Pageant Mum Gives Daughter Tapeworms So She Would Lose Weight! | Untold Stories Of The ER

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Romeo Roberts
Romeo Roberts - 8 minutes ago
"still feeling like your gonna expload? :)"
trigard chan
trigard chan - 12 minutes ago
I can't say anything :’-(
Dean Dalton
Dean Dalton - 12 minutes ago
What are Tapeworms?
Lyndsey Dowzell
Lyndsey Dowzell - 15 minutes ago
The mum is a little
CuteMaraGamerGG_ Plays
The mom is skinny asf
Kim Rose
Kim Rose - Hour ago
crazy ass mom- *is in luv with a mf doctor* me- u wish! ur wearing 100 pounds of makeup! Mom= 🤡
Christine Park
Christine Park - Hour ago
wait have any of you guys seen ‘share my story’ and there was this story on their channel about her mom feeding her tapeworms?!! Omg I think that’s her
Myra Harrell
Myra Harrell - Hour ago
Is this a reality TV show or a badly filmed soap opera? #veryconfused
aneesah nawal
aneesah nawal - Hour ago
who wanted to see the tapeworms?
Aesthethic Boo
Aesthethic Boo - 2 hours ago
Lin’s World
Lin’s World - 2 hours ago
Well, I’m glad she pooped the tapeworms and not peed them! That would be SCARY.
Simply unknown
Simply unknown - 2 hours ago
¿W-wait this is FAKE? Because I am so much confusion.
Marcelisa Palang
Marcelisa Palang - 2 hours ago
are they acting..?
KokoroKitsune - 2 hours ago
I saw something like this on that Minutevideos things
Campbell Quattlebaum
Campbell Quattlebaum - 2 hours ago
I saw this on actually happened
isaac menendez
isaac menendez - 3 hours ago
Act or 🎥 movie
Kayla Cummings
Kayla Cummings - 3 hours ago
That mother is crazy 😵
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat - 3 hours ago
When she didn’t say tape worms yet I thought it was a fetus baby
Ss2005 - 3 hours ago
1like = 1 slap for the mom
SandyTheSquirrel WasHere
SandyTheSquirrel WasHere - 3 hours ago
Your middle finger goes to the mother.
Alex hub productions
Alex hub productions - 4 hours ago
Boi this acting doe
Fildza Iwani
Fildza Iwani - 4 hours ago
6:00 - 7:00 that was the longest disgusting decription i have ever heard for a minute straight in my life
logan haddleton
logan haddleton - 4 hours ago
Show us the tape worms
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson - 4 hours ago
ER tech was like "I'm out"
miki bustamante
miki bustamante - 4 hours ago
This is mom is dumd
Mateo Maes
Mateo Maes - 4 hours ago
Charlotte Bergstrom
Charlotte Bergstrom - 5 hours ago
Well start the title search pregnant mum
Crazy BLUEBERRY DRAWZ - 5 hours ago
This is a sploof-
maye tumz
maye tumz - 5 hours ago
Their trying to re enact it cause a camera man does not record something from the hospital and is not recording someone with an unknown pain
Claudia G
Claudia G - 5 hours ago
is that emery
Love rainbows Puppys
Love rainbows Puppys - 5 hours ago
That fake accent tho.....
Cool Enzo
Cool Enzo - 5 hours ago
The Mom is so mean
Cool Enzo
Cool Enzo - 5 hours ago
Shut the freak UP Mom like if you want to stab her
rxsepetqls - 6 hours ago
this moms acting tho
Shaliza Sha
Shaliza Sha - 6 hours ago
Elvira Cutiyog
Elvira Cutiyog - 7 hours ago
I think this TLC video is just an acting and not true. I just think i didnt mean Its not true
strawberry caramel
strawberry caramel - 7 hours ago
This can’t be real wtf is that mom doing
Katelyn douthit
Katelyn douthit - 7 hours ago
That mom just makes me mad!!!
Ma. Luisa Batayola
Ma. Luisa Batayola - 7 hours ago
This is soooo fake
madminie - 7 hours ago
The acting is so bad, did she actually have tapeworms? Or was it all just an act?
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie - 7 hours ago
Are tapeworms worms taped that when you eat them you lose weight? Can someone tell me because I do not understand...
the shadow Wolves of wolfix
Is this real?
Latarah Little
Latarah Little - 8 hours ago
luv stanley
Cajetan - 8 hours ago
This acting is pronmovie-worthy
SILVIA IS COOL - 8 hours ago
Share my story anyone???
purple dank
purple dank - 9 hours ago
JosellePrinces Chua
JosellePrinces Chua - 9 hours ago
I think this is the gurl from the vid 'share my story'
CHIKITIE ??? - 9 hours ago
*Now I’m rEalLy uncomfortable*
Theo Van der poes
Theo Van der poes - 9 hours ago
Why does it look so fake
David Perez
David Perez - 9 hours ago
Taffy’s mom is a biiiiiiaaaaach like if you agree
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