Florida Man Finds WWII Grenade, Leaves It Outside Of Taco Bell

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kidwooh86 kidwooh86
kidwooh86 kidwooh86 - Month ago
Florida people are bunch dumbass
Exile2347 - 2 months ago
Stay away from the soft taco
PopeThaGod - 2 months ago
When something like this happens and they don't release the name the person is white
Jennifer Durant
Jennifer Durant - 3 months ago
The news man say Florida jajaja jajaja jajaja
NicciJemz - 3 months ago
I'm clearly late to the party, but did he ever explain WHY he drove the grenade to a Taco Bell?
Lg Steelo
Lg Steelo - 5 months ago
They all sounded wet af💨😭
Christia Faver
Christia Faver - 5 months ago
i actually know the people it was my sister and her fiance
Zach Walker
Zach Walker - 5 months ago
The news announcer killed me, "Florida"
Jeremiah Vink
Jeremiah Vink - 5 months ago
Florida needs to be stopped lmao
Mo Jo
Mo Jo - 6 months ago
A Grenade is only dangerous if the pin is pulled you Mks find anything to talk about
Captivated Lunt
Captivated Lunt - 6 months ago
“One word for you here, Florida” lmao 😂
Zoe Shtt
Zoe Shtt - 6 months ago
Flo Dez
Flo Dez - 6 months ago
He probably thought since it was so old that it wasn’t active
Mally MalGaming
Mally MalGaming - 6 months ago
Houston Rockets
Houston Rockets - 6 months ago
Florida man the most dangerous species
Tamika Carter
Tamika Carter - 6 months ago
How do y’all deal with Charlemagne all day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
damien claxton
damien claxton - 6 months ago
Cant taco bell sue breakfast club for this? Lol
Victoria Ligad
Victoria Ligad - 6 months ago
“Waffle Colored Walrus” 😂😭
Armed Office-er
Armed Office-er - 6 months ago
Now i want some taco bell...
mimi thomas
mimi thomas - 6 months ago
Farts sound have few words with my cannon fart 😂
J Money
J Money - 6 months ago
Waffle colored walrus 😂😂😂😂😂
Terminatorx81 - 6 months ago
Florida again? God dam WTF Florida What is in your water? 🤔 News guy one word Florida. LMAO😂 embarrassing Florida. That's why you get your own donkey into theme music.
Laura K
Laura K - 6 months ago
Guess it was a black man being that Charlemagne’s repetitive-self didn’t use his tired ass mayonnaise lines on this one
He got to putting them fart noises to work though lol
fork at the end of the road
He said he don't fart in his clothes.. what yu pull it down to let it out 😂🤣
bobby cole
bobby cole - 6 months ago
Envy, chillll my guy..you know uncle charla is just bring uncle charla
highfour twentymebro
highfour twentymebro - 6 months ago
One word Florida 😂🤣
Herbert J. Priester
Herbert J. Priester - 6 months ago
Steven Peralta
Steven Peralta - 6 months ago
“One word for you here... Florida”
Should use that clip for the intros lol
William McAlpine
William McAlpine - 6 months ago
What happened to the Florida man theme songs
4TREWORLD SPACELYFE - 6 months ago
" One Word For You Here, FLORIDA" 😂😂😂
I Love My State
Yared 1401
Yared 1401 - 6 months ago
I swear there's something in the water down there
Gregory Joe
Gregory Joe - 6 months ago
Winndell Johnson
Winndell Johnson - 6 months ago
The people from the state of florida are just crazy
Kenishia S. Mais
Kenishia S. Mais - 6 months ago
Did CTG really just call Envy a “Waffle Colored Walrus”?! Did I hear that right? 💀💀
kasimk4 - 6 months ago
Yes sir.
Darius D
Darius D - 6 months ago
So we’re all gonna slide past the fact that its a WORLD WAR II grenade? Bruh that shit was like 75 year ago. Mfs think that shit is still active? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Teepee Jamboree
Teepee Jamboree - 6 months ago
did he say trouser chilli???
Tyjie Samms
Tyjie Samms - 6 months ago
I can smell that room
Salvadore Andretti
Salvadore Andretti - 6 months ago
Lol what a gentleman
Larry Standifer
Larry Standifer - 6 months ago
Imma hit taco bell drive thru anybody want something? 🤣🤣
Porsha Edmun
Porsha Edmun - 6 months ago
One word Florida 😂😂😂
Luis Escobedo
Luis Escobedo - 6 months ago
They forgot to give him those hot sauce packs
slimbo denero
slimbo denero - 6 months ago
My pops from Florida and him and his brother crazy lol
Los Be Beast
Los Be Beast - 6 months ago
Makes me think of Atlanta lol
Breed X
Breed X - 6 months ago
"That Nacho Bell Grande combo number 5 with a soft taco would have you peeing out ya ass." 🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😂😂💩💩💩
11thWoods - 6 months ago
So we not gonna attack that corny reporter? "I want some refrigerator magnets.." LOL
JASON JACKSON - 6 months ago
Dam-IT why do people always say people from here (FL) are crazy. Geez & a grenade is perfectly safe. Lol only scary non gun/firearms people would be scared. They are fail safe. 🤦‍♂️ gosh people. Grow a pair for god sakes
Nightmare Nightmare
Nightmare Nightmare - 6 months ago
I woulda pulled the pin and threw it into a car with a white family in it lol
Marlyo Rodriguez
Marlyo Rodriguez - 6 months ago
“Henry Goop Soup” 😂😂😂🚫
SweetHeart !
SweetHeart ! - 6 months ago
An average person farts 15 times a day. A pregnant woman farts 30 to 40 times a day. So Charlemagne takes his clothes of 15 times a day to fart. No matter where he's at. Lying ass!!!
Thomas Silvey
Thomas Silvey - 6 months ago
phat cat mouse killer
phat cat mouse killer - 6 months ago
I love taco Bell but it comes back out as chocolate milk 😂😋
jfilms17 - 6 months ago
Mane his comedy is so good on these
G Moore
G Moore - 6 months ago
News anchor even gave Florida the L lmao
George Fakes
George Fakes - 6 months ago
news anchor hahaha
Karehma Simon
Karehma Simon - 6 months ago
That whole bubble gut commentary had me suffocating in laughter. The accuracy 💀
Clifford Fetus
Clifford Fetus - 6 months ago
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones - 6 months ago
Charlemagne, Noted every combo must have a soft taco 😂😂😂
Oasisfullfilled - 6 months ago
He could of sold it
Joe Rose
Joe Rose - 6 months ago
“One word for you.. Florida.” Lol
Sandy g.
Sandy g. - 6 months ago
Florida Florida Florida smh. The place is actually as whacky as that song by animal collective.
Aww Hell Freewayy
Aww Hell Freewayy - 6 months ago
Hiney Goop Soup?? 💩😂💩
fadedOTAKU - 6 months ago
The irony is that the crazy ppl in Florida migrated from up north.
fadedOTAKU - 6 months ago
U really think a WWII grenade is still live after 60+ years...you'd be a fool to believe otherwise.
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor - 6 months ago
I would have just kept and sold it
Sheda Belle
Sheda Belle - 6 months ago
The sound effects is just not necessary 🤢
reckless - 6 months ago
I’m starting to believe charlamagne when he says the craziest people come from the Bronx and Florida
J Shepherd
J Shepherd - 6 months ago
He dumb, the grenade is worth 2500$-10,000$ ww2 , I would of called bomb squad and a gun collector or antique collector. The guy lucky he didn’t go to jail, I can see a few charges including federal lucky no one was hurt.
Ye Humbug
Ye Humbug - 6 months ago
I’d use that wtf
Deante Young
Deante Young - 6 months ago
🏃🏿‍♀️ 🏃🏾
Donald Langford
Donald Langford - 6 months ago
Waffle colored walrus!! lmao. His roast game is untouched
supreme e
supreme e - 6 months ago
Bin in Miami fl since 1988..its pretty crazy down here yall missing out.
Charmaine got bathroom issues if he dont fart in his own close he cant control what comes out
He hiding something at his home that why he went public
Payback what??
What he just wanted to leave a bomb back
Yxung Drxxpy Thv Dxn
Yxung Drxxpy Thv Dxn - 6 months ago
If Anyone Watched The Show "Atlanta" Then I'm Sure You Kno About "Florida Man"
Josh Spicer
Josh Spicer - 6 months ago
Oh Florida Man...
blewprent - 6 months ago
Ok, forgive me if I sound stupid but if it was from WWII would it even detonate? And second did he pull the pin out or something? Dont you have to pull the pin to trigger the explosion? They're acting like he pulled the pin and sat it in front of Taco Bell. Where was the real danger?
William Peterson
William Peterson - 6 months ago
Would a grenade from WWII still have power to blow up?
Rebecca Price
Rebecca Price - 6 months ago
Taco Bell horrible!!!!
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