Best of the Worst: Spookies, Action USA, and Alien Private Eye

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2% milk
2% milk - 19 hours ago
the epitome of 2019 western males
RJ - 13 hours ago
More like skim milk.
Branden Kassinger
Branden Kassinger - Day ago
Spirit Halloween provides 90% of all explosives in Hollywood.
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes - Day ago
Ah yes, the classic Mortal Kombat roster featuring Radon, Loo Kong, Minus Zero and Scorpious
Jacob S
Jacob S - 3 days ago
They're half-right about Spookies. The original production shutdown because it ran out of money and the producer shelved it. It had two or three directors. Two years later, the producer hired another director to write a script to wrap round the existing footage, shot it and edited it into the movie. There's actually a feud between the original directors and the one who did the rip-off Phantasm/zombie/cat-man stuff.
Fun fact: the house where this movie was shot is the John Jay estate. John Jay, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin celebrated the signing of the 1783 Treaty of Paris in the same house where all this crazy shit was committed to celluloid.
Arthur R
Arthur R - 3 days ago
Rich Evans laughing at the fart monsters is magical
lxxo - 6 days ago
How Jack says “Yes, Cameron. I’ll close the fucking door” at 27:09 fucking kills me
biffmercury - 7 days ago
Sadly, the distributor cut a lot of the best special effects shots out of SPOOKIES.
Stigma Custom Collectibles
Yo, any body notice Spoopies, Spider women Victim wears a shirt with his own portrait!
CR Smyth
CR Smyth - 7 days ago
When you go to the town molesting tree to share snowballs just remember... its not those types of snowballs
Zetetik -
Zetetik - - 5 days ago
Just never, ever visit that tree if all you have are Twinkies...
Jeffrey Riley
Jeffrey Riley - 8 days ago
19:04 Tim: "I'm behind this Billy kid."
Jay: "Cause' he's got a sack lunch?!"
carlwinslo - 9 days ago
I love how Lemro refers to himself as "an alien" and even in their alien currency a million is still the standard verbage for "alot"
Erling Hansen
Erling Hansen - 9 days ago
Have watched this episode more than 5 times. Now I have to keep watching it
Austin Strong
Austin Strong - 9 days ago
I just realized that the hitman/guy from Hack-o-Lantern is Mac's dad on Always Sunny in Philidelphia.
JJ Mcnab
JJ Mcnab - 8 days ago
The devil's son?
aidan groves
aidan groves - 10 days ago
If you do 5 times a couple hundred times, you're addicted and its better than sex, you die 5 times 100 percent.
Azurehue22 - 13 days ago
Jay is so high def in this video~!
Old World Radio 2
Old World Radio 2 - 13 days ago
In a dark world full of despair and depression, you guys make me smile. 😄
brutalnewt - 13 days ago
I can't believe they didn't point out that Rocco from Spoopies is dressed like General Zod from Superman 2.
kalibos - 13 days ago
>10 suns
Pick one
RJ - 13 hours ago
It looks like your mother should have chosen abortion.
Pimsleurable - 13 days ago
Where's Mike? 10:43
Giuseppe Roccazzella
Giuseppe Roccazzella - 14 days ago
deep literary cuts on Alien Private Eye /2: bad guy's name could be a side reference to Kurt Vonnegut.
ZombifiedGuitarist - 14 days ago
I have that Samurai Jack t-shirt. :D
Nueste Treabata
Nueste Treabata - 15 days ago
Is that guy with the moustache Jay's lover?
Dane Miller
Dane Miller - 16 days ago
I like that Spookie!
Kate Grant
Kate Grant - 18 days ago
Rich Evans should do the laugh track for every tv show.
Joel Farrelly
Joel Farrelly - 18 days ago
The highlight of my day? Probably when I watched four grown men bend over in unison to pantomime the arduous process of draining acid from a fake tooth... I promise it was a lot funnier than it sounds.
Fluffy Gutts
Fluffy Gutts - 19 days ago
The alien fucking was like watching a plank of wood gently bump against a bored woman.
SpellboundWolf - 19 days ago
This episode is so wacky!
NikaHarper - 19 days ago
....I'm too hung up on whether Tim's shirt is from the Banner Saga? Is it?
DeepCFisherman - 19 days ago
Thats aku from samurai jack
Pixel - 19 days ago
How do they deal with copyrights?
Brian Fuller
Brian Fuller - 19 days ago
I've seen Spookies and it is truly the Justice League of schlock horror. The creatures were interesting but the movie is crap.
Retro Longplays 79
Retro Longplays 79 - 19 days ago
That guy has some funny laugh.
timmer919hep - 19 days ago
Whoa! Those were some of the spookiest Spookies that have ever spooked me!
Florin Ardelian
Florin Ardelian - 19 days ago
RLM needs more Rich Evans.
Xa Agripha
Xa Agripha - 20 days ago
This was my younger brothers first time watching your guys show..................Idk if hes going to watch anouther video
RJ - 13 hours ago
Stay in school, or this could be you.
Sexhaie - 20 days ago
*I like that spookie :)*
Margites - 20 days ago
Does anyone else kinda now want to see a movie now where an alien private eye searches for two halves of a black disk while Cameron Mitchelle sends spookies to stop him?
MrLordbubasith - 21 day ago
Rich Evans' laugh is proof laughter is not infectious, no vaccine needed.
lordkayx - 22 days ago
Hyena laughs making me turn the volume down
DeepCFisherman - 19 days ago
How dare you speak poorly of the glorious sound that is rich evans
sephiroth900000 - 22 days ago
Im saving 45:45 for my sides
Haze - 23 days ago
33:37 How did you guys not see that Action USA stars Will Smith?
Autoerotic Asphyxia
Autoerotic Asphyxia - 24 days ago
Holy shit. Just watched "Alien Private Eye" idea how you made a review make sense.
Like if Neil Breen wrote "The Maltese Falcon"... 😐
Josh Howlett
Josh Howlett - 27 days ago
1:07:20 Oh my god Jack xD
Kenny sequelshipping is life
After 100 turkey you *die*
Toure Evelyn
Toure Evelyn - 29 days ago
His laugh is like a Villain from the 80s. Where do you think you're going HAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWAAAAAA
Alec McInnis
Alec McInnis - Month ago
tim feels real natural. good job
Mckenzie .Latham
Mckenzie .Latham - Month ago
It's actually interesting that they brought in one of their friends from half in the bag skits and space cop film.
TheLegend1800 - Month ago
I think the concept behind the "Drug" was that for aliens it feels better than sex, but for humans it feels incredibly painful? But because it's so addicting, the humans keep using it, despite how painful it is to use?
FruScarpia - Month ago
Alien Private Eye wears a black tank top... just saying
The Opal Fox Channel
The Opal Fox Channel - Month ago
17:57 Topsoil! My only weakness!
Stefio - Month ago
40:34 a.k.a. Mac's dad.
Nicolas Goulet
Nicolas Goulet - Month ago
C'était la moindre des choses que de ré-inviter votre ami pour un épisode de BOTW qui est actuellement possible de regarder sans mourir d'ennui HICKSDHEY
Bert Branson
Bert Branson - Month ago
Rich's laugh gives me life and you guys are the best. Love the videos! Please do "ZARDOZ."
DinosaurFan88 - Month ago

OMG, that's going beyond Peter Lorre and crossing over into Ren Hoek territory. LMAO
Charlie Lucifer
Charlie Lucifer - Month ago
I remember Early edition....
Ian Phoenix
Ian Phoenix - Month ago
"This shit's elusive!"
I'm dead.
jay whittman
jay whittman - Month ago
Rich's laughter is a combination of child like glee and a psycopath in an insane asylum.
Mirthful Tale
Mirthful Tale - Month ago
To be honest the spoopies monsters are not that bad, shure it's obvious rubber and nothing like the THING but yeah they are decent.
sampa humeoli
sampa humeoli - Month ago
i must watch ACTION USA LOL
VirtualSuperSoldier - Month ago
"Oh black DISK" LOL :p
Count Ravid
Count Ravid - Month ago
The horny farting mud monsters XD.
carlwinslo - Month ago
I love spoopie moopies!
Patrick Athridge
Patrick Athridge - Month ago
Pretty sweet Badger Badger shirt Jack
stupled - Month ago
I liked Early Edition. It was a nice show.
Abner Hayes
Abner Hayes - Month ago
You can stop doing that lol
Sam Guy
Sam Guy - Month ago
I love how in the beginning Tim just sit there and look at whoever is talking with that smirk
CruelestChris - Month ago
ALEXisSPANISH - Month ago
Rich Evans Laughter USA
Madeleine Curley
Madeleine Curley - Month ago
J.R. Shartzer
J.R. Shartzer - Month ago
It took a couple viewings for this episode to grow on me (it’s weird to me when one of the RLM trifecta of Mike, Jay, or Rich isn’t in the conversation), but I’ve come around and think it’s really funny. It’s a new favorite.
John Galvano
John Galvano - Month ago
I like how Jack always refocuses the discussion
Sorath84 - Month ago
when "uncle trony" dove through that door, I did a spit-take.
CannonBetrayer - Month ago

Kat Noneyourbeez
Kat Noneyourbeez - Month ago
I totally remember Early Edition
mrskribble - Month ago
I remember Early Edition.
Slappap - Month ago
I think their review of spookies is the most I laughed at one of their videos. Thanks for the laughs before work.
Raimar Lunardi
Raimar Lunardi - Month ago
Did the guys ever did House (Hausu) a japanese movie from 1977 ??
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack - Month ago
Hausu, ringu, wifu .. the fack? is the whole of japan drunk and slurring?
cody akers
cody akers - Month ago
Not on an episode they could have watched it outside of one but if they have they've never mentioned it
Autoerotic Asphyxia
Autoerotic Asphyxia - Month ago
Still advocating for Lemro vs Rem Lezar.
This generation's AvP.
Rich Evans as Rem Lezar...
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack - Month ago
Autoerotic Asphyxia Rich Evans is busy fighting the xenomorph in AvR:Tums Festival
HProff25 - Month ago
Who edited this one? I’m trying to learn whether it mike or jay editing.
Bobby Blackbeard
Bobby Blackbeard - Month ago
More new guy
Maximo Wilson
Maximo Wilson - Month ago
What happend to the woman joining you in best of the worst. I know it was years ago, but I was wating 2017 and up and Ya.
MechExile - Month ago
Man I hope they keep adding Tim to these episodes. He's x100,000,000 better than Josh.
THINK TANK ! - Month ago
they should watch axem next
Geforce2187 - Month ago
14:52 As a little kid I went to my mom's work around my birthday, they had cake for someone who was retiring but I mistakenly thought that it was for me
Alan Rizkallah
Alan Rizkallah - Month ago
I got stuck trying to figure out those punch sound effects that added in post in Alien Private Eye. Sounded like someone smacking a rain gutter with a sack of oranges.
Gringo Fett
Gringo Fett - Month ago
Lemroh is Hormel spelled backwards. Because its like fake meat.
Gringo Fett
Gringo Fett - Month ago
Alien Private Eye......50% of the time, it works every time.
RobSmsh - Month ago
I guess you gotta watch a few of these too really appreciate Rich, I'm late to the party. And now I have a new found respect for him knowing he designed and put together the new set. Looks great!!
MALICEM12 - Month ago
Jack screaming "yeaah! Yeeaaaahh! That's horrifying!" Was the best part
Scott Morel
Scott Morel - 2 months ago
52:37 dat laugh lmao
justintj - 2 months ago
More Tim. He's a great addition to the show.
Christian Morales
Christian Morales - 2 months ago
"Thats a neat lil spookie."
"I like that spookie!"
brettxpw - 2 months ago
Christian Morales I also like Jay yelling “spookie!” when the spookie pops up.
Rex Vandorpe
Rex Vandorpe - 2 months ago
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! I also had to turn down the volume while watching this because Rich Evans's laugh was keeping my wife awake...
JoJones - 2 months ago
Doctor Acula.
Dr. Acula.
Kyle McLean-Bailey
Kyle McLean-Bailey - 2 months ago
Glad to see you boys have a copy of Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except
Jeffrey Peters
Jeffrey Peters - 2 months ago
my god, that guy with the high pitched voice makes this unwatchable. I tried, but it's like nails on a chalkboard,
Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack - Month ago
Jeffrey Peters you are cancer
Grindhead Jim
Grindhead Jim - 2 months ago
Rich's laugh continues to provide me with vitality.
dewidiot79 - 2 months ago
Tim is fucking funny as fuck in this episode. Get him on more please!
ark - 2 months ago
Awdios Huxley
DragonZeara - 2 months ago
Am just sayin, Bruno Mars coppied alien Private eye.
wannabecriminalman - 2 months ago
The Real Spoopies would have a good initial run, but then studio meddling would turn it into Wolfman And The Real Spoopies, and it's all downhill from there.
Farsight - 2 months ago
I am looking forward to seeing more Tim, dudes hilarious
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