Blind Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

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Brendan Coulter
Brendan Coulter - 6 hours ago
Man these guys know there Chicken sandwiches allot better then most other foods they have eaten. Impressive. Was this the first clean sweep?
Everyday Memes
Everyday Memes - Day ago
We had these restaurants, but where is Popeyes and KFC.
RandomStuff - Day ago
When your best accomplishment of your life is guessing chicken sandwiches.
Johnny DuzIt
Johnny DuzIt - Day ago
They really think it’s spicy
Morendo13 - Day ago
Obligatory “Chick-Fil-A is Anti-LGBTQ” post.
Keanna Janae
Keanna Janae - 4 days ago
Outer space actually smells like burnt steak 😂 ( says a astronaut)
Zakria Israr
Zakria Israr - 4 days ago
ReinVa - 6 days ago
"Link.... you've got *HORN"*
Dave Fredriksen
Dave Fredriksen - 6 days ago
The tender crisp would've been a more comparable competitor for Burger King. But now it's 3am and I want a chicken sandwich 😭 (I'm at work)
Henryd Molina
Henryd Molina - 7 days ago
They should recreate this again but now with Popeyes 😏😅
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez - 8 days ago
I love it when link says “As you can see we can’t”
red eye jedi
red eye jedi - 11 days ago
wish thay would be more serious and not so godam silley
ahrenbej - 11 days ago
Link every time: Mack-Donalds
EDDIE HARPER - 12 days ago
That was the Best. Awesome
PhalenAtLife - 12 days ago
Damn! You should have played the lotto that day lol
Kadi Mchorse
Kadi Mchorse - 12 days ago
Go Link!!!
Jensen Hernandez
Jensen Hernandez - 15 days ago
Pt 2 with popeyes
Jordan - 15 days ago
elzeta cartel
elzeta cartel - 19 days ago
Porter is washed
Danasiah Nay
Danasiah Nay - 20 days ago
wow Link all correct in that order
Rockwell's Pipe
Rockwell's Pipe - 22 days ago
only gripe i have with the test is that they put the mcdonalds dollar menu chicken sandwich against the more premium chicken sandwiches. Both burger king and mcdonalds both have crispy chx sandwiches that are better
Jake Stoko
Jake Stoko - 23 days ago
Goooooooooooooooood mythical morning
stoverj09 - 23 days ago
Way to go the only thing link will ever accomplish in his life.
David Vitrano
David Vitrano - 27 days ago
At 7:05, He's going 😃😊😉. But then at 8:44, He's going 😱😆😂.
Twila Slease
Twila Slease - 27 days ago
Link is a chicken sandwich genius
Lou Dryka
Lou Dryka - 28 days ago
Make them wear gloves so they can't feel the bun
DjHazel - 29 days ago
i want a chicken sandwich so bad now😂
milinwan - 29 days ago
Hope did they get it to stay on the fingers
Sean Flanagan
Sean Flanagan - Month ago
😂😂😂 when Link shouts "I'M A CHICKEN GENIUS!!"
Zeptil - Month ago
They have to test Popeyes vs these now
ManiaCop100 - Month ago
Need a KFC. Chick-fil-A. Popeye's chicken updated 2019 version
Will Hemminger
Will Hemminger - Month ago
Rhett did this with the nuggets lol
sweet tea chalamet
sweet tea chalamet - Month ago
awww i have seen this many times but that hug tho so sweet hahahah
Bill Mercado
Bill Mercado - Month ago
Finally he goted
Oslith - Month ago
Redo with Popeyes
Nick Hyde
Nick Hyde - Month ago
Wow. I live in Montréal too.
Meshal Alfawaz
Meshal Alfawaz - Month ago
This video aged well
victoria - Month ago
Did Rhett fall in bleach
DVasquez7 - Month ago
This episode is legendary
Maddie Frymyer
Maddie Frymyer - Month ago
I bet the fan that made those masks way back feels so proud 🥺😂
Eggs McMuffin
Eggs McMuffin - Month ago
Chick fil a is the best
Jason Shackelford
Jason Shackelford - Month ago
Link isn’t the man!
Micah Heard
Micah Heard - Month ago
Opulent Mender
Opulent Mender - Month ago
Look at the title of this video, then look at the title of this video
Aye man I ain’t ever got my free chicken sandwich 😂😂😂👍
Charles Dunn
Charles Dunn - Month ago
This is actually the 2nd clean sweep in GMM, as Rhett accomplished the feat in the blind chicken nugget taste test.
BoogieBus - Month ago
Rhett and Link decide the best chicken sandwiches to put on the show

Popeyes: Hold my beer
jgflame - Month ago
Do a new one and include the Popeyes sandwich
Josh Albert
Josh Albert - Month ago
Gotta redo this now with Popeyes
Hashem Alhabbal
Hashem Alhabbal - Month ago
Y'all need to do this again with Popeye's
ram macam
ram macam - Month ago
Apparently there are 6 rounds but 5 chicken sandwiches!!!!
Chemical U
Chemical U - Month ago
:O cool :P
Michael Gluszak
Michael Gluszak - Month ago
do this again, but with Popeyes
Xiomara Montero
Xiomara Montero - Month ago
I'm glad you guy's did this before this whole chicken sandwich fight
Quoya D
Quoya D - Month ago
This gotta be my favorite of the blind guessing . Awsomeee.
Kutler420 - Month ago
Yall didnt even use the correct burger king snadwich yall should have gotten the crispy chicken not the original chicken the crispy and spicy crispy are waaaayyy better
Charlie Zwick
Charlie Zwick - Month ago
Anyone else here during the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze?
Mazin Ahmed
Mazin Ahmed - Month ago
This needs to be remastered
Killerkurd46 - Month ago
With the Popeyes sandwich
Desten3747 Howlin
Desten3747 Howlin - Month ago
Please do a Popeyes, KFC, and Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich taste tests of 2019 with all the controversy i think you guy are great for the job
ItsEvanApplebaum - Month ago
do it again, but now with popeyes, cause ya know, it's taking over the world
Tim Weldon
Tim Weldon - Month ago
It's about time link!!!
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