Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 16 minutes ago
The bell beefer was my favorite item except the enchirito.
TJG - 4 hours ago
My grandma work at taco bell in the 60s and she still knows how to make the bellburger.
Suicidal Landfish
Suicidal Landfish - 4 hours ago
Heeh, they having problems seeing the Golden Arches
Tyger42 - 13 hours ago
Shoulda done the wild burrito sauce from the 90s.
Nicholas Hart
Nicholas Hart - 13 hours ago
Bring back the Enchirito.
Heather Witt
Heather Witt - 15 hours ago
I need them to bring back Volcano tacos and the Sweet and Spicy taco! 🌮 🤤
Mr. E 3103
Mr. E 3103 - Day ago
I miss volcano taco, blackjack taco, & border bowls
Ava Thibault
Ava Thibault - Day ago
The seafood salad got discontinued because of reports of food poisoning.
spingus - Day ago
itsthe bell beeferbeeferbeeferbeeferbeefer
Ninja Fudge
Ninja Fudge - Day ago
12:32 post marhett
Westcoast Livinlife
Westcoast Livinlife - 2 days ago
The cheesy core burrito is literally the beefy 5 layer. I used to work there
Eric Kuykendall
Eric Kuykendall - 2 days ago
I havent watched episode yet but I hope the volcano burrito is on here. Was my favorite thing from tbell back in the day and nacho bell grande before they changed it
Andrew White
Andrew White - 2 days ago
you guys forgot about the large taco! and the CHOCO TACO
Darrow - 2 days ago
Taco Bell needs to bring back two things, the quesalupa, and those 1 dollar mini slider wraps they had for a while, those were great.
Mark - 3 days ago
The Bell Burger was the best!
Ellie Timpson
Ellie Timpson - 3 days ago
Every time I watch this I crave McDonald's 😂
Kolby Welty
Kolby Welty - 3 days ago
I love tacos
Tech Life - Helpful Tech Tips
Rhett: Sometimes you can't get to a McDonalds. Theres not enough of them!
Me: 😑 *Goes outside, looks around. McDonalds every quarter mile
Noah McQueen
Noah McQueen - 4 days ago
Who else seen link slam the taco down because he couldn’t cut it🤣😂 2:29
5774474864 - 4 days ago
Americans: taco bell is so good
Jake Dwinell
Jake Dwinell - 4 days ago
"Sign the petition man, Ive got one going"
Mudusa I
Mudusa I - 5 days ago
Is this how you normally eat food
JD1911 - 5 days ago
Taco Johns still does the taco burger 🍔
Fuzian - 5 days ago
the taco burger may have been discontinued at taco bell, but there’s an alabama exclusive restaurant called taco casa that still has it.
Brittney Sprankle
Brittney Sprankle - Day ago
Fuzian we have taco casa and the burger here in Texas too 😋
Verdant Fox Gaming
Verdant Fox Gaming - 5 days ago
That little “you said McDonald’s part” was funny
Chade Hogan
Chade Hogan - 5 days ago
I ordered many a waffle taco in the short time it was around. God do I miss it
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 days ago
Where do you guys manage to get all the vintage packaging? That's what I'm curious about.
Sadie Flores
Sadie Flores - 5 days ago
They need the doubledilla back for real though
dutch plan der linde
dutch plan der linde - 6 days ago
I miss volcano nachos so bad
cookieman - 6 days ago
4:03 you will be missed waffletaco
Stephanie Saathoff
Stephanie Saathoff - 6 days ago
Where were the Cinnamon Chips??? Classic Taco Bell dessert from the 80s!!!
PumpkinEater69 - 6 days ago
I started working for TacoBell soon after the waffle taco was discounted so I never experienced it but I’ve heard positive things. The fried chicken chalupa and loaded tacos with the sweet and sour sauce was my favorites, I wish they’d stay
otterpuplover - 6 days ago
This just made me realize I subconsciously missed the olives in taco bell :(
xmypantsx - 7 days ago
They got rid of the waffle taco at the same time they had the chicken strips for the first time
John Sadler
John Sadler - 7 days ago
Bell beefers were delicious they came wrapped in paper not a box they also need to bring back the chili cheese burrito a Chilito it was called
Gaming4Life 0280
Gaming4Life 0280 - 7 days ago
Bring back the Volcano taco/burrito line up!
Henry #3 Productions
Henry #3 Productions - 7 days ago
With these items, sometimes it’s a regional thing. You should ask.
pando226 - 7 days ago
When it comes to Taco Bell items, I think that everyone has a "one that got away"
TheSaltyCandy - 8 days ago
So i just watched this with my mother who worked at taco bell, made all these items, and got to listen to her complain about the items.
Alex Rada
Alex Rada - 8 days ago
As I uncomfortably grab my pony tail...
Callan Roper
Callan Roper - 8 days ago
Waffles for breakfast??? Wtf
Ryan Watkins
Ryan Watkins - 8 days ago
You never called it a sloppy Juan and that’s a travesty
Earl's Chibi Phantom
Earl's Chibi Phantom - 9 days ago
I would have wanted them to bring back the ORIGINAL grill stuffd burrito back!
william w
william w - 9 days ago
I miss the chicken and biscuit breakfast tacos with the jalapeno honey. Those were great.
Hector Cuyar
Hector Cuyar - 9 days ago
Taco Bell NEEDS to bring back the Quesalupa
XxAverageG1107 - 9 days ago
I honestly thought Taco Bell still had the waffle taco
A Person
A Person - 9 days ago
punk frog
punk frog - 10 days ago
i miss the waffle taco so much i remember it
Nick Maloney
Nick Maloney - 10 days ago
Now if only Taco bell brought back the chili cheese burrito or Chilito as it was called.
Jonas Urena
Jonas Urena - 11 days ago
omg i have that sweater
DylansInsane 999
DylansInsane 999 - 11 days ago
Taco Bell bring back the “Naked Chicken Chips” who else remembers those!?
Todd Paone
Todd Paone - 11 days ago
I like Mc griddles. But they’re like 4$ a piece.
ghostface killah
ghostface killah - 11 days ago
Rett- is that a sloppy joe?
ME- it's a sloppy jose
chris86simon - 11 days ago
That cheesy core music reminded me of Flat Eric. Flat Eric anyone?
Evan Rieux
Evan Rieux - 11 days ago
Were I live we only have one taco bell and it is in the mall
Steven Hood
Steven Hood - 12 days ago
Best thing they discontinued here in illinois was the Baja chalupa
Venom Mom
Venom Mom - 13 days ago
Everyone talks about Taco Bell giving them the bathroom rush, but the only fast food that did it to me before was Burger King.
Is it really a thing or just a very longstanding meme?
TheNightWatch001 - 13 days ago
ya there was a mid season rough patch, but link has definitely gotten back into a groove with the wheel of mythicality outro line
Frans Malan
Frans Malan - 13 days ago
Sloppy José
Tom Gallagher - Second Hand Media
this years intro isn't bad. But the previous one is so much better.
sebas l
sebas l - 14 days ago
Lol it never looks like the picture even in other fast food chain ....
assuck4 - 15 days ago
They need sauce
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever - 15 days ago
Flatbreads need to come back!!! Also fiesta potatoes!! And make the beefy crunch a permanent menu item!!!
lawrence shadow
lawrence shadow - 16 days ago
they steamed the buns on the taco sandwich which made a big difference. I liked one once and a while.
Shan Clark
Shan Clark - 16 days ago
No one ever talks about the volcano burrito.. :(
Chelsea B
Chelsea B - 14 days ago
I don’t know if I ever had it, but the volcano burrito and the verde sauce are the 2 things I’ve seen people want back the most. So now I really want one 😂
Shan Clark
Shan Clark - 14 days ago
Chelsea B love y’all then
Chelsea B
Chelsea B - 14 days ago
Everyone in the comments did
steve gatt
steve gatt - 16 days ago
I loved the bellbeefer- thank you for featuring it - no one remembers it- one difference- the bread was defiantly not toasted-
Kyle Whitstine
Kyle Whitstine - 16 days ago
Should've done the Southwest steak bowl!!! That was the bomb!!!!!!!!
corganic - 16 days ago
There’s a woman that straight up comes in with a bag of buns and buys all the sides to make a bellbeefer lmao. I had never heard of it before
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas - 16 days ago
" It tastes of desperation "
I believe that was Taco Bells tagline from the 80s
Two_Characters - 16 days ago
I want everything volcano from Taco Bell to come back 😭😭😭😭
THEDnARACER - 17 days ago
Rhett be deep throating that burrito
Marius x
Marius x - 17 days ago
I really don't like the "discontinued" series since what they are tasting is just an attempt at recreating the items and most certainly is often a miss.
amdnivram - 17 days ago
musical comedy, the lowest form of comedy
Alexandar Hossler
Alexandar Hossler - 17 days ago
No Spicy Chicken?!?!
Victor Storm
Victor Storm - 17 days ago
“Let’s taco bout that”
PuertoRicanGuy85 - 17 days ago
New to your channel, could you create the southwest steak bowl if you haven’t already
Nasty Nate's Music and Reactions
I want a friend that looks at me the way Rhett looks at Link when he tells a DAD joke.
Jessica Rabi
Jessica Rabi - 18 days ago
Should have tried the chili cheese burrito!! That was my favorite back in the day!
Brae M
Brae M - 18 days ago
Y O U. S A I D. M C. D O N A L D S
Moose - 18 days ago
The waffle taco wasn’t great, I got it when I saw a sign on the way to a friends house and tried it. Neither of us thought it was amazing. It was mediocre
Jegnur - 19 days ago
You didn't do the Beefy Crunch Burrito....
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith - 19 days ago
I miss the “Taco Lite” i also ate a lot of “Extreme Nachos” which was like a hot seven layer dip with the chips on the side. Yum.
Ryley Duffy
Ryley Duffy - 19 days ago
Loved the waffle taco so damn good the cap n crunch delights were also amazing unfortunately they get rid of great stuff
Joel Ruvalcaba
Joel Ruvalcaba - 19 days ago
They have the waffle taco at the Taco Bell near my home
Adrew - 19 days ago
I think they have brought the cheese core at least in slc
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez - 19 days ago
Grande soft taco
Kimberley W
Kimberley W - 19 days ago
Sports IQ With Pat
Sports IQ With Pat - 20 days ago
Scotty Birtciel
Scotty Birtciel - 20 days ago
I was so excited for this episode. But you didn’t do the chilito aka chili cheese burrito. So I will never know how to make it at home. Or you telling them to please bring it back. So still a sad dark day for me.
Alexzanderson JRG
Alexzanderson JRG - 20 days ago
Taco Bell needs to bring back the Mexican-nuggets.
Shawn Kosa
Shawn Kosa - 20 days ago
Okay, but the 💕 rattlesnake 💕
Solomonbow •.•
Solomonbow •.• - 20 days ago
Where is the choco taco?!
PereMarquette1223 - 20 days ago
Wendy’s and Arby’s next?
Evan StJohn
Evan StJohn - 20 days ago
the burger looks so good
Dalton eaves
Dalton eaves - 20 days ago
Why fish salad and not a fish taco?
Olenhol - 21 day ago
Xavier would be proud
Harrison Renaud
Harrison Renaud - 21 day ago
Loved the intro 😂😂😂
Spencer Speer
Spencer Speer - 21 day ago
I remember eating the waffle tacos hungover
rcmrover - 21 day ago
they need to bring back the jalapeno honey grillers and chickstars. Those were awesome.
Sevenftazn - 21 day ago
Mexican Nuggets need to be brought back damn it 😤
Alexzanderson JRG
Alexzanderson JRG - 20 days ago
I know right? Lol I thought I was going crazy cause I remember eating those, but no one ever mentions it, or that it was ever a menu item.
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