Talking to Strangers

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Skyler - 3 hours ago
Haha this was a vary funee videeo
Skyler - 3 hours ago
I now rite?
Rafid Khan
Rafid Khan - 5 hours ago
Mob phyco I see
Valerie Ellison
Valerie Ellison - 6 hours ago
I've had workers at Lowes and Home Depot purposely ignore me and scurry away, and then help someone else. It was really irritating when multiple workers in a row did it.
TommyPlayzzz YT
TommyPlayzzz YT - 7 hours ago
Violet Hoeger
Violet Hoeger - 7 hours ago
I think the new term for “stranger” should be “unknown person”
Amanda Michinski
Amanda Michinski - 7 hours ago
James: Jumps Out a window me: noooooooooooo!
thegrim418 - 7 hours ago
If you're in the middle seat and both sitters are dudes, you always scoot over if you are making physical contact. If not, then you may remained seated as there is ample room.
Urinal rules is there should always be a urinal in between each pisser. If you are the one that would have to fill the gap, you piss in the stall. Standing to ensure maximum splash sound. These urinal rules are sacred. The only reason to break the rules is if you have a massive dong and somehow still feel insecure enough to force men to have to side eye your phallus. There is an unspoken exception. If all stalls are taken, and the only urinal available is the gap, then it is acceptable to whip it out in between the other two pissers.
Alina Alicorn Juarez
Alina Alicorn Juarez - 7 hours ago
2:39 😝
sergent chris
sergent chris - 7 hours ago
i just suck it up and move away thinking that they would also want me to move
Krazycwak - 8 hours ago
The people that wear anime shirts in public
My friend has an anime profile pic
Does that count
Antoine Nguyen
Antoine Nguyen - 9 hours ago
CameronF16 Bott
CameronF16 Bott - 9 hours ago
I thought you didn’t have a signature
Ellie Ferradaz
Ellie Ferradaz - 12 hours ago
Hobo Broze
Hobo Broze - 12 hours ago
3:46 iS tHaT a jOJo rEfeRenCE
Martin Egan
Martin Egan - 12 hours ago
MiloMenagerie - 16 hours ago
What’s wrong with anime and wearing anime stuff in public

* looks sadly down at anime shirt , slippers *
*looks up at anime my hero academia poster *
I’m offended 😡
Batidora 1399
Batidora 1399 - 17 hours ago
John Doe... That's the Joker dude!
Kegan Mey
Kegan Mey - 20 hours ago
Wow posted 1 day before my birthday...
AnimateOrElse - 18 hours ago
Fhaye Delacruz
Fhaye Delacruz - 20 hours ago
/ - - \
I lost ny cookie
No like
No comment i dont beg for like beacuse i dont need then i just needyou to comment a cookie i need cookie beacuse i likw them
123I subscribers without no video officials
Me : 0:53 is my sister
My sis: WTF
Battlefield Gamer - Video Commentator
3:45 is the most Popular Timestamp in "IL Vento D'oro" Giorno's theme so Odd is a Weeb.
Golden Universe
Golden Universe - 4 hours ago
I saw that too and instantly had to check the comments
Jake Dimo
Jake Dimo - Day ago
Edward Hallett
Edward Hallett - Day ago
UnlimitedEdition 7
UnlimitedEdition 7 - Day ago
Dude, if all the urinals are full then use a cubicle
Emma Aguilar
Emma Aguilar - Day ago
I realized that the "stranger" name was "John doe" •~•
Sbeve - Day ago
3:46 DIO
lulu lika
lulu lika - Day ago
i laughed way to hard when he said how... mabey its cause i can toTALY RELAY MAI GIY
GoofyZorrowYT - Day ago
When i talk to somebody they never awnser
FartyFat - Day ago
2:39 words to live by
cottonace rose
cottonace rose - Day ago
1:37 had me dying

And how I can make money off of them!!!! HEYOOOOOIOO!!!!!
Mystic Mischief
Mystic Mischief - Day ago
The captions tho...
Pink animations!
Pink animations! - Day ago
James: should you move or not?
Me singing: should I stay or should I go?
Maliah Jackson
Maliah Jackson - Day ago
The duck song!!!!!!!!!!!
dc35 Sharpepocsortr
are you a flat earther?you showed a flat earth.
Chá boi Doggo
Chá boi Doggo - Day ago
You move
Emma Crosson
Emma Crosson - Day ago
your book was in my barns in noble in New Jersy fair lawn when w where checking out my said ohh there is a odd1sout and i said where and when i saw it i was.... CAN WE GET IT and my mom also likes the odd1sout she said yes because she just likes soobway harry the moth and the mom videos she likes them
Orange Banana
Orange Banana - Day ago
I saw your book at target!
Ljubisa Stojanovic
Ljubisa Stojanovic - Day ago
I tell my mom..

Mom i dont wanna go to stores
There are

StRaNgeRs dAnGeRs
Disney Jems
Disney Jems - Day ago
Good Job where I live the seats are only 2 seats wide so you can do whatever
Trash Panda
Trash Panda - Day ago
This is pretty much me in my head, every day.
Isn't social phobia great?
Trash Panda
Trash Panda - Day ago
*looks down at anime shirt *
FnT - Day ago
I prefer standing at bus when there are only free sits next to someone.
Karen Shields
Karen Shields - Day ago
Pffft human interactions....... who needs them
Christine Richard
Christine Richard - Day ago
Stay away from the weird people!
Me: That's sad... I'm weird...
Emmanuel Levey
Emmanuel Levey - Day ago
1:54 lol is that morgz, blonde hair, plagiarizer shirt( copies mr beast) , the merch is exactly the same design and 1:55 is the exact same morgz stare
leen ghghgh
leen ghghgh - Day ago
did no one really notice the jojo reference??
OneDreamX - Day ago
Joi Jenkins
Joi Jenkins - Day ago
but then the hold their gas the whole time that your next to them
ZAP - Day ago
I got your book and I FREAKED LOVE IT
Hudson Norton
Hudson Norton - Day ago
I don't care about the late video release you posted this on my birthday
Tenuun Aranzes
Tenuun Aranzes - Day ago
Stranger=pulling a gun
James=how I can make money off of them hayo
HAYLEY TAN 4.2 - 2 days ago
This is why my country’s busses only have 2 seats each aisle
MLBB Dark Claude
MLBB Dark Claude - 2 days ago
While in another scenario
Me:(walks off)
Manuel Toney
Manuel Toney - 2 days ago
Me: Touch. :3
James: *Look of disgust*
DreamScapes - 2 days ago
Is James a flat earther??
world's smallest YouTuber
I wear orange to home Depot and my bro wears red to Target
Mia Pasallo
Mia Pasallo - 2 days ago
5:21 i has dat :3
Little Dinosaur
Little Dinosaur - 2 days ago
So that’s why I have your signature
Brickiss Trejo
Brickiss Trejo - 2 days ago
It’s snake neck turtle,Just saying
Crazy Dragon4000
Crazy Dragon4000 - 2 days ago
This turned into a song...
Vanilla_Cream _Cup_Cake
You guys remember in elementary school when they had an assembly about strangers.
The police officer said, “Do you have to be nice to a stranger? NO!”
I was like, “But that’s the polite thing to-“
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