Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really

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ahhchristine18 - 5 hours ago
Jenna I think you need some type of sealer
Josslyn Toland
Josslyn Toland - 5 hours ago
You need a sealant to keep the pants from chipping
Kendra K
Kendra K - 5 hours ago
Maybe you need to seal them? I see other ppl suggesting sanding them/giving the paint something to grip... that’s a good idea too... more hydro dipping! 🥰
Bear Gem
Bear Gem - 6 hours ago
What if she did it in nail polish
Alyssa Luzak
Alyssa Luzak - 6 hours ago
ok but where is the sweater from
The Sauce Princess
The Sauce Princess - 6 hours ago
Spray paint all your flower pots glow in the dark
sixstrings24 - 6 hours ago
Try rough sanding the Crocs before dipping. The paint needs something to grip to. Also use a primer first.
Baka Neko
Baka Neko - 6 hours ago
*The Green/Yellow/White (AND Glow in the Dark, LOL) Crocs = "Gamer Crocs"*
The reason?? -- They are the same color as the Xbox 360 theme colors!! *AND* they are the colors of Gamer's beloved drink of.... Mtn. Dew!! *OH, PLEASEEEE* Dub them the "Gamer Crocs" :3
Breanna Ditterline
Breanna Ditterline - 6 hours ago
‘I thought I could cover up my mistake with another mistake’ I felt that shit in my soul.
Sarah Kell
Sarah Kell - 6 hours ago
I definitely want to see a redemption wig if we’re all on this redemption train
Izuku Miydora
Izuku Miydora - 7 hours ago
Sorry for asking
But now that bunny’s here please give how to care for ceremet 3?
ihtpn ihtpn
ihtpn ihtpn - 7 hours ago
What happened to her eyebrow??
moregerty - 8 hours ago
Please turn Julien into Shrek
oblivious oblivion
oblivious oblivion - 8 hours ago
you should try to hydrodip a hydroflask
DJCPeoria - 9 hours ago
Krylon Fusion paints are made for more flexible things like plastics and such.. Odds are good they'll stick better and not flake.
Alyssa G
Alyssa G - 9 hours ago
I’m gonna need the croc headquarters to invite Jenna to make her own at the factory!
Kat Kit
Kat Kit - 9 hours ago
Tip for making these, seal them Jenna 😂
Catherine S
Catherine S - 9 hours ago
Kat Kit
Kat Kit - 9 hours ago
Vid idea: jenna buys different kid shoes for adults. Heelys, twinkle toes, etc. I feel it'd be funny.
Michelle Straga
Michelle Straga - 9 hours ago
There must be some sort of primer that would make them hold all of the paint on without chipping... If you ever decide to try again😉👍
Louwies - 9 hours ago
cover Julien in glow in the dark facepaint :)
Jordan Dupont
Jordan Dupont - 9 hours ago
Ok Jenna - so what you actually need to do (the third time) is put some borax in the water first. It will help the paint stay on the surface but separate. You'll also need to prime the crocs first with an oil based universal primer so the adherence is much better. Lastly, use single component, oil based, NON AEROSOL paint. I know this because I've participated in dipping guitars for this effect. If you're curious google "Ibanez dipped jem" to see what I'm talking about.
Esther Van Der Meer
Esther Van Der Meer - 9 hours ago
Can we get an expert on...hydro dipping crocs... Who can go over and help Jenna with this?
Nikki G
Nikki G - 10 hours ago
When we collabing ?
Luna M
Luna M - 10 hours ago
"i thought maybe i could cover up my mistake with another mistake" my parents deciding to have my brother after having me
Al Lollar
Al Lollar - 10 hours ago
perhaps..use paint sealant
Nathan Farrar
Nathan Farrar - 10 hours ago
Still not as bad as the jeans chair.
Eda Sarı
Eda Sarı - 10 hours ago
Here is Jenna Marbles uses spray paint
Angel Miller
Angel Miller - 10 hours ago
You should use nail polish and then get a protective layer of clear seal spray paint but sand it first so the paint sticks
boba tea
boba tea - 11 hours ago
But julien spray painting your frames glow in the dark might actually be helpful. Imagine waking up at midnight and you find your glasses with easr to go to the bathroom. Honestly jenna is a genioussa.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith - 11 hours ago
0:45 burf
Emily Randall
Emily Randall - 11 hours ago
you should try to water marble them with nail polish ;)
Sarah Millie George
Sarah Millie George - 11 hours ago
Jenna get a full body suit and make it glow in the dark!! :D
elaina f & co.
elaina f & co. - 11 hours ago
can you do a drunk video again? those are so funny
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Julie Martin
Julie Martin - 14 hours ago
Is it just me or would glow in the dark crocks make a sick music video?
Scott Park
Scott Park - 15 hours ago
In pewdiepies most recent video of which youtuber he could beat in a fight, he got to you and just put you straight away into the defeated category, no explanation?? WTH IM OUTRAGED By THIS MADNESS. PLS MAKE YOUR NEXT VIDEO DECLARING WAR ON HIM ( like a KSI logan Paul type vid) and display your fighting moves.
Lauren McCoy
Lauren McCoy - 16 hours ago
Next Jenna Marbles Video: "Making My Hair Into a Croc"
Adi Holdsworth
Adi Holdsworth - 16 hours ago
Is nobody gonna talk about how the crocks she “messed” up on look like Tyler the creators album cover
PANDA HALO - 16 hours ago
jenna making her whole body glow in the dark \
Noah Sweetwine
Noah Sweetwine - 17 hours ago
100 layer hydro dip crocs, bring it back
Hailie Dobson
Hailie Dobson - 17 hours ago
You should have sanded them then dipped them. The pant would probably stayed on better!
Sarah Crutcher
Sarah Crutcher - 17 hours ago
Please do a video spray painting things to glow in the dark
Ally F
Ally F - 17 hours ago
probably doesn't work bc Crocs are waterproof? the paint can't absorb into anything
Lennox Vazquez
Lennox Vazquez - 17 hours ago
The second pair of Crocs look like Rick and Morty schemed. I love it.
Cynthia G
Cynthia G - 17 hours ago
Pleaseeeeeee take sponsorshipssssssss aka crocs and please do more merchhhh
Jarred K
Jarred K - 18 hours ago
She does the heel in the pussy trick. Knew a few that did it at school lol.
S Banuelos
S Banuelos - 18 hours ago
Imagine the next video is just her sitting in her living room and Julien turns the lights off and you see everything glow in the dark 😂😂😂😂😂😂
S Banuelos
S Banuelos - 18 hours ago
Mmmm maybe you can't get paint to stick to rubber...maybe. what do I know?
artist45 - 18 hours ago
Are you prepping the crocs in any way? It would help to sand them down lightly and wash them in TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) which is a must have 'pre-paint' prep for anything you paint. It removes grease, dirt, debris. The best paint to buy would be the ones sold for flexible plastics...the problem is that crocs are just SO darned flexible.
brooklyn burns
brooklyn burns - 18 hours ago
brooklyn burns
brooklyn burns - 18 hours ago
ComediansFromKansas - 18 hours ago
You should take that beard that you put on in an earlier video and try cutting/styling it
BlancaBear Vlogs
BlancaBear Vlogs - 18 hours ago
Jenna should make “Stop It” or “Too Much Gene” merch, I’d buy
Bethany Cooley
Bethany Cooley - 18 hours ago
The key is to spray a primer paint first all over the crocs
Amanda Rojas
Amanda Rojas - 18 hours ago
Jenna should do a redemption series where she retries the things she failed at
Franklin Abreu
Franklin Abreu - 18 hours ago
Jenna’s crocs look like a deep fried meme 😂
Danielle Aguilar
Danielle Aguilar - 19 hours ago
You should put on a black suit and cover it in googly eyes!!!
StarLite - 19 hours ago
When is she gonna drop those BAGGY clothes and start Jenny Craig?
Zach Schorsch
Zach Schorsch - 19 hours ago
If you’re still watching Nicholas Cage movies, WATCH VAMPIRE’S KISS!!!!!!!
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