The FASTEST WORKERS in the World !

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DMQTA Tan - 2 days ago
That axes and woods, need to do that when we are angry. 😂😂
Frosty Bunny
Frosty Bunny - 6 days ago
azzy said “i cant even walk and people can do this.” so many times
Paul Casson
Paul Casson - 10 days ago
Did anyone else notes that azzys moth wasn't moveing with the words like if you did
Ethan Cheng
Ethan Cheng - 12 days ago
I still can’t understand 0:04
Cut Sherana
Cut Sherana - 17 days ago
🐶: this is doggie he has no friends one 👍🏻 for one friend
XxjoenonoobxdxX - 17 days ago
The second food was not delicious
Gatcha,Minecraft,and my playhome Mc
Me - watches vid -
YouTube “get YouTube today”
Me “don’t I have YouTube”
Isla Halsey
Isla Halsey - 23 days ago
Safety first

Especially when you a cutting a watermelon ...
Daniya kazmi
Daniya kazmi - 23 days ago
Do you actually not no how to walk🤔
Adeline Morales
Adeline Morales - 24 days ago
Azzy:umm a wood chopper?
Me:John Bunyan~
Claire Perkins
Claire Perkins - 26 days ago
Please do an oddly satisfying video!
HOOR ARMY - 28 days ago
You forget the calculator
Mary Counts
Mary Counts - Month ago
Elsie lanning
Elsie lanning - Month ago
Da Briccs:*Yeeted*
sean plays
sean plays - Month ago
How did he make the bricks float?
Jessica gacha
Jessica gacha - Month ago
The bricks is how my country does dat
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine Lee - Month ago
Like me if you like azzyland channel
蒋学品 - Month ago
This is how many times Azzy gasped
Hope's Despair
Hope's Despair - Month ago
I am now craving for some takoyaki
Flower Liang
Flower Liang - Month ago
The roller skating waiters are from Charlie Chaplin
Jenna Simpson
Jenna Simpson - Month ago
I am very surprised I can't even work that fast-*
Tabitha Johns
Tabitha Johns - Month ago
Tabitha Johns
Tabitha Johns - Month ago
Abbigail White
Abbigail White - Month ago
The thumb is not a finger
Akash Dey
Akash Dey - Month ago
Loved your reaction!
madhusudan rai
madhusudan rai - Month ago
she has done some of the clips in her other vid
Elliott Jones
Elliott Jones - Month ago
1:25 it's Captain America!!!!!!! He is my favorite avenger
James Kern
James Kern - Month ago
James Kern
James Kern - Month ago
Fast af lol azzy can you try it?! Ooff
James Kern
James Kern - Month ago
Hammy Technoid
Hammy Technoid - Month ago
It's a wonder some of these folks don't lose fingers... *I'M TELLIN' YA!!!*
Mohd zaki Mat zin
Mohd zaki Mat zin - 2 months ago
Love you too azzy
Patrick Starzan
Patrick Starzan - 2 months ago
they actually might be building a house on his head UwU
Raegan Senna
Raegan Senna - 2 months ago
Angela Sings
Angela Sings - 2 months ago
Dope glasses at the beginning
Kier Ramsey
Kier Ramsey - 2 months ago
3:16 that is me
VwV !
VwV ! - 2 months ago
1:21 the guy looks like he is from a horror movie
taritup 69down
taritup 69down - 2 months ago
Her mouth and not shutting up ruins the videos her voice is like nails on a chalkboard
Maddie Peterson
Maddie Peterson - 2 months ago
Jessie everything
Jessie everything - 2 months ago
The wood cutter looks drunk
小畫家我是 - 2 months ago
Don’t you wish that you could do your homework as fast as the workers
Amelle Milligan
Amelle Milligan - 2 months ago
It’s 2am and I’m still watching
Smridhi Aggarwal
Smridhi Aggarwal - 2 months ago
Hey we love your videos and enjoy it alot but your video is so short that is why we are sad because our enjoyment overs
It'z_just meh gacha Scarlett
Azzy:how did the turn the ball into it
Me:its not ball it's takoyaki😝😝😝
Cute Donut
Cute Donut - 2 months ago
1:19 to 1:20
John henrey
twin toys
twin toys - 2 months ago
Az next to his head about the bricks side off his head it did not fall
Love First Sight Love UwU
Love First Sight Love UwU - 2 months ago
Babul Miah
Babul Miah - 2 months ago
My dad can close his eyes and cut food really fast
z - 2 months ago
Imagine how much money these people make O-O
Rosebelle Gold
Rosebelle Gold - 2 months ago
Does anyone ever see Azzy’s mouth stop moving
Vanessa Starkey
Vanessa Starkey - 3 months ago
Hi. Azzy
Melanie Garza
Melanie Garza - 3 months ago
They are the fastest workers I have ever seen and I take about 1 hour or two to wake up take a shower and put on my clothes so I can go to school I love your videos so much azzyland I like wish you get a lot of subscribers but bye because I just wanted to tell you that they were the fastest workers and it takes me about 1 or 2 hours but I wanted to tell you that you make the best videos and YouTuber and kwebbelkop 2 your boyfriend and he's awesome if you're an idiot to Brown you're my favorite bye azzyland and kwebbelkop I love you
kost4s k
kost4s k - 3 months ago
Do u know cat von
Anya Wilson
Anya Wilson - 3 months ago
Azzy: DON'T DO THAT!! You might BREAK your nose!!!!
DiamondWolfie J
DiamondWolfie J - 3 months ago
Hey azzy
If you see this
You’re the reason why I watch YouTube
I love you ❤️💕😘
You’re the best 💎
KRAZY KID - 3 months ago
The onion one made me cry. Is that bad?😭
Amel Amel
Amel Amel - 3 months ago
Riley Davis
Riley Davis - 3 months ago
Me can’t even make a sandwich
Them just cutting yourself off
C h o c o l a t e W a f f l e
0:38 that looks like ZHC
Wendy Brower
Wendy Brower - 3 months ago
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DEPRESSED LIL GIRL !!!! - 3 months ago
Is that tako yaki idk how to spell lol but tako yaki IS ON POINT ITS SO GOOOOODDDD
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