Parents Call - SNL

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Two Impossible Girls
Two Impossible Girls - 9 часов назад
"I feel like we're part of this now" MOOD
Two Impossible Girls
Two Impossible Girls - 9 часов назад
Halsey is everything tbh
Social Norms
Social Norms - День назад
snl isnt funny
Doggo DaDog
Doggo DaDog - 2 дня назад
4:15 lmao you can still see his legs at the bottom left corner .....
Tiffany Holder
Tiffany Holder - 3 дня назад
This is my mother. “I can’t go I’ll be in physical therapy” wait why? “I tore my rotator cuff in a car accident, so how are my grandkids!”
Rick Rose
Rick Rose - 3 дня назад
Mom and Dad, you guys are a trip! I can't wait to meet you, Randy!
Kinky Kid
Kinky Kid - 6 дней назад
Melissa Villaseñor gorgeous!!!!!
Purrspctiv - 9 дней назад
Definitely the best part of this is “yeah but she got SHOT”
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer - 10 дней назад
I can relate, when my father was hospitalized, my Mom didn't want me to worry (I was at college), and so I didn't find out until I randomly came home one weekend, only to find out that she was basically living by herself.
Jane DeGuire
Jane DeGuire - 10 дней назад
oaky doesn’t the girl sound like Amanda from the Amanda show?!!!
OMG Tjhappened
OMG Tjhappened - 10 дней назад
These are my parents
GOLDMINER Vegas - 12 дней назад
Future wife
Casey Tyree
Casey Tyree - 12 дней назад
*That's Halsey?!*
Troy Ramadin
Troy Ramadin - 13 дней назад
Omfg this is all parents after 50
SkeletalSounds _
SkeletalSounds _ - 14 дней назад
Wow Halsey is amazing. So
Believable. Like she gets lost into her character and that voice she did. She comes off like a real actress
Father Finger
Father Finger - 15 дней назад
Lame kelsey ruined the whole sketch showing her cast hands
Howie Thao
Howie Thao - 15 дней назад
This is a PSA to always remember to call your parents; the sooner the better.
B Collins
B Collins - 15 дней назад
I think everyone who has parents can relate to this (get it?)lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hime Anji
Hime Anji - 15 дней назад
I think I need to call my mom and check up on her
Arra Super
Arra Super - 15 дней назад
My mother does these calls every Sunday morning. Smh
Knowledge Untamed
Knowledge Untamed - 15 дней назад
Join the Revolution 🚷 Support My New Music Video
Seanbanks83 - 18 дней назад
When are they gonna get Halsey to host?
Jorge hdez
Jorge hdez - 19 дней назад
Reminded me Margot Robbies accent
Lex Marchus
Lex Marchus - 22 дня назад
I just wish they had made this by showing the clients reaction at the end
Hacher Unfriended
Hacher Unfriended - 24 дня назад
Hey son, the spade broke
PurpleZombie - 24 дня назад
Why are people pretending Halsey is funny?
Carol Brown
Carol Brown - 24 дня назад
Nomml Wayne
Nomml Wayne - 24 дня назад
Halsey MILF
clevelandcbi - Месяц назад
Dad has a fivehead. 👾👾👾
That Weird Girl
That Weird Girl - Месяц назад
Halsey is killing it
GoogleJim - Месяц назад
Nick Lemen
Nick Lemen - Месяц назад
The ending is perfect.
LittleReading - Месяц назад
I can't help be feel like they are reading the script
Caution Hazardous
Caution Hazardous - Месяц назад
I’ve never met a parent who was annoyed about telling their kids anything
Ed Cox
Ed Cox - Месяц назад
SNL don't you understand what that understands to Bean children being eaten by democrats senomyx look them up they all support it eating children even Jim Carrey says these elites on TV that you're watching having a child in front of him a cooked human child
Im Julie
Im Julie - Месяц назад
there were no stairs XD
My G
My G - Месяц назад
Sounds like they have Obamacare. Stupid waste of time not funny
Bob Lowney
Bob Lowney - Месяц назад
they are all trying not to laugh!
3rinsual - Месяц назад
Why is this so accurate to my parents
Boyd VanAlstyne
Boyd VanAlstyne - Месяц назад
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller - Месяц назад
Wow I can't believe I watched the whole thing. That's 5 minutes of my life wasted.
jonah abbasi
jonah abbasi - Месяц назад
fuckkkkkkkkk Halsey is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT
myarmsretreat - Месяц назад
Halsey has absolutely no sense of comedic timing
TheSageSeeker - Месяц назад
Bennett is getting funnier. Good voice overs too.
Martin Zubero
Martin Zubero - Месяц назад
Halsey is 🔥🔥🔥
abuse potential
abuse potential - Месяц назад
My father was diagnosed with cancer, went through chemo, had major surgery, and went into remission. It was mentioned to me as an off-handed comment 2 YEARS FUCKING LATER. It's not like we don't speak at least weekly.
Jesstravaganza - Месяц назад
We're apart of this now😂😂
Addie - Месяц назад
Idk why but this makes me glad my parents got divorced
PrettyLadybug93 - Месяц назад
My mom does the same mess!!😭😂
madz4prez - Месяц назад
Kris W
Kris W - Месяц назад
I didn't realize that other people had these conversations with their parents.
GoldenPantaloons - Месяц назад
What is on her tooth?
Jason drummer
Jason drummer - Месяц назад
Yoli purpleflower
Yoli purpleflower - Месяц назад
Parents 🤣
Timothy Trudeau
Timothy Trudeau - Месяц назад
I can't stop watching this. It's so therapeutic knowing that my situation isn't unique.
Cody Bradley
Cody Bradley - Месяц назад
Lol exactly like my grandparents..
nicholas melby
nicholas melby - Месяц назад
Em Ge
Em Ge - Месяц назад
Melissa’s breaking after every phonecall 😂
Steven G
Steven G - Месяц назад
My god. It is uncanny how similar my phone conversations are these days with my parents.
K •
K • - Месяц назад
Anthony Morrocu
Anthony Morrocu - Месяц назад
I love Halsey’s accent especially since it’s real(because she’s from New Jersey) and the fact she talks like every mom!
bonbons - Месяц назад
Omfg this is so relatable my dad has moved 5 times and forgotten to tell me until months later
Mark Anthony Smith
Mark Anthony Smith - Месяц назад
Yep these parents are real.
C C - Месяц назад
Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward - Месяц назад
I wouldn't normally advocate singers being actors, but Halsey should give it a try, maybe a afast and Furious movie
m0L3ify - Месяц назад
OMG it's my parents, except they never call to tell us anything. We have to call them to find out if they're in the hospital.
Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers - Месяц назад
Ask Her what Fall!
James Smith
James Smith - Месяц назад
Halsey is so fucking HOT!! 😍😙
Amanda Huginkiss
Amanda Huginkiss - Месяц назад
I used to really like Beck Bennett but lately he seems like a douche.
Junior Vafai
Junior Vafai - Месяц назад
this is exactly how my parents act
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena - Месяц назад
Halsey looks high on weed.
Mati Chareonvaravut
Mati Chareonvaravut - Месяц назад
Halsey is a natural comedic performer.
Heriberto Murillo
Heriberto Murillo - Месяц назад
Who the hell stands next to co workers and screams into their phone? Part of what makes SNL suck is how awkward the actors stand
reallydumbforeal1 - Месяц назад
Halseys freaking hot
Fallen From Grace
Fallen From Grace - Месяц назад
One day during college my mom calls, and she casually mentioned that she was gonna have surgery to get something removed a week from then because something on her skin was cancerous. TOO CASUAL I WAS LIKE WTF MOM (she's totally fine now btw)
wmfivethree - Месяц назад
Oddly still makes me miss my parents
Clare Schuch
Clare Schuch - Месяц назад
This reminds me of when my dad dropped me off at my aunts and called me when he landed in California to tell me my mom had a “mini” heart attack and they’d be back for me in a week
gary robinson
gary robinson - Месяц назад
P.O.S. Traitors. They will lose their show. Hired some hot women finally but still traitors.
Brian O'Neill
Brian O'Neill - Месяц назад
Hey, this sketch was consistently funny, and ended with a punchline. What is this, the '80s?
Tyler Brester
Tyler Brester - Месяц назад
That guy looks like Shroud
CylonsAteMyHomework - Месяц назад
My God... it's everybody's parents. I'm not alone
Scott Sloop
Scott Sloop - Месяц назад
Tell me why his belt is sideways
academic person
academic person - Месяц назад
THIS IS ACCURATE....SCARILY a recurring nightmare that turns out to be true
Lesbian Amazon Sister
Lesbian Amazon Sister - Месяц назад
holy shit, please someone put his parents in a home! or at least hire an in-home nurse!!
shontapl - Месяц назад
Most parents conversations. Lol
Freundschaft - Месяц назад
I love SNL when it's not political. No matter what my political affiliations are, it really divides everyone. please move away from that stuff.
HighSpeedNoDrag - Месяц назад
Daddy needs Z-O-L-O-F-T.
-Ivan Loesch
-Ivan Loesch - Месяц назад Quantum
Gabrielle Kelly
Gabrielle Kelly - Месяц назад
Melissa at 2:05 trying to compose herself lol
pinguinobc - Месяц назад
The new cast (no pun intended) member Halsey is really funny. Look forward to seeing her in more skits.
Imveryloser - Месяц назад
The dad sounds like a south park character
Some One
Some One - Месяц назад
whose the blonde in yellow?
Christopher Quinn
Christopher Quinn - Месяц назад
Hasley can’t act to save her life... She’s reading off cue cards and is still somehow missing cues and messing up lines! (Also, who the f*** is she? I never heard of her until the weekend.) I never thought that as younger Millennial, I’d be this out of touch with Generation, including those who are only 2, 3 or 4 years younger than me and my youngest cohorts.
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell - Месяц назад
They need to use Chris Redd way more, and at least list his name in the description when they do.
Dawn W. Williams
Dawn W. Williams - Месяц назад
Tamu Malone
Tamu Malone - Месяц назад
Thought it was Meredith Baxter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
M Ouija
M Ouija - Месяц назад
LOL. This is my parents exactly. My Dad was in the hospital 2 years ago about to have a quad bypass. I'm in his room talking to him and he starts asking me how my car (which he finished fixing while having massive chest pains) was running. I just couldn't believe he would even care. I told him that since he had a heart attack while working on it, and the doctors found out all his arteries were mostly clogged and had to do major surgery the next day, I hadn't had a chance to check it out yet. He just calmly says (paraphrased) "ok, well let me know how it works out when I'm out of surgery tomorrow. I'll fix your door when I'm back to normal. I would have fixed it today but....(laughs while displaying himself in a hospital bed hooked up to a bunch of wires with engine grease still under his fingernails) Hey, I'm tired and gonna take a nap. This medication makes me tired. Thanks for stopping by, son. Love you." I think the fact that he said I love you and shook my hand was the only inkling that he might be a touch nervous about his chest being cut open the next day. He hasn't praised me or shown any affection for probably 30 years. Of course I'd rather my Dad never had a heart attack, but we're way closer afterwards, and I think he's realizing that we have a lot of similar interests and I'm not the dumbass I was in my teens.
Grace Wright
Grace Wright - Месяц назад
lizzie mcguire?!
nobody d
nobody d - Месяц назад
I didn't know the show was still on.
Libby Lee-Egan
Libby Lee-Egan - Месяц назад
3:48 saw the back of that unfinished cast. oops!
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