Parents Call - SNL

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Lloyd boss
Lloyd boss - 9 hours ago
These parents are immortal
clashkid83 - 10 hours ago
Every conversation with my mom
Brian Boley
Brian Boley - 16 hours ago
Whoever Halsey is, she is super the bomb hot my good greif
Eric Willoughby Vlogs
Great Job Halsey, And Beck🤣
Sarah Buckland
Sarah Buckland - Day ago
I didnt even know who she was. Wow. A blonde Bob must be the answer for everything..marilyn monroe went blonde Bob and poof!! Halsey put on a blonde Bob wig and she is a total knockout!!
Tahirah Smith
Tahirah Smith - 2 days ago
I can relate! I live out of town and o e day my mother was ok and a month later she was admitted to a nursing home! She was only 60, then she came home and now is confined to a wheelchair! The crazy thing is I still don't know how she got this way!
Lawmanrulz - 2 days ago
Halsey isn’t very funny
Patricia Lynn
Patricia Lynn - 4 days ago
This is my fucking family in a nutshell!
Jay - 6 days ago
Yeah... that's my parents. Pretty accurate. My mom called me one day and she was like: your dad can't walk anymore, talk to you tomorrow have a nice day at work. Bye!
The Digital Me
The Digital Me - 9 days ago
Did any one notice that when he fell down the stairs you could still se him laying on the ground 4:14
Peter McGill
Peter McGill - 10 days ago
Every time my parents call my grandparents ever.
Tashwampa - 11 days ago
This reminds me when my brother got into like, 3 car accidents while I was at college and I only knew cause I asked where the car was. And when our dog died and she waited until I was at the door asking where the dog was to tell me. God why are parents like this
TheMasterChief117 - 14 days ago
Halsey is so hot with longer hair why does she keep it so short
R Navs
R Navs - 15 days ago
Why would you answer a call from your parents during a business meeting?
DatJoyBlue - 18 days ago
I woulda been hella pissed that they kept hanging up. I woulda been like.... THE F*CKKKKKK! Yall I was so fustrated watching this skit, because I know had something like that happened to my fam, I would wanna punch somebody with all the half @ss information.
Lindsay Dale
Lindsay Dale - 18 days ago
This reminds me of my freshman year of college where I didn’t learn about my grandma having a heart attack until after finals because they didn’t wanna worry me
A1sausie - 22 days ago
This sucked
Ammari Bourgeois
Ammari Bourgeois - 23 days ago
This literally is my mom
thatssolauren - 28 days ago
Halsey's voice in this clip is just so soothing
PastafarianPriestess - 29 days ago
My mom told all of us kids that she broke her arm at work over facebook messenger. This skit is too goddamn real.
Game Over
Game Over - Month ago
I want to know what happened with Roger
Thelema - Month ago
Melissa loved this sketch.
Emo Piece of Garbage
Emo Piece of Garbage - Month ago
Me: **reads description**
**reads Mikey Day**
Someone: No You American Idiot, Mikey Day
*I’m not emo I’m sørry*
tdhat95 - Month ago
Why did S NL do a skit about my parents!! This is crazy!
Robin Moore
Robin Moore - Month ago
I had never heard of Halsey before (yes, I am old). But she is tremendously talented and adorable.
Megan Delamar
Megan Delamar - Month ago
Literally my parents. I've always said they're like all the worst parts of a bad girlfriend. Clingy, jealous, needing constant attention, ect. LMFAO
Clint Patac
Clint Patac - Month ago
Halsey has such a cute voice!
Conner Caughlin
Conner Caughlin - Month ago
no one:

Mikey Day: layg
Kal Omar
Kal Omar - Month ago
kman20 - Month ago
The “think Randy” part hit too close to home. Got flashbacks of my mom screaming at that to me
Val Corell
Val Corell - Month ago
4:20 you can see the cast in the bottom left corner
Ben G
Ben G - Month ago
“Why is there not an elevator in that hole??? Because we changed our mind! We can actually handle the stairs!” - this is funny AF!
Ben G
Ben G - Month ago
“They charge us $5,000 for an IV”. They are definitely in Trumpcare. Lol
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi - Month ago
Oh, ok.
Val Kalinic
Val Kalinic - Month ago
Reminded me of "Jerry, it's Frank Costanza. Mr. Steinbrenner's here, George is dead, call me back. BEEP"
Two Impossible Girls
Two Impossible Girls - Month ago
"I feel like we're part of this now" MOOD
Two Impossible Girls
Two Impossible Girls - Month ago
Halsey is everything tbh
Social Norms
Social Norms - Month ago
snl isnt funny
Doggo DaDog
Doggo DaDog - Month ago
4:15 lmao you can still see his legs at the bottom left corner .....
Tiffany Holder
Tiffany Holder - Month ago
This is my mother. “I can’t go I’ll be in physical therapy” wait why? “I tore my rotator cuff in a car accident, so how are my grandkids!”
Rick Rose
Rick Rose - Month ago
Mom and Dad, you guys are a trip! I can't wait to meet you, Randy!
Kinky Kid
Kinky Kid - 2 months ago
Melissa Villaseñor gorgeous!!!!!
Purrspctiv - 2 months ago
Definitely the best part of this is “yeah but she got SHOT”
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer - 2 months ago
I can relate, when my father was hospitalized, my Mom didn't want me to worry (I was at college), and so I didn't find out until I randomly came home one weekend, only to find out that she was basically living by herself.
Jane DeGuire
Jane DeGuire - 2 months ago
oaky doesn’t the girl sound like Amanda from the Amanda show?!!!
OMG Tjhappened
OMG Tjhappened - 2 months ago
These are my parents
Casey Tyree
Casey Tyree - 2 months ago
*That's Halsey?!*
Troy Ramadin
Troy Ramadin - 2 months ago
Omfg this is all parents after 50
SkeletalSounds _
SkeletalSounds _ - 2 months ago
Wow Halsey is amazing. So
Believable. Like she gets lost into her character and that voice she did. She comes off like a real actress
Father Finger
Father Finger - 2 months ago
Lame kelsey ruined the whole sketch showing her cast hands
Howie Thao
Howie Thao - 2 months ago
This is a PSA to always remember to call your parents; the sooner the better.
B Collins
B Collins - 2 months ago
I think everyone who has parents can relate to this (get it?)lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hime Anji
Hime Anji - 2 months ago
I think I need to call my mom and check up on her
Arra Super
Arra Super - 2 months ago
My mother does these calls every Sunday morning. Smh
Knowledge Untamed
Knowledge Untamed - 2 months ago
Join the Revolution 🚷 Support My New Music Video
Seanbanks83 - 2 months ago
When are they gonna get Halsey to host?
Jorge hdez
Jorge hdez - 2 months ago
Reminded me Margot Robbies accent
Lex Marchus
Lex Marchus - 2 months ago
I just wish they had made this by showing the clients reaction at the end
Hacher Unfriended
Hacher Unfriended - 2 months ago
Hey son, the spade broke
PurpleZombie - 2 months ago
Why are people pretending Halsey is funny?
Carol Brown
Carol Brown - 2 months ago
Nomml Wayne
Nomml Wayne - 2 months ago
Halsey MILF
clevelandcbi - 2 months ago
Dad has a fivehead. 👾👾👾
That Weird Girl
That Weird Girl - 2 months ago
Halsey is killing it
GoogleJim - 2 months ago
Nick Lemen
Nick Lemen - 2 months ago
The ending is perfect.
LittleReading - 3 months ago
I can't help be feel like they are reading the script
Caution Hazardous
Caution Hazardous - 3 months ago
I’ve never met a parent who was annoyed about telling their kids anything
Ed Cox
Ed Cox - 3 months ago
SNL don't you understand what that understands to Bean children being eaten by democrats senomyx look them up they all support it eating children even Jim Carrey says these elites on TV that you're watching having a child in front of him a cooked human child
Im Julie
Im Julie - 3 months ago
there were no stairs XD
My G
My G - 3 months ago
Sounds like they have Obamacare. Stupid waste of time not funny
Bob Lowney
Bob Lowney - 3 months ago
they are all trying not to laugh!
3rinsual - 3 months ago
Why is this so accurate to my parents
Boyd VanAlstyne
Boyd VanAlstyne - 3 months ago
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller - 3 months ago
Wow I can't believe I watched the whole thing. That's 5 minutes of my life wasted.
jonah abbasi
jonah abbasi - 3 months ago
fuckkkkkkkkk Halsey is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT
myarmsretreat - 3 months ago
Halsey has absolutely no sense of comedic timing
TheSageSeeker - 3 months ago
Bennett is getting funnier. Good voice overs too.
Martin Zubero
Martin Zubero - 3 months ago
Halsey is 🔥🔥🔥
abuse potential
abuse potential - 3 months ago
My father was diagnosed with cancer, went through chemo, had major surgery, and went into remission. It was mentioned to me as an off-handed comment 2 YEARS FUCKING LATER. It's not like we don't speak at least weekly.
Jesstravaganza - 3 months ago
We're apart of this now😂😂
Person A
Person A - 3 months ago
Idk why but this makes me glad my parents got divorced
PrettyLadybug93 - 3 months ago
My mom does the same mess!!😭😂
madz - 3 months ago
Kris W
Kris W - 3 months ago
I didn't realize that other people had these conversations with their parents.
GoldenPantaloons - 3 months ago
What is on her tooth?
Jason drummer
Jason drummer - 3 months ago
Yoli purpleflower
Yoli purpleflower - 3 months ago
Parents 🤣
Timothy Trudeau
Timothy Trudeau - 3 months ago
I can't stop watching this. It's so therapeutic knowing that my situation isn't unique.
Cody Bradley
Cody Bradley - 3 months ago
Lol exactly like my grandparents..
nicholas melby
nicholas melby - 3 months ago
Em Ge
Em Ge - 3 months ago
Melissa’s breaking after every phonecall 😂
Steven G
Steven G - 3 months ago
My god. It is uncanny how similar my phone conversations are these days with my parents.
LittleAnaFly •
LittleAnaFly • - 3 months ago
Anthony Morrocu
Anthony Morrocu - 3 months ago
I love Halsey’s accent especially since it’s real(because she’s from New Jersey) and the fact she talks like every mom!
bonbons - 3 months ago
Omfg this is so relatable my dad has moved 5 times and forgotten to tell me until months later
Mark Anthony Smith
Mark Anthony Smith - 3 months ago
Yep these parents are real.
C C - 3 months ago
Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward - 3 months ago
I wouldn't normally advocate singers being actors, but Halsey should give it a try, maybe a afast and Furious movie
m0L3ify - 3 months ago
OMG it's my parents, except they never call to tell us anything. We have to call them to find out if they're in the hospital.
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