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Donut Media
Donut Media - 3 months ago
Alright you Aussies, which Holden is your favorite? Yanks, which Holden do you wish came to the US?
Benjamin mole
Benjamin mole - 28 days ago
@Draven Alexander i already drive one
Draven Alexander
Draven Alexander - Month ago
@Benjamin mole If you want the Commodore get a Chevy Caprice.
Bo Malo
Bo Malo - 2 months ago
I would actually love a maloo in the states lol
Danny Zeigler
Danny Zeigler - 2 months ago
Tell James to do up to speed on John Lingenfelter
Carlos Wirihana
Carlos Wirihana - 2 months ago
My VF Commodore and its NOT the shit v6 😂
Hamish Buchanan17
Hamish Buchanan17 - 40 minutes ago
who gets the intro reference?
Merv Stent
Merv Stent - 6 hours ago
What you need to know Holden is now 💀
Jessey James Rabjones
Jessey James Rabjones - 15 hours ago
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan - 21 hour ago
All the hsv commys had a Maloo
Pretty much every model had a club sport and a maloo
Omofros OMG&3LOL
Omofros OMG&3LOL - 21 hour ago
i think he meant rb20
Disco Ball
Disco Ball - 22 hours ago
I love Holdens and I love Australia best drag race car ever
redzook1 - Day ago
Straya! Where car guys are men!
I love the vk blue meanie peter brocks one off commodore heaps of replica blue meanies but they are sick and the hj hg hf kingswoods manaro fronts on em with a tray and a big v8 that deserves a dirty vb and a winnie blue mate 👌
alexander gekas
alexander gekas - Day ago
Oh my god uleh
Indigo A
Indigo A - Day ago
4:10 robocop? That's what it says in cc...
Eden - Day ago
And they called nissan and nissan was like
それわいいです ^_^
jimmmaaay1 - 2 days ago
you missed the XU1 Torana and all the HDT commos. blue meanie and the directors, damn
Meaghan Graham
Meaghan Graham - 2 days ago
It’s pronounced bath urst not bath hurst
Inside Garage
Inside Garage - 2 days ago
This is great!! 🚘
Adam Dooch
Adam Dooch - 2 days ago
Do one on Ford Australia. Like holden they made cars specifically for Australia. Some say they were better cars than holden but it's an age old debate.
Tyson Robinson
Tyson Robinson - 2 days ago
ford was never better
big boi dan
big boi dan - 2 days ago
Petition for James to start his own YouTube channel
Casey Smith
Casey Smith - 2 days ago
Please don’t Aussie three times. It’s just not right
Sam Waris
Sam Waris - 2 days ago
The VL commodore is a gangsta car.
Sam Waris
Sam Waris - 2 days ago
Proud owner of one of these cars, FYI don't get the newer Holden cars they are absolutely garbage.
Kiril Krsteski
Kiril Krsteski - 2 days ago
Dis Kepps ting is what me calls drugz
Jay Kay
Jay Kay - 3 days ago
Sex is good
Sex is golden
Sex is done in the back of a Holden.
If you dont like it
If you get bored
Become a homosexual and fuck in a Ford.
EXTREMEYAMUM90 - 3 days ago
I feel sad for Americans who have that yucky G8 front grille
Tim Watson
Tim Watson - 3 days ago
A9X torana ss and the VN SV5000 ...waiting to win the lottery...lol
Kev Liong
Kev Liong - 3 days ago
How about when they get chopped hard for many consecutive years by R32 GTR in early 1990's Bathurst?
Adam Hilliard And Maddie
" cukoo- kookaburra hahahahaha
Matt P
Matt P - 3 days ago
I’m Ford at heart, but all Turd-runners are damn cool..... The Armstrong 500 @ 5:12 was 500 Miles and held at Phillip Island. I think it went to Bathurst in ‘63. And I’m not sure if I should be offended by “the accent”.
Warrior the Pleb
Warrior the Pleb - 3 days ago
xr6 barra aussie fords pls!!
CEEZAY - 4 days ago
The holden ve ssv is my fav cause I’m Aussie and you forgot to mention the 2019 GTS-R
S P P - 4 days ago
Videos would be so much better if you didn't shout
Dale Earnhardt
Dale Earnhardt - 4 days ago
Please give us Americans HP#s
Cause nobody here knows kangaroo powers
Donald Dolliver II
Donald Dolliver II - 4 days ago
I'll never be able to afford any of these cars but thank God for Forza 6 😎🏎🎮🏁
Sigga317 swillie
Sigga317 swillie - 4 days ago
Donut... get up to speed on Buick and Cadillac
SHADEDUNDERDOG 2004 - 4 days ago
When u said we love our sheep I said what till you see the New Zealanders the LOVE their sheep not in a good way . Ps it’s a joke chill 😂😂
LORENCE - 5 days ago
who’s here from australia
Mrudul Gaikwad
Mrudul Gaikwad - 5 days ago
What car is that, behind pumphrey ?
Ryan Owie
Ryan Owie - 5 days ago
Just earned an Aussie follower mate, bloody brilliant video
SM - 5 days ago
Lol great video as always!
Ben Watson
Ben Watson - 5 days ago
Aussie Aussie Aussie Lets burn rubber
fun bobby
fun bobby - 5 days ago
V8 vx ss is the best
viperhawk56 - 6 days ago
20th October 2017 last holden/car made in Australia
A sad day
GRIFAbyte101 - 2 days ago
@peepee mario Those are re-badged imports, not locally built vehicles.
peepee mario
peepee mario - 5 days ago
actually Holden is still making cars like the 2019 commodore and use
Catweasel - 6 days ago
You have done your research my good man
Julian Griffin
Julian Griffin - 6 days ago
That was awesome! Since when did all the Aussies in the comments lose their humour
Loki - 6 days ago
Budget Jack Black needs to chill.
ElectroTeeh - 7 days ago
you cunt, that was quite the spoiler hahahahaha
XJiggleJelly YT
XJiggleJelly YT - 7 days ago

the australian chevrolet
Jim Jeremy Johnson
Jim Jeremy Johnson - 8 days ago
Buff Kanga-Roos? BKRs
straia - 8 days ago
Il never part ways with my vl turbo or my ve ss
Jaden - 8 days ago
I remember a top gear episode with the Maloo
Dill B
Dill B - 8 days ago
Disliked the video because FUCK all holdens, fucking pieces of shit
Michael John Little
Michael John Little - 8 days ago
Well... not anymore... they are no longer making cars in Australia.. no more Holdens.... Bugger!
Monty Curran
Monty Curran - 9 days ago
The next fucking time a American says shrimp on the barbie shrimp is shit we put sausages
The Niss
The Niss - 10 days ago
2019 FORD VELOCIRAPTOR - 10 days ago
Can you do a video about proton please
Yaze 76
Yaze 76 - 10 days ago
can of coopers? definitely fucking wrong cunt. it should be a VB
Hyazzie50 - 11 days ago
Me Bc my names Holden
Andrew Kapper
Andrew Kapper - 11 days ago
The quickest holden is a HSV GTSR W1 with the LS9
Imtherealgalaxy19 - 11 days ago
Ur funny i love men at works songs lol
anastasija Ilieva
anastasija Ilieva - 11 days ago
My fauvorite holden is the ute
Ben Geddes
Ben Geddes - 12 days ago
Holden Commodore and Ford (Australia) Falcon suspension is the reason Corvettes and Mustangs can corner now.
yeet - 12 days ago
that comodore turbo
Dalton Ryan
Dalton Ryan - 12 days ago
Thank you, @ 12:33
Casey R
Casey R - 12 days ago
Daniel Dzvonik
Daniel Dzvonik - 12 days ago
loud = funny
Ratel.H Badger
Ratel.H Badger - 13 days ago
4:00 Gary the Goat! May that magnificent bastard Rest in Peace!!! STRIDE OUT GAZ, STRIDE OUT In the great Outback in the sky!!!
inconsistent uploads
inconsistent uploads - 13 days ago
Aussies are fucking crazy
Cody Evans
Cody Evans - 13 days ago
I want a Ute so badly
1986 holden vl commodore
1986 holden vl commodore - 13 days ago
Bathurst was 500 miles on the early days then later it became 1000 km
Craig Forsberg
Craig Forsberg - 13 days ago
My grandad had a rb20de holden back in the day when it was just a holden to them but they pricy now
itsaCatDog World
itsaCatDog World - 13 days ago
Very cool....you gotta do the Falcon or Valiant Charger next..great Video.
jay geddie
jay geddie - 13 days ago
The most powerful HSV is the Gtsr W1 with a 635hp ls9
Oli- o
Oli- o - 13 days ago
Please do a video on the ford falcon as well, for that one guy (me) who is ford boy in Adelaide
Eu Pi
Eu Pi - 14 days ago
Thot mogi
FaM.kamakasi - 14 days ago
shrimp on the barbie the most prehaps offensive aussie phrases but no one cares
The DC adventures
The DC adventures - 14 days ago
Whoever edits these videos is the real hero
YUSEHZ QT - 14 days ago
wrong the W1 had the most power 635HP

Jean-Marc Feldman
Jean-Marc Feldman - 14 days ago
Drive a Holden Malibu. Awesome
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez - 15 days ago
LMAO to the bunny dying
OvertimeX86 - 15 days ago
Can you do a video on the Ford Falcon XR6 and XR8 and Ford Territory Turbo
rywhyry - 15 days ago
You forgot to mention the HSV GTSR W1
Gabriel2k - 15 days ago
Best and funniest video i’ve watched yet keep up this awesome content
Holden Dougall
Holden Dougall - 15 days ago
kyl sathongnhoth
kyl sathongnhoth - 15 days ago
_iconic Aussie_ *HIPPIE* _mobile_
Ali Sutherland
Ali Sutherland - 15 days ago
I love everyone of their videos #Lightning
Ryan Slaymaker
Ryan Slaymaker - 15 days ago
Do up to speed on ford auatralia especially the falcons because the engines in the more recent falcon the barra engine is absolutely insane
Bigkev0304 - 16 days ago
need to do another video on the australian fords
JedFleming - 16 days ago
My first cars gonna be a good ol Holden Ute
Aussie Moto Kid
Aussie Moto Kid - 18 days ago
When he said commo instead of commie. I was about to go out back with the 410 and blow my head off
The sinner Jim Whitney
The sinner Jim Whitney - 14 days ago
Aussie Moto Kid Better make it a slug, .410 shot would probably mutilate you and leave you alive and miserable. Seriously, I thought I'd heard Aussies call them 'Commos', but I'm an American who's never been there and as such very likely mistaken.
DragoWolf Studios
DragoWolf Studios - 18 days ago
I feel as though Australians want horsepower as much as Americans
Jules Tabaranza
Jules Tabaranza - 18 days ago
@3:30.. that Kookabura story... best Legend ever..
Timmy Marshall
Timmy Marshall - 19 days ago
Greatest episode ever, I appreciate so much how you tried to pronounce the words how we say them
Morgan Drenthen
Morgan Drenthen - 21 day ago
Can you do one on Apollo? 🥰
Dan the man 018
Dan the man 018 - 22 days ago
Soviet Beluga
Soviet Beluga - 22 days ago
Every car company yoinks stuff from Australia.
Zayne Riess
Zayne Riess - 23 days ago
Screw the holdens do a video on the Ford Falcon
Peter Williams
Peter Williams - 23 days ago
Yo James what's horsepower i dont know that, i only know hsprs. Stop saying horsepower cause I'm not getting it.
Brandon Padjasek
Brandon Padjasek - 23 days ago
Donut Media needs to do an 'Up to Speed' on Ford Falcons in Australia. The Holden (Commodore) competition. 'Like the Mustang is to the Camaro is in America'
Ps. Ford made an in line 6cyl (barra) which goes down as one of best in line 6's along side 2jz and the rb's, and the turbo model hands down puts shame to an LS V8.
I'll be waiting and watching for the video 😁👌
Michael White
Michael White - 23 days ago
HSV R8 Marloo
The perfect end to THEE GREATEST CAR COMPANY EVER!!! The worlds most powerful & damn good looking Ute in the world
Tyson Robinson
Tyson Robinson - 2 days ago
Dang Dang
Dang Dang - 25 days ago
#buffkangaroos ... i reckon that needs to be sign writin on my commodores tail gate ha ha ha
Lonk - 25 days ago
That's not a knife.
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