How Well Do You Know JoJo Siwa & Kira Kosarin? 🎀 | Good Question | #NickStarsIRL

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Nickelodeon - 10 months ago
What questions do you have for YOUR favorite Nick star?! Drop them in the comments below! ✨
Elena Panourgia
Elena Panourgia - 19 days ago
I can't believe that Kira from Russia
James Maurice
James Maurice - Month ago
What is jojo's hobby
James Maurice
James Maurice - Month ago
15 but she has already celebrated her 16th birthday which is on may 19th
Maryam Maning
Maryam Maning - Month ago
How old is jojo siwa
Elizabeth Kennedy
Elizabeth Kennedy - 23 hours ago
Kira my birthday is on October the 7 th
Ashlee unicorn lover steckler
JoJo siwa is real becuse i got a letter back from her
Vanessa Hook
Vanessa Hook - 5 days ago
Is JoJo Siwa a character like Maranda sings
Crystal Marbles
Crystal Marbles - 6 days ago
My birthday is October too omg💖💖💖🌺🌺🌺
Summer Walker
Summer Walker - 6 days ago
Omg I have a middle name and it’s Nicole
Indigo - 7 days ago
Why is Jojo always scream?
Yamile Minier
Yamile Minier - 7 days ago
My brithday is octubre 6
Destiny Perez
Destiny Perez - 10 days ago
Kira has her birthday before mine
Monica Ortiz
Monica Ortiz - 10 days ago
I already knew it was going to say (when was kira ........born)

👇if you did to
Cupckrr x
Cupckrr x - 11 days ago
Can you tell jojo siwa to come to maldives
Vivienne Griggs
Vivienne Griggs - 11 days ago
My middle name is also nicole
Iris Qasrina
Iris Qasrina - 15 days ago
How old is JoJo Siwa?
Henry danger danger
Henry danger danger - 15 days ago
My Birthday is October 7 too
Mr, Hater
Mr, Hater - 16 days ago
Welp time to Hate on this video millions of times ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Scholarstica Ukaegbu
Scholarstica Ukaegbu - 17 days ago
My daughter's birthday and yours are on the same month Kira
Scholarstica Ukaegbu
Scholarstica Ukaegbu - 17 days ago
Kira how can my daughter become like you cause she cries everyday to see you and be like you I hope I'm not making you angry
D Hadesw
D Hadesw - 18 days ago
I have the same birthday as kira kosarin !!!!!!!!
Turki Al Harbash
Turki Al Harbash - 19 days ago
Who is Jase Norman girl friend
Finnley Rose
Finnley Rose - 20 days ago
Omg Jojo I have the same celebrity crush!!!!
Lalie Grobler
Lalie Grobler - 22 days ago
Joe lloek 13 jursold
Edyn Stolz
Edyn Stolz - 22 days ago
I am late
Edyn Stolz
Edyn Stolz - 22 days ago
Violet haruno
Violet haruno - 24 days ago
And I also was born in new Jersey ☺
Violet haruno
Violet haruno - 24 days ago
Kira did you know your birthday is right before mine ☺
rosabella camilla
rosabella camilla - 26 days ago
Love her singing
Ipang Balah
Ipang Balah - 27 days ago
kira kosarin is my favorite nickelodeon star
Nathan Hollan
Nathan Hollan - 27 days ago
Do they have a boyfriend how old is jojo
Leslie Compagnoni
Leslie Compagnoni - 27 days ago
You look like 15
Karina Soroka
Karina Soroka - 28 days ago
I AM RUSSIAN TO!!!! Privet cak te be dilla?
Naz Christian Gomez
Naz Christian Gomez - 29 days ago
Chris Kavanagh
Chris Kavanagh - Month ago
mines October 9th
gamer sarah
gamer sarah - Month ago
My middle name is nicole too I was born in 2009
Gacha ᗰIᗩ
Gacha ᗰIᗩ - Month ago
I was in Omaha too jojo siwa !
Laibah Ahmed
Laibah Ahmed - Month ago
Jojo talks to quickly sometimes I can’t understand her
Ankica Molnar
Ankica Molnar - Month ago
Kira looks 19
Erin Christensen
Erin Christensen - Month ago
Nyla Williams
Nyla Williams - Month ago
My middle name is Niocole too and I was not born in that year
Ayesha Bilgoe
Ayesha Bilgoe - Month ago
My birthday is 8 oktober 2019
Genji's Wereld
Genji's Wereld - Month ago
I love zac efron to
Ashley Schlossberg
Ashley Schlossberg - Month ago
Omg JoJo Zacks mine to!😍😍
Melanie Osella
Melanie Osella - Month ago
#x wonder
#x wonder - Month ago
Zoey Loguidice
Zoey Loguidice - Month ago
Kira my birthday is October 7th
Bonnie and Brooke
Bonnie and Brooke - Month ago
My middle name is nicole
Ellie Kirkbright
Ellie Kirkbright - Month ago
Can you try make Robert pattison on your channel
Thando mtshali
Thando mtshali - Month ago
My favourite my favourite food it's also pizza my favourite also put there
Ivana’s Channel
Ivana’s Channel - Month ago
Why Kira Kosarin didn't answer Who are Kira Kosarin's parents?
Lameez Salie
Lameez Salie - Month ago
I am 7
Lameez Salie
Lameez Salie - Month ago
That's just my mum in the picture I am a kid
Khadi Mammedova
Khadi Mammedova - Month ago
I love JoJo so much
Ally Pikachu
Ally Pikachu - Month ago
KIRA you skipped who are KIRAS parents? you skipped it
my name is keira Fitzgerald like kira!!!!!!
Zeenat Khan
Zeenat Khan - Month ago
How many siblings do kira and jojo have
Anne Angel
Anne Angel - Month ago
Jojo you know people talks about you
Wolf_ Spirit
Wolf_ Spirit - Month ago
WolfDarkSword - Month ago
One question on jojoba bord was covered
Jelena Leetmaa
Jelena Leetmaa - Month ago
Omg my family is from russia
Grace Wehbeh
Grace Wehbeh - Month ago
Kayla& Katie
Kayla& Katie - Month ago
October 7th
J Wlo
J Wlo - Month ago
My birthday is on October 16th
Fatma Ulutas
Fatma Ulutas - Month ago
i saw katie
Zoja Rangelov
Zoja Rangelov - Month ago
Kira kosarin is twentey?????
Yara AL
Yara AL - Month ago
I have the same bow jojo
vasilka toskoska
vasilka toskoska - Month ago
#AskJojo is your real name jojo siwa
Sophie_potato _
Sophie_potato _ - Month ago
Emily PlayzRoblox
Emily PlayzRoblox - Month ago
Isn’t Kira kosarin apart of the thundermans?
Priscilla Lugo
Priscilla Lugo - Month ago
Mine is October 7 2010
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly - Month ago
my name is nicole
Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins - Month ago
I did not know that Kira kosarin was Russian!😂😂😂
thegymnast toscani
thegymnast toscani - Month ago
My birthday is October 6th!!!
Tanzila Hussain
Tanzila Hussain - Month ago
/! /? (! (/? (!
Tanzila Hussain
Tanzila Hussain - Month ago
Caroline Power
Caroline Power - Month ago
My name is Kira but it is spelt Ciara
Sajettha Devi
Sajettha Devi - Month ago
I hv the same celebrity crush as jojo siwa
Dance Moms Roses
Dance Moms Roses - Month ago
I thought Kira was 18
I Go Gacha
I Go Gacha - Month ago
Does Kira Kosarin/Jojo Siwa ever gone crazy?
puppy paws
puppy paws - Month ago
Kira I dont judge I cant stop singing ever
Jeffrey Fredericks
Jeffrey Fredericks - Month ago
my middle name is nicole to
Zahara Islam
Zahara Islam - Month ago
Kira Kosarin. Did you know that if you are kind you look young, but if you are rude you look old. You are the best at singing and dancing. I don't know why people ask how old you are? Thank you. Bey! From your biggest fan Zahara. Also I live in London and my dream is to meet you, because in London we have GCSEs and my big sister is going to do her GCSEs test on MAY! So I hope she will do great. Now I have a question. Do You drive a car? Now Bey! Have a nice day.⚡👨 Can you guess the emoji?
Louisa Ziros
Louisa Ziros - Month ago
OMG jojos crush is Zac Efron. I can't believe that everyone's crush is Zac efron.😎🤑😏
Potatoes Army
Potatoes Army - 9 days ago
Louisa Ziros cuz they haven’t seen Kpop yet. 🙃
Michelle Fisher
Michelle Fisher - Month ago
My birthday is October 26th
Pete Haynes
Pete Haynes - Month ago
Why is the middle bit in white? Is it like something that is rude?
Lebo Kere
Lebo Kere - Month ago
I luv your voice kira just like me
Lebo Kere
Lebo Kere - Month ago
Stop screaming JoJo u make noise just be like the others OK miss uggggggh
Scarlett Seahorse
Scarlett Seahorse - Month ago
My birthday is also October 7
VentoVR6Girl - Month ago
Jojo had one crossed off
Anastasiia none of youe business
Omg I am also Russian just like Kira
Chantal Matos
Chantal Matos - Month ago
OMG Kira is actually 20!!!!!????!!!😮😮🤯🤯
Sheen Chia
Sheen Chia - Month ago
Kira bd is on oct 7 my bd is on oct 15
A Nuur
A Nuur - Month ago
Paola Fernandez
Paola Fernandez - Month ago
What is your favorite pet
Gracie Caple
Gracie Caple - Month ago
Me to
Lila Cresswell
Lila Cresswell - Month ago
My brother has the same birthday
Kaylee Maldonado
Kaylee Maldonado - Month ago
My middle name is also Nicole
teddy sandy
teddy sandy - Month ago
I dear you -100000000000000000000000
Vilma Maceda
Vilma Maceda - Month ago
does jojo live in sherman oaks california i live in los angeles california😀😀😀😂😂
Wendy Natasha
Wendy Natasha - Month ago
I Gotta say there is a very big difference between phoebe and Keira
Myah Baker
Myah Baker - Month ago
How old is jo jo Siwas dog
Khalel Whittingham
Khalel Whittingham - Month ago
What are your numbers??
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