Team USA v. Team UK - Dodgeball w/ Michelle Obama, Harry Styles & More - #LateLateLondon

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Eigsha Ji
Eigsha Ji - 6 hours ago
Harry was shot right in that 1D.... in a cool way
I Don’t Know What To Call This
*c u m b e r ba t c h with a c u m b e r c a t c h*
Eitw Lee
Eitw Lee - 13 hours ago
Jordan Russell
Jordan Russell - 20 hours ago
How come the USA always wins on any tv show 😂 I don’t understand cuz Americans don’t win everything 🤣
Elvis ochieng
Elvis ochieng - 22 hours ago
Damn the commentator killed it🔥🔥🔥
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 23 hours ago
Team women against team men
Kel y Bee
Kel y Bee - Day ago
"Right in the 1D", I died! 😂😭🤣😁🤣😭😂
Mohamed Uzair Sait
Mohamed Uzair Sait - Day ago
James you why did you say I'm thinking what your thinking and say dodgeball you should have said singing competition. By this video you just made fun of the whole of UK. Hahaha lol
Brenda Jenkins
Brenda Jenkins - Day ago
Love Harry! 😂
Farendor - Day ago
Does anyone else think Michelle would make a good sitcom actress.
Anesu Mbawu
Anesu Mbawu - Day ago
Harry is a total mood
Anesu Mbawu
Anesu Mbawu - Day ago
Signs of the crimes
Taryn C
Taryn C - Day ago
They should’ve played in Lexington/concord
Ami Woods
Ami Woods - Day ago
This is the best I love this
Emma Herzig
Emma Herzig - 2 days ago
I love how happy they all are☺️
Natasha Lee
Natasha Lee - 2 days ago
Can we get a team Australia
Châu Minh
Châu Minh - 2 days ago
9:10 what song is it?
The Official King of Narratives
The audience reactions would’ve gone crazy for this to be an actual movie. A perfect DODGEBALL REMAKE!!!
Poppy Hobson
Poppy Hobson - 2 days ago
I lost it at ‘right in the one d’
TOP Oliver T
TOP Oliver T - 2 days ago
Team UK all the way
trx xrt
trx xrt - 2 days ago
I only watched this because of Harry and Melissa tbh 🤣
m online
m online - 2 days ago
theb whole entire time i was just watching at mila and Harry, lol
Hannah Valdez
Hannah Valdez - 2 days ago
tell me why seeing harry styles talking to mila made me cry
Elisa Cascaes
Elisa Cascaes - 2 days ago
"Sign of the crimes"kkkk
Batul Tajani
Batul Tajani - 3 days ago
I ship Zarry. Harry is wearing a no.'25' jersey.
Vicky Madeira
Vicky Madeira - 3 days ago
John Bradley celebrating like he just killed de night King 😂😂😂😂
Olivia Bangs
Olivia Bangs - 3 days ago
I know this is off topic but can you do a Ariana Grande carpool karaoke pt 2
Latrice Lorraine
Latrice Lorraine - 3 days ago
Why does Harry always get hit in his private area when he plays dodgeball
Brandon Grady
Brandon Grady - 3 days ago
Michelle Obama is a controlled and financeded BIT** and Barack too... The worst presidents in the world.
Nyoka Hallam
Nyoka Hallam - 4 days ago
Go James go britannlol
Jaco Prinsloo
Jaco Prinsloo - 4 days ago
Now for a quick game of rugby.
Gabriella Azevedo
Gabriella Azevedo - 4 days ago
Ter moment they’re drinking tea after the game😂😂😂
Emily Ching
Emily Ching - 4 days ago
“The team from the UK brexits their chance for a victory” lol
Carolina Tapia
Carolina Tapia - 4 days ago
Right in the 1D loool
A- Animations
A- Animations - 4 days ago
Can we focus on the facts that Gordon threw the ball benedict kneed the ball then Harry kicked out of the court .... hOw
Vanessa S.
Vanessa S. - 4 days ago
Harry 😂😂😂❤❤❤❤
brendon owens
brendon owens - 5 days ago
James. We need a whole series of this.
black adder
black adder - 5 days ago
Fcuk USA
Theis Pedersen
Theis Pedersen - 5 days ago
Why is Mila Kunis on team USa when she is from Ukraine?
Mohamed REKKAL
Mohamed REKKAL - 5 days ago
Why Dr. Strange did not use his powers ?
Jackson Anita
Jackson Anita - 5 days ago
If u love Michelle Obama
Give it a like
Vivi Lei
Vivi Lei - 5 days ago
8:26 harry kicks the ball- #goals
Nader Medhat
Nader Medhat - 5 days ago
And now his watch has ended 😂😂
John B
John B - 5 days ago
I just want to know why they didn't go for a good Secret Service gag, either with an agent diving in front of a ball aimed at Mrs. Obama, or a group of agents in a phalanx around her on the court. Both could have been hilarious.
Kassandra Garcia
Kassandra Garcia - 6 days ago
imagine a movie where all these women are on it together! tea
Skylar Taylor
Skylar Taylor - 6 days ago
It would have been funny if Shawn Mendes showed up and started cheering for Canada
Rupashri Balaraman
Rupashri Balaraman - 6 days ago
"Harry Styles goes solo all over again "
Kacie Remata
Kacie Remata - 6 days ago
I'm Team USA since I am a LADY. But I am glad the LADIES WON. WOOHOO!! 👍
James Nese
James Nese - 6 days ago
God Michelle Obama is so sexy man
2jaemarkjinfluff - 6 days ago
“Harry Styles gone solo all over again.”
Wllws ?
Wllws ? - 6 days ago
8:22 that hurt
gogosing. - 6 days ago
아 진짜 재밌네 ㅎㅎ
Estella Tsivikou
Estella Tsivikou - 7 days ago
"Harry Styles gone solo all over again" 😂
XXLinxGamingXX - 7 days ago
9:51 should of been a double out.
ONesmukX - 7 days ago
Hey What a great video, im from Colombia and its so funny thanks for the video! And for the entertaiment
Ava V
Ava V - 7 days ago
why did harry kinda go off💀💀
prachi sharma
prachi sharma - 7 days ago
I m here for harry
Sayain Buster
Sayain Buster - 7 days ago
I was expecting Beyonce on Obamas team
Wong Zi Yang
Wong Zi Yang - 8 days ago
This is boys vs girls😂
Lailah mt
Lailah mt - 8 days ago
one word Beyonce😜😜😜😜😜
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