I Tried The Blender Challenge w/ The Dolan Twins And It Was Gross | Noah Schnapp

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Noah Schnapp
Noah Schnapp - Month ago
I had a super fun time shooting with the Dolan Twins! Who should I do a video with next?
Samantha Mendez
Samantha Mendez - 17 hours ago
Millie or liza koshy
rylands life
rylands life - 4 days ago
Emma chamberlain
lizzie locklear
lizzie locklear - 18 days ago
Stranger Things cast, or Dobre Brothers
Niranjana Babu
Niranjana Babu - Month ago
Annie leblanc
Hope Blake
Hope Blake - Month ago
Emma chamberlain!!
Nikki - 24 minutes ago
the sour cream and onion crickets are great i ate them before and they tasted like nothing so im guess it was different manufacturers
Lily Hillman
Lily Hillman - Hour ago
“BeCaUSe i’M a YOuTUbER!” Lmaooo so true tho 😂
Yasi Pazzi
Yasi Pazzi - 2 hours ago
bacon soda i got baking soda
Macha Gike
Macha Gike - 2 hours ago
Hey Noah!! I’m so excited for Comic Con that I’m dressing up as Dustin. My cousins and I are dressing up as our favorite characters, sadly not Will but we will dress up as Mike Eleven and Dustin. Yesss. This video was so gross btw. I helped my cousin and her friend once to do this challenge and I saw them do it. It was so gross!!
Llola x Navarrette
Llola x Navarrette - 2 hours ago
“A nice little surprise” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Toxic-tonio - 3 hours ago
Plz go sub to my channely channels cool
Jazleen Diaz
Jazleen Diaz - 3 hours ago
I love you Noah and ME AND MY SISTER are really good actors and we and going to audition to do shows and possibly movies you have put me in my place sooo I’m going to try my best to be in stranger things LOL
Vanessa Cortez
Vanessa Cortez - 3 hours ago
Omg I love u so much Noah I love stranger things and I love how u play will he is so kind Ilysm I wish I could meet u in real live please like my comment 😍🥺😭😻
dkm dancer
dkm dancer - 4 hours ago
Weird seeing him without a bowl cut
Jillian Noel
Jillian Noel - 4 hours ago
this should be the new Sister Squad
Amanda - 4 hours ago
Noah: drinks out of the cup that he just spit back into BECAUSE HES A YOUTUBER
gracel yn
gracel yn - 6 hours ago
he’s so small compared to dolans
Nayeli Rivera Ramírez
Nayeli Rivera Ramírez - 6 hours ago
The best colaboration 😍😍😍
KaDance Bass
KaDance Bass - 8 hours ago
No one:
No one at all:
Absolutely not a single soul:
Me: Ah shiz, here we go again
Alexa Salinas
Alexa Salinas - 8 hours ago
My babiesss❤️❤️❤️ Dolan Twins❤️❤️
camille christmas
camille christmas - 9 hours ago
You’re literally so funny i love it
María Torres
María Torres - 9 hours ago
I love you Noah 😆
Ishani Rameshbabu
Ishani Rameshbabu - 10 hours ago
I'm literally dead
Olivia Gloria
Olivia Gloria - 12 hours ago
*no matter in any video he’s in*
ethan: iM daIRy fREe
Princess Jayjay
Princess Jayjay - 14 hours ago
U are the best Noah and stranger things is a good show
Allanah Slays
Allanah Slays - 14 hours ago
WAIT WTF THE DOLAN TWINS ARE HERE!!! GET LARRAY RIGHT NOW (you might not know him but he is a YouTube)
Ayşe Nur
Ayşe Nur - 14 hours ago
Aşkım Türkçe alt yazı olsa müko olur olmayacak ama olsa güzel olurdu biliyorum olmayacak amk ama olsa hani
Rindu NAS
Rindu NAS - 15 hours ago
Because im a youtubers 😀
angelicaa sanchez ‘
angelicaa sanchez ‘ - 17 hours ago
Noah can edit 😳
Samantha Mendez
Samantha Mendez - 17 hours ago
Emma Chamberlain
1NTERESTED - 20 hours ago
Is this what Will done in the upside down?
Samara Crawford
Samara Crawford - 20 hours ago
hi guys welcome to the worst cooking show on the internet
i’m dying 😂😂
Samara Crawford
Samara Crawford - 20 hours ago
ETHAN: why did you do that to yourself?!
NOAH: because i’m a YOUTUBER!!
Samara Crawford
Samara Crawford - 20 hours ago
Samara Crawford
Samara Crawford - 20 hours ago
Anime girl
Anime girl - 22 hours ago
The best Quality i've ever had seen on YouTube THANKS WILL AKA NOAHH
Bianca Ace
Bianca Ace - Day ago
You should do a friends thing with mille!!
Bianca Ace
Bianca Ace - Day ago
Melon Whip
Melon Whip - Day ago
Fabiana Music
Fabiana Music - Day ago
Because he is a YOUTUBER!! 😂😂💜
Thicc Cheetos
Thicc Cheetos - Day ago
Tali Zellner
Tali Zellner - Day ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Not a single soul:
Gray:"not baking soda bacon soda"
Taylor Oliver
Taylor Oliver - Day ago
My dad asked who wanted to pick up food w him, and I go “I’ll go but I’m watching Noah Schnapp’s new video” and he goes, “sorry Taylor, NOah SHNAPPS allowed” Im going to Kermit suicide.
Indra Karmawan
Indra Karmawan - Day ago
Wow that's very high quality
Myah love
Myah love - Day ago
Would you eat sour cream and onion crickets to be in a YouTube video with and meet Noah Schnapp?
Lmao _davy
Lmao _davy - Day ago
What hoodie is Noah using it looks mad nice
Lindi play
Lindi play - Day ago
PA cocinero q vas
annie helms
annie helms - Day ago
7:40 "that is the worst smelling thing ive smelled all month" THAT MADE ME LAUGHT SO HARD
Andresmau Minecraft-y tutoriales-juegos
GUAPO V: te quiero esto es en español noan
itsmasehnotmasa oop
Can we just talk about how small noah looks next to the Dolan twins LMFAO
Jesse Moz
Jesse Moz - Day ago
Those guys are douche bags bro get better friends
Beautiful Beauty
Beautiful Beauty - Day ago
Noah ginxed Ethan's first pick
Anna Miranda
Anna Miranda - Day ago
Hi noah
maisie - Day ago
noah should do a video with chloe and the dolan twins and do something like ‘identical vs fraternal twins’
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