Team USA v. Team UK - Dodgeball w/ Michelle Obama, Harry Styles & More - #LateLateLondon

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John Lynch
John Lynch - 50 minutes ago
F u James Cordon you forgot to mention Def Leppard
lucy and amelia
lucy and amelia - 57 minutes ago
am i the only person who didn’t realise that the uk flag was upside down, sorry i’m bad at being british
The Official King of Narratives
This would’ve been a Oscar worthy movie.
Bombdasher - 2 hours ago
Harry styles gone solo again XD I'm done
K. A.
K. A. - 3 hours ago
When A-listers are called "everybody else" 🤣
Alex Pressed
Alex Pressed - 6 hours ago
Dodgeball Originated in Africa
There is a lot of evidence that a game similar to dodgeball was played in Africa more than 200 years ago. It wasn’t a fun, or even entertaining game. As a matter of fact, it was played with rocks instead of rubber balls, and was used to develop the strength and endurance of warriors. They would literally throw rocks at each other with the intention of incapacitating them. Some scholars think it went even further than that, and that it was a game played to the death. Yikes!
Other scholars believe the game originated in Asia, Greece, or Mesoamerica as early as 500 BC.
Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan - 8 hours ago
6:49 you're welcome directioners 🙄💕
L M - 10 hours ago
John Bradley looks like he's gonna kill Harry @ 2:35
Phyllis Williams
Phyllis Williams - 16 hours ago
Team USA 🇺🇸
name name
name name - 22 hours ago
Its a shame that the women had won
Vincent Tran
Vincent Tran - Day ago
Also bendict should've used doctor strange
Vincent Tran
Vincent Tran - Day ago

Tom Holland?
Ralphylyn Cocamas
Ralphylyn Cocamas - Day ago
More of this PLEASE! ❤😂
Sarah Crabbe'
Sarah Crabbe' - Day ago
How does this not have more views💜
Thordis Unnur
Thordis Unnur - Day ago
I only held with USA becosuse their women
Person - Day ago
I was watching Harry the whole time I’m not gonna lie 😍
Rohit Pendyala
Rohit Pendyala - Day ago
It’s coming home
David Genadek
David Genadek - Day ago
BaHa No way would not forty fives wife team could do this. James, you are canned pumpkin on this one
Natalie GG
Natalie GG - Day ago
The announcer needs a raise
tkem28 - Day ago
Kate Hudson is so cute an bubbly in this!!
Dargy - Day ago
Mila Kunis is technically Ukrainian so she won’t be eligible for the United States team either
Michelle - Day ago
Almost nobody:
James Corden: Its so on you don't even know how on it is thats how on it is thats on
Scott Qualls
Scott Qualls - 2 days ago
Fawning over a woman who did nothing but ruin school lunches.
NEO NEO - 2 days ago
sizin gibi insanlara çok ihtyacımız var ben yer yer hep anlamadığım halde böyle yabancı oyuncuların komedi videoları ve komedi programlarını izliyorum gülüyorum üstelik anlamadığım halde sizin iş kolay değil iyiki varsınız mümkünse daha fazla isteriz teşekkür ederim
Burn Bobquist
Burn Bobquist - 2 days ago
"Cordens close friends" i didn't see Jack Whitehall anywhere.
Zakaria Achour
Zakaria Achour - 2 days ago
wow that its gonna be so nice
Jub b. Benson
Jub b. Benson - 2 days ago
David dobrik: “OH ITS ON”
LeilaniHapa - 2 days ago
I was kinda hoping that after Benedict hit Michelle Obama, the secret service would rappel from the ceiling and whisk him away lol
Emersyn Wood
Emersyn Wood - 2 days ago
I love how everyone screams when harry comes on
Mikela Tess
Mikela Tess - 2 days ago
I'm just saying, it would be so cool to be hit by Michelle Obama, even if it does hurt.
Andrew - 2 days ago
I've literally never wanted to see the UK beat the United States in something until this lmaoooo
MrTcp01 - 2 days ago
Sexist no men picked in either team
p l
p l - 2 days ago
Is Harry's number actually 25 ????????????????
Lynn Wilson
Lynn Wilson - 2 days ago
Lynn Wilson
Lynn Wilson - 2 days ago
Can't watch traitors. Michael is reduced to talking up... VOLLEYBALL Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha...
Mortality_FN - 2 days ago
If it wasnt for UK USA wouldent be a thing
Hank Chinaski
Hank Chinaski - 2 days ago
Who is that fat talentless soy boy and no i'm not talking about Michele?
Sashah soheili
Sashah soheili - 2 days ago
Did anyone realize that the US had one extra person. How is that fair.
Izzy LOL
Izzy LOL - 2 days ago
I died when McCarthy wanted to take Harry’s top off. 😂
alicia - 2 days ago
REBOOT!! get Prince William or Harry here!!
Cole OLS
Cole OLS - 2 days ago
I literally hate every single person on the American team. We cannot pick more annoying celebrities
rinas rinas
rinas rinas - 2 days ago
It was clever 🤓 to have Harry's name in the title of the vid, cuz it's kinda obvious that's where 85% of the views came from (my reason too to be here). Have a look and see how everyone in the comments is talking about Harold, I mean EVERYONE!😂😂
Corey Lee
Corey Lee - 3 days ago
Michelle Obama is still fine, Obama is blessed af👌
Proxx Gamer
Proxx Gamer - 3 days ago
When they go low we go low🤣🤣😂
Tiffany Mayer
Tiffany Mayer - 3 days ago
I think they purposely let the men lose
Tiffany Mayer
Tiffany Mayer - 3 days ago
I love how the men only hit them by the foot. Such gentlemans.
ƙųƖąŋı H.
ƙųƖąŋı H. - 3 days ago
I badly wanted team UK to win but in these dodge ball episodes James's team always lose. Hard to get on with that.
r B
r B - 3 days ago
Melania will go down as the most boring first lady ever after this LMAO!
Joe Moore
Joe Moore - 3 days ago
This type of humor is perfect for bougie 30 year old suburban moms named Karen
Drumer to the max
Drumer to the max - 3 days ago
you should e a gps
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