The FASTEST WORKERS in the World !

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Rose Wark
Rose Wark - 2 hours ago
John henry is that you?
Taraji so smoth Cawthon so smooth
: azzy how just how
: Me just cool 😎😎
Chipyboi yt
Chipyboi yt - 13 hours ago
The 5th one is Thor with 2 storm breakers
Leyla HACIOGLU - 14 hours ago
2:43 azzy I think its called mantı its turkish food comment if u turkish ben türküm
Robby Cicco
Robby Cicco - 4 days ago
the guy at 5:40 looked like mario
lFreeGamingl - 5 days ago
If I was throwing bricks...
It either lands on the wrong spot
Or falls in the water
If you too then leave a like
Gina Zeigler
Gina Zeigler - 4 days ago
Heck no!
Mike Becker
Mike Becker - 5 days ago
U talk to much
Jay ジェイ
Jay ジェイ - 6 days ago
I love takoyaki 💕
Samuel Lugo
Samuel Lugo - 8 days ago
What if you were a natural at roller skating better than at walking
SaLoNi - 8 days ago
U thought they were gonna build a house on his head???

What are ur expectations😂😂
zoey Allen
zoey Allen - 9 days ago
I put it on 2x I have confusion now
Alexandria Oliver
Alexandria Oliver - 9 days ago
Me: finally she admitted she’s seen something in another video!!!!!
Zaila Rowland Gentry
Zaila Rowland Gentry - 9 days ago
I love you can I get a shoutout I’m your biggest fan
mei'l veil cat
mei'l veil cat - 10 days ago
I have azzy's meme face
All cost 1 like
Yamilet Cantu
Yamilet Cantu - 10 days ago
4:45 spongebob is now homeless....

1 like=1 dollar so spongebob can afford a new pineapple
Nathan Barnes
Nathan Barnes - 10 days ago
look at something on on comuteranddo it
Addy Cutie
Addy Cutie - 12 days ago
Busy Freya Johnson
Busy Freya Johnson - 12 days ago
Was what happened to your ear?
Nilab Sadat
Nilab Sadat - 12 days ago
1:19 DOESNT HIS HEAD HURT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
TheMagicKittenPanda mewmew2
Me before the video*oh, this looks boring*
Me after the video *completly satystfyde*
TheMagicKittenPanda mewmew2
I find it creepy that you "love us all so much!!"
Kpop Nerd
Kpop Nerd - 13 days ago
3:24 I really hope your not talking about RM/GodOfDestruction(BTS) 😂💜
(Armies would understand)

Again 3:24 I also really hope your not talking about the younger Kim Jennie(BLACKPINK) 😂❤️
(BLINKS would understand)
ITS Doge
ITS Doge - 13 days ago
I love dupling things!
minty #minty powers
minty #minty powers - 13 days ago
You're getting good at puns azzy a good job
Terriona Walker2
Terriona Walker2 - 13 days ago
Can u bring back baby azzy
刘桀 - 14 days ago
Azzy I think at 1:18 that guy have superpower. But I realy think but what about not
Mason Stanley
Mason Stanley - 15 days ago
Azzys brain🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️at0:20
Cookie lover
Cookie lover - 15 days ago
Me on those roller skates I would of broke all the glass things in one hour
April Dawn MacLachlan
April Dawn MacLachlan - 15 days ago
love you azzyland
Thegamingweirdo247 - 16 days ago
( 1:20 ) Me when I'm low on wood in Minecraft
LaziestDorkEver K.H
LaziestDorkEver K.H - 16 days ago
Fastest thing I can do is just do nothing.
Lehti Sydan
Lehti Sydan - 16 days ago
I edited this screenshot of you.😊😊😊💜💜💜
I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍
Summer Bolton
Summer Bolton - 16 days ago
Azzy play bit life its free gloom plays I play its so fun if you do please record
Stacey Lyons
Stacey Lyons - 17 days ago
Fire_Freddy Fantastic World
He go so fast cause he Asian, not trying to be racist
Jason Moyle
Jason Moyle - 17 days ago
I can sew that fast and I’m only 11
TheRealQueenBoss Queen
TheRealQueenBoss Queen - 17 days ago
Can you please do another try not to say wow !!!
I love those vids 💕💕💕💕
DanielGamer2467 - 17 days ago
hmm, azzy, is this video suppose to be a part 2 from ur last fast workers from FIVE MONTHS AGO? this is the video:
CloAkeD Stryk3r
CloAkeD Stryk3r - 18 days ago
Jordy has a friend named jelly and josh
pilatuswang - 18 days ago
the "dumplings" that woman was making are actually won-tons
2012 Toyota Yaris
2012 Toyota Yaris - 18 days ago
Azzy are you disabled or your just over reacting with the “hes/shes doing this and i cant even walk” or something like that, this is not a negative comment im just asking
Mary Joyce
Mary Joyce - 18 days ago
The guy chopping wood looks like that thing I forgot what it is but like and reply is you know what it is :p
Jeremiah Schwonek
Jeremiah Schwonek - 18 days ago
Can you say the letter "P" without your lips touching
Big Mac
Big Mac - 18 days ago
5:37 Russell Westbrook be like
Makeup with mommy and me
Makeup with mommy and me - 19 days ago
Btw it’s not dumping s there wantons 2:40
•starlight wolf•
•starlight wolf• - 19 days ago
5:47 looks like mario
Erin Simpson
Erin Simpson - 19 days ago
Hey azzyland
Marlene Mccammon
Marlene Mccammon - 19 days ago
How many times did Azzy say ,"Delicious!"
Savage KillerWolf Gacha_Gurl
1:21 - 1:30 when Thanos kills everyone...
Thor be like...
Alexa Eva
Alexa Eva - 19 days ago
They are probably trying to build a house on his head probably h a h a h a
Lacey Irvine
Lacey Irvine - 19 days ago
Love ure vids I think your hilarous
Mahesh V
Mahesh V - 19 days ago
You literally made another video on this..😑
Leecop12 Boss
Leecop12 Boss - 19 days ago
#azzylanders when hungry
Robin Schermer
Robin Schermer - 19 days ago
Azzy : safty first
Me : underwear first safety second
ashi katakwar
ashi katakwar - 20 days ago
did anyone notice azzy says in almost every vedio that she cant even manage to walk properly.....🤔🤔
jon biazon
jon biazon - 20 days ago
5:58 reminded me of polar express waiters lol
jon biazon
jon biazon - 20 days ago
Do A bArRel RoLl
Jorge Jimenez
Jorge Jimenez - 20 days ago
We got the glasses
Dareen AF
Dareen AF - 20 days ago
5:45 thats not bricks its box bricks
Madelyn Matthews
Madelyn Matthews - 20 days ago
make itslowmo it is soooooooo funny!!
Eric Schmuecker
Eric Schmuecker - 20 days ago
I hate this crap. It never goes away. Keeps showing up in my feed. Sorry to this videos maker. I did not watch this. Never will. Kinda like Google never cares......
Sunny Tyan
Sunny Tyan - 20 days ago
I just love Azzy! She is so adorable!!!
Azzy, if you read this - you are the best YouTuber ever!
Mac&Cheese Loves Cheese
Me over here not able to even touch a brick
When these doods building a house on top of sumones head!
Then throwing brickies!
Mac&Cheese Loves Cheese
Where’s baby azzy when we need her and baby kassie when we need her!
Amrese Dhinsa
Amrese Dhinsa - 21 day ago
I feel like that girl can type faster on the calculator than the calculator getting the answer
Ethan Dominique
Ethan Dominique - 21 day ago
This is so amazing whaooooooo
CombatHD - 21 day ago
its all asians....
Simply Niah
Simply Niah - 21 day ago
1:44 lol thats a girl
Kehkashan Cheema
Kehkashan Cheema - 21 day ago
Azzy u know this could've been there job for years
Dragon Z
Dragon Z - 21 day ago
Ur soooo funny Azzy!!!!
Isabelle Lee
Isabelle Lee - 21 day ago
I was so satisfied 🤩
🌻M i l a x x y 🌻
🌻M i l a x x y 🌻 - 22 days ago
ツMrDeadman - 22 days ago
*Oh HoW ThE TaBlEs HaVe TuRnEd* Change ur speed to 0.5
Lawren Aycock
Lawren Aycock - 22 days ago
What the world #333
Simply Samya
Simply Samya - 22 days ago
I’m so excited for when u hit 10
Million! I’ve been counting ur subs 😁😁😁
Mariah Willis
Mariah Willis - 22 days ago
I love you I feel and hear the best ever do some more slime videos woman that would love that
Mariah Willis
Mariah Willis - 22 days ago
I wanted to give you a video idea is that
Shadow Master
Shadow Master - 22 days ago
Downloading. .. ...
Shadow Master
Shadow Master - 22 days ago
ROBERT INGLIS - 22 days ago
Everyone write something nice I'll start yesterday I went outside just for my cat to guard her
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