Jamila T. Davis On Her Lesson From Committing Bank Fraud And How To Get The Bag Legally

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Kash Moni
Kash Moni - Day ago
Breakfast club do the dopest interviews. Hands down
Ricci 34821
Ricci 34821 - 2 days ago
I love her!!! And I want her to win soooo bad!
Flx Gld
Flx Gld - 2 days ago
She is beautiful,witty and bright
Kenton Connors
Kenton Connors - 3 days ago
19:05 lmao bruh said pause and it went over everybody's head. Charlemagne be trolling
TONI WIGGINS - 3 days ago
I watched her story on pink collar crimes. Such a shame
Anthony Lloyd
Anthony Lloyd - 3 days ago
This woman has the mind of any top level CEO or Wall street investor out there.
Ronshik1 - 3 days ago
Natural Beauty I agree with you 💯
NoLongerZZZ - 4 days ago
Awesome interview.I have so much respect for this sister.
SIMONE CARLENE - 4 days ago
definitely watched this twice
madeline cruz
madeline cruz - 5 days ago
Smart lady
madeline cruz
madeline cruz - 5 days ago
She did 12 years and trump and other white men are laughing away to the bank doing the same thing
Lovie Starks
Lovie Starks - 5 days ago
Not even finished. One of my favorite Interviews ever.
james luttrell
james luttrell - 5 days ago
What's the name of the book????
Portia Monique
Portia Monique - 6 days ago
She has such a powerful mind. Loved this interview.
Ones Ones
Ones Ones - 6 days ago
Great interview
PartyHardy Murney
PartyHardy Murney - 6 days ago
4.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Petite_ Sassy
Petite_ Sassy - 6 days ago
Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown - 6 days ago
I hate to admit this, but to this day, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial lending agencies, dealerships will change paperwork to get people approved. Wells Fargo is the perfect example of this.
Mahlon Williams
Mahlon Williams - 7 days ago
How can anyone not like this interview
Yul Nikita
Yul Nikita - 7 days ago
She is strong strong
Mrs Jay Jackson
Mrs Jay Jackson - 7 days ago
I disagree. You got caught, because you moved into the "Wrong" neighborhood. As long as you stayed in your own neighborhood you would not have gotten caught. That judge was right. Nothing racist about that. He was speaking facts. I also hear you when you say. "They are doing it, why can't I?" You can do it, but there is a way to do it i.e. ..... What if A "Hillbilly" decided to move into your community and decide to have bonfires and drag race, and shoot guns. You may take offense. Although they get down like that in their own neighborhood, it may not be right in other neighborhoods. My point is, if you come into a place that is not your own, then you should not be trying to change the general culture. That is a sure fire way to get kicked out. The young lady admitted she was doing things differently.... They didn't like it.. I do respect the fact that you've written a book. I am definitely going to support.
Ac Mitchell
Ac Mitchell - 8 days ago
Great interview! She's giving back!
De Robinson
De Robinson - 8 days ago
This was a great interview. Will definitely buy her book.
fweydam2008 - 8 days ago
Shut up Ye damn! Let her tell HER story🗣‼️
Tiffany Warren
Tiffany Warren - 8 days ago
There was no crime here. She literally worked the system as it was designed; however, because it was not created to benefit someone like her - she had to go.
elle z
elle z - 8 days ago
Can people pleaseeee spread this to get millions of views ...don't wait till she passes like you did nipsey
Tiffany Covell-Harris
Tiffany Covell-Harris - 8 days ago
GREAT interview
Phoenix Shaver
Phoenix Shaver - 9 days ago
Let’s make sure we support her by purchasing her books.
Oleesha Norris
Oleesha Norris - 9 days ago
That's is true there is no corrections in the correction system.....
Africa on Focus
Africa on Focus - 9 days ago
I don't even live in the States and I'm super inspired.
JoEllen Renee
JoEllen Renee - 9 days ago
Lol I would love to have Nick Cannon to interview her.
Jon Vinyl
Jon Vinyl - 10 days ago
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith - 11 days ago
Real shit in 2001 after that Carlos Santana verse i thought L boogie was the Goat like since 96 she was on her shit crazh but after the Miseducation she was gone💯💯💯 #Prophetic
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith - 11 days ago
I fux wit her and the whole PPC💯 Strong black women and beautiful
Ms Mensah
Ms Mensah - 11 days ago
I got her book it’s really good & they need to make a movie out of her story
Reggie Turner
Reggie Turner - 12 days ago
Should have stayed in the hood! You would have still been in business!
ramses kat
ramses kat - 12 days ago
what a fascinating woman! damn near 10 years in the PEN and she still have a strong spirit! Someone need to offer her a movie deal on her story frankly speaking.
Asia Capri
Asia Capri - 12 days ago
They were so angry because they saw your intelligence and it scares them. Even though what you were doing was illegal the fact that you had the mind to think of it, execute it, and do it successfully they don’t like that.
Asia Capri
Asia Capri - 12 days ago
If she would’ve figured out how to do what she was doing legally man she would’ve changed a lot.
jamaicanlovrboy - 13 days ago
yet another reason i hate that fat fuqq chris christie
Stephanie Green
Stephanie Green - 13 days ago
This interview had my attention from start to finish.
Karin Janssen
Karin Janssen - 14 days ago
Great story - an interesting woman.
Celina Alicia
Celina Alicia - 14 days ago
May the Universe give fruit to all Jamila T Davis touches!
The Joe Gallery
The Joe Gallery - 15 days ago
when charla said pause and she aint get it lol >
MsAsia555 - 15 days ago
One of the best interviews ever
MrWarface3 - 16 days ago
I know about her from jada kiss gram
MrWarface3 - 16 days ago
feeling her !
Mr Turbo
Mr Turbo - 16 days ago
like I said she's the truth
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma - 17 days ago
someone needs to fund her movie. TODAY
Sadia Sanders
Sadia Sanders - 17 days ago
Charlamagne tried it with the "pause".
Latoya Ross
Latoya Ross - 18 days ago
You are so dope sis
Love Melissa
Love Melissa - 18 days ago
When is the movie coming out like seriously
Mightyme. Makingitnew
Mightyme. Makingitnew - 18 days ago
Up most respect for this beautiful black strong lady 👌🏾🙌🏾👍🏾💋💯🥂
Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson - 18 days ago
Just FYI anyone in a commission job is unethical lol that’s the only to survive
Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson - 18 days ago
Did not kno I needed to watch this interview but I’m in tune
Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis - 18 days ago
This country is soooo fucked up
Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis - 18 days ago
Donald Trump has a house worth $29,750,000 that he put on paper to Deusche bank that he valued on paper to them at $290,750,000. So once again why did she go to prison when ALL of the banks were doing this and encouraging it and the President of the United States routinely did the samething for decades.
Valenscia Gaweses
Valenscia Gaweses - 18 days ago
Charlemagne said ''pause'' as in ''no homo'' lmfao
Aj Michelle
Aj Michelle - 18 days ago
18:38 gave me chillllls!!
What hell meant for evil, God will always turn around for your good.
Mbakatika Mulamba
Mbakatika Mulamba - 20 days ago
that pause moment 🤣
Paula Grey
Paula Grey - 20 days ago
CTG always!! Needs to be a fool in most interviews...why!!😫
Esther StrategicAdvisor
Esther StrategicAdvisor - 20 days ago
That's why it's called CLUB FED!
Mua Seven18
Mua Seven18 - 21 day ago
Man the real estate game so damn dirty!
Kim Gaines
Kim Gaines - 21 day ago
No one from Lehman Brothers or any of the financial institutions did any time and almost brought the entire US Financial system down.
Nia C
Nia C - 21 day ago
Charlemagne is me 😂 “I ain’t hear you did nothing wrong yet.”
Bradlee297 - 22 days ago
Very intelligent woman. I hope she use her smarts and make it
Mizz Peach
Mizz Peach - 22 days ago
Gotta get the book
Samsspirit 23
Samsspirit 23 - 22 days ago
black excelance at its best !
MU'MIN 215
MU'MIN 215 - 22 days ago
I'm glad envy wasn't there he would have fucked the interview up.
Cheryl Brown
Cheryl Brown - 23 days ago
Sounds about White.
Cheryl Brown
Cheryl Brown - 23 days ago
That was legal. Stated income.
CoCo Denee
CoCo Denee - 23 days ago
She is the perfect example of what God can do.
Kpac shakur
Kpac shakur - 23 days ago
She spoke at my school last year and tbh she moved me, she was so real, good to see she’s still going up❤️
Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson - 24 days ago
LUV!!!!!! I will be buying this book👍🏾
Big Meech
Big Meech - 24 days ago
I usually dont give 2 fucks about bitches.. but i got mad respect for this female.. shout out to her.. real Queen.
jaquan diagne
jaquan diagne - 24 days ago
19:20 pause 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Dee Rich
Dee Rich - 24 days ago
Oh wow. What a fascinating and illuminating interview. Thanks for sharing. She is an amazing spirit. I want that book!
Charmaine Crumby
Charmaine Crumby - 25 days ago
Smh... they frauds too....
Crimson Cock
Crimson Cock - 25 days ago
I totally missed the “how to get money legally” part...
Chinwe Igwe
Chinwe Igwe - 25 days ago
She is so well spoken...so much information in just 30 mins
Candiii - 25 days ago
White ppl do this same shit all the time and get a slap on the wrist and do it all over .
L A 80
L A 80 - 26 days ago
Why are yall giving airtime to criminals?
Relentless - 26 days ago
Supporting this sister https://www.facebook.com/relentless.aaron/videos/10156788760945733?sfns=mo
Shawna L
Shawna L - 26 days ago
So proud of her...
WillsmithGOAT2 - 26 days ago
This shit was a hundred times better than the Quavo interview.
Notifysender90 - 26 days ago
All I can say is damn!!!! I was so intrigued
Cami Cola
Cami Cola - 26 days ago
So glad I watched this interview ❤️❤️
Jimmy Two-Times
Jimmy Two-Times - 27 days ago
50 Cent needs to produce this epic story for STARZ.
Jay - 27 days ago
She has a good communication voice...I would hire her for radio.
Dani X
Dani X - 27 days ago
We need more of these videos, I am tired of B, C, and D List Celebrity Interview
Kyla Manuel
Kyla Manuel - 27 days ago
Really great interview. Very motivating. Keep shining Ms. Davis!
Cweet Tea
Cweet Tea - 27 days ago
Aside from Tariji, I really See Tachina Arnold(Pam) playing her biopic
Antoinette Jolie - Madame Sade
Cweet Tea If That’s the Case, She Can Play Her Own Role. Pam is Damn Near the Same Age as Her
Edwin Nazaire
Edwin Nazaire - 27 days ago
L Boogie needs to pull up and tell her story too
Edwin Nazaire
Edwin Nazaire - 27 days ago
Another classic man yall killing these interviews
Heather Smith
Heather Smith - 27 days ago
The attorneys in this matter are very similar to the attorneys in the Catholic cases that represent the victims. (watch Spotlight)
MzzAJD - 27 days ago
Love our strong, Black Queens💕
Chuks A
Chuks A - 27 days ago
They always tryna break down n destroy Super intelligent black men n women
James Woodson
James Woodson - 28 days ago
They should make a movies out of her story.
Muni - 28 days ago
Best Breakfast Club interview in years. Jamila is a hell of a woman #Respect!
Dee Pea
Dee Pea - 28 days ago
She soooo solid. Didn't loose herself inside. She will achieve double. Will definitely lift her up in my daily walk and talk with the ancestors. Lauren beautiful self as well. Shalom
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