The PS5 is Official

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NDS Mystic
NDS Mystic - 3 hours ago
2:30 background music Name?
GSOUTY - جسويتى
ThComannd 56
ThComannd 56 - Day ago
2001: PS1&PS2
2013 PS3
2019 PS4
2020 PS5 coming soon
rae owo
rae owo - 2 days ago
please turn off autofocus
Damien Croc
Damien Croc - 3 days ago
Many who own an Xbox One X with native 4K don't even own a 4K TV. So tell me how is it practical to have 8K exist?
Laurs Lanceley
Laurs Lanceley - 4 days ago
BSR_Ryanaitor - 4 days ago
Ur mum's official
Rishav Nath
Rishav Nath - 4 days ago
Finally I can play destiny 2 at 60fps
Nathan Alder
Nathan Alder - 4 days ago
I’ve been using a 1080p display with my OG ps4 and I love it that way. There’s a 4K display in my house but I never really saw a huge difference between 4K and 1080p
X X V I I - 4 days ago
I think it should have a wireless charger on the top (along with the logo and/or light) and make the controllers support wireless charging
ItsJeBoyMark - 4 days ago
Saad Parekh
Saad Parekh - 4 days ago
It feels like it may be in the neighbourhood of $800
Randy NoSkin
Randy NoSkin - 5 days ago
Why the fuck did he put the consoles on each other ? 🤣
carlo june
carlo june - 5 days ago
Ps4 will be dropping price now, then games will be phased out
Anmol kumar
Anmol kumar - 5 days ago
Just upto ps4 backward compatibility.
TheMercifulMinecart MysticMylese
Future scrub: Yes! I finally got enough money to buy a PS5
Sony: Ps6 announced!
Husam Sarhan
Husam Sarhan - 5 days ago
I have a 4K tv but hopefully I get 60 FPS
Son - 5 days ago
What will happen to the ps4
Anthony Rozzelle Jr
Anthony Rozzelle Jr - 5 days ago
Is the ps5 gonna be worth buying?
RoZe Tactical
RoZe Tactical - 5 days ago
But.... is there higher than 60fps???
Depression is good
Depression is good - 5 days ago
Doesn't the xbox one x support 10k?? If it does I will switch to that .
DAIRY MOB - 5 days ago
Just don’t tell me it looks like the hot garbage I’ve been seeing
TheOneHandGo D
TheOneHandGo D - 5 days ago
This is a problem because it called ps5 but 5 meaning V that mean it gonna be called psV that mean PSVita again? 🤦🏽‍♂️
Thomas Lisi
Thomas Lisi - 5 days ago
All I want is to get like 100 constant FPS on the console and that’s it
Vault-Tec Rep
Vault-Tec Rep - 2 days ago
get a pc
Bark Blaster
Bark Blaster - 5 days ago
Xbox one:HELP I'M ON FIRE.
Andrew Acosta
Andrew Acosta - 5 days ago
Bro we should get xbox and playstation crossplay
Chase Pierre
Chase Pierre - 5 days ago
Thy are releasing specs too early... Microsoft could just make theirs better and that’s who is gonna be faster
Narxo - 5 days ago
I just want a console that doesn’t sound like a vacuum cleaner.
Vault-Tec Rep
Vault-Tec Rep - 2 days ago
Get a pc then
Oh_STZZZY - 5 days ago
Narxo or a jet engine
Laavatorakka - 5 days ago
*Ps5 gets announced*
Xbox one X:
Finally a worthy opponent!
Huang Swe Wen
Huang Swe Wen - 6 days ago
Just bought PS4 Pro Monster Hunter Edition 5 months ago and now PS5 is officil wand arguing about 8K, literally I really wanted to scream right now
MSD 117
MSD 117 - 6 days ago
Hey if I start saving now maybe I'll have enough for it by then Haha if it's anything like the ps3 release
g C
g C - 6 days ago
They could put the best processers but they won't because they're saving them for later projects like the PlayStation 6
Draco Shooter
Draco Shooter - 6 days ago
I'll take console gaming over PC any day. Sue me. All my friends play console
Vault-Tec Rep
Vault-Tec Rep - 2 days ago
PC is objectively better in almost all ways
awesomeshblitz !
awesomeshblitz ! - 6 days ago
are u gay
ThisisNo_G00D - 6 days ago
I hope that psvr will still be supported
Hari Prasath
Hari Prasath - 6 days ago
No more console, if it is like PC then better go with PC FREE ONLINE IN STEAM & BEST discounts...
Traxxas Slash Productions
still don't get the same games and feeling of a console
largeranger 68
largeranger 68 - 6 days ago
did ps5 support stretched res?
BANT3R - 6 days ago
Stëëz - 6 days ago
Yesterday they released thats Xbox and PS4 teamed
Anirudhh Raghavan
Anirudhh Raghavan - 6 days ago
Well, now that Microsoft and Sony have teamed up, I doubt that this will affect Xbox gamers to very great extent. I’m one myself, but I have played on a ps4 and I really don’t hate it, like 99.9% of Xbox gamers comment. It is an amazing console
its just luke Revive
its just luke Revive - 6 days ago
4k 60fps is good enough 8k is not what we *need* right now focus Sony.
Lee Diaz
Lee Diaz - 6 days ago
Some games on PC allow you to turn shadows off and adjust other settings. Will the PS5 allow you to do this as well ?
TKVisme - 6 days ago
Every game should have RDR2 graphics, it should come with 3TB, and be $100.
Weed - 6 days ago
The real question is will it be worth it?
Abhijeet Gomes
Abhijeet Gomes - 6 days ago
It will be announced at E3 this year but will be released next year after E3 so will Cyberpunk 2077 with it
Zyoplex Music
Zyoplex Music - 6 days ago
I'm so glad they will support backwards compatibility for both games and PSVR. If they didn't I probably wouldn't get a PS5 until much after it's release.
Savage 101
Savage 101 - 6 days ago
Did anyone tell you, you look just like logic lol
Flimer - 6 days ago
I'd probably pay anything under 500 for a ps5 it could be 500 or 499 but anything above that nahh
Flimer - 6 days ago
Dude... Horizon zero dawn 2... Uhhh i cant wait
ツyubra - 6 days ago
How much fps is on the ps5
Real Skull
Real Skull - 6 days ago
I hope they have one with hdd
Skankhunt 69st v2
Skankhunt 69st v2 - 7 days ago
Might as well get a pc at this point
Ameer Akbar
Ameer Akbar - 7 days ago
Tfuck you and your late info bitch, also why not suggest better improvements.
Falcon .M
Falcon .M - 7 days ago
I only care about is its appearance, lol
Taylor TheCoolDude
Taylor TheCoolDude - 7 days ago
Bout to add another PlayStation to my collection
TheNotoriousG - 7 days ago
Nope I’m sticking to PC now, consoles have become a money pit especially with paying to play online. However if I do decide to buy one, it will be on sale just so I can play the exclusives.
OneEyedOwL - 7 days ago
retard austin with another clickbait
Colin-kun :3
Colin-kun :3 - 7 days ago
It was a good decision not buying the PS4... I’m jumping straight from the 3 to the 5
CoD33 - 7 days ago
I put a gtx 2080 ti water cooled in my smart fridge now it runs Minecraft
Squiddy - 7 days ago
I have that sweater lmaoo
ALEX THE ANIMAL - 7 days ago
hay guys this is Austin and today I will be gang banged
zTJayy - 7 days ago
I really don’t wanna buy another console
Salman Bello
Salman Bello - 7 days ago
I hope its not too expensive,
Just $500 is ok
Hunter L
Hunter L - Day ago
Salman Bello it’s going to be more than that. Probably like $600
JerikCosmo - 7 days ago
Backwards compatible.. Will that only be for disc's? Or for downloading ps4 games also?
JerikCosmo - 5 days ago
+Not Dank nice 😁
Not Dank
Not Dank - 5 days ago
JerikCosmo downloading too
GrandSlammyAndy - 7 days ago
The PS5 will blow the next xbox out of the water! I bet Microsoft will postone their console
Diiferent- 4470N
Diiferent- 4470N - 7 days ago
Pc users :yall hear somethin?
Charlie Alexander
Charlie Alexander - 7 days ago
I hope it support any Bluetooth headset
Daniel Arsivana
Daniel Arsivana - 7 days ago
Thank god PS5 will come out later, so PS4 price will be decreased and finally I can buy PS3 for cheap!
Rocky balboa
Rocky balboa - 7 days ago
I hope they make every game on os4 backwards compabtible and i hope i can transfer everything over to ps5 or else i dont think ima buy
Brandon Casas
Brandon Casas - 7 days ago
The graphics for Xbox and ps5 next gen are gonna be insane
Evonte Shepherd
Evonte Shepherd - 7 days ago
Call it the PSV
The Gamersaures
The Gamersaures - 7 days ago
Any news on GTA 6????
YKO Ijin
YKO Ijin - 7 days ago
Yea ps5 will get gta 6 exclusive for the first few months
Nyhte 22
Nyhte 22 - 7 days ago
This is all well and good but it’s gonna be kinda trash if it can run more than 60fps
André Salas
André Salas - 7 days ago
PSV: The Phantom Pain
Public Platform
Public Platform - 8 days ago
So if ps4 games work in the ps5.... does ps5 games work in the ps4??????
HARLEM - 8 days ago
Will it still be a jet tho
Muhammed Ali Inamdar
Muhammed Ali Inamdar - 8 days ago
When I got my PS3 the next day PS4 was announced. LAST WEEK I GOT MY PS4 AND NOW PS5 IS ANNOUNCED??
mido 200604
mido 200604 - 5 days ago
Muhammed Ali Inamdar lol
Umar Hasan
Umar Hasan - 8 days ago
Hey, kind of a noob here. Does backwards compatibility mean that I can play my account's digital games on the PS5? Or is it just with the physical games?
bizmonkey007 - 7 days ago
Umar Hasan That is a good question🤔. I think the answer would be yes due to the similarity in architecture between the PS4 and PS5. It's hard to say because nothing official has been released.
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith - 8 days ago
4K needs to be standard before 8k comes in, don’t jump the gun, 8k tv is $8,000.
DCMJ - 8 days ago
Lucan Sanchez
Lucan Sanchez - 8 days ago
Instead off having ps5 and ps5 Pro I hope there's a playstation 5 laptop alternative.
Demoknight - 8 days ago
Starting at just $2500!
Warner Gonzalez
Warner Gonzalez - 8 days ago
what car game is that one ?
IZI - 8 days ago
xeiiii gaiiiizzzz its ostiiinnn
azad ali
azad ali - 9 days ago
And just when i get a ps4😔😔
Sawada Foo Yu
Sawada Foo Yu - 9 days ago
I guess ps5 will be the one who's trying to release on 2020 for the anime game like SAO
Djhorgi Hukom
Djhorgi Hukom - 9 days ago
My brother just broke my ps4 pro seems like i gotta wait for this one to come out.. 🤔
TZN Waffle
TZN Waffle - 6 days ago
Djhorgi Hukom just buy a used one for cheap then sell it when this comes out
RMCF - 9 days ago
Ima just wait for the next xbox console
oxsinna !
oxsinna ! - 9 days ago
is this logic
SoraNexium - 9 days ago
Hopefully they'll still release games for the PS4 for a couple years, which would be really cool, lets just hope its not like 600-700 USD T_T
Comedy Racing
Comedy Racing - 9 days ago
500 dollars tho, I could spend that on a pc upgrade, ps4 is boring, no mods
God himself
God himself - 10 days ago
:PS5 let's just keep it simple : xbox more power
Undying Games
Undying Games - 11 days ago
these consoles better have 60 fps at least, 30 fps cap is stupid
naive monkey
naive monkey - 11 days ago
Imma plug my PS5 to my Smart fridge and play Fortnite
Hitman Boss
Hitman Boss - 7 days ago
Beware noobmaster 69
Buisness EnterpizeMH
Buisness EnterpizeMH - 12 days ago
Get ready for the big release.
AMA - 13 days ago
Honestly they should just focus on 1080p @120fps and 4k @60fps
ᴀ ɢᴜʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ɴᴏ ʟɪғᴇ
Sniper Godz no
Grang O
Grang O - 4 days ago
That what xbox one x is
HishamΖ Jr ツ ΧΞΣ Ω
YesQ - 6 days ago
Buckshotplayz but if you just buy a 144hz monitor, problem solved
kamar da goat
kamar da goat - 7 days ago
Preußen Gloria
Preußen Gloria - 13 days ago
Sony is better off just saying in ads: “ Buy a f’n pc”
Theron Bekay
Theron Bekay - 13 days ago
Don't care how expensive it is as long as iPay what it worth!
Da Wassup Guy
Da Wassup Guy - 13 days ago
But I don’t have a 8k tv
-FUN MEMES- - 14 days ago
What a click bate 😐
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