ago
Dipole squad
Carla Ramos
Carla Ramos - 10 days ago
Diaper squad
Halo Fan
Halo Fan - 10 days ago
#Dipper squad
Christopher Menendez
Christopher Menendez - 10 days ago
LOL diaper squad😂😂😂😂😂😂
Scoot Bros
Scoot Bros - 10 days ago
4:04 it’s a movie from mincraft
Scoot Bros
Scoot Bros - 5 days ago
LoLCaptian last live does it look like I care
LoLCaptian last live
LoLCaptian last live - 10 days ago
its accualy Minecraft no mincraft
Scoot Bros
Scoot Bros - 10 days ago
Nicole Schugg
Nicole Schugg - 11 days ago
Eduardo Barraza
Eduardo Barraza - 11 days ago
Can you make a 24 hour at bowling alley Video
Kaleb Tite
Kaleb Tite - 11 days ago
Can you tall people Cole commend say thank you
Kaleb Tite
Kaleb Tite - 11 days ago
Jstu I play that game my robot name is kale Cole tite
aiden Clements
aiden Clements - 11 days ago
Brandy Lester
Brandy Lester - 11 days ago
Yep I should do
Mister O Gaming
Mister O Gaming - 12 days ago
Trip Fr
Trip Fr - 12 days ago
Is it called diapers Squad because babies in diapers and baby stuff that's why
Rebecca Badillo
Rebecca Badillo - 12 days ago
I play war robots
Owen Barnes
Owen Barnes - 13 days ago
Theresa Slachta
Theresa Slachta - 13 days ago
Alberto Fuentes
Alberto Fuentes - 15 days ago
Diper squad
ruth jennings
ruth jennings - 15 days ago
ruth jennings
ruth jennings - 15 days ago
#Super squad
Shaun Murphy
Shaun Murphy - 16 days ago
go carts
Raymond Mathis
Raymond Mathis - 17 days ago
Diaper squad
Lindsay Marie
Lindsay Marie - 17 days ago
Do 24 hours spying on my dad or mom
Preston Fisher
Preston Fisher - 18 days ago
# Diaper squad
Brittany Schultz
Brittany Schultz - 18 days ago
Good job
Maryland Raw
Maryland Raw - 18 days ago
Y’all ain’t see the people walking in the background
Coooper Roberts
Coooper Roberts - 19 days ago
Diaper squad
Leigh Shore
Leigh Shore - 21 day ago
Love your vids
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