Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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Levi White
Levi White - 11 hours ago
Removing the olives?
Duncan Jacobson
Duncan Jacobson - 17 hours ago
I miss the smothered burrito. That was great. I wish they could bring it back.
Sidvicous Wisconsin
Sidvicous Wisconsin - 19 hours ago
The Meximelt was my 80’s favorite
Altha Conley
Altha Conley - 23 hours ago
The seafood salad looked kinda good.
tim tags
tim tags - 2 days ago
No Josh you said Mcdonalds and tried to blame it on your boss
Mike Meester
Mike Meester - 3 days ago
I miss the country gravy sausage breakfast burrito
Eric Owen
Eric Owen - 3 days ago
Love the show guys. If you ever do a taco bell challenge again you should look up the chicken club burrito, cheeseburger burrito, and the grilled fajita burrito.
Oneofdazzz - 5 days ago
I take offense to you calling that waffle TBs first entry into the breakfast market…breakfast burritos back in the early 90s were.
XeDragHD - 6 days ago
You forgot the chicken flatbread sandwich!!!
faatman42 - 6 days ago
you guys ever work in fast food?? "just give them some extra training"...… you try to do it before you make that statement. other than that I love you guys, keep it up!
Jon Dunham
Jon Dunham - 7 days ago
I remember the Triple Steak Stack
Matt Price
Matt Price - 7 days ago
The biggest problem with the Waffle Taco is that they never did a Chicken and Waffle Taco.
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein - 8 days ago
10:50 (X) Doubt
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein - 8 days ago
The seafood salad was discontinued after psychiatric wards complained that it made people believe they were the reincarnation of Moses.
Kayla Stephens
Kayla Stephens - 9 days ago
I've never had taco bell... I just love Rosa's cafe so much...
Aimee Miller
Aimee Miller - 9 days ago
i absolutely LOVED the waffle taco sooooooo muchhh!!!! did wish they would have added cheese..
TheIkaika777 - 10 days ago
We had taco burgers in school back in the day. No big deal.
Donald Woodling
Donald Woodling - 10 days ago
I've had the seafood salad. It was actually surprisingly good. You've made me want one now. Thanks.
E Getty
E Getty - 10 days ago
The waffle taco was the only thing I ate at Taco Bell because everything else is nasty
Dani - 11 days ago
They had a burger called a bun taco.
Empress Tarot by Gabby Turner
omg... I love Rhett's sweater!!!
Eric Mugerwa
Eric Mugerwa - 11 days ago
Do dominoes double decadence
PacifistPotato - 12 days ago
Taco Bell is not MEXICAN food
hope kling
hope kling - 12 days ago
I’m only 1:11 in and I hooope they do the Country Breakfast crunch wrap. It was delicious😭
DeadAtrocity - 13 days ago
Jesus what. A McGriddle is literally the worst sandwich ever.
Meagan M
Meagan M - 13 days ago
DeadAtrocity - 13 days ago
My god the waffle taco was the best thing ever.
BoricuaBoy88 - 13 days ago
Baja Chalupa, Volcano Taco, and Chickstar Crunchwrap Supreme all need to be brought back.
Wolfii Songs
Wolfii Songs - 14 days ago
Can someone find me a hawk with hands so I can make it eat handless like link said?
Charlzzz TV
Charlzzz TV - 15 days ago
Will it parfait
Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson - 15 days ago
what about the bacon cheese burger burrito circa 1993?
David Nesper
David Nesper - 15 days ago
There was a sauce that went with a 4 alarm double decker taco that was THE BEST!!!
MothraVsTheWorld - 15 days ago
I wish that Taco Bell would bring back the Zesty Chicken Rice Bowl
Charles Henry
Charles Henry - 16 days ago
Well when Taco Bell becomes a fancy restaurant like in the dystopia of Demolition Man that 20 minute prep time will become irrelevant.
Elias Fernandez
Elias Fernandez - 16 days ago
A tacobell where I live is next to McDonalds witch is next to a gas station witch is next to a H.E.B
Othello Dixon
Othello Dixon - 16 days ago
Whom Here BELLieves
Nineties Baby
Nineties Baby - 16 days ago
I miss their Border Bowl and how they used to put scallions on top of the side of spanish rice.
Daniel FHorn
Daniel FHorn - 16 days ago
Sorry Grandpa, I have a pony tail...
smol bean
smol bean - 17 days ago
Never tasted any taco Bell food. But I waaant tooo
Dylan Main
Dylan Main - 17 days ago
Sign me up for the petition for the green onions
Suzanna Smith
Suzanna Smith - 17 days ago
Uhhh.. what about volcano nachos??
Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott - 17 days ago
Does no one else miss the smothered burrito? I see no comments about that one. It was amazing..
malik kothiya
malik kothiya - 17 days ago
Where dd they even get the discontinued food item from, like did taco bell made them huh
William Studd
William Studd - 14 days ago
did you watch the video
TheChubbycheaks - 17 days ago
Does anybody know where I could get Rhett's shirt?
The real Sitobi
The real Sitobi - 18 days ago
My grandpa makes the bell burger a lot. He just gets some ground beef and some taco seasoning and cooks it. It’s pretty good.
Neklare - 18 days ago
TANTILIST - 18 days ago
I ate the waffle taco once, it was delicious
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia - 18 days ago
who else is watching thiss at 9:22 pm
Roy Eynon
Roy Eynon - 19 days ago
I miss the Enchirito
Lisa Braun
Lisa Braun - 20 days ago
Have not eaten anything from there in years. Ten years or more.
Raging Panda
Raging Panda - 24 days ago
Brian - 24 days ago
The smothered burritos were the best items they ever had because they approached actual Mexican restaurant flavor. (Obviously they weren't full quality, but the best fast food could get)
D1sc0de - 25 days ago
They missed a chance to say let’s Taco Bell that
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie - 29 days ago
Missing the chili cheese burrito or chilito for those true fanatics. I can’t be the only one?! 😫😰
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson - Month ago
Bell beefer was like 50 cents and good
Erin Stenback
Erin Stenback - Month ago
Josh needs his own shows continued !!
Dino TheWeird
Dino TheWeird - Month ago
The only thing I get from Taco Bell is usually The Nacho Fries Box
tyler johnson
tyler johnson - Month ago
the volcano burrito
No More Ducks
No More Ducks - Month ago
The quesalupa was the only thing that made me fall in love with Taco Bell and they discontinued it and I think about it all the time 😭
Madison Martin
Madison Martin - Month ago
The enchiredo is gooooone
Julius Kingsley
Julius Kingsley - Month ago
Please Taco Bell. The Volcano Burrito. I need it in my life again.
Kimmy Hays Stephens
Kimmy Hays Stephens - Month ago
grilled chicken flatbread was the best!
Chris L
Chris L - Month ago
That intro was cheesy and not very punny.
ozzy the goat
ozzy the goat - Month ago
GMM: *enjoys the waffle taco*
Also GMM: nah thats whack
TehPinoyOrca - Month ago
Josh did way too good on that Waffle Taco.
Jay Nicole
Jay Nicole - Month ago
They need to bring the doubledilla back!!😋
Sweetiebelle/Twilight - Month ago
Hey you forgot about the naked chicken chips
Dano Da Zombie
Dano Da Zombie - Month ago
Taco Time sells the burgers!
Akyanos - Month ago
Josh's quiet little "Yeah, preach" is so relatable
Kite Catloid
Kite Catloid - Month ago
well rhett and link try shrimp tostadas from a mexican resturant ._. its good
Angie Malone
Angie Malone - Month ago
Del taco has burgers lmao 😂 but del tacodoesnt give u the runs
PigMine 6
PigMine 6 - Month ago
In-house fried taco shells, tostadas shells, taco Salad shells, nacho chips and cinnamon crisps all lost in their expansion
Sohnia Fairbanks
Sohnia Fairbanks - Month ago
Taco Bell needs to bring back the volcano burrito ASPA
unfortunate teller
unfortunate teller - Month ago
Daniel definitely grew a pony tail... but he tells everyone it’s a man-bun.....
Nicholas - Month ago
I miss the cheesy core burrito.
Eskil - Month ago
Wheres the lava sauce
millenniumf1138 - Month ago
I love the nearest approximate to the Bell Beefer you can get in 2019: the taco burger from Taco Tico. I get it every time I eat there, and something about it just hits the spot!
Amber Kizer
Amber Kizer - Month ago
The burger is from taco casa
Andy - Month ago
7 layer crunchwrap!
Kaelob Schroeder
Kaelob Schroeder - Month ago
Josh did you remember the 33% sand
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