Stray Kids [INTRO: I am YOU]

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Liliany Vera
Liliany Vera - 8 days ago
I honestly came searching Felix’s part ,I mean when he’s singing” yeeh yeehhh I need you right by my side now “
see saw
see saw - 9 days ago
15:35 '' I'm grateful there are people who listen stray kids' music'' ; Chan I'm grateful to listen to stray kids' music and stray kids color !
Eunice Salgado
Eunice Salgado - 15 days ago
Tiene subtitulos en español!!!!!!!
Caitlyn Baduria
Caitlyn Baduria - Month ago
NOT!, WHO?, and YOU. combined really makes 0325 wow SKZ can really combine 3 songs and still make it sound like a bop!
Caitlyn Baduria
Caitlyn Baduria - Month ago
Bang Chan says that because he can make music that can heal people, life is worth living. When he just thinks about it, wow. He looks so happy. I'm so proud of him. I love our leader so much. He is really the sweetest ever.😭💞

Btw, wow, you guys went from to in just two months and it shows the hard work you guys put into this album. I still can't believe it. I'm so proud of you guys. You're able to pull this off not like many and it's incredible. Thank you for making such amazing music for us. We will always be so thankful and grateful for all that you've done to us. Plus, this album is a bop, and the 'I am YOU' choreo, amazing! Y'all are the best! Imma keep cheering and fighting for you guys!👏💞
chan's dimple
chan's dimple - Month ago
the things chan said at the end makes me want to hug him and never let go. this man is an actual angel istg
Jacky Baduria
Jacky Baduria - Month ago
I remember when "I am YOU" came out, and the songs were beautifully made! I saw the performance and thought it was so beautiful! I watched the MV and thought it was really beautiful, from the choreography to the song, and to the scenery. This album is a whole bop, honestly! I really miss these days! Thank you for always working so hard for us. Even though you guys were so busy and had such a tight schedule, you guys still kept going to comeback quickly because of us! You guys really missed us so much, worked hard, produced music, choreographed 3 choreographies, and wrote music related to us. Before, I really never knew what I wanted to be rather than a singer. I just wanted to be some regular singer. But now, after seeing you guys work so hard, singing, rapping, dancing at the same time as well as writing, producing, and even choreographing your own choreographies, that made me want to work harder to become a better person and singer!

It became a dream of mine to become a K-Pop idol. That's what I want to be. I know how hard it is to become a K-Pop idol though. People have to work hard for it, practice hard all day, day and night, and train for years to pass! I can really tell you guys work super hard on everything you guys do. Seeing all the work you guys do for us, it makes me want to work harder! You guys inspire me in a lot of ways, push me to work harder, and are big motivation and inspiration to me to keep going. Without you guys, I don't know what I'd be doing now. I'd probably be lazy working, practicing, and just literally do nothing every day. With all the messages you give us, it motivates me to work harder! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to me! Thank you for always encouraging me to do better and not give up! Thank you for always healing me and comforting me through your music!

I strive to become that type of person one day, a person that someone can get a lot of help from. I hope to be someone who can be a healing source through my music. Thank you, Stray Kids, for making me a better person! You are always the strength for me and the healing source for me! You always make me stronger! I never give up because of you, so thank you for that! I just want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into your music! I appreciate it so much! Thank you for everything! You guys make me so proud! If you guys are ever having a hard time, feel depressed, or got a lot on your mind, I just want to say that it's always okay to come to us, come to me, come to STAY. We have ears to listen to, as Chan has said, we will listen to you guys and no matter what, we will always be there to try our best to fix you guys! So if you guys need anything, please come and see us! We love you guys so much with all of our hearts😘🥰❤️

*Stray Kids Everywhere All Around The World❤*
*You Make Stray Kids STAY❤*
*SKZ Fighting💪*
Megu Agüero
Megu Agüero - Month ago
If you need a replay button for this moment, your welcome ;)
Itstrashjusttrash - Month ago
I miss Jeongin with braces and Hyunjin's mullet
Chan's speech made me cry, I love him so much
Mayi Solar Canudas
Mayi Solar Canudas - Month ago
3:39 for Hyunjin stans
• UWU - Month ago
para las que vienen por felix sucias xdxd 13:18
qeysha devita
qeysha devita - Month ago
they worked so hard🥺
anngeliz cavieres
anngeliz cavieres - Month ago
14:40 i´m crying aaaaaah
Julia Chambi
Julia Chambi - Month ago
Stray kids necesita mas fans latinas :v
Psdt: LOS AMO💖❤
Babystay9 - Month ago
14:03 to 16:52
Stray Kids
Stray Kids
Stan Stray Kids NOW
Jnn - Month ago
Oh i know
Von Em
Von Em - Month ago
We love stray kids
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee - 2 months ago
12:36 i relate to han on a spiritual level😂😂
Chloe Robyn
Chloe Robyn - 2 months ago
ok can i be honest? i came for i am groot not i am you
페레즈Aritzel - 2 months ago
💓Felix y su voz es hermosa
3:51 yo cuando veo a stray kids :v
i.n es muy tierno
페레즈Aritzel - 2 months ago
Aaaaw siempre dando bonitos mensajes en sus albums 😊😄💕💕💕
0325 es una canción muy bonita y especial
la ra
la ra - 2 months ago
God damit Jisung with blonde hair Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
jazalie - 3 months ago
clapping jeongin will never fail me to uwu, i love him
Syfa Dinar
Syfa Dinar - 3 months ago
Dreamhigh 3 = straykids + got7 😂
blinkukonic - 3 months ago
13:19 oh no this is the end of me
Y u w i n
Y u w i n - 3 months ago
17:40 ok Felix Im-
DY Jung
DY Jung - 3 months ago
다시봐도 인트로 찍어주는거 너무좋다 천리방 천쓰라 최고
mugbayngs - 4 months ago
Selina C
Selina C - 4 months ago
Our best leader BANG CHAN!
STAY will always STAY by stray kids ' side
I am YOU
Skyries - 4 months ago
13:13 is where we all suffer
Kim Taecess
Kim Taecess - 4 months ago
Leonardo Brasil
Leonardo Brasil - 5 months ago
I Love Felix 😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋🤣🤣🤣🤣
shuurie ryuuki
shuurie ryuuki - 5 months ago
Rewatching all their intro because I'm excited for their next album
y/n - 5 months ago
y/n - 5 months ago
i love how changbin talks about i.n., he's like a proud brother 😭
S T A Y - 5 months ago
I fell in love with them listening get cool
Changbin's words r absolutely true
I wish I had known them earlier
Also mixtape 3 helped me during my board xms
I really love them to the moon and back and repeat
Waiting for their 4th album nw
S T A Y - 5 months ago
My boys r really talented and intelligent
M so proud of them
Chan's words at the end really touched me
LEE FELIX FOREVER - 5 months ago
Like si hablas español
Like si amas stray kids
Like si lo ves en el 2019
lara flores
lara flores - 5 months ago
i love stray kids
Vee - 6 months ago
Changbin looks extra hot with those glasses!! ❤️
louisa M
louisa M - 6 months ago
Nasyafa Syabila
Nasyafa Syabila - 6 months ago
This is the first time Jeongin admited the he’s cute:’)
Harz Elle
Harz Elle - 7 months ago
I Am : lucky to STAY with SKZ
9 or None
9 or None - 7 months ago
17:29 not related to the video topic whatsoever but is Jisung wearing an eyeball ring?
Yan Yan
Yan Yan - 7 months ago
No Bang Chan YOU (StrayKids) changed my whole life! THANKYOU SO MUCH!
Sready - 7 months ago
¿Por qué me siento orgullosa como una madre por personas que son mayores que yo? (soy del 200 de cualquier manera xd) amo haber conocido a estos niños, enserio, de alguna forma siempre ogro identificarme y sentirme menos cansada cuando escucho sus canciones. Voy a entrar a la universidad en febrero, sé que lo único que va a mantenerme siendo fuerte cuando las cosas se pongan difíciles serán ellos. Los amo, es todo, me encantaría si ellos pudiesen entender español y leer este comentario XDXD
Boys you are doing great, I'm really thankful that I could met you all, don't ever be afraid of future, Stay are here to make your way easier, so plis, take care of yourselves, I'd really aprecciate that. Love you, guys, the 9 of you. (sorry for my english I'm hispanic jaja)
딸기딸기해 - 7 months ago
진짜 많은 아이돌 노래를 들어봤는데 아이돌 노래듣고 가사에 감동하고 눈물흘린건 처음인듯.. 모든 앨범 수록곡도 다 좋아서 플레이리스트에 스키즈 타이틀곡 수록곡으로 가득차 있습니다❤️❤️
jodoh lee know
jodoh lee know - 7 months ago
0.01 Lee know black circle, i believe he is so tired😣😣😘😘
minlixien - 7 months ago
17:41 Did Satan give you that voice?
Cụ Ồ hố , Twice
Cụ Ồ hố , Twice - 7 months ago
0:25 I.N is so fun
feel it
feel it - 7 months ago
Satan works hard but stray kids works harder
Christine Constanta
Christine Constanta - 7 months ago
L & E
L & E - 7 months ago
Am I the only one that knows there are subtitles???? Like really, there are English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles for any international fans out there, like myself
stray freckles
stray freckles - 6 months ago
you are not the only one, the thing is, all these comments saying they dont understand its because they didnt uploaded the video with subs right away, we usually have to wait... so everyone complains and then they get uploaded lol
Norah - 7 months ago
Got7's "I am Me" is in the background.
Stray Kids has released a song which name is "I am You".
My head is like → 🤯
Ghania Mahlika
Ghania Mahlika - 7 months ago
GOD HOW I SCREAM TO DEATH WHEN FELIX SAYS "so there for I am YOU" he's voice is so deep. 😍😍😍
Vic Killjoy
Vic Killjoy - 7 months ago
i didn't even realize that Get Cool is the first time I.N begun a song. He always stood out to me on that song (in a good way). Maybe that's why. Either way, definitely happy they chose him for the beginning. Honestly Get Cool is I.N's best performance so far fight me
cuddlyara03 - 7 months ago
Chan deadass said I AM GROOT i wont be surprised if that's the next album skdmskjdjs
Seo Kyla
Seo Kyla - 7 months ago
luisa gutierres
luisa gutierres - 7 months ago
Ahora entiendo mucho mas la coreografia, y la amo mucho mas que antes, la musica fue lo que me conquisto de Stray Kids, porque gracias a escucharla hace que todas mis frustraciones se hagan un poco mas pequeñas y no hace que me agobie, las escucho al levantarme, desayunar, ducharme y antes y despues del trabajo, gracias por escribir canciones tan hermosas, saludos desde España
Miluska Tamara
Miluska Tamara - 7 months ago
Me pasa lo mismo, nunca antes había escuchado hasta el cansancio a un artista o a un grupo, es la primera vez que despiertan mi interes
Малика Рустамбекова
Stray kids I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
shuurie ryuuki
shuurie ryuuki - 7 months ago
Muti 99
Muti 99 - 7 months ago
Aiverem Legaspi
Aiverem Legaspi - 7 months ago
Ok who really does the theories? Skz or stay?????
Ama Herdittri
Ama Herdittri - 7 months ago
the cutest I am groot in the whole century
Beaulah Hope Ruiz
Beaulah Hope Ruiz - 7 months ago
I've watched this intro back then when it was first released yet it doesn't have subs. Now after 2 months I came back. Y'ALL RAISE YOUR HANDS IF YOU CRIED ON CHAN'S ENDING SPEECH IM---
Chuukese Islander 691243
Chuukese Islander 691243 - 7 months ago
Nina - 7 months ago
thank you stray kids for your hard work!! 💖
Kpop Lover
Kpop Lover - 7 months ago
I will always support you appa
stan btskz
stan btskz - 7 months ago
im so thankful for stray kids (even before i became a fan honestly). their songs always comfort me and they help me to accept & push myself more and thats why they’re the ‘YOU’ i refer to for my own interpretation of I AM YOU, and thats how i realized i might be a fan. back then i keep wanting to know more about them without being a fan, but i know they will be big someday and i know there are lots of people being healed by them and im just so thankful for stray kids. thank you for coming to my life, all of your hard works pays off now and i hope it’ll continue to be like that, i promise i will stay supporting you 💙
stan btskz
stan btskz - 7 months ago
im so thankful for stray kids (even before i became a fan honestly). their songs always comfort me and they help me to accept myself more. back then i keep wanting to know more about them without being a fan, but i know they will be big someday and i know there are lots of people being healed by them and im just so thankful for stray kids. thank you for coming to my life, all of your hard works pays off now and i hope it’ll continue to be like that, i promise i will stay supporting you 💙
Rose Chong
Rose Chong - 7 months ago
whats the "new word" that changbin talks abt at 5:03
stray freckles
stray freckles - 6 months ago
well, 개꿀/gekkul” is a korean slang and it means “dog-honey” (explains all the honey references) and it’s pretty much the young generation’s slang for something really good and unexpected . in korean, “dog” is used as slang to mean “great” and honey is super sweet, so dog + honey = really good.
Kpoper_Colombiana _FV
Kpoper_Colombiana _FV - 7 months ago
Evrythink say i dont understand but USE SUBTITLES IM for Colombia and i use spanish subtitles
SKZ Memelix
SKZ Memelix - 8 months ago
everyone don't forget to vote stray kids here dec. 17 to dec 31 for rookie top 5 2019!!
let's support our kings! love memelix
allhearts - 8 months ago
I love this series. I hope they can continue it with each album they release. It’s nice to see their thought process & the hard work they put when making the albums.
Marie M.
Marie M. - 8 months ago
Why Jisung is the only one who rarely talk ? I’m so sad I really wanted to hear his thoughts
Arthur Cabrera
Arthur Cabrera - 8 months ago
0:22 Chan (STAYs and me) and Jeongin (accurately me) are so accurate
Jenny Äkäslompolo
Jenny Äkäslompolo - 8 months ago
Wait di they talk about N/S??
Cathe Hannah Maryzen Confesor
Marianela Benay
Marianela Benay - 8 months ago
I love them Stray Kids 💕
Augij07 HC
Augij07 HC - 9 months ago
La voz de Lee Felix❤❤😂
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