We Dress Like E-Girls For A Day • Ladylike

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Averybun_ 19
Averybun_ 19 - 50 minutes ago
Whoever had the audacity to sensor Jen’s queenie rant can leave buzzfeed
mikasa uzumaki
mikasa uzumaki - Hour ago
Kristen is todoroki
The Neighborhood Crew
The Neighborhood Crew - 7 hours ago
Lotty the Latte
Lotty the Latte - 7 hours ago
Maria Reynolds
Maria Reynolds - 7 hours ago
Kristin= todaroki?
Carissa Hyde
Carissa Hyde - 8 hours ago
Man, I thought they couldn’t mess anything up as much as they messed up the VSCO video, but this was even worse. Do you guys not even research this stuff??
V's place
V's place - 9 hours ago
Todoroki is that u?
PaintandFreckles - 22 hours ago
The cosplay wig is killing me
• R A C H E L •
Kristen's hair is just basically Todoroki
Frostbite Future St. Chill
I don't even know what on earth e-girls are ... and I'm not over 27 ...
Zippy - Day ago
I think that they are able to express themselves more than other generations because we know that the world is dying anyway so were just like "fuck it"
Ginger_ McAle
Ginger_ McAle - Day ago
Well todoroki joined the chat....
Peachybee - Day ago
Can you all try to dress like a soft girl or dress like a Lolita
yoyo yoto
yoyo yoto - Day ago
jen looks so cute all HOMO
Kat Ann Chan
Kat Ann Chan - Day ago
I have the same shirt as Jen (got it in 2008), DN ftw lolz
Lindsays Corner
Lindsays Corner - 2 days ago
I think that is actually a female todoroki wig
ojiojioji - 2 days ago
does anybody here knows about a japanese girl group called e-girls....................??
B - 2 days ago
Emo girls are still a thing and emo in general is
Jenna Plays
Jenna Plays - 2 days ago
Do VSCO girl please
Mystar Light3
Mystar Light3 - 2 days ago
I can't get over the fact that Jen is very cute during this, especially at 8:50
Ka-zu Totoro
Ka-zu Totoro - 3 days ago
Omg Jen it is such a cool lihgt yagami t-shirt and Kristian isn't that the wig from bnha
Ka-zu Totoro
Ka-zu Totoro - 3 days ago
Jada Miller
Jada Miller - 3 days ago
white fox
white fox - 3 days ago
First it was visco now e-girl I just cant wait until I see there version of soft girl
One of Six
One of Six - 3 days ago
the only e-girl in this video is Jen 😭😭😭
Chiara Corden
Chiara Corden - 3 days ago
Who under 27 didn’t know what an e girl is/never heard the term be used until they watched this?
Luna Tube
Luna Tube - 4 days ago
Wait is she wearing a todoroki wig?😂
Tooqute2nv - 4 days ago
I was confused because there's a J-pop group called E-girls and this is clearly not that... XD But, I'm 33. Sooooo it's okay I was confused. lol
pretty kitty lps
pretty kitty lps - 4 days ago
Kristen is todoroki
Green Machine
Green Machine - 4 days ago
Jen looks hot just saying
yeeterz - 4 days ago
Did they just use a genderbend Todoroki and Ruby wig-
Christina Volkoff
Christina Volkoff - 4 days ago
I know that like, people are seeing egirls as the spiritual successor to emo kids, but really, they are this generation's scene kids. Emo was just a less expensive version of Goth, where all you had to do was wear black, be sad, and hate the world. And in 2007, I was great at that.
Your Saviour Chris
Your Saviour Chris - 4 days ago
Devin looks hot ASF😍
Sara Payne
Sara Payne - 4 days ago
1:21 she made me feel really badass and motivated 😂
Jazzy - 5 days ago
I wish I could dress someone from buzzfeed like some who is a trendy tiktoker who everyone has a crush on. that would be so cool
Todo-chan - 5 days ago
I honestly only noticed that Kristen has a todoroki wig on right now
Peachy-chan - 5 days ago
My mom watched this and i was so damn mad that SHE DID NOT KNOW THAT IT WAS A SHOTO TODOROKI WIG... I was just a little upset
Ava Bamboo
Ava Bamboo - 6 days ago
now it’s time for soft girls
IcyKookie MinYoongi
IcyKookie MinYoongi - 6 days ago
Im 15 and i know what emo girls are lol... i know some
Ella Kuban
Ella Kuban - 6 days ago
The wig that kristen is wearing looks like it's for todoroki shoto from bnha
Rae Davis
Rae Davis - 7 days ago
, I like Jen's shirt
-wolfpup42 -
-wolfpup42 - - 7 days ago
Jen is made to be a E-girl and kristin is todoroki and Devin is just there
Jwahir Hunter
Jwahir Hunter - 7 days ago
Kristen looks like female Shoto Todoroki.
Trix Is life
Trix Is life - 7 days ago
Jen is literally so adorable 🥺🥰🥰
becca xoxo
becca xoxo - 7 days ago
Iam dying me hair purple as watch this
Anna love
Anna love - 7 days ago
Honestly, i’m 20 and i relate more to you guys. With the vsco girl video i was like what are vsco girls and this time i was like what are e girls. I feel like i’m to old for my age 😂
Hadassah Morales
Hadassah Morales - 7 days ago
Jen bouncing around is literally me
Curly Kait98
Curly Kait98 - 8 days ago
I want kristens lion king shirt
yartoonime yes me
yartoonime yes me - 8 days ago
Jen likes anime! This piece of information just hit me, smd I'm screaming cause yes
Susan Richard
Susan Richard - 8 days ago
The pigtails are fem todoroki
Ale-RA - 8 days ago
Not to be mean, I’m an adult myself, but this looked like young aunts trying to be cool and in with teenagers trends 😂
Summer Winter
Summer Winter - 8 days ago
Lmao they do not know what an e girl is, the only one that looks like an e girl is jen
SkyLight - 8 days ago
I feel like Jen might just wear that outfit any day of the week.
Chloe Lambert
Chloe Lambert - 8 days ago
Im a e-girl....😂😂✌❤❤
jimjam 's
jimjam 's - 8 days ago
Pls do soft girl
Young Midoryia
Young Midoryia - 8 days ago
kristin with the wig it looks like you are cosplaying todoroki from my hero academia (anime)
John Wesley
John Wesley - 9 days ago
bro really kristen cosplayed as todoroki
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor - 9 days ago
jen needs to wear that beanie more
Amy Carmona
Amy Carmona - 9 days ago
Kristen your wig is a anime charater from my hero Academia but the charater as a girl
Wake up Style
Wake up Style - 9 days ago
I want to be an e mom too!!!!
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