GEARS 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD 60FPS PC] No Commentary - GEARS OF WAR 5

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MKIceAndFire - 2 months ago
Part 2 -
Thanks to Microsoft for providing me with an early copy!
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Ricardo Hoàng
Ricardo Hoàng - Month ago
@Eliel Cruz Ponce Back to your Multiplayer party geez!
Eliel Cruz Ponce
Eliel Cruz Ponce - Month ago
@Ricardo Hoàng ow
BEERUS SAMA - 2 months ago
Glad to see u hit 1 mill cabt wait for 2 mill remeber finding ur channel at 500k
Rex Lais
Rex Lais - 2 months ago
MK @ 25:30 did that drone really say “Hooman”?
yeray diaz
yeray diaz - 2 months ago
Man you are a Legend, I love your videos.
King Croc
King Croc - 22 hours ago
King Croc
King Croc - 2 days ago
the locust are str8 hacker cheaters bro
King Croc
King Croc - 2 days ago
1:28:30 still tryn to figure out hwo you were downed lmao
King Croc
King Croc - 2 days ago
Whos your favorite Gear?
comment below
King Croc
King Croc - 2 days ago
King Croc
King Croc - 2 days ago
i just keep thinking of a GoW kind of soul's game man.....the lore.....fuck the lore would be saucey
King Croc
King Croc - 2 days ago
No daves out there!!!
*so what he's just a robot*
thats not his fault!!!!!
king of games
king of games - 8 days ago
always keep a lancer with you
Frankie Mercado
Frankie Mercado - 9 days ago
I only care for the return of JACK, the goodest boi
oran gamer
oran gamer - 10 days ago
Looks good game
Great graphics
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming - 14 days ago
today i starting to play this game
Ter 30
Ter 30 - 18 days ago
Does it support crossplay? and on what client is this installed in windows10?
RedWolf TheAnimal
RedWolf TheAnimal - 21 day ago
I havent played this or gears of war 4 yet, but it really does look like they ruined a good franchise.
CircusKing - 10 days ago
RedWolf TheAnimal you Been play games too much. Gears Judge took a Cake.
Swift Gale
Swift Gale - 27 days ago
I appreciate the silent gameplay. I appreciate the video quality. What I can't appreciate is your playing ability. More often than not I found myself internally shouting "What the hell are you doing, you idiot?" when you'd either ignore certain weapons or features that would have helped you get through the game easier.

Long range battle? Let's just ignore that sniper I picked up and keep using the assault rifle. Yeah, it worked, but it was a lot more of a hassle than just using the gun specifically made for long range combat.

That's not even getting into when you picked up two close range weapons, screwed up a stealth section and them immediately found yourself at an extreme disadvantage due to the enemies being at too big of a range for you to effectively use the weapons you just picked up (And left behind your general all around/mid-range weapon for).

Oh, and refusing to use the flash ability on elite enemies that more than likely would have staggered them and left them extremely vulnerable. Instead, you just kept trying to plug bullets into an enemy when your allies have shouted "Aim for the belly" at least twice by that point.
junior D.
junior D. - 28 days ago
Funny how Baird looks like Goldberg.
Døñ Jön
Døñ Jön - Month ago
yeah i can play this game without getting a xbox in my pc :D
Attila András
Attila András - Month ago
Is it just me or it really looks the same as every episode?
Gino Badouri
Gino Badouri - Month ago
I remember this from the 360. Graphics have improved a lot, but gameplay is more or less the same.
Everedy G
Everedy G - Month ago
15:20 There are two burly men RIGHT BY, but let's make the woman help lift that scaffolding! What manner of tick the box nonsense is this shit?!
SGG - Month ago
You know, Bulletstorm and Gears could be in the same universe.
Nicholas Hunt
Nicholas Hunt - Month ago
1:35:30 best mlg made play you will ever see and I'm so flipping glad you left it in XD
Not A Rhinoceros
Not A Rhinoceros - Month ago
I thought Halo 4 and 5 were the worst sequels, but look who proved me wrong.
Brandi Sisk
Brandi Sisk - Month ago
“You ain’t scary biotch” -cole
Haxan - Month ago
Bad palette . Bad graphics. Se last of us 2..,
Virmana - Month ago
69.99eu? holy shit theyre really pushing it with the prices these days. *-*
ammar alamrre
ammar alamrre - Month ago
how didi you played this game on pc cz i heard it’s for xbox only?
Abhiek Biswas
Abhiek Biswas - Month ago
why the graphics are a bit cartoon-y ?
Atomic CPU3
Atomic CPU3 - Month ago
I miss the locusts
Alfonso López
Alfonso López - Month ago
Yisus fucking Christ why won't you use the silverback?
mang kanor
mang kanor - Month ago
moar like cucks of war!
iAronn - Month ago
Pause on the 2nd frame of 53:30 if you dont know how to move the video frame by frame pause the video and use your , and . keys Your comma and period keys. it will move the video frame by frame. but yeah go to 53:30 and go to the 2nd frame lol
Harizi Mohamed
Harizi Mohamed - Month ago
Jerk - Month ago
Most of these action franchises seem to die the same death of always turning in to some anime style, character based drama.
Ryan Annis
Ryan Annis - Month ago
1:33:58 - Infinite frag grenades. What will Baird think of next?
Bax Lug
Bax Lug - Month ago
is this the best graphic game as of now september 2019 ? .... can someone suggest me pc games that are very high graphics... i already tried star wars battlefront 2, final fantasy 15, titanfall 2,witcher 3...suggest me pc games with extreme graphics.. thanks
REDTANGO 96 - Month ago
Anybody really surprised about lizzie?....anyone?
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - Month ago
2:18:00 was wondering when I was going to hear something like this, “the fascists are here” the game itself is very good. Just a shame now that games have to bow downs so to speak, for the new P.C. Culture and the “woke” who determine how the rest of us must speak,act and what opinions are correct. 🤪🤡🌍
Michael Tsagaris
Michael Tsagaris - Month ago
Dog, If you think shitting on fascists in any way is "bowing down to PC culture" you need to stop eating paste.
RonRay - Month ago
Another great video, great game, played in HD, with *NO EGOTISTICAL VOICE-OVER*. Thank you!
Torusbrane - Month ago
RonRay it’s great, isn’t it? Makes it to where immersion is even a thing.
Aaron - Month ago
The atmosphere is great no wonder people are saying it's the best to date
TheGtownman - Month ago
make up ur mind with the guns though
SaucyT - Month ago
At 1:35:43 epic fail lol good gameplay tho😂
leso204 - Month ago
Hmm' when Epic handed GOW over something was lost in the next generation of developers gamewise, i have watched all the play on GOW5 it's not the same as gears 1,2,3, enemy Ai not as good it's just a run and gun now , wont be playing this .......
Shaun Little
Shaun Little - Month ago
Why on God did Lizzie not use the other a badass wife for del is gone 😞
OJ - Month ago
Same old shit all over again... game completely linear, walk, walk, cover behind something, shoot, and repeat...
Ethan Martinez
Ethan Martinez - Month ago
I like the he checks every corner, it makes me feel like I’m watching H20delirious
Ruby Patterson
Ruby Patterson - Month ago
Thanks for the upload. I couldn't find any without commentary. There's nothing worse than trying to hear the dialogue over some guy flapping his gums.
Triad_Ghost - Month ago
Fahz's accent sound familiar to me, don't know if its Irish or something else because I'm part Irish
officialangelTM - Month ago
Australian sir. Not remotely close to Irish or Ireland for that matter
Doge - Month ago
I’m only at the 10:00 mark, and I’m already being swarmed with the profanity. Yeah.. I’m in the right place.
_Dylan James2019_
_Dylan James2019_ - Month ago
Jd lowkey sounds like buck.. From halo..
Marla Mayorga
Marla Mayorga - Month ago
you’re really good at this game so exicted to buy it soon.
jwon collier
jwon collier - Month ago
You are a beast 👊💪 🔥💯 at this game
Muhamad Auff
Muhamad Auff - Month ago
1:35:43 lol
The Chad Cruzaider
The Chad Cruzaider - Month ago
Second earliest Carmine death I've seen in the new Gears
nukehobo - Month ago
Rip dave. We will miss you
jeremy emilio
jeremy emilio - Month ago
Controlling the swarm after being swallowed by the snatcher was the most unexpected part of all
Dakota vaughan
Dakota vaughan - Month ago
Did they get the voice actress for edi to play Iris? Sounds like it
Arnell Long
Arnell Long - Month ago
They should invest in adding lights to their weapons instead of using Jack. Looking at how advanced everything is, adding lights to weapons should be a cake walk.
ReissyBoi - Month ago
Arnell Long if they can add a chainsaw to a gun, then I’m sure they can add a light too
relldafox - 2 months ago
Why Carmines always dying
Nami - 2 months ago
I Love GOW it's a fantastic Franchise but you you don't get to play as Marcus anymore like you did in 1-3
jeremy emilio
jeremy emilio - 2 months ago
1:14:56 you missed out the other longshot infront
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