Jamila T. Davis On Her Lesson From Committing Bank Fraud And How To Get The Bag Legally

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mk m
mk m - 2 days ago
her sentence was not fair at all
Winston McGregor
Winston McGregor - 6 days ago
people who don't understand white privilege. Pay attention. White corporate teaches crooked law and black lady takes the rep due to image......
Ezmyy Faustino
Ezmyy Faustino - 7 days ago
She is so charming no wonder she was successful in the fraud industry! She is a fucken legend
Najwa Elhamraoui
Najwa Elhamraoui - 7 days ago
who’s here after stephanie soo’s vid?
1DegreeAboveFreezing - 4 days ago
kdogg 13
kdogg 13 - 4 days ago
ajanalanie - 6 days ago
Najwa Elhamraoui meee
I love luv
I love luv - 6 days ago
Najwa Elhamraoui brooooooOOo
Sweet creature Jimin
Sweet creature Jimin - 7 days ago
The way I was like damn this video is too long idk if I can watch YET HERE I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS VIDEO
Shelby Bryan
Shelby Bryan - 7 days ago
She’s a savage period 😂
Dreykini - 8 days ago
Thanks Sis...#facts
LO g
LO g - 14 days ago
A fucking queen
Rillseductive - 18 days ago
Chthagod should have done this interview by himself Angela Yee can't handle power black women in conversation.
Rillseductive - 18 days ago
Another 1... GREAT Interview. Sis, ur are Amazing & Inspiring. Many Blessings 2 U & Urs 👑
Jasmin Draper
Jasmin Draper - 19 days ago
Yassss Queen!! So much respect for you and your work! I am inspired, keep going!
Amber Williams
Amber Williams - 19 days ago
So inspirational!!!!!! I love how the breakfast club is shifting from being ratchet to rachetly informative for our people lol...totally different vibe from when I started watching 4-5 yrs ago #keepitup
Edward Miller
Edward Miller - 19 days ago
Greatest Interview Ever!!! Bless this woman and telling her testimony. Real inspirational
Post James Franco
Post James Franco - 21 day ago
This is the bet interview I’ve seen
All Things Rickita
All Things Rickita - 21 day ago
Wowww .. what I do, but hers was illegal... ,😮... I have to keep it legal 😚
LaDonna Marshall
LaDonna Marshall - 22 days ago
I have more respect for Jamila after this. I feel like Yandy Smith brings down her value.
Armani TheVoice
Armani TheVoice - 23 days ago
The banks do this all the time. That's why none of the big wings that work for the banks never go to jail. Remember Wells Fargo made thousands of fake bank accounts. They had to do is pay like millions of dollars in fines and nobody went to jail 🤔. What I hope her book does good . Way to strong sister
Elizabeth Casey
Elizabeth Casey - 23 days ago
I love this interview o m g
Chrissy Love
Chrissy Love - 24 days ago
Great interview
BigBwoyTing - 24 days ago
I've been telling people prison is the new plantation. The only difference is negroes are not kidnapped anymore. They are volunteering by the thousands to be slaves, Locked up, Chained up in cages working for free.
ISpyLexi - 24 days ago
Inspiring! She's definitely someone I'd like a chance to meet
D Williams
D Williams - 25 days ago
Unique Coffey
Unique Coffey - 25 days ago
I dont even get the pause thing...
Tracy KaPoni
Tracy KaPoni - 25 days ago
Tracy KaPoni
Tracy KaPoni - 25 days ago
Tracy KaPoni
Tracy KaPoni - 25 days ago
Dammmmn! She was hookin' folks up! So, when WE (black ppl) help one another....THEY THROW US IN JAIL! WOWWW! WHITE PPL TELL EACH OTHER MONEY SECRETS ALL THE TIME
Tracy KaPoni
Tracy KaPoni - 25 days ago
Tracy KaPoni
Tracy KaPoni - 25 days ago
White ppl do this SHIT buuuuuut they don't get no where near the time she got....WOWWW!
lisa mac
lisa mac - 25 days ago
Lauryn hill went to jail? When was this ?
Lady Bug Kyslei Princess Kamille
Mad respect!!
Dwight Lowery
Dwight Lowery - 26 days ago
Such a powerful message, I fucking love her already
Londy Cox
Londy Cox - 26 days ago
She said I got time time yes they threw the book @ her wow
J B - 26 days ago
AWESOME interview!!!
Diamond Too Real
Diamond Too Real - 26 days ago
I will definitely read her book, when does the movie drop? 🤔💯💯💯
Mzfancyy - 26 days ago
Wow, best interview YET 🤟🏽 Very good information, sad that what she said is true but people STAY WOKE
J Peezy
J Peezy - 26 days ago
Great Interview!!! As Jamila was speaking, I could actually visualize what was occurring. She is truly gifted and to hear how she has now dedicated her life to empowering our youth and community is truly amazing!! Keep pushing, Jamila! Like someone else said...This needs to be a movie for sure!
Britt Jenae
Britt Jenae - 26 days ago
Yassssss sista this was a great interview
Charles Fair
Charles Fair - 26 days ago
Powerful women I was not expecting this when I click to watch this interview. The black culture needs more people like her.
snoopmoney Chaser
snoopmoney Chaser - 26 days ago
I’m going support her in whatever she do this woman is amazing
jonathan miller
jonathan miller - 27 days ago
I love this... this was a good interview...
Tudy Conscious Queen
Tudy Conscious Queen - 27 days ago
This is an awesome interview!!, I salute this Black Queen for what she’s done in the past and for what she’s doing now!! May Our Universal God continue to protect her and bless her!!
Tudy Conscious Queen
Tudy Conscious Queen - 27 days ago
They we’re mad because she beat them at their own damn game..
Tudy Conscious Queen
Tudy Conscious Queen - 27 days ago
She needs a biopic ASAP
Jessica crudup
Jessica crudup - 27 days ago
I 💜💜💜this
Darwin Alba
Darwin Alba - 27 days ago
They should make a movie out her story
Marress7118 - 27 days ago
She is so dope I love her and her story I mean she is going to be a CEO someday I just love this story I listen to this everyday
Sonia Farrare
Sonia Farrare - 28 days ago
Great interview
morgen Flanders
morgen Flanders - 28 days ago
Nice interview
morgen Flanders
morgen Flanders - 28 days ago
He say they setting up a whole new plan to end up back in prison 😭😂😂😂😂
Nitascha Foxx
Nitascha Foxx - 28 days ago
Oh Yes! This was a FIRE interview Loved every moment of this. I will be reading her book!
David J
David J - 29 days ago
I love her
Mario Sega
Mario Sega - Month ago
Good interview 😀
Akilah Shani
Akilah Shani - Month ago
She didn’t do anything wrong they railroaded her!
Pamela K Muhammad
Pamela K Muhammad - Month ago
She is a very intelligent person ,but we have to do it right. White can get away by doing wrong!!!
Art Vaughn, Jr
Art Vaughn, Jr - Month ago
In American Gangster - Denzel said, the loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room.
That chinchilla coat did him in.
AttritionWarrior - Month ago
My chick is righteous
Black Coder
Black Coder - Month ago
Negroes gotta learn the law before you embark on some real shit.... Ive operated kn the same circles...as her
.and Chris Hansen Even...with no jail time
OsayaPapaya - Month ago
THIS is an interview! Good stuff... I'm getting that book! lol
Alex Stone
Alex Stone - Month ago
JERRY-N- Da-S-Curlz
JERRY-N- Da-S-Curlz - Month ago
I don't really watch TBC but this one was da best one sense bird man's put respek on my name
Tecia Unique
Tecia Unique - Month ago
She is a hell of a smart woman!! Dope interview
Kelvin Foye
Kelvin Foye - Month ago
Love this interview
ramir gibson
ramir gibson - Month ago
Respect black sister I respect your ambition
YAH’sDaughter MostHigh
Sherry Denny
Sherry Denny - Month ago
Wow! Great interview! God Bless you Jamila.
DeathCeroKing - Month ago
Even if I never read her book I’m buying it just because of this interview.
outcast566 - Month ago
It sounds like a good read.
rexford mensah
rexford mensah - Month ago
I love to listening to interviews like this...
Moe X
Moe X - Month ago
She didn’t get the part when he said “pause” lol
S B - 7 days ago
I didn't even get it tbh
shevonne Rodgers
shevonne Rodgers - Month ago
Im going to tell u how fucked up i am, I still dont see what you did wrong💯. She’s black. White ppl are still doing what she did, now and they not getting locked up.
But I love her spirit, motivation & that she turned her situation around for her good & didnt let it break her
Walker May
Walker May - Month ago
I need to meet someone like her. Hit me up. Lol
michael mcinnis
michael mcinnis - Month ago
I love her
Shana Perry
Shana Perry - Month ago
Need your credit fix or just want financial education legally inbox me on ig @Aprettyrose
Jiané Archibald
Jiané Archibald - Month ago
Great interview! Will definitely get her book.
La-la-la-la_la! - Month ago
First of all who tf is she
Rushell Maragh
Rushell Maragh - Month ago
She’s the reason the economy crashed. Yes they did her wrong but she was also wrong for getting people into homes they could not afford. She should have used that power for good FOR SURE!
snoopmoney Chaser
snoopmoney Chaser - 26 days ago
Rushell Maragh girl shut yo ass up tf
Terrance Tilmon
Terrance Tilmon - Month ago
They was so mad that she was smart enough to do the game like they do.  I'm sorry but I aint mad at her. There are plenty of those born with an advantage that do this and more.
Mommy and Gigi
Mommy and Gigi - Month ago
True hustler
Ciaology 101
Ciaology 101 - Month ago
She's DOPE af! 😁💜
John Blaze
John Blaze - Month ago
She talk like she just bout the shits lmao Stay Up Sis!!!!
Mike Barker
Mike Barker - Month ago
the bank's lost million's behind the scam!!!
Makim Moses
Makim Moses - Month ago
i like her style, i wish her the best and will support when i can
Deborah Lewis
Deborah Lewis - Month ago
Powerful Testimony !! Had you never went through this, your gift would have never flourished... God will allow you to fall, so you can get back up the right way and, stronger.
What the enemy met for bad. God turned it to good. Your gifts showed in your low point. keep up the good work, as long as you give props to the man who made it all possible you will be fine. I pray everything you may have lost will be resolved and given back 10 fold...Keep sharing your gift !!I didn’t know who you were but, glad I heard this show.....once you changed your mindset the Sky was the limit... getting the book!!
Maleah's Diary
Maleah's Diary - Month ago
I can't lie. I wasn't sure I would have enough patience to listen to this in full. Now I'm glad I did. (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)
Yahya Raz
Yahya Raz - Month ago
cut the "PAUSE" crap" its annoying like everything is a gay agenda! grow up little god!
La Tisha
La Tisha - Month ago
Her hustle, hope and determination are unmatched. True QUEEN.
Christine Owori
Christine Owori - Month ago
This was lovely Breakfast Club, thanks for sharing.
Nine Sine
Nine Sine - Month ago
I'm about to shift🌟💫💡
Derrick Falconer
Derrick Falconer - Month ago
Didn't no who she was!! Very intelligent and a very interesting story!! A example.. an amazing woman who did not let her circumstances getting her way!!
Nun yo bizness
Nun yo bizness - Month ago
I love her honesty! She totally ruled this interview; she’s needs to make this a job.
carla charrier
carla charrier - Month ago
Damn that’s messed up. White priveledge is going to be erased with gods help
Larry Strong
Larry Strong - Month ago
Angela stfu and let her tell her story. Great interview
Learning First!
Learning First! - Month ago
Intelligent woman!!!
Antoinette Mayers
Antoinette Mayers - Month ago
I think this is my favorite Breakfast Club interview ever! Please bring her back!!!
yalor maine
yalor maine - Month ago
Dont she feel like she everybody cousin
Pretty Healthy And Thick
I just met her two weeks ago at a network event & although we followed each other on IG I had no idea THIS is who she was. 🙌🏾💯
Wells Tyiebbe
Wells Tyiebbe - Month ago
She real i like her she straight raw
Vahe _Gal
Vahe _Gal - Month ago
This interview was EVERYTHING! Great job guys. However, this all boils down to what they touched on earlier. All this finesse she was doing over the years...she should have gave back to the hoods and black communities spreading that wealth and knowledge. Simply put: if she went back to invest all of that with the community of folks that look like her the Feds would have never came back at her the way they did. 💯 Because at that point they would have to try and take down a whole ass community that builds that wealth. It’s a lot easier to take down one person versus a whole ass community! Think about it 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Vahe _Gal
Vahe _Gal - Month ago
Im GOOD ...charities...wow. I do fucking charity. Nothing special sis.
Im GOOD - Month ago
She did charities idk what you talking about!
symfanie .Supreme
symfanie .Supreme - Month ago
"Its Going Downnn!!!"
Bre Bre
Bre Bre - Month ago
This should be a movie!
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