Pittie Puppy Found Tied To Pole LOVES His New Life | The Dodo Pittie Nation

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Jonathan Castro
Jonathan Castro - Day ago
I have to go listen to some death metal after watching this fucking cute puppy get a happy ending
Olav Alme
Olav Alme - 15 hours ago
Jonathan Castro same
rio angel
rio angel - Day ago
Richard L
Richard L - Day ago
The people that give this a thumbs down are the basterd children of this wicked world.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith - 2 days ago
Who would leave a boss dog like that?
Richard Lister
Richard Lister - 2 days ago
Lovely stuff ✌️🇬🇧👍.
Michael Paliden
Michael Paliden - 2 days ago
Here's a ratio to feel good about 1 person tied the puppy on A pole Vs X# people who helped the puppy
Sharon 92075
Sharon 92075 - 5 days ago
S w e e t h e a r t !
love Truth
love Truth - 6 days ago
He is so cute. I want him. I have a English bull terrier and adore her, but because she is older, I know NOT TO SWING HER FROM THE MOUTH! There teeth friend, it does weaken them when older.
Lee Lee
Lee Lee - 6 days ago
That's a bullie. Horribly stubborn n not the brightest but incredibly loving n sweet
ruciokas - 7 days ago
God Bless you guys for your kind hearts...
Million kisses to little creature :*
mrkofdabeast 666
mrkofdabeast 666 - 7 days ago
I'm so glad he had a happy ending..i was a little worried though
Maria Carter
Maria Carter - 7 days ago
Aaaawww 😭😭😭😭 People can be so cruel😨 Then up pop earth angels 💜 off to peel some bloody onions. Should have a warming at begging (tissues needed) Another great share😚
Letty Berrios
Letty Berrios - 8 days ago
I'm so happy for his happy ending, but I am so so mad and upset as to what an evil human being put him through. I wish that person reads this...'I how hope u have a miserable life, u lowlife'...
Sierra Aspen
Sierra Aspen - 8 days ago
I’m going to cry omg
MarkY MarK
MarkY MarK - 9 days ago
Why am I crying Happy endings kill me
Captain Cupholder
Captain Cupholder - 9 days ago
Why do I watch these when I know I'm going to cry 😭
michael garrido
michael garrido - 10 days ago
Tater is a bully
No less a magnificent dog,
But he ain’t a pit bull
He has some pittie in him but not enough to call him a pit bull
Carol Mcgahan
Carol Mcgahan - 11 days ago
Soo sad..poor little baby..if the law isn't tough on monsters that hurt defenseless things,then i guess its up to humans with hearts to make it right..
jeff deathrage
jeff deathrage - 12 days ago
The news, net, fam, etc, say every1's mad at every1 else for somethin- politics, the past, race, whatever. We ALL love dogs! We're more alike than different. F the news!
Marc le roux
Marc le roux - 13 days ago
someone that does that to this little guy has no soul. just look at that face.... i cant think how i would do that to him
Mariella Delores
Mariella Delores - 13 days ago
Best 'ZOOMIES' in Town! 😅
Desiree Butler
Desiree Butler - 14 days ago
I’m a pit is so sweet It’s horrible how people treat animals
Thanks for Rescuing and loving these babies❤️❤️
Nate Thomas
Nate Thomas - 14 days ago
Look at da smoosh face!
Power Armor Patriot
Power Armor Patriot - 16 days ago
The only thing aggressive about this precious baby is the he will definitely love you to death, and then keep loving you more!
Resin 420
Resin 420 - 16 days ago
the only scary thing about pitbulls are their tails and farts lol
john rothwell
john rothwell - 20 days ago
Vanessa Cullars
Vanessa Cullars - 20 days ago
I just love him
Vanessa Cullars
Vanessa Cullars - 20 days ago
He is so cute. Wish I could have him
Mandy Trout
Mandy Trout - 21 day ago
He is the most precious! So glad he found a good home
Raymond Gerlach
Raymond Gerlach - 22 days ago
Such a cute puppy. Glad he has a new life.
₆⁶₆ WICKED ₆⁶₆
I bet the 175 dislikes are from ppl that like to hurt animals.
Calder Northrop
Calder Northrop - 23 days ago
His lil hop down the stairs 😩
Deine Mutter
Deine Mutter - 23 days ago
Couldnt hold my tears while Im watching this.
God bless those people.🙏
Joe Villareal
Joe Villareal - 23 days ago
Bolo Lee
Bolo Lee - 23 days ago
Surgery on what
Fuck You
Fuck You - 23 days ago
I love dogs so much especially the bully breeds! How could someone not love them I dont get it. People that abuse animals deserve the death penalty and to be executed on the spot!
iPhone Fanatic
iPhone Fanatic - 23 days ago
Such a beautiful puppy how can they be so cruel to do this.. thank you so much for helping him ❤️🙌🏻❤️
Birdie Jeffers
Birdie Jeffers - 23 days ago
Sometimes it takes a village but what a beautiful ending to this story 💕 That isn't always the case for every dog or animal that's been abused at the hands of cruel humans. I pray people will see stories like this & be moved to donate (as they can) to TheDodo or some other favorite animal rescue organization. Even most local vet clinics have funds for high cost cases like this one & special needs/low income families w/ high cost needs. There are always animals in need & loving people who love them, but need financial help caring for them. Even a dollar or $2 can make a difference! God bless the healers & caretakers of the world 🙏💕✌️
*I am in NO way affiliated w/ TheDodo or any other animal rescue organization. I simply felt lead to mention donating! ☺️
Gigi Weakley
Gigi Weakley - 23 days ago
tiny little boy has the sweetest baby face. ..💗💞❣️💕💝❤️💋
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 24 days ago
I'm really happy for that sweet little boy. I have a pitbull that looks kinda like him but mine is a female. She fell very ill at a very young age from eating a dried up piece of johnsons grass that impaled her intestines.
Gigi Atkins
Gigi Atkins - 24 days ago
Priscilla U.
Priscilla U. - 25 days ago
I wish I could hold and kiss him.
Priscilla U.
Priscilla U. - 25 days ago
Awwww how cute is this puppy!
Scarlett - 25 days ago
I think pit bulls looks cute!!
Robert Fonseca
Robert Fonseca - 25 days ago
Not a "pitbull" it's an American bully
D Hawkz
D Hawkz - 25 days ago
No. Pit bull is a standard, recognized breed name.
Joey Perez
Joey Perez - 26 days ago
Dog has a great set of lips. How can anyone tie him up
Michelle Grooms
Michelle Grooms - 26 days ago
To all the wonderful amazing awesome people out there that shows love to and animal that may or may not have problems ? You never quit or gave you? What if it was your own kids?and they had a problem? We wouldn't give you on them? You wouldn't want someone to give you on you?
Dr. Rabbit
Dr. Rabbit - 26 days ago
Outstanding 👍
Aniquin - 26 days ago
What a beautiful velvet hippo
Jake Mckinney
Jake Mckinney - 26 days ago
Jerry Sullivan
Jerry Sullivan - 26 days ago
Thanks for the sub, and I subscribed back. Good luck, friend!
Amanda Frazier
Amanda Frazier - 26 days ago
Brave little baby! And oh my gosh, the little hops down the stairs at the end. Lmao.
Milagros Df
Milagros Df - 26 days ago
Que precioso 0:08 parece foquita lo amooo
cortezz 356
cortezz 356 - 26 days ago
Thanks yo all those ppl that put money to save this great lil guy I wish I knew I would of tooken him home i would of paid for everything myself he happy nd living life thanks you you thank you I wish I could of helped 😊😊
Sarah Hardy
Sarah Hardy - 26 days ago
Poor baby
Colerain Fan
Colerain Fan - 26 days ago
That is the cutest darn dog! What a great story.
Xea On aka Bibi On
Xea On aka Bibi On - 27 days ago
Omg tears tater tot/buddy Ur dad is the best. n ur gorgeous..Thank u every 1 who saved this baby
Wars 909
Wars 909 - 27 days ago
Who’s cutting onions?
Kaylarose Adkins
Kaylarose Adkins - 27 days ago
Scorpor Supremacy
Scorpor Supremacy - 27 days ago
He looks like a baby rhino 🤗🤗🤗
Anthony Frederick
Anthony Frederick - 27 days ago
Bless his little heart such a fighter love it I'm sobbing like a lil kid who the hell could do this to such a loving creature so so sad but so happy he was saved god bless all who helped him
Sister in Christ Ministry- samantha e.j
I pray this lovely dog has a great life he deserves it
delon a
delon a - 27 days ago
May Allah reward these kind souls !
Fuckus O’Reilly
Fuckus O’Reilly - 27 days ago
I really hope that the people who gave this a thumbs down did it because they hate that this puppy had to endure that. My faith in humanity would take a real hit if not
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter - 28 days ago
I prefer dogs to humans!
робин бобин
Похож на маленького носорога
Jakob Listro
Jakob Listro - 28 days ago
I’m not crying. You’re crying.
Rk RK - 28 days ago
Like a littel potato 😍🥔
Jim Loftus
Jim Loftus - 28 days ago
Tee Tee
Tee Tee - 28 days ago
Taters just a big playful nugget
Hope the person that tied him to the pole dies of a slow painful death! Sorry not sorry putrid human 🤬🤬
angela Makley
angela Makley - 28 days ago
Love you Tater !!🐾🐾🐾💚💚💚Much love and many prayers for you sweet boy !!!!! May you have the best life ever amd to your new family much lovings and pittie kisses !!!! Theres nothing better in the world !!My baby girl , Chilly Pepper is 9 now and she sends her prayers also Tater Tot !!🐾🐾🐾💚💚Much love from Florida 🐾🐾🐾🦋🦋🦋💚🐕🐕💚💚
Shane Kaluna
Shane Kaluna - 29 days ago
I am a proud owner of 3 Pitts myself. Saw this for the first tube today and... man! Im soooo proud of his fight for life. Looks great!
Melissa Llab
Melissa Llab - 29 days ago
KSI Insomniacc
KSI Insomniacc - Month ago
It’s too early to cry 😭
bubbzz 11
bubbzz 11 - Month ago
How heartless and dead inside can people be.
Atrum Phasmatis
Atrum Phasmatis - Month ago
Made me get all in my feelers 😢😭😢
Mc's Bike life
Mc's Bike life - Month ago
Thank you god for tater and those that helped him!!
Kristina Hammouda
Kristina Hammouda - Month ago
I love him tater tot is the best
Casey Dunn
Casey Dunn - Month ago
So happy for tater!! So cute and loving. And bless everyone who helped this sweet little guy back to health.
Matthew Post
Matthew Post - Month ago
That was the hardest video to watch.. literally brought me to tears.. this would be one of those cases where I told the judge Im absolutely guilty for tying this person to the pole and beating him to death your honor guilty as charged!! This is why I f****** hate people..
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