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fire Jeff XD jeff
fire Jeff XD jeff - 9 days ago
Recycle you g× bum here gum recycling service 2019
MrMegaMummo - 9 days ago
9:18 those volvo stickers are really common in finland. Ive seen one with that kind of moose sticker size of the hood. Just google and order yours
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin - 14 days ago
Recycle ye bum here
EDM BRO - 17 days ago
@5:39 that golf club is made by a sports car company callaway they make upgraded corvettes and camaros
noyoufuckingravioli - 27 days ago
2:00 It's actually not incredibly intresting, the shape of the SUV means that the area behind the SUV gets no air flow, however the fact that it hasn't fallen off due to hitting a bump is impressive.
Kourosh Esfandiari
Kourosh Esfandiari - 29 days ago
3:40 I don’t think that 1 person is 250kg
NeSTOR 49 - 29 days ago
3:40 who the hell weighs 250 kg??
Commingle - Month ago
1:45 Ive been there! (In Rome, Italy)
And the guide told us that it meant something along the lines of "If you (humanity) destroy the earth, the it's importance or purpose is destroyed with it"
PrPv423 -?
PrPv423 -? - Month ago
9:14 when roger waters gets bit by a wasp
Helix Ray Blaster
Helix Ray Blaster - Month ago
On 7:37 it says "Recycle your BUM here" lmao
Rhiannon Baker
Rhiannon Baker - Month ago
Mini Gallagher Liam
Mini Gallagher Liam - Month ago
The other day my caparison was missing a straw 2:26
Casey Nussbaumer
Casey Nussbaumer - Month ago
1:21 yes please
BlueFlameFoxX - Month ago
4:54 - Dancing clock. Not the one but similar function.
BlueFlameFoxX - Month ago
1:42 - Giant fractured sphere at the Vatican.
Dan Sorbie
Dan Sorbie - Month ago
2:31 Nice fire type. How did you get it.
Cadence 14
Cadence 14 - Month ago lol noice man
Moosie Rose
Moosie Rose - Month ago
9:05 who else saw the mom from Coraline?
Josh Simpson
Josh Simpson - Month ago
3:21 Looks more like a cup of Che Guevara.
stevebob240 - 2 months ago
Anyone from PostContent?
Potter Luke
Potter Luke - 2 months ago
5:01 i have the exact same clock. Bruh.
Niklas Lohmann
Niklas Lohmann - 2 months ago
5:38 If he would have known that Reeves Callaway is known for his bumped up corvettes.
Creston H
Creston H - 2 months ago
Whos watching in year 69420
kaara's mom
kaara's mom - 2 months ago
7:15 aren't... aren't they elephants, though?
Box Girl
Box Girl - 2 months ago
4:58 *my nana and grandpa have the same clock!*
Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams - 2 months ago
Hey, that’s my mf straw,,,,
Strawbérry Milk
Strawbérry Milk - 2 months ago
That wasn't honeycomb
BigDingus Cheese
BigDingus Cheese - 2 months ago
2:42 nah, looks more like a dog jumping onto a ledge
British Countryball
British Countryball - 2 months ago
3:24 he came to tell you that you are breathtaking
Litty Gang Fam Squad
Litty Gang Fam Squad - 3 months ago
4:36 we have those hooks at my local Marshals
Calleigh Monton
Calleigh Monton - 3 months ago
1:48 It’s at the United Nations building in New York City I saw it once
Billy Linthicum
Billy Linthicum - 3 months ago
can anyone else not see the bunny?
Christopher Dean
Christopher Dean - 3 months ago
3:06 could use a little more detail on how that works.....
Lord farquaad
Lord farquaad - 3 months ago
The '1972 chess board' is fake. you can buy at toys r us. why it looks old is because he scratched up the board to make it look old and tattered
Tosh-LordLegendWolf - 3 months ago
Hens are evil, I knew it!
Marshall Kelley
Marshall Kelley - 3 months ago
0:41 texture not found
The Rind of Zayo Da Dong
The Rind of Zayo Da Dong - 3 months ago
3:25 That coffee is breathtaking.
Jack Rycroft
Jack Rycroft - 4 months ago
>4 persons max
Tfw the elevator thinks people are 250KG (551lbs)
Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan - 4 months ago
4:20 he stepped on a Lego
Dr. Mangoman
Dr. Mangoman - 4 months ago
6:03 Did your escape key escape? Wrong, there simply is no escape.
1995Pie - 4 months ago
7:27 are those sperm and 1 egg????!!!!!!!
Damian Torres Valle
Damian Torres Valle - 4 months ago
My grandma has that exact same clock and it brings back memory’s 😢😢😢
Arielle Mule lover
Arielle Mule lover - 4 months ago
I saw that car with the reddit plate around upstate New York
The Dark Archer/The Magician - Malcolm Merlyn
3:23 That's breathtaking.
Stephen Fernandez
Stephen Fernandez - 4 months ago
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Hudson Yang
Hudson Yang - 4 months ago
I have that chess set lol
Helen Smith
Helen Smith - 4 months ago
I have the caprisun missing a straw
Jillian Hansen
Jillian Hansen - 4 months ago
The beehive looks like groot from guardians of the galaxy
Rachel Waln
Rachel Waln - 4 months ago
I have the same chess set
SillyChotu 2008
SillyChotu 2008 - 4 months ago
9:02 I think that’s more r/mildlyunsettling if ya ask me
The life of Gavin
The life of Gavin - 4 months ago
First you can go play and go to meet me and go meet your mom I want you and your
YaBoiMayo - 4 months ago
3:21 why does Keanu have cat ears ?
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana - 4 months ago
1:03 I'm Dutch and I can verify
Most Dutch kids graduate a year or two earlier than in the US so living in the US I get to watch all my Dutch friends post pictures of themselves sitting in their windows next to their bag on that flagpole while I'm still stuck in high school
I know for a fact my parents are going to want me to do this when I graduate though
CandyCorn - 4 months ago
Comrade Lad
Comrade Lad - 4 months ago
Dexo 27
Dexo 27 - 4 months ago
Posh girl Plays
Posh girl Plays - 4 months ago
3:43 Satan’s breakfast
No You
No You - 4 months ago
Today is the youngest you will be but the oldest you are right now
Robert_CZLP - 4 months ago
I had the Caprisun that had missing straw, now i know where it went, BTW I'M IN CENTRAL EUROPE
ir¡a - 4 months ago
3:21 an actual god
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