Joe Rogan Experience #1227 - Mike Tyson

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reuben yebra
reuben yebra - 10 hours ago
I wish Joe wasn't such a fucking druggie nerd and just shut the fuck up and let Mike speak
Bernardo De Oliveira
Bernardo De Oliveira - 11 hours ago
Mike is the best
Ash Lawrence
Ash Lawrence - 12 hours ago
Who would win in a fight Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali?
Mando DeLeon
Mando DeLeon - 13 hours ago
Tyson is a living Legend. Glad to see him doing good things in Life.
Hoodie - 14 hours ago
it's amazing that mike has made this kind of turnaround.
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes - 9 hours ago
what you mean turn around.. pre fights with the media acting out sells fights... he is the same man don't get it twisted.. that man will hurt the baddest man.. on his worst fuckin day... is mighty Mike Tyson
tashi dorjee
tashi dorjee - 18 hours ago
Smooth podcast
Throwly enjoyed it
T Mann
T Mann - 23 hours ago
3:25 Mike Tyson discovers the internet
George T.
George T. - Day ago
Not only is Tyson so articulate, but he is high off of what I'm sure is extremely potent marijuana. I'm so happy that he's the way that he is now. Truly a beautiful thing.
Leland Judsyn
Leland Judsyn - Day ago
That explains Tysons speed and accuracy. Some people can retain the overclocking from doing acid. The military was big into getting snipers to do it. They learned about it from watching how hippies moved. That one MLB pitcher did it for a perfect game also. But he never retained his. For each person, the retention rate can be different.
william edmisten
william edmisten - Day ago
Y’all must not know Rollie dude is new Skool Tyson of his weight class he doesn’t like nobody 🤣🤣😭😭
Jari Viitanen
Jari Viitanen - Day ago
Joe really does his absolute best to please Iron Mike. I have never seen Joe worshipping another man the way he does with Mike. No wonder..🤔😄
Nick Prohoroff
Nick Prohoroff - 2 days ago
"I like feeling kind." The universe speaks through you Mike.
Derek Girouard
Derek Girouard - 2 days ago
No mention of the NES game..
paul mccullough
paul mccullough - 2 days ago
apotheosisbetz - 2 days ago
With jujitsu, Joe beats Tyson,,,, easily.
apotheosisbetz - 2 days ago
All respect to the world class athlete of Michael Tyson.
Liberty Daniel
Liberty Daniel - 3 days ago
I love Mike tyson
Water M
Water M - 3 days ago
Aye no lie I’ll hard spar mike Tyson just so I can get better
Water M
Water M - 8 hours ago
Jason Barnes damm I just started boxing
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes - 8 hours ago
I am... I boxed all my child hood... I watched a thing on Mike Tyson's power on his jabs.. hooks and what nots.. from six inches at forehead to forehead in his prime at 19 years old maybe 20 at the time.. was like 800lbs of impact pressure... like scull crushing pressure.. especially for the common no training... no boxing per say training with the neck..
Water M
Water M - 9 hours ago
Jason Barnes are u a boxing fan?
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes - 9 hours ago
better at what.. eating from a straw... better at getting your diaper changed by a hospice nurse from having brain damage
Bilal Khares
Bilal Khares - 3 days ago
Do they agree on the length of the podcast beforehand? Because the length of these seem to vary a lot (I actually like that) but I am just curious.
1999Beats - 3 days ago
I love his adult swim show
lazy Guitarist
lazy Guitarist - 3 days ago
How the Hell does sex make a man weak?😂😂😂
Ryne Agheilim
Ryne Agheilim - 4 days ago
Mike Tyson doesnt need coffee. Coffee needs Mike Tyson.
Sean Steves
Sean Steves - 4 days ago
this pod cast was beautiful not gonna lie
NowhereBoy - 4 days ago
Tone Williams
Tone Williams - 4 days ago
And they say you have to go to school to be intelligent............... yeah sure....
Kodes - 4 days ago
Love this man! My favourite video easily. Powerful yet mellow at the same time. Awesome Joe and huge shout out to mr. Tyson the G.O.A.T.
Great stuff.
Tadpoled - 5 days ago
This episode made me really happy. Seeing a new optimistic side to an old hero!
TheCondorjc - 5 days ago
“Where ya going, man?”
Arctic Wanderer
Arctic Wanderer - 5 days ago
Prime Mike Tyson vs prime Kimbo Slice in a street fight. who wins?
Arctic Wanderer
Arctic Wanderer - 3 days ago
@legion24100 but street fight is different than boxing. u still pick Mike?
legion24100 - 3 days ago
Mikes a pro fighter though i respecrt kimbo
Candy Studios
Candy Studios - 5 days ago
Mike: no but I bought about 7 bentleys before , they're rolls royces.
SchassisboyZ - 5 days ago
He doesn’t drink coffee..
Creative Genius
Creative Genius - 5 days ago
I was at a party on shrooms once and this dude got his head stuck in a garbage can man 😆 The whole night he was just walking around with a fkn garbage can on his head smashing into shit. It was priceless. 😆🤣
Fred Livingston
Fred Livingston - 5 days ago
The whole world needs to see this for so many years marijuana has gotten a bad rap now look it's going to be legal a million times better for you relaxing also stimulating who would've guessed even iron Mike does it
Teddy Ogoye
Teddy Ogoye - 6 days ago
300000 thousand dollars damm!!!!
Fred Livingston
Fred Livingston - 6 days ago
Wow what an awesome interview joe. It's great to see Mike Tyson happy incredible story and amazing person good luck to you sir
patr1sck - 6 days ago
Try to put on the auto-subtitles, oh man.
Marc T
Marc T - 6 days ago
Meeting mike is on my bucket list 100%
Bradley Starkey
Bradley Starkey - 6 days ago
Such a strange interview
everyday life
everyday life - 6 days ago
Holy shit, what a great guy Mike Tyson is, great show
luciano9009 - 6 days ago
I really like how Joe is enjoying this. Two great fighters, much respect.
JDHED1 - 6 days ago
Wathapnin' Joe?
Bonnie Dario
Bonnie Dario - 6 days ago
Joe Wow Rogan
pmc pmc
pmc pmc - 7 days ago
Coffee 🤮
Mjay1213 - 7 days ago
I hated rogan on fear factor. I thought he was just a muscle head tool. I was wrong. I was totally wrong. Keep up the good intelligent work bro. Much love from philly
domstapl - 7 days ago
19:52 :)
Shinigami - 7 days ago
lol Tom looked so pissed off he had to go. If it was over some dumb shit with Christina, fuck that bitch. ITS MIKE TYSON. YEE AINT NO MIKE TYSON CHRISTINA.
Shinigami - 7 days ago
Thats crazy that one guy kept all those old fights and let Mike watch them as a kid.. imagine if there just wasnt any video from allllll those old legendary fighters.
F M - 8 days ago
When mike talks..he talks with pain..or is it me?
Fat Mike
Fat Mike - 5 days ago
Agree bruh , feel it made him champion and knockout motherfuckers
F M - 8 days ago
Rockstars did acid more later in life..imagine blowing your mind up at 11
Udeet Datta
Udeet Datta - 8 days ago
No ones gonna see this but since it was mentioned, yup you get hanged for drugs in Spore. And that includes pot unfortunately. Anyway. You now know you have at least one die hard fan in Spore who watches your podcast and gets motivated (and somewhat educated) by the stories daily. Enjoy the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want Joe and team. Respect!
Cucking Funt
Cucking Funt - 8 days ago
Poor guy you can see the tears after he talked about his mom giving him alcohol and drugs to go to sleep and how that environment he grew up in made him violent.
Kenneth Cunningham
Kenneth Cunningham - 9 days ago
What it is
robert demito
robert demito - 9 days ago
Absolutely.. after Ayahuasca I came out of it with a love that shines like the 🌞! Lots of love to you guys..wisdom really comes with love! You let go and a greater life takes over.
robert demito
robert demito - 9 days ago
Entheogens rearrange the layout of files that make up our self image and allows a greater wisdom of love easier to access like how defragmenting a computer helps make accessing the files on it faster... it's a stellar force that awakens from your cells through to your soul..the core of your being becomes truly heart centered in a continuum of eternity.
Grand Lake Paranormal Society
"Cus" D'Amato was such an influence in Tyson's life. His manager, his mentor.
miro kojić
miro kojić - 9 days ago
best episode ever. so funny and cool :)
Vodkacannon - 9 days ago
J H - 9 days ago
Even when Tyson is in a chill happy state there's always an intense unsettling energy in the air.
Roche Robertson
Roche Robertson - 9 days ago
🥰 I Love This 🥰
✨ Be True , Be Free ✨
🥊🥊🥊🥊 🏆 🌺💐🌺💐
Krattle Rattle
Krattle Rattle - 10 days ago
Marked Zenuasia
Marked Zenuasia - 10 days ago
3:30 Seriously Champ?? and i thought i was old 😆😆
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman - 10 days ago
You two brought back some great ass memories as a kid...hands down the best video I have watched!! Dad was in the Army and we lived in Germany and had to stay up late to watch Tyson fight. I remember being pissed cause I kept my ass up all night and the fights would end so quick!! This interview was so real and down to earth...thank you for doing this.
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