1,000,000 ZOMBIES ATTACK!! (World War Z)

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Maurice Mayfield
Maurice Mayfield - Hour ago
I I think you should use your melee weapons my name is Maurice I think you should use your melee weapons the whole video
Max Steiner
Max Steiner - 11 hours ago
Oh, the disipline displayed here is second to none.
Vaas Gaming.Inc
Vaas Gaming.Inc - Day ago
Meanwhile in Russia, Ivan let's of bite zombie
dilshan singh
dilshan singh - Day ago
2:24:30 😅
dilshan singh
dilshan singh - 2 days ago
Candace VS
Candace VS - 2 days ago
i love your videowz
Nakira Clark
Nakira Clark - 5 days ago
lmfao Avery is halarious "THE BRITISH ARE COMING"
Donna Squires
Donna Squires - 5 days ago
Good idea if u have grab light weight machinegun and use it kill them damn zomb8es who care millionaires zombies wtf kill them all u can wothout dead
Brandon Pate
Brandon Pate - 6 days ago
U should play mortal kombat 11
Braindamaged Boi
Braindamaged Boi - 6 days ago
In russia, FBI dont watch you, we watch FBI
Doan Nguyen
Doan Nguyen - 7 days ago
Oh very good
Doan Nguyen
Doan Nguyen - 7 days ago
Tại sao lại là người nước ngoài mà không phải là dương fg
James Ryan Garcia
James Ryan Garcia - 8 days ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh this is why the BIG GUYS dont die becuse they got Heavy armor and theres SWATs
TW Flora
TW Flora - 8 days ago
There was a crossbow and they didn't even grab it
Farhan Khalil
Farhan Khalil - 9 days ago
I cant connect online in World War Z
Opinions Worldwide
Opinions Worldwide - 9 days ago
100000 zombies!
*10000000 ADS!*
dAmmy O
dAmmy O - 8 days ago
You got that from bass and trap
TEZ PLAYZ - 9 days ago
18 ads
B-ShoW - 9 days ago
Avxry's highlights:
Andre: My soul is being eaten!!!
Avxry: Tell them you're vegan!!
Avxry: I've got a magnum now; and I'm NOT talking about the gun!!
Samara: There's a lot of'em!!
Avxry: No they're just playin!!
Avxry: Thousands?!! That's like a little more than a hundreds!!
Andre: We're in Russia!!
Avxry: Namaste!!
Andre: Stay still, I'm gonna try to heal you!
Avxry: Go ahead, stick it in me! I'm done here!
Zombies climbing the wall.
Avxry: My fans!!
Bell starts to ring.
Avxry: it's dinner time!!
Avxry is the best; he always makes me laugh out loud 😂😂😂😂
David Moreno
David Moreno - 10 days ago
that is cool
Sichum Limbu
Sichum Limbu - 10 days ago
You r a good gamer
21 Gold
21 Gold - 11 days ago
1:49:29 he tried to slid in TG dms
Amal Borah
Amal Borah - 11 days ago
Think if zombie can attack and ant can kill human then humans can kill titan how think if we attack Iran with sowrd and protect with armor with 10 million crowd if he tried to eat us then are crowds will start climbing and titan will fall and cut with sowrd and he eat us then some mad will bite him and than will died and ran away
Mary Lou Davis
Mary Lou Davis - 11 days ago
dats a lot o dmage
Anyae Howard
Anyae Howard - 12 days ago
Your on a world war z commercial
21 Gold
21 Gold - 11 days ago
I saw that 2
Rylann Minton
Rylann Minton - 14 days ago
This is crazy😮
Steven VALDEZ - 14 days ago
Make more videos of this
Charl du Toit
Charl du Toit - 14 days ago
You rool 😎😎😎😎😎🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎃🎃🎄🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧
Bobby Clay
Bobby Clay - 14 days ago
Unpopular opinion:
You guys suck at playing this game. Guy has a automatic shotgun and gives it up for a chainsaw. When you hadn’t shot one shot. Smh disappointed
Bobby Clay
Bobby Clay - 14 days ago
I could also only watch for like 20 minutes because all 4 of you scream for no reason smh
Josiah O'connor
Josiah O'connor - 15 days ago
you frickin donkey head tf 😂
Jayden Turner- Eagan
Jayden Turner- Eagan - 15 days ago
Great content
AquariusTaleSANS Javon Campbell
They turn to zombies because they are too drunk 🥴 😵
psycho_012000 - 16 days ago
Ps4 pro for the win
U take lz Passive
U take lz Passive - 16 days ago
Y don’t u do gta apocalypse
Keashawn W
Keashawn W - 16 days ago
i met the person that play in the movie give me a shout out
Tweekie Boi
Tweekie Boi - 16 days ago
2:58:46 had me laughing so hard😂😂
yatin sangoi
yatin sangoi - 16 days ago
man you guys are playing nuts
Biswajit Bose
Biswajit Bose - 17 days ago
You don't know how to play game you all are a donkey
bigT - 17 days ago
More ads then zombies
Giant Of The East
Giant Of The East - 17 days ago
Reminds me of left for dead
Steven Smart
Steven Smart - 17 days ago
You guys are hilarious man .. I’m buying this game tomorrow!
Tristen McPherson
Tristen McPherson - 17 days ago
Hey TG
Shawn Maxwell Lubau
Shawn Maxwell Lubau - 18 days ago
bud25bud - 18 days ago
You should try getting motarl combat 10
JCMT VLOGS - 19 days ago
Ive bean watching you for 5 yeara
Fxke Jake
Fxke Jake - 19 days ago
Video game comes out
Movie: Am i a joke to you
Hgnhnhn F
Hgnhnhn F - 19 days ago
The swat dude weakness is the back
MidnitePH or Mian ,The Tryhard Destroyer
The British are coming😂😂😂
Here in the Philippines we say
The SpAiNaRdS ArE CoMiNg
Susie Morgan
Susie Morgan - 20 days ago
Never mind it was the microphone zombie.
Susie Morgan
Susie Morgan - 20 days ago
That was a lurker.
Ferdy A2Souman
Ferdy A2Souman - 20 days ago
O_O Hey, Dre. i like your huge MUG. That might be good for hitting the Zeke (zombies) 😂 😂
EDIT : HUGE RED MUG! Super Effective! 😂
Tania Kok
Tania Kok - 20 days ago
I am à boy í lafjor wiedieos á am in Gr 4
Phong Anh
Phong Anh - 21 day ago
Johnathon Browning
Johnathon Browning - 21 day ago
has anyone watched the movie .if not you need to its the best
Ferdy A2Souman
Ferdy A2Souman - 20 days ago
i did
Emilio Araujo
Emilio Araujo - 21 day ago
I might die today because where under Tornado watch I think it's tornado warning
Johnathon Browning
Johnathon Browning - 21 day ago
i will pray 4 u
get noscoped
get noscoped - 21 day ago
War of the ads
Freshie Boi
Freshie Boi - 21 day ago
Looking forward to days gone
Ryan Mugo
Ryan Mugo - 21 day ago
urbanDanK - 22 days ago
I counted 18 ads
TKD Skits and outtakes
TKD Skits and outtakes - 22 days ago
Much ads
TKD Skits and outtakes
TKD Skits and outtakes - 22 days ago
IKR, i got 23
urbanDanK - 22 days ago
I got 18 ads
Rai Rapatini
Rai Rapatini - 23 days ago
helly yea hay tg how many times were you on the ground
Skeleton Boi
Skeleton Boi - 23 days ago
Altagracia Peralta
Altagracia Peralta - 23 days ago
Hi tg can you play Minecraft with me please my name is Rosswelbellaco I play on ps4
Zakaria Zakaria
Zakaria Zakaria - 23 days ago
Neal Saunders
Neal Saunders - 23 days ago
hi tg love videos and you make me happy
Bass & Trap
Bass & Trap - 24 days ago
-1 000 000 zombies-
*1 000 000 ads*
Ferdy A2Souman
Ferdy A2Souman - 20 days ago
😂 😂 😂 😂 LMAO, idk why i only had 4 ads this far
Rampboom _J
Rampboom _J - 24 days ago
1:39:31 I can't get rip of when exoph n avxry speaking Japanese
toaster Noodles
toaster Noodles - 24 days ago
So first of all I got and ad the ad was a girl saying I want hot rich guys the other woman said well if you don’t have to swipe it’s automatic so no more using your thumbs gold diggers
Melvin Rushing
Melvin Rushing - 26 days ago
Wrdsgsfsfsdsre Russia
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor - 26 days ago
I'm so getting this Game when I get my video gaming Systems with my First OR Seccuond Check
queen Trinity
queen Trinity - 26 days ago
What I ain't eating zombie
Sal TWD - 26 days ago
I wanna say something
Palestine is not Israel
Palestine is palestine and not Israel
adolf hitler
adolf hitler - 16 days ago
Stfu boy
Trayden Baumgartner
Trayden Baumgartner - 26 days ago
Who else loves when tg says exuse me parden me
CanUSayChris? - 26 days ago
So we're just gonna pretend they didn't take Ascension from cod zombies and put it in world war Z? Aight
Julian - 27 days ago
Menitimes you seed greenbools fuuny
Julian - 27 days ago
Haha😂greenbools nice one
Juancarlos Ngo
Juancarlos Ngo - 27 days ago
Leave Casa
Leave Casa - 27 days ago
Bunch of idiots
David Moreno
David Moreno - 27 days ago
X Twoface
X Twoface - 27 days ago
Click Bait is real
tuting sabal
tuting sabal - 27 days ago
Are you just kidding me??!!
There are millions of zombies down there!!!😮😱
typical sycopat sycopat
typical sycopat sycopat - 28 days ago
Lol when Samara got a mg then exooh say how about you shut up
tuting sabal
tuting sabal - 28 days ago
It's so amazing please post more. PLEASE!!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏😁
Celaya Thompson
Celaya Thompson - 28 days ago
_I'm poor_ -I'm poor-
Esteban Moreno
Esteban Moreno - 28 days ago
Keep up the nice work man
Gwyn Henderson
Gwyn Henderson - 28 days ago
Delores Blackwell
Delores Blackwell - 28 days ago
Play the game and stop playing around there’s 1,000,000 zombies and tryin to kill your teammate
Keisha Sharpe-Gibbs
Keisha Sharpe-Gibbs - 28 days ago
oh because your typical gamer of course
Keisha Sharpe-Gibbs
Keisha Sharpe-Gibbs - 28 days ago
I say my man how are you alive
Shemar Cheddesingh
Shemar Cheddesingh - 28 days ago
I like every game you do
Ultimately_Everything - 28 days ago
This game looks dope i might actually consider getting it
jake desusa
jake desusa - 28 days ago
this game is better than fortnite cause wow!!!!!!!!!
jake desusa
jake desusa - 28 days ago
nice vid yo you rock best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
predector v3
predector v3 - 28 days ago
Nice vid TG
Jado Hargrove
Jado Hargrove - 29 days ago
Love your videos
Darian Pewitte
Darian Pewitte - 29 days ago
i will be that type of person to start an apocalypse
on accident
Johnathon Browning
Johnathon Browning - 21 day ago
i will be the person with a helicoper and a lmg
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia - 29 days ago
Make 1 more episodes
PH-FTW - 29 days ago
apex alday man
Paula Williams
Paula Williams - 29 days ago
Sub to typical gamer
Paula Williams
Paula Williams - 29 days ago
Roses are red vilots are blue the zombies are coming for you
Bee Gzille
Bee Gzille - 28 days ago
Lol what you know about zombie games lil mama
Paula Williams
Paula Williams - 29 days ago
best youtuber and best player at world war z
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