I Bought All The Smartphones On Wish...

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ItsYeBoi - 28 days ago
What item should I buy all of on WISH next??? Comment your ideas below 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Alex Miller
Alex Miller - 2 hours ago
ItsYeBoi I want the iPhone
Miftha Sadik
Miftha Sadik - 8 hours ago
Sammel Camel
Sammel Camel - 18 hours ago
ItsYeBoi Crack cocaine ;)
Some Dude Thats Lost
Some Dude Thats Lost - 2 days ago
ItsYeBoi panties
SwagKatten The Dev
SwagKatten The Dev - 4 days ago
kamron Payton
kamron Payton - Hour ago
I want all of them
Alex Miller
Alex Miller - 2 hours ago
Can I have the iPhone plz
Kevin _got games
Kevin _got games - 4 hours ago
All it said on the wheel was phones lol
Sha-maro Djojodikromo
Sha-maro Djojodikromo - 4 hours ago
I want them
Polynice Benjunior
Polynice Benjunior - 6 hours ago
I would like to have the iphone 6 plz if you see my comment
Joseph Elite
Joseph Elite - 7 hours ago
Can I get one of the phones
Juan Mendiza
Juan Mendiza - 8 hours ago
Man u funny
Code BenJB
Code BenJB - 9 hours ago
Love this content, keep it up
Michael Casupanan
Michael Casupanan - 10 hours ago
Give away please
Owen Essery
Owen Essery - 10 hours ago
Free spyware included
sourav natesh
sourav natesh - 11 hours ago
Yes i need it
Yeremi Ordonez
Yeremi Ordonez - 11 hours ago
I have an iPhone 6s and I bought it from wish and it works reallllyy good never went slow
Mr.Fusion X
Mr.Fusion X - 12 hours ago
Bro do on tablets
Andy Grice
Andy Grice - 17 hours ago
Bet the iPhone was less than 16 gb
paul DAWKINS - 17 hours ago
Can u send me a phone plz and I love your video
Jared Bear
Jared Bear - 18 hours ago
Wish gang. I need a phone haha
Luke Heerdegen
Luke Heerdegen - 20 hours ago
Are you willing to give away the iPhone 6
Eliot D
Eliot D - 20 hours ago
That 4th camera on the first phone was a flashlight
Royal Rifle
Royal Rifle - 22 hours ago
I want him still
Baddy Kay
Baddy Kay - Day ago
Me "clicks on video"
Video: i bought all the phones on wish
Google Ads: "wish" it is🙄
Martin Jasso
Martin Jasso - Day ago
I don't want an iPhone 11... I want that XGODY phone that phone looks slick
Kyng Thomas
Kyng Thomas - Day ago
Any old ones you have pls i love watching your videos
Kyng Thomas
Kyng Thomas - Day ago
Please can i get those old phones
Hayden W
Hayden W - Day ago
Can I have the iPhone 6
Joao Antonio De Oliveira Santos
use code lmthkvl and get discount on Wish
Anna Bailey
Anna Bailey - Day ago
Revile the form it hit 60k I liked
Foxy The Pirate fox
Lol I got a wish ad at 11:08
Treyvon Holland
Treyvon Holland - Day ago
You. Changed the wheel
DG 1407
DG 1407 - Day ago
Lmao I got an wish ad
Philip Charles
Philip Charles - Day ago
Hi how are you boss can u help me I am looking for a phone which has a sharp camara and has Watsapp and hangouts to wish.com don't have much details a but the phone thanks
chapsforlife gaming
Duhhhh iPhone crack so easily
Sebastian Cuadra
Sebastian Cuadra - Day ago
did he say fledge flammer
jeffry1393 robloxplayer
I want a phone any phone pleas
I do Photography
I do Photography - Day ago
The Nowa 6 Pro is $100
You payed $35 extra on wish
brooklyn mclarry
brooklyn mclarry - Day ago
Never mind it’s fucked
brooklyn mclarry
brooklyn mclarry - Day ago
I kinda want the note 20
Braden Lisowe
Braden Lisowe - 2 days ago
if you look when he spins the wheel they all say phones
Suhair Sayyad
Suhair Sayyad - 2 days ago
You didnt bought the real deal you bought clones lol...
Yaleidys Barbot
Yaleidys Barbot - 3 days ago
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