How Well Do You Know JoJo Siwa & Kira Kosarin? 🎀 | Good Question | #NickStarsIRL

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Nickelodeon - Year ago
What questions do you have for YOUR favorite Nick star?! Drop them in the comments below! ✨
the doom player my kills dude
How many money does the thundermans win by time by their acting
Sorcha Vloggingislyfe
Sorcha Vloggingislyfe - Month ago
I love kira
davit gvelesiani
davit gvelesiani - Month ago
@hacks and much more with emaa There was ever a jojo siwa in Georgia
Gerald W. Moon
Gerald W. Moon - Month ago
@Lilian Kosida nope
Gerald W. Moon
Gerald W. Moon - Month ago
@KyndalDoesGaming 16
marin dumitru
marin dumitru - 2 days ago
Wow my birthey is u of octover
Edwin Martinez
Edwin Martinez - 2 days ago
My name Is Nicole
Gina Purton
Gina Purton - 5 days ago
JoJo is 16
Giuliana’s Playhouse
Giuliana’s Playhouse - 6 days ago
JoJo I was at your concert I was screaming your name I was so excited to see you
Kristal Michell
Kristal Michell - 8 days ago
She kira mist one
10236513 annie
10236513 annie - 8 days ago
What your 20 ?
unicorn Girl
unicorn Girl - 9 days ago
Jojo is so so spoild
Rivon playz
Rivon playz - 9 days ago
JoJo siwas celebrity crush is made Norman!!!
Ina Vasilevich
Ina Vasilevich - 10 days ago
I am from Russia
Olivia Da Panda
Olivia Da Panda - 11 days ago
my question is why don't you put full episodes on?
modesola Edebor
modesola Edebor - 11 days ago
Yay, I and Kira Kosarin share the same birthday
Life With Thalita Oliveira
My birthday is Oct.8
Obaseki Ayere
Obaseki Ayere - 12 days ago
What is your favourite colour?
Amir Br
Amir Br - 12 days ago
JoJo I thought your celebrity crush was Jace Norman
x.multifandoms. x
x.multifandoms. x - 14 days ago
Jojo and maddie be fighting about zac
Sevenlovelygirls - 14 days ago
You didient do your parents
Tatjana Nikifotceva
Tatjana Nikifotceva - 14 days ago
What my mother is from Russia and speaks russian
Nightlight Ellie
Nightlight Ellie - 15 days ago
Jojo still has one covered lol
Sterling Acheampong
Sterling Acheampong - 18 days ago
how old is jojo
Gregg Marshall
Gregg Marshall - 19 days ago
When did you just see where became a star
LOVE the Labrant family LOVE the Labrant family
Why jojo siwa doesn't go to Eribl
TASO N - 20 days ago
Jojo and maddie out there fighting for zach
serah peris
serah peris - 20 days ago
Love nickelodeon and all actors 😁😘💖
Drew Topia8
Drew Topia8 - 20 days ago
Kira I thought u said South Korea
Laiba Jabeen
Laiba Jabeen - 20 days ago
Wow! Nice to know!
Aaradhya Gio
Aaradhya Gio - 22 days ago
Oh am ge rahie is all rewind
Maria Vantana
Maria Vantana - 23 days ago
Kira Kosarin has her birthday 2 days after my birthday (my b-day is october 5th)
Alfred Le
Alfred Le - 19 days ago
Maria Vantana you mean 2 days before Kira Kosarin’s birthday?
HyperHarlow33 - 24 days ago
Why did she skip. Her parents
Bella Dzehverovic
Bella Dzehverovic - 24 days ago
Jojo zach is mine
Hachi and Me
Hachi and Me - 25 days ago
Kira kosarin has the same birthday as me Oct 7th
Mazal Razwantee
Mazal Razwantee - 27 days ago
I can't believe Kira is Russian like if your Russian 🇷🇺
lily Heartlake
lily Heartlake - Month ago
Next comment my birthday is October 20
lily Heartlake
lily Heartlake - Month ago
My aunt's name is Nicole
OMG. Kira Kosarin birthday is October 7 and mind is October 8
Abhiairfan20 Irfan
Abhiairfan20 Irfan - Month ago
I was born 12 days after kira
cole tafolla
cole tafolla - Month ago
My mom name is Nicole
patched1234 xo
patched1234 xo - Month ago
What celebrities do you know and what celebrity is your Best friend out Of them all
Bal & Sonia
Bal & Sonia - Month ago
and my favorite food is pizza to
Bal & Sonia
Bal & Sonia - Month ago
jojo i love bows to
Jaliayh Williams
Jaliayh Williams - Month ago
Zac Efron is my celebrity crush
Julia Dick
Julia Dick - Month ago
Kira my middle name is Nichole
Leah Klebanov
Leah Klebanov - Month ago
i am russian tooooooooooooooooooooo
Gamer Bot
Gamer Bot - Month ago
Kira: “My middle name is Nicole...”

Me: Are you from Amzing World of Gumball from Cartoon Network?
jana Hajjali
jana Hajjali - Month ago
I love you JOJO I'm your biggest fan!!❤❤❤❤❤
Vergel Fuentebella
Vergel Fuentebella - Month ago
My faveorite food is pizza and ice cream
Ariana Grande Fan
Ariana Grande Fan - Month ago
JoJo Siwa needs to pick up her acted!! She needs to live her age not act like she’s 5 years old 🙄
Jas o
Jas o - Month ago
Kira you are me i always sing and annoy my bro
Earlyn Santos
Earlyn Santos - Month ago
Kira kosarin I’m your biggest fun
Audramaster !?
Audramaster !? - Month ago
OMG Kira kosarin has the same birthday as me: October 7th
Damaris Perez
Damaris Perez - Month ago
Nicole is my middle name and jojo's cute
Mia Boo boo bear
Mia Boo boo bear - Month ago
That’s my middle name
Yellow Panda idk
Yellow Panda idk - Month ago
Yay my name is Nicole
reaction with annie
reaction with annie - Month ago
Do jojo lives in Georgia
Minahil Muhammad
Minahil Muhammad - Month ago
Omg my birthday is Oct 6
Franky Fan
Franky Fan - Month ago
Kira what is your favorite animal
Precious Jorgensen
Precious Jorgensen - Month ago
My birthday is on October 6
El Mono loco
El Mono loco - Month ago
Is this a rip off of the YouTube show with celebrities do the same thing but a cheaper nickelodeon version
gacha kid 101
gacha kid 101 - Month ago
Does jojo siwa play with her merch
Alex Ge
Alex Ge - Month ago
My birthday is october 7 th to
Comyria and Journi
Comyria and Journi - Month ago
I didint think that
Gerald W. Moon
Gerald W. Moon - Month ago
I'm am now deaf thanks 2 JoJo
Ferubek 1
Ferubek 1 - Month ago
Vo the snaghish parasite kira
Arianna Flynn
Arianna Flynn - Month ago
My mom's name is Nicole
Sim Family
Sim Family - Month ago
Is Jojo's crush Jace?
Family Mummalaneni
Family Mummalaneni - Month ago
Kira missed a question who are your parents that was the question
jamie Mcgarrell
jamie Mcgarrell - Month ago
And your jojo
CARDI B cute
CARDI B cute - Month ago
JoJo siwa what is your favorite color
Laura Michels
Laura Michels - Month ago
Why did you skip who are kira kosarins parents
Vivienne Griggs
Vivienne Griggs - 2 months ago
My middle name is also Nicole and I was born in 2011
MATIAS CAILLET - 2 months ago
I love Zac effrhon😍
Rezarta Ravolli
Rezarta Ravolli - 2 months ago
camille croussett
camille croussett - 2 months ago
kira has the same birthday as me
Susan Muhia
Susan Muhia - 2 months ago
What are the names of kira's parents
Kat vs Anthony
Kat vs Anthony - 2 months ago
I know Jojos celebrity crush it’s Justin Bieber
Gerald W. Moon
Gerald W. Moon - Month ago
@Kat vs Anthony 1:28 zac efron
Kat vs Anthony
Kat vs Anthony - Month ago
That’s her old crush Justin Bieber is her new
Gerald W. Moon
Gerald W. Moon - 2 months ago
No it is jace normon
destiny estrada
destiny estrada - 2 months ago
20 i am 6
Siri Fjeld
Siri Fjeld - 2 months ago
Do Kira like Ice cream?
jamie henosolango
jamie henosolango - 2 months ago
I wish Jojo siwa is real?
Terrence Summitt
Terrence Summitt - 2 months ago
My crush is zac Efron
Terrence Summitt
Terrence Summitt - 2 months ago
My middle name is Nicole
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